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Warrior's Curse [PDF / EPUB] Warrior's Curse The third novel in the dark and sexy Imnada Brotherhood series about shape shifters in Regency era EnglandDespite being cast out of his clan Gray de Coursy has been summoned to his estranged grandfath The third novel in the dark and sexy Imnada Brotherhood series about shape shifters in Regency era EnglandDespite being cast out of his clan Gray de Coursy has been summoned to his estranged grandfather’s deathbed A perfect opportunity to steal Jai Idrish the Imnada’s most sacred relic and his last hope for breaking the fiendish spell imprisoning himChosen as the Imnada clans’ next high shaman Alys Swynford’s very soul has become inextricably bound to Jai Idrish—a crystal sphere that dates to the very origins of the Imnada So when she catches Gray stealing it he is left with only one choice—keep shaman and sphere together as the pair travel to The Gateway the door between this world and the one the Imnada left behind aeons ago For only there can the curse be lifted and Gray freedBut conspirators among the Imnada have already opened the door to the shape shifters’ ancient and deadly enemy Now it will take the strength of the warrior and the power of the shaman to stop this otherworldly executioner—before it’s too late.

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    Reviewed by Danielle UBook provided by the publisher Warrior's Curse by Alexa Egan is an engaging romance novel that follows a historical and paranormal genre I decided to read this particular novel because the cover was enchanting A hot and brave looking male warrior ready to face battle head on Now that is my kind of novel Alexa Egan's writing proved this read to be just as worthy and enticing as the cover itself Her main characters pop to life immediately from their pages within and the mystery of warrior on front lures readers into reading further to find out why he is in hiding and why I  instantly felt sympathy for his pain his loneliness and his stubborn nature  A man worthy of love especially from a certain woman in his pastAn intriguing and hot read readers won't be disappointed Alexa Egan knows exactly what her readers want and she delivers just that and inside of Warrior's Curse The sizzling passion that ignites between the warrior and his love is just one reason this novel should be read Then there's his father slowly dying and his clan who needs him But the biggest worry of all is the curse that is slowly killing the warrior He tries his best to stop or prevent the curse but nothing has proven to do just that Can Major Gray de Coursy stop his curse in time to help defend his clan and love the woman of his past? I highly recommend this brilliant romance novel to readers worldwide If the cover doesn't entice you to read it the pages definitely will Overall I rate this story a five out of five stars

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    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty Old flames reunite and try to break a curse that’s slowly killing one of them While having a strong start I just didn’t end up really enjoying this bookOpening Sentence No matter what they would not see him weepThe ReviewI wasn’t a huge fan of book 2 in this series so I wasn’t super excited about reading this one but I tried going into it with an open mind It started off strong with a great prologue but unfortunately went downhill from there repeating a lot of the same issues I had found with book 2 Apparently this series is just not my cup of teaGray de Coursy’s time is running out The “cure” that keeps his and his friends’ curse in control is slowly killing them and it’s becoming obvious that the cure will only continue to last for a short time maybe only a few months Gray’s spent years researching ways to break the curse and he finally feels close to a breakthrough All he needs now is a sacred Imnada artifact the Jai Idrish Luckily the person who can communicate with the artifact shows up at his door Meeryn and Gray grew up together Everyone assumed they would marry one day but then Gray left for the army Meeryn hasn’t seen him since Now she’s been sent to tell him that his grandfather is dying They’ve been estranged for years but Meeryn thinks they should try to patch things up before it’s too late The only problem with this is Gray has been banished from the Imnada clans so it could be very dangerous for him to return home He’s been guaranteed safe passage but has learned not to trust anyone He agrees to go hoping that Meeryn’s connection to the Jai Idrish will help him break the curse Along the way there is danger at every turn as not every enforcer is willing to obey the orders not to kill Gray Old feelings are also reignited as Gray and Meeryn begin to spend and time together Will Gray be able to break the curse so they can be together?I honestly could not bring myself to care about any of the main characters The most fascinating character in my opinion is Badb and she’s a very minor character I would love to see about her As for Gray and Meeryn I just didn’t feel any sort of connection to them They felt very flat to me The nature of their past relationship also seemed to come out of the blue At first it was described as if they were just really good friends And then suddenly we find out that everyone assumed they would get married and that they secretly harbored feelings for each other None of this is mentioned until later in the book so it always felt off to me The romance itself fell flat for me as well probably because I didn’t particularly care about either one of themI also had an issue with the transition between scenes which often felt very rough We’d be following Meeryn one moment and then with seemingly little or no resolution to her scene we jump to someone else’s point of view It was very jarring and really made it hard to concentrate on what was going onAll in all I think I’ve discovered that this series just isn’t for me I have a hard time connecting with the characters and just find it very difficult overall to get invested in the story I hate feeling like I “have” to read a book just so I can finish it and that’s what I kept feeling as I was reading this Others may end up liking it but it’s just not for meNotable SceneThe enforcer laid the brand to Gray’s back singeing through the skin to the muscles and tendons below The charred stench of roasting flesh filled his nose Screams ripped from his body and tore up his throat They bounced off the stone circle of the Deepings Hall echoing back to him in waves of anguish His knees buckled as he arched away from the pain every nerve aflame every drop of blood in his veins on fire his very soul cleaving from his bodySueezing his eyes shut he escaped to the darkest corner of his mind as a hunted creature burrows away from even the hope of light but the desolate keening sounds of his disgrace followed him as his clan mark was burned away in a stripping of all he was or would ever hope to be He retched until his ribs cracked and piss leaked into his bootsBut not one tear fellThey never saw him weepShe never saw him weepFTC Advisory Pocket BooksSimon Schuster provided me with a copy of Warrior’s Curse No goody bags sponsorships “material connections” or bribes were exchanged for my review

