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Dumplin' [PDF / EPUB] Dumplin' Self proclaimed fat girl Willowdean Dickson dubbed “Dumplin’” by her former beauty ueen mom has always been at home in her own skin Her thoughts on having the ultimate bikini body Put a bikini o Self proclaimed fat girl Willowdean Dickson dubbed “Dumplin’” by her former beauty ueen mom has always been at home in her own skin Her thoughts on having the ultimate bikini body Put a bikini on your body With her all American beauty best friend Ellen by her side things have always workeduntil Will takes a job at Harpy’s the local fast food joint There she meets Private School Bo a hot former jock Will isn’t surprised to find herself attracted to Bo But she is surprised when he seems to like her backInstead of finding new heights of self assurance in her relationship with Bo Will starts to doubt herself So she sets out to take back her confidence by doing the most horrifying thing she can imagine entering the Miss Clover City beauty pageant—along with several other unlikely candidates—to show the world that she deserves to be up there as much as any twiggy girl does Along the way she’ll shock the hell out of Clover City—and maybe herself most of allWith starry Texas nights red candy suckers Dolly Parton songs and a wildly unforgettable heroine— Dumplin’ is guaranteed to steal your heart.

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    This book is a hypocritical mess There are three main things wrong with it1 It was boring2 It's not body positive for a book that's about body positivity3 A love triangle boo hissDoesn't that defeat the purpose of this book? I would say it does This book is vastly inferior to the spectacular Future Perfect which sends the message of being comfortable in your own body in a far better wayThe main character in this book is fat She is also an insecure judgmental snit Look I get that characters aren't perfect I'm not perfect gasp horror etc but characters should elicit sympathy in a reader and it is supremely hard to do that when the main character is constantly judging others whom she deem to be lesser and uglier and fatter than she is I’m fat but Millie’s the type of fat that reuires elastic waist pants because they don’t make pants with buttons and zippers in her size Her eyes are too close together and her nose pinches up at the end She wears shirts with puppies and kittens and not in an ironic way It's hard to send a message of body positivity and acceptance in others when the main character tends to skinny shame however contrite she feels about itThe main character is an insecure mess and not in a good way Millie and Amanda together are basically one giant moving target that says MAKE FUN OF USAmanda’s legs are uneven so she wears these thick corrective shoes that make her look like Frankenstein At least according to Patrick Thomas When we were kids and she didn’t have her shoes yet Amanda just limped around her hips swiveling up and down with each step She never seemed bothered but that didn’t stop people from staring The nickname thing is pretty lame if you think about it Frankenstein was the doctor not the monster I don't sympathize with her I want her to grow the fuck up and get over it Again a book should make me feel for the character; the only thing the interestingly named Willowdean does for me is grate on my nerves It's not that I have a problem with her insecurity it's that it is a constant part of her life and her narrative for a book that promises me a tough girl It's that she is slyly judgmental against all the skinny pageant girls Cliues of girls sit at round tables with white tablecloths the same ones my mother ironed in our living room last night The legacy girls with mothers and sisters who have been crowned Athletes trying to beef up their college résumés The cheer table which consists of anyone who does anything at a football game that doesn’t include a ball And the theater and the choir girls of course All of them wear dresses Like Easter dresses Precious little garden dresses with matching cardigans While we are wearing nothing than jeans and T shirts Because she's so superior being normal Being fatWillow is a supreme bitch to her beautiful slim best friend El When Willow decides to send a message and enter a pageant with odds of zero in her favor El decides to join forces with her United we stand right? Wrong Having her best friend with her is the last thing Willow wants “Have you thought about the fact that I feel as out of place here as you do?”“You have to back out El for me you’ve got to Let me have this one thing”“What? Let you have what? You can’t pick and choose who joins the revolution” She makes air uotes as she says “revolution”I hear the logic in her voice I recognize the truth there But if El entered she could really win And that’s why she could ruin this It's like El said You can't pick and choose your messageFurther nothing happens in this book Willow goes about her life Willow meets people Willow talks to people Willow has a crush All that's fine and good in the hands of a good writer because after all the majority of contemporaries are just about people going about their lives The writing in this book does brilliant to make this book shine You could skip half the book and not miss much Most of the book isn't worth reading anyway

