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Embrace Evolve #2 [PDF / EPUB] Embrace Evolve #2 After the romantic gesture of the century Evan Allen is now facing a whole new life of no friends no football and worst of all he arrived at this new nightmare for nothing too late to get the girl He' After the romantic gesture of the century Evan Allen is now facing a whole new life of no friends no football and worst of all he arrived at this new nightmare for nothing too late to get the girl He's starting Embrace Evolve Kindle - all over all alone and doesn't know uite how to proceed until certain members of The Crew step in take him under their wing It doesn't take the ladies long to notice him either than willing to help him out in any way possible Everyone knows that life doesn't always go the way you had planned But Evan's about to learn firsthand that sometimes it goes even better And he should embrace it ★★★★★ If you loved Emerge you're gonna LOVE Embrace It's an amazing continuance of all the characters we know and love Eye Candy bookstore ★★★★★ SE Hall had me drawn in from the very beginning of Embrace Tabby's Tantalizing Reviews ★★★★★ SE Hall is as comfortable writing from a male perspective as she is writing a female point of view voicing both the romantic hero and unabashed womanizer with the same level of genuineness and conviction Nose Stuck In A Book ★★★★★ Emerge was such a great book I was not sure SE Hall would be able to replicate it But holy hell she proved me wrong Just Booked Evolve Full Circle Series suggested reading order Emerge Embrace Entangled Entice Sawyer Beckett's Baby Mama Drama Guide for Dummies Endure Sawyer Beckett's Guide for Tools Looking to Date My Daughter Entwined Embody Full Circle SeriesSpinoff from Evolve Series Book One A Crew Christmas Elusive Full Circle SeriesPrincess Presley Duet Book One Exclusive Full Circle SeriesPrincess Presley Duet Book Two.

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    This book was a multi POV of Laney Evan and Dane but its mainly Evan's bookAfter the ending of Book 1 I was really worried about how this one would be I really love Evan He's so sweetHe's like the perfect goody goody guyCan't really say much without giving away the story but it was a cutesy story I'll admit there were uite a few cheesy parts but I still enjoyed it Don't click on spoiler if you haven't read Book 1 or 2view spoilerI will say this is who I kept picturing for WhitleyLolOh and the pig part was cute hide spoiler

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    WARNING Contains spoilers if you haven't read EmergeWhat a super sweet story that was I'm really not sure why I waited so long to read this one I guess I was afraid it would fall under the dreaded 2nd book syndrome Embrace picks up right where Emerge left off Evan has brought out the big gunstransferring to Southern for Laney He shows up on her doorstep only to find out that she's moved on and is in love with Dane Embrace was told in alternating POV between Evan and Laneyso we still get of Laney and Dane Yay It's all about Evan moving on from loving Laneyfinding his own happiness and he and Laney getting back to being friends again I'm not going to lie when I found out who Evan's love interest was going to beBut I misjudged hershame on me Actually I think she was mis represented in Emerge What can I say??I enjoyed Evan's storyhe's definitely a sweetheart But let's face itit's Dane that I love He is But then again I love the caveman possessive type And Laney's just so sassy and sarcastic Loved the epilogue and the sneak peek at Sawyer's story Can't wait for him to find his other half This was a great continuation of the Evolve series It was sweet but had a little bit of sexy too Off to read Dane and Laney

