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No Escape Trek Mi 'an #4 [PDF / EPUB] No Escape Trek Mi 'an #4 Kara 'ana Tal has been promised in marriage to Cam K'al Ra since she was a few months old Determined to experience freedom rather than marriage Kara flees from Cam and seeks refuge within the matriarc Kara 'ana Tal has been promised in marriage Trek Mi PDF ☆ to Cam K'al Ra since she was a few months old Determined to experience freedom rather than marriage Kara flees from Cam and seeks refuge within the matriarchal planet of Galis With the blessing of Kara's father the emperor Cam sets out to track his wayward bride down determined to claim her for all time Book No Escape tells us the story of Zor Kyra's daughter from Book .

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    I like Kara and Cam's story I think after Rem and Giselle this is my favorite storyline I still don't like the fact that there are multiple stories And of course the cliffhanger of Kari Death Dari Gio Jana her alien

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    Well the plot is getting better the olde world speakcrap is dwindlingso yay Unfortunately nipples are still running amuck stabbing everyone within close proximity BEWARE

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    Book #4Kara and Cam mainKara has know Cam was her Scared Mate since she was a child She feels deprived of her freedom and So to aviod being given to Cam when she turns 25 she escapes off world with her cousin JanaSince the title of the book is No Escape it doesn't take a genius to figure out Kara can't escape her fate and her Scared Mate However what a very eventful book this was so much going onKara Summers now Kari Gy'la Li Empress Kyra sister is unaware that Kara is her niece and her sister is alive However Jana and Kara have been living on the Planet Gelis for the past 5 years Learning to bag and tag males as well as erotic arts Kari is very skilled at this as we learned from Giselles book and this one as well when she has a week fling with Lord DeathDani flees Gio and meets up with her cousin and sister but flees again with Kari when Cam found Kara and Jana dissappearedSo in a nut shell plenty of sex orgasms male and female dominated planets action erotic arts exibitionist hedonist voyoristic and Honestly I just jumped into the next book so this is a basic facts review sorry Plenty of story arcs are continued as we jump between places and POV so beware of getting a little mixed up in the action

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    Story GOODIntimacy Level VERY SPICYEnjoyment GOODI read this book in 2008 and wanted to leave a uick review as it is one of my favorite series by the author I can remember reading about Kara and Cam's connection from the other books in the series And when I finally got to read it it was worth the wait for me I love Kara's rebel side and not wanting to do as she was told because she was Cam's life mate That intensity is what made this a likable readhttpwwwromancenoveljunkiescom

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    Very good in the continuation of the Trek series Not reuired but I recommend reading them in orderThis story has several stories in process to be continued in the next book The primary story is about Kara fleeing from Cam because she wanted some independent time before she married He initially thought she was dead but as soon as he heard she was alive five years later he was able to hunt her and find her Separate stories begin about Dari fleeing her future husband while learning about and how to stop the evil one Jana mates with Yorin who takes her to his ice planet Kari continues to flee from Death and helps DariDataSexual language erotic Number of sex scenes thirteen plus Setting 6044 and 6049 Yessat Years Galis Khan Gor and other planets Copyright 2001 Genre erotic paranormal science fiction romanceThis story is also published in the anthology Conuest Trek Mi ’an #4 #5Other BooksFor a list of my reviews of other Jaid Black books see my 5 star review of One Dark Nighthttpwwwgoodreadscomreviewshow

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    25 starsSo this is the book of Cam and the daughter of Emperor Kara I don't what i was waiting for Kara after five years of freedom but not what the story told us I thought she would stand on after her training as warrior but she just gives up she surrender without a fight I was waiting the scene of the meeting and i was a bit disappointedAt the side stories I was happy to meet again with Kari Empress Kyra sister and i cannot wait to read her story with Lord Death in the next books I like Lord Death character from the first book when he was drinking moonshine with the Empress in the underground barJana was kidnapped and is in the planet Khan Gor and she is trying to find a way to escape from Yoren without clothsThe last interesting side story is about Dani who had flee from the palace of her future husband to stop the evil And now she heading with Kari to Khan Gor to find the evil oneWhat will happen?

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    Kara do betterThis series has my heart because of the freedom of the trystonni culture but the heroine of this book Kara flees from her pampered life because of what she felt she would lose Yes having the freedom to experience who you are without your significant other is important but there is a limit to what should be an acceptable sacrifice for that freedom Still love the 7th galaxy not so much princess Kara

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    Interesting readIt was a very ingenious and heartbreaking way the young princesses ploted their escape But they were successful and learned a good deal it seems in their time away Years pass very uickly in this book which is good as it touches on one main couples and a half story for another Not sure how I feel about Jana's story or Kara's punishment but we'll see VERY interested in Dari storyline and how Bazi fits in Death needs to speak up already

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    It's getting crazy you have to read in order finding some major twists can't wait to see what happens next

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    The story of Cam and Kara was another good one I liked that Kara wanted her freedom and became some kind of kickass warrior Again there were side stories and world building here

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