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    Dumplin' might be the perfect example of why I don't tend to read light hearted fluffy contemporaries Occasionally my foray into this sub genre ends with surprising new favourites like Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda but mostly I'm left feeling a little underwhelmed Many times I'm thinking yeah that was uite a nice book or that had an important message but I don't feel any emotional connection to itThe thing about Dumplin' is that it contains a great message Willowdean Dumplin' Dickson is fat and no that is NOT an insult to her She deals with other people's judgey eyes but for the most part she doesn't care She's happy with who she is and other people can go screw themselves if they think differently I know that fat girls are supposed to be allergic to pools or whatever but I love swimming I mean I’m not stupid I know people stare but they can’t blame me for wanting to cool off And why should it even matter? What about having huge bumpy thighs means that I need to apologize? This is an extremely body positive book which is a great thing It's very much about breaking down stereotypes learning not to judge and learning to love yourself Willowdean is not perfect and sometimes gets judgmental too when put in a bad mood but she chastises herself for it “And who the hell was that twiggy bitch?” As soon as it’s out of my mouth I regret it All my life I’ve had a body worth commenting on and if living in my skin has taught me anything it’s that if it’s not your body it’s not yours to comment on Fat Skinny Short Tall It doesn’t matter As well as this it's very sex positive too Willow is a virgin but she offers support to her best friend when she chooses to sleep with her boyfriend and it doesn't turn into a drama filled horror story when she finally does Murphy introduces complex relationships between Willow and her friends and family She also opened up an all new can of worms when she decided to include so many references to my beloved Dolly Parton yes I love her yes I have seen her in concert she is a goddess of joy and inspiration But about that laterBut I just think a book needs to have a little than this to draw you in it needs to be moving thrilling exciting or as I thought this would be funny And it's not really any of those I never laughed teared up realized something new or wondered what would happen next The pacing is slow and the actual pageant doesn't rear its head until the second half of the book I like this book mostly because I'm glad a book with this message existsAlso I understand why Murphy included the romance but I never felt any chemistry between Willowdean and Bo AND it did seem a little bit like wish fulfillment I know the author wanted to show that big girls are not unattractive and have normal relationships and dates with guys but did it really have to be a drop dead gorgeous jock type? I had to roll my eyes at that oneBut one last thing DOLLY PARTON If she is not currently your go to playlist when you need a pick me up you seriously need to get on it Here I'll helpWildflowersBackwoods BarbieBetter Get to Livin'Eagle When She FliesJust Because I'm a Woman What a feminist I've always been misunderstood because of how I lookDon't judge me by the cover 'cause I'm a real good book Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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    If this book were a movie we'd all be at Julie Murphy's slumber party piled in front of the TV in our jammies both screaming with laughter and clutching each other the minute someone leaned in for a kiss This book is Hilarious uietly poignant Provocative This book contains Nuanced friendships and complex families Romantic moments as sweet as puppy dog kisses Lots of Dolly Parton songs References to awesome books And it's so great to find a book that is fiercely positive most especially about body image identity and self love The best stories let you live for awhile in someone else's skin and allow you to experience the world in way you haven't before Being inside Willowdean Dickson's head is a joy not only because it's so easy to sympathize with and relate to her but also because that sassy Texas attitude makes her so damned funny I loved the everyday experiences of the first part of the book when Will is going to work and school and dealing with drifting apart with her BFF and struggling with her sadness over her aunt's recent death and her mom's imperviousness to her feelings Not to mention the KISSES I wasn't as into the pageant part that dominated the second half but it was handled in a way that felt both realistic and satisfying Thank heaven it didn't feel false or manipulative or even worse zany True story looking up pageant mums will both horrify and delight you I'm also super jealous of all the kids who get to freuent Julie Murphy's branch because she's got to be the coolest library lady that ever was I've seen photos of that Where the Wild Things Are tattoo Uma polished review at some point when it's not 330 in the morning But seriously put this one on your list