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    Blog Tour Stop perfect combination of sexy sweet and funny SE Hall did it again I swear this book was just as amazing as Emerge if not better I laughed out loud swooned and suirmed throughout the story line The characters were once again AMAZING Seriously The Crew was justepic Hilarious I loved their interactions and chemistry They just accepted loved and protected each other like one big crazy family I'm telling you epic Only a crazy woman can love you like crazy Embrace picked up the story line right where it left off in book one So it's very safe to say I was beyond anxious to see where the author would take these characters Boy was I NOT disappointed Evan Allen was a true gentleman AND 100% hot and sexy So in other words Evan was perfect sigh I mean on top of all the previously mentioned awesomeness he was just SO attentive and caring too I swear PERFECT It's true what the say if you look for the really freaking amazing in people that's what you'll find Whitley I saw so much of myself in her that I was seriously blown away I connected with her character immediately In Emerge she kind of got on my nerves but I never really hated her I mean we really didn't get a lot of information on her to begin with But after getting to know her here it's clear as day that she was simply misjudged by everyone My heart smiled seeing how Evan treated her They were a perfect matchwhat they never knew they needed You steal my breath away pretty girl I can't stop looking at you This book was so much than just Evan's story We got to see all the amazing characters we've come to know and love and join them in their respective journeys Once again we got multiple point of views SUEE Have I mentioned before how much I love that????? Because I totally do It allows you as a reader to connect with the characters better and the general story line So mad props to the author Oh and FYI Sawyer is hands down one of the funniest characters EVER and I can't wait for his book So okay just in case you haven't noticed I gotta tell you I seriously loved this book Eeeekk I highly recommend you read it thank you Evan for choosing me and giving me everything I ever wanted

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    I love Evan Mitchell Allen SO FREAKING MUCH My heart was breaking for him at the shocking ending of Emerge I was wailing I didn’t think I knew who I loved Dane or Evan while actually reading the emotional rollercoaster that is Emerge But with that ending I knew I was whole heartedly Team Evan How could I not be? In Emerge he was the sweet talking creative nicknaming caring sexy gentleman who was always there for Laney no matter what In Embrace we get to see lots of this man who gave up everything to try to win his girl back only to be too late sobs Embrace alternates between Evan Laney and Dane’s POVs Yes I said Dane For all of you who are worried that because this is Evan’s book we don’t get to see any Dane and Laney you are DEAD WRONG Initially I didn’t agree with the POV choices I wanted it to be Evan Laney and Ev’s new girl However I know there are way too many Dane fans out there and on the third read I accepted it and moved it to my favorites shelf Evan gave up everything to be with Laney only to have it thrown back in his face sniffle so Embrace is his journey of accepting that everything happens for a reason He had been “in love” with his best friend for years and now that’s gone he has to find something or someone to make him smile every day And the real kicker? He happens to become friends with Laney’s friends which puts them in close proximity of each other It’s hard to move on when the reason you’ve been kicked down is always near you Anyway Ev is strong though He goes through the motions He lets Sawyer drag him around and try to cheer him up Sawyer is hysterical by the way and he gets his book next Which I’m really looking forward to But it’s not until he meets a certain someone that he finds the true reason he ended up at Southern Now I’m not going to tell you who it is actually If I had known I might have refused to read the book Actually I initially threw a fit to SE Hall once I figured out who she was pairing up with Evan BUT SE Hall proved her awesome amazing fanfreakingtastic writing skills to me because I was dying for them to get together after the first night they hang out It’s That Good The two of them were making me giggle They were way too freaking cute The buildup to them actually getting together was deliciously angsty Not to mention funny Since he’s a guy Ev went on a series of AWFUL but highly entertaining blind dates while in denial of his feelings for her She grew on me fast My initial opinion of her couldn’t have been wrong She was so sweet and bubbly She didn’t have the perfect life yet she was always smiling humming and most importantly making Ev happy She was everything my Evan deserved His journey to healing wouldn’t have been complete without her Because it’s hard to write a review without spoiling who he ends up with or the majority of the plot I’ll just gush about some of my favorite partsaspects of Embrace It’s Evan’s book Insta love SE Hall was able to make me fall in love with someone I initially hated And I ended up dying for them to get together The Crew is such a fun group of people that I wish I could be a part of There’s a nice Laney and Dane story in the background Which leads to my name is in the book This book evokes a wide range of emotion Everything from highly amusing to heart warming There were some unexpected events that took place that kept me on my toesIt’s a relatable realistic story Evan is so sweetEvan is hotEvan is good with words Evan calls her “Hummingbird” I just love Evan obviously I was so happy with the way the story ended I had no idea what to expect when I agreed to beta read for Embrace but I can’t believe everything turned out so perfect and amazing for Ev There was not a boring moment This is a captivating light read about growing up and finding love You need to be touched by the magic of this book Besides don’t you want to know who the girl is? I absolutely cannot wait for Sawyer’s book It’s obvious that he has a troubled past and he is such a comical character that I want to know what goes on inside his head The epilogue is in his POV and leaves a lot to be desired Until then“Will it always be this good Evan? I love you so much everything feels perfect; surely it can’t stay like this forever”“Nope it’ll get better” See full review here Had the honor of beta reading for this book You guys have no idea what you are in for Full review to come out closer to release date over at Romance Addict Book Blog Gahhh I didn't think it was possible for me to love Evan than I already did after Emerge but I was DEAD WRONG Can't wait till everyone else can read it Well maybe I can haha I love Evan too much to share