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    This is the third book in this interesting yet complex world of the Imnada clan shapechangers that have tried to keep the less pure out of their race with dire conseuences The four warriors that were cursed during the Napoleonic war have been banished from their clans and labeled emnil or an exile and they have been trying ever since to find a cureOf the four warriors originally cursed Adam was murdered not long ago which brought the others Gray Mac and David together to find answers Gray de Coursy believes he knows where to go back to his clan to face his dying grandfather and find the Jai Idrish Gray’s grandfather is currently Duke of Morieux but his health is failing Gray will become the next duke and leader of the five clans but he feels he will not be able to lead unless he breaks the curseHis childhood friend Meeryn Munro has been chosen to become N’thuil the Voice of Jai Idrish she agrees to travel with him and help The two must thwart the Ossine the enforcers who have become increasingly brutal in their attacks against the non pure and emnils Meeryn and Gray grow closer as they fight for their lives the good of the clans and try to find the cure they only hope they are not too late as the curse is getting worse and the Ossine are getting daringWarrior’s Curse is set in an intriguing world where shapechangers live among humans but keep to themselves living in clans trying to keep their bloodline pure As the world encroaches upon the Imnada the Ossine or enforcers increasingly use violence to keep them outComplete review at Ramblings from a Chaotic MindCopy from publisher for an honest review

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    This was by far the most comprehensive of all the Imnada books Gray has been the de facto leader of the Rogues who wants the Imnada to live out from behind the palings or at least have a choice With the imminent death of his grandfather the Duke of Morieux he is the rightful heir to the title and the leadership of the five clans of the Imnada but because of his exile well this just is NOT going to happen Well unless the new N'thuil and his childhood bestie Alys gets involved and brings him home for the wonderfully cathartic deathbed reunion snort Too easy So of course there are burst bubbles pipe dreams shattered illusions I told you so's and betrayals out the ying yangEntire review posted at

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    Warriors CurseThis is the 3rd book in the Imnada Brotherhood series and it was just as full of romance intrigue action and Fae magic as the first 2 but I found the writing of the story to be very confusing at timesGray de Coursy is a Imnada shape shifter who is cursed but the curse is not made very clearAlys Swynfold is bound to a crystal sphere called Jai Idrish Gray want's to steal the sphere he hopes it can break the curse She can also shift which I found a little confusingAt the end the story came together ok but an a whole I was a little disappointedI received a free copy of this title from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Warrior's Curse 3rd book in the Imnada Brotherhood series I must say that this book has depth as compared to Book 2 of this series Gray de Coursy time is running out the cure that seems to cure them is killing them slowly He needs to find the cure before it kills them It was known that Gray and Meeryn grew up together and through Meeryn's connection to the Jai Idrish may be the key to helping him break the curse Overall this book has information about the curse but I still am a little disappointed with the transition of scenes I felt towards the leads compared to the previous installments In conclusion I would support this author's new creations in the future

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    As the third book in the Imnada Brotherhood series Warrior's Curse imparts a lot of knowledge about the curse the Imnada the Jai Idrish sphere but ultimately leaves you hanging Since only three books are listed on Goodreads I assumed this was the final book of a trilogy However the ending leaves everything up in the air so a fourth book must be in the works to tie everything up and resolve the conflict between the Imnada the Others and the Fey bloods

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    I could not put this book down Gray is the ultimate hero brave strong sexy honorable handsome Look at the cover Oh he also is cursed But with the help of Meeryn all will be will The Imnada Brotherhood series just gets better and better

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    Interesting world liked the characters It was a gripping and exciting read I just wished I had started on book 1 see my full review

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    this is one of those books that really grabs you you can't help but root for the underdog I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that wants a good read and a book that grabs you from the first page to the last

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