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    35 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I guess sometimes the perfection we perceive in others is made up of a whole bunch of tiny imperfections because some days the damn dress just won't zip” Look 3 stars isn't a good rating nor a bad rating But the issues I had with this book sometimes overcame the good stuff I can't stop comparing the book to the Netflix movie based on it I saw beforehand yes I have watched the movie adaptation before reading the book yet again AND STILL YOU HAVEN'T SLAYED ME YOU BUFFOONS and I feel the movie did some things justice Self proclaimed fat girl Willowdean Dickson dubbed “Dumplin’” by her former beauty ueen mom has always been at home in her own skin Her thoughts on having the ultimate bikini body? Put a bikini on your body With her all American beauty best friend Ellen by her side things have always workeduntil Will takes a job at Harpy’s the local fast food joint There she meets Private School Bo a hot former jock Will isn’t surprised to find herself attracted to Bo But she is surprised when he seems to like her back Instead of finding new heights of self assurance in her relationship with Bo Will starts to doubt herself So she sets out to take back her confidence by doing the most horrifying thing she can imagine entering the Miss Clover City beauty pageant—along with several other unlikely candidates—to show the world that she deserves to be up there as much as any twiggy girl does Along the way she’ll shock the hell out of Clover City—and maybe herself most of all Starting from the bad the addition of the love triangle took many things away from the story First of all the first 150 pages were completely useless They were everything about Bo and all this smooch smooch romantic shit and the important storyline of the pageant hadn't even started yet I'm not saying the romantic part couldn't be the book but this book wasn't about that This book was about body positivity and family and friendship and the whole romantic thing that was emphasized a lot took points from the story for me At some point the pageant story felt like a subplot to the romantic story I felt like the book was torn in half one chapter was the love triangle plot and the other half the pageant plot It was like reading two different books Confusing af And come on now let's be real Everyone and their mother knew Mitch didn't stand a chance Come the fuck onThe movie did an incredible job highlighting the true meaning of the story They completely eliminated Mitch's character and Will's inner struggle of whom she was gonna pick and shit and gave screen time to the pageant and the characters and the friendships It was fucking beautiful The movie gave me feels the book didn't achieve to And it's mostly the other way around for meNow what I liked I loved all the characters they were all uniue and uirky and themselves and they all stood out from each other which is really hard to achieve They all hard something to add to the table they all meant something to Will and they all gave us an important lesson to take away Also gotta love the diversity This book was so modern and yet so vintage with the Dolly Parton love and the old feeling I got from it also the lack of technology talk and yet so modern because of the theme and the characters It gave a smile on my face at some parts that's for sureOverall this book would have been a five star read for me if not for the love triangle Mostly love triangle don't bother me much but the love triangle in this book brought it down I want to read the next book but I will hold myself for now Maybe it will become a Netflix movie and will be better than the book again who knows Anyway till the next one K KYE