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    4 EMBRACING TO BE MY PRINCE CHARMING HEARTSThis book made me pick a team Team Evan Embrace picks up right where Emerge leaves off Evan has given up everything his scholarship his friends and his life back in Athens to move and be closer to his girl Which he soon finds out is no longer his girl Talk about a punch in the gut This book alternates from Evan Laney Dane’s POV When I saw that we get Dane’s POV I was asking myself isn't this Evan’s book? Why are we getting Dane’s POV in this? Now at a new school no girl and no friend Evan tries to make the best of his situation Seeing his girl with another man doesn't help though I love it that Sawyer befriend him and tried to help him He offers Evan a place to stay and tries to find him distractions When Evan meets Whitley at first I was saying to myself”No not Whitley” because how she was in Emerge but once you get to know her she wasn't all that bad She was actually really nice and misjudged She became a good friend to Evan They seemed to be in a similar situation You find out that Whitley Dane knew each other since they were kids just like Laney Evan And both were like two peas in a pod with their situation Evan tries to ignore the attraction he has for Whitley because he didn't want another friendship to get ruin if things didn't work out But with them spending time together their feelings for each other blossoms I think Evan Whitley made a cute couple He was sweet caring and big hearted and you find out that Whitley is just as big hearted and nice Whitley Laney actually becomes really good friend and Evan Dane eventually get over the awkwardness between them I’m glad they all worked out their differences and Evan was able to find the happiness that he well deserved