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    Once upon a time I was fatI would have liked to use the nicer term overweight but who am I kidding? Almost weighing 70 kilos in my 5 feet 3 inches frame I was fat and unhappy I had big fucking boobs big bulging sides big buttcheeks big arms thighs that met together in at least one tangent and the fact that my cheeks were already chubby without the added fat? Unhappiness galore I tried to convince myself that even though I looked this way I should still exude confidence because my physical appearance didn't and shouldn't decide my worth as a person but after countless Oh dear Look at how you've grown from uncles and aunts who drop by every 2 months after having to look for pants two to three sizes larger because I gained weight again after having seen your friends get hit on and try out sexy as fuck clothes and look so effortlessly fabulous and you were stuck with pants and loose shirts it started getting old and fastIt came to that point where whenever I heard the term mataba fat or malaki big I'd get so insecure and anxious I'd want to get out of the scene and then hide until everyone was gone I'd start thinking how inadeuate I was how much I was missing out on just because I wasn't as sexy or as fabulous as other girls I'd start crying to myself why the fuck I was this way Why did my mom had to come from a family of big people? Who didn't my dad come from a family that was tall and glamorous? I struggled so hard during this phase and it became that motivation for me to shed down the weight because I didn't want these wordsto keep haunting me like a ghost that just won't go away It was mentally emotionally and psychologically traumatizing for meI've lost weight then I've become confident I feel better now in my own skin and bodyBut I do wish this book had already existed during that time of my life because maybe I wouldn't have hated myself that much then Willowdean is fat and she doesn't care I mean she does feel insecure about herself sometimes like everybody else does but she is fairly confident in her own body although she does struggle with the judging and teasing of her peers when it comes to body types that are not deemed beautiful by society Willow sets out to change that by joining a beauty pageant and inspiring deemed fatueer girls to join her as wellI loved Will's character and attitude She was a mix of the ME I was back then and the ME that I wish I was back then Her insecurities were the things that I was anxious about on a daily basis the only difference is that Willow decided to do something about it and to prove to others wrong that someone's being fat is not a cause for them to not do the things they want to do That just become someone is ueer doesn't mean they can't win a fucking beauty pageant That just become someone has a buckteeth doesn't mean they can't feel and be beautiful This was a light hearted book that talked about heavy issues and made them inspiring enlightening and so so positiveI used to be fat and I used to be ashamed of it Willow made me realize just how wrong I was for feeling so for letting people's opinions weigh me down and decide how worthy I was Fat is just an adjective but that doesn't make up the whole of meAside from the strong messages that was in this book I was in awe of the female friendships and family dynamics that were portrayed here and how much Will has grown so much as a character through these unexpected bonds There were so many complex themes that played out between each and every one of them the relationship between a fat daughter and a mother who was still stuck in her glorious days as a beauty pageant winner; between two best friends who come from two opposite sides of the spectrum; between a girl and a boy whose worlds are far apart; among four females who were shunned as outcasts because of how they looked I loved each and every one of them and how positive this book made them out be Yes there were drama but it wasn't the exhausting kind where you'd want to haul the book into the trash can They were the kind that tingled and pulled your heart a little bit then warmed you all overPlus there's a ship that unexpectedly made me want to clutch my heart A romance rarely does that to meDumplin' is something to behold It speaks to every one of us who have felt insecure and frustrated with ourselves by the way we look or the way we act or simply because by the way we simply are all insecurities brought about by social pressure and norms It speaks to that side of us who looked for reasons to feel confident in ourselves This book gives that to you and lets you realize that at the end of the day we're not made up by the labels society imposes upon us I am me because of the experiences values and things that make up me; and you are you for the same reasons too Fat or short or ueer or straight or thin or healthy who the fuck cares? Let's not make these things define us Life is so much than thatThis book makes you want to scream Yeah I used to be fat Maybe in the future I'll get fat again But you know what? FUCK THAT SHIT CAUSE EITHER WAY I'M BEAUTIFUL

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    ‘all my life i have had a body worth commenting on and if living in my skin has taught me anything its that if its not your body its not yours to comment on’ this is a book i wish i had in high school but a story i can still appreciate today in fact anyone who has ever had insecurities or issues with their body which is literally everyone should read this there are such a wholesome messages in this book how loyalty is the key to meaningful friendship no one can love you until you love yourself true beauty is who you are and not what you look like that i am able to overlook some of the slight negatives that stood out because the idea of body positivity is one that i am super passionate about and something that needs to be represented in literature often i love how this story explores and really praises the fact that everyone comes in different shapes sizes colours but that doesnt mean people arent special or important because of it it doesnt mean beauty is a set standard it doesnt mean those who look a certain way are better than others it means we are all uniue and lovely and wonderful it means those who think otherwise are not worth thinking about at all and it means that you are the best you that only you can beso in the wise words of ueen dolly parton herself find out who you are and do it on purpose ↠ 35 stars

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    Find all of my reviews at FOR INDEPENDENCE DAY RE READ BECAUSE WHAT ELSE IS A HOLIDAY FOR IF NOT TO CHANNEL YOUR INNER SLOTH AND READ TWO BOOKS IN ONE DAY???? Bumping to 5 Stars because there ain't nothing 'Murican than Texas beauty pageants and Dolly PartonBUUUUUUUUUMP Because this premieres on Netflix tonight and I'm so excited to go home put my PJs on cozy up in bed turn on the boobtube and shove my face full of what I lovingly call diabetes in a bag like my faaaaaaaaar removed teenage self ORIGINAL REVIEWMost of my friends gave this one a “meh” rating but I FREAKING LOOOOOOOOVED it They obviously all read it wrong jk They also might have actually ponied up some dollars for it but it was gifted to me by a wee tipsy witch on Festivus EveMeet Willowdean Dickson “That’s me I’m fat It’s not a cuss word It’s not an insult At least it’s not when I say it So I always figure why not get it out of the way?” Remind you of anyone????? Yep Me too It didn’t take long however to realize that Willowdean’s sassy persona was merely a front and that she was your average insecure teenaged girl And I loved her In a world of YA where the characters’ voices sound older than a geezer like me it was refreshing to read someone so realistic So what was Willowdean’s story about? Well pull up a chair and let me fangirl tell you Willowdean or Dumplin’ as her momma calls her is a plus sized 16 year old who lives waaaaaay down South in Texas with her momma a former beauty ueen and current organizer of her small town’s annual local pageant When not attending school or hanging with her bestie Ellen Will works part time at the local Harpy’s – which my brain WOULD NOT STOP calling “Hardee’s” and I’ve been craving a monster thickburger ever since You’re welcome fellasAnywho Needless to say Willowdean’s day to day is not one filled with thrills and chills That is until her new co worker “Private School Bo” takes an interest in her “My first kiss which took place behind a Harpy’s Burgers Dogs and next to a dumpster full of day old trash Yes it was perfect” It was perfect until Will realizes that Bo will be switching schools and apparently their summer romance wasn’t uite what she thought it was insert sad faceAnd that’s when Willowdean decides enough is enough and it’s high time people get treated like people no matter what their size How is she going to bridge the gap between fat and thin? Why by entering the Miss Clover City beauty pageant of course But she can’t do it on her own This book may not have been perfect but I gobbled it right up anyway My only real complaint? The romance I realize that the heart wants what it wants thank you Selena Gomez but does it always have to be this guy???? cough douche coughWhy can’t it be this guy every once in awhile???? Realistically if I were a teenager again I’d probably be shallow and go for the hot one too so I can’t get too angry Especially if he said stuff like this “Willowdean Opal Dickson you are beautiful Fuck anyone who’s ever made you feel anything less” Plus when complete and total AWESOME is also contained within the pages Nearly anything can be forgiven It’s time every girl realizes “There’s a beauty ueen in that cute little fat girl”“No” I say “That cute little fat girl IS a beauty ueen” And then when you grow up? You can REALLY be brave My friend Anna liked this one even than I did and wrote up a great review Go check it out