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    Great follow up to Emerge full review to come with my tour stop on 101FULL REVIEW “Seeing Laney in Algebra every week is gonna suck and I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to treat her with cold indifference; it just doesn’t feel right We were friends for so long before we were anything else but I’m not sure yet if we can get it back there Not having her in my life at all is foreign and hurts like hell but I’m not sure I can pull off anything than cordial distance right now and the cordiality is sometimes a stretch” Evan Allen is having a hard time dealing with his new reality Chasing the girl he loves has blown up in his face when his rash decision to change his entire life plan is pretty much rejected; Laney chose Dane Laney loves Dane Evan is now the one who has to start over his heart broken in a new school where he will now have to see her regularly with a new team that he is benched for and new friends Everyone has been cool with him so far especially Sawyer; keeping Evan in drinks and women as much as he will allow in a feeble attempt to “get back in the saddle” so to speak No sense in wallowing over what is obviously never going to happen Evan goes through the motions but never really lets himself go in order to fully find happiness again; it just hurts too much right now and everything is too confusingand then he meets Whitley Thompson Whitley is the girl we all wanted to hate in Emerge She hangs on Dane and Laney can’t stand her Beautiful blonde with sparkling blue eyes and a petite figure Whitley is the complete opposite of Laney in all the ways that matter She too is just trying to find her place Evan knows that there is something different about her and is immediately drawn to her delicate smile kind words and constant humming Somehow Whitley is exactly what Evan needs to move forward; problem is he’s scared that she may just be a reboundI mean who finds their “one” in the first girl they meet after the supposed “one” rips your heart out? “I have a ton of fun with you Everything does not go to shit when you show up so don’t believe that You’re beautiful and kind and I’ll hang with you anytime you want”My eyes bore into hers never straying as I let the gravity of it all sink in Practically strangers stoned and yet we connected profoundly over the same moment in time—a random act of chasing a deflated balloon around a parking lotWe make no specific plans to hang out again but something tells me we will I have no idea what she’s thinking I’m not even sure what I’m thinking but I do fall asleep with a smile” This doesn’t go over with Laney too wellHer best friend in the entire world not only wants nothing to do with her but is now taking up with the one girl on campus that Laney cannot stand; threatened to take a bat to on their very first meeting This cannot be good But what right does she have to dictate who Evan spends his time with and that does get Whitley off of Dane enter clever smirk here Adjusting just isn’t easy when she knows she’s no longer the girl Evan “needs” not that she can really complain anyway she made her choice and is happy in that decision Maybe just maybe Laney misjudged Whitley and will have to give her a chance Whitley does something to Evan that he never expected In just her little ways she slowly starts to heal him He finds himself and drawn to her and as much as he wants to just remain friends for fear of messing up yet another relationship he cannot deny that she calls to him on a level deeper than that Ever the romantic Evan knows that if he’s going to make a move it has to be the right one or he will end up right where he started “When the last note eases from her mouth the crowd explodes around us It was a moving performance words unable to describe what it meant to know that it was for me I step to the stage and offer her my hand which she takes with a timid smile Her small hand in mine I help her down and wrap her in a hug “You’re really good Whitley that was amazing” I exhale in her ear “I’m glad you liked it I sang it for you” “It was perfect” My cheek rubs against hers as I nod my head; I knew who she was singing to Who knows maybe she’s gonna be the one who saves me” We are all searching for that once in a lifetime kind of love Someone who completes the other half of our soul Age has nothing to do with when your heart is ready and speaking from experience the age old saying “when you know you know” rings true Loving someone and being in love with someone are totally different although sometimes it’s hard to differentiate the two Learning the differences and experiencing both come in various forms Thank you SE Hall for showing the differences and that one can truly have bothit’s just about learning the differences “What I’ve always wanted Someone to meet me halfway to be the half of my team A bubble of our own that no bursts through where we’re eually important to one another we both know it we both trust it putting it before all else When I lean in to kiss her she’s already up on her toes to grab it and give it back to me with passion When I walk in a room she smiles like her day just got better and my eyes seek and find her first in the crowd Honestly I don’t really ever compare the two but I do realize something now With Laney I put her up on a pedestal then spent all my time trying to get her to come down and see me Whitley walked right up to me out of anyone and everyone in the room and asked me to sit beside her She’s been right beside me literally ever since” Evan is just your All American country boy He is gentle and kind a true gentleman I loved him in Emerge and I am so glad he got his own story with Embrace I love the multiple POV’s in this story and Hall again doesn’t disappoint with how everything plays out The “crew” as a whole are a great group and I really cannot wait to see what happens there are some very fine men in this series and deserve to be heard hint hint while still keeping up with all the people we have grown to love thus far This series is one I will absolutely recommend as a light hearted lovely coming of age yet growing up although the same totally different kind of story There is just enough of the “hard” stuff to keep it from being “fluffy” and I love the little extras in the back stories that I have learned as the series has progressed Hall is wonderful storyteller and her tender scenes between family or friends is just as poignant as her steamy love scenes and chemistry between her couples I laughed out loud times than I can count and there were times when my eyes teared up so much I couldn’t see the pageyes I’m an emotional reader; and this book gave me everything I wanted 45 True Country Gentleman Stars