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    25 stars If you're gonna go then goShe said to me on the phoneSo tired of hearin' all yourBoy problemsIf you're gonna stay then stayHe's not gonna change anywaySo tired of hearin' all yourBoy problems Dumplin' is about Dolly Parton and I opened with a Carly Rae Jepsen song One because I'm not familiar with Dolly's music Two Boy Problems describes Dumplin' perfectly I'd wager half the book is angst over boys and romance instead of the promised pageant revolution Willowdean is fat—and she knows it She doesn't go on unnecessary diets to change herself and is comfortable enough to slip on a swimsuit and go swimming with her bestie There's something about swimsuits that make you think you've got to earn the right to wear them Really the criteria is simple Do you have a body? Put a swimsuit on it Then she meets a boy at work Bo commonly referred to as Peachbutt because he's a fine slice of fruit on a summer's day Nearing the school year she breaks up with him because she can't stand the stares that comes with a fat girl dating a cute guyHere's where Dumplin' falls apart for me Based on the blurb I anticipated Willowdean to be a sassmaster confident in her own skin Instead I get an angsty insecure mess told in a frankly run of the mill YA heroine narrative voice I wanted punch and fizz and got milk and cinnamon There's nothing wrong with feeling inadeuate about your body It's a natural feeling and on any other occasion I would be thrilled to see it addressed in such a relatable manner But it's not what I ordered It's not what the blurb promised For once I wanted to read a book narrated by a heavyset girl who doesn't give two fucks about her weight or what strangers think And joins a beauty pageant to show 'em fat bottomed girls make the rockin' world go roundWillowdean doesn't join the pageant until halfway through and that's after endless fluffy moments and boring everyday occurrences The pacing is ridiculously slow I didn't expect romance to make up a huge chunk and for it to be utter wish fulfillment Seriously what are the odds of two guys—one hot loner Bo and a football player Mitch—being interested in the same girl? Willowdean leads Mitch on let's get that out of the way No it's not a matter of male privilege Willowdean has done suat to demonstrate she's not interested in him despite pining for Peachbutt They've gone on on dates they've held hands they've kissed—she freaking writes his name on her face in permanent marker to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance I shouldn't but I move to kiss Bo My nerves hum and this moment when my body feels both chaotic and determined is what was missing with Mitch It's selfish disgusting and destroyed any redeeming ualities this book had like female friendships and a positive outlook on sexUltimately I'd compare Dumplin' to Meghan Trainor's hit All About That Bass It attempts to promote a body positive message but ends up shading women who aren't curvy Dumplin' had the ingredients for success and suandered them What a waste of potential ARC provided by Edelweiss All uotes taken from an uncorrected galley proof and may be subject to change

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    I was selected to compete for the title of Miss Canada a personality contest in March 2021 but I have no experience with pageants so I decided to read this book in case it could illuminate me a little Miss Canada is not a beauty pageant but the presentation is still important You don’t have to be the prettiest to win but you do need to look polishedWill’s opinion of pageants is not very positive so I’m not sure just how good an idea reading this was but she does make these contests sound like memorable experiences I was excited before because it sounds challenging and completely different from anything I’ve ever done but I’m even excited nowWhether I win or not I’ll always have the dresses I’ll wear and the memories that will be associated with them And hopefully there will be camaraderie than competition between us girls There is limited camaraderie in this book mostly because the pageant takes actually much less space in the story than Will’s romantic life but I absolutely adored her and her mother’s interactions good and bad In the end the family theme had impact on me than the friendship and romance onesBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    I had such high hopes for this book but it was just average The characters weren't amazing the story wasn't amazing etc I was really excited to read this because I love reading books about fat girls but her size was rarely mentioned I know the book isn't supposed to focus on her weight but I found it a little less relatable than i'd like because it failed to give descriptions of her size Like at one point near the end of the book it was talking about how she pulled her knees up to her chest and the fat girl in me just went nuh uh my knees haven't touched my chest in 17 years But anyway this book was just forgettable and it makes me sad because I was really looking forward to this Nothing about it was grand and spectacular and although I liked the writing style I wish it could have been tweaked to pack of a punch The beauty pagaent that this book centers around took place in like 20 pages and there was barely any explanation about it I would still suggest reading this but if this is one of your most anticipated books of 2015 like it was for me you might work on lowering those expectations right about now

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