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    Check out the whole review on or on Facbook at cannot stop boasting about this series and this author SE Hall has yet again hit a grand slam Embrace starts off where Emerge ended Laney and Dane are together and happy and Evan is miserableoh and at Southern full time now The Crew especially Sawyer has taken a liking to him immediately Saw is on a mission to get Evan's mind off Laney and onto something or someone else However that someone he was hoping for wasn't WhitleyWhitley is hated amongst The Crew From her childhood crush on Dane to the war between her and The Crew's favorite little spitfire Laney What none of them know however is that she isn't really so bad if they ever really gave her a chance to get to know her Evan no matter the opinions of everyone else did just thatWhit and Even start out as friends while he attempts to finally get past his romantic feelings for Laney and back to the loving friendship they have always shared While dating something he hasnt ever done Evan grows closer to Whitley However he keeps himself from dating her because he is afraid of what happened between him and Laney could repeat itself with Whitley But when you meet the love of your life there is no stoping fate I have to admit at first I was thrown that it was Whitley Evan started hanging with I like The Crew was not very fond of her in Emerge but I love how SE changed my mind and we got to truly understand the person hidden inside I loved how The Crew finally took to her and accepted her into their fold All the characters have developed so much in this book I can't wait for I'm hoping maybe we get to see if anyone can finally get Sawyer to see that monogamy really isn't so bad

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    Evan gave up his scholarship and transferred to Southern to save his relationship to the girl he loved since childhood to walk in on her and her new boyfriend Which leaves him heartbroken new on campus where he knows no one and has no place to stay for the next few days But the Crew got his back and soon he befriends Whitley who happens to be Laneys nemesis Sometimes life doesn't go as you had planned Sometimes it goes betterEvan is such a good one And his story is as sweet sexy and witty as he is It's mostly his book but it's also so much We get some of Laneys and Danes POV so there's some of their drama and relationship I grew to liking her some than I did I still can't get over her for always being honest with Dane but never to Evan Though this starts off right where Emerge ended it's not as angsty and emotionally overwhelming as the story where innocent Laney was kept away from her High School sweetheart by her snaky best friend and chose new love without telling him That one evolved to a love triangle I loved with a guy I loved while cheering for the other and hating the girl In Emerge Evan was my most perfect book boyfriend ever and I wished him the happiest of all endings And in Embrace i enjoyed him getting there it's so fun watching him dating his way through campus Him getting over Laney and finding his own Happy Ever After was so good I totally loved the story how he evolves to the happy and fun person he is while still being the gentleman he is And he's a hot one Whitley being lovely but proving she can kick ass if needed is really a good match I'm really into this series It's so entertaining thanks to the crew Now I'm excited for Sawyer and his story

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    You may remember that I adored the first book in this series Emerge So I was beyond thrilled that I would be participating in this blog tour Evan was my choice from the first book and I was absolutely heartbroken for him Thankfully SE Hall knew we all needed his HEA and she wrote it Embrace picks up right where Emerge left us Evan had just had his poor heart stomped on after giving up his football scholarship to transfer schools to be with Laney Sad face Thankfully my other favorite guy Sawyer has his back I admit to being a bit excited when I read the Table of Contents I know everyone was swooning over Dane but I was one of few who didn't fall madly in love with him So when it looked like there might be trouble between Laney and him I may or may not have smiled and jumped for joy a little But don't worry Kendrickers all is well in paradise From early on it's clear who Evan will end up with And I can't deny that I was pretty pissed at first I despised this person and if you've read the first book I'm sure you can guess who I mean in Emerge and did NOT want her around my guy AT ALL Call me judgmental but hey it is what it is However I grew to love her than Laney It's crazy I know but she's sweet and I share a lot of traits with her Evan and mystery girl's relationship was downright adorable but it took awhile to develop This was a nice change from the typical insta love stories that are swamping NA these days And now for my absolute FAVORITE thing about Embrace SAWYER Yep I've completely switched teams I'm a sucker for those bad boy player types and he fits that mold Plus he's hot and hilarious The epilogue made me so happy I can't wait for the next bookOverall I thought Embrace was a pretty good follow up to Emerge Some parts I wasn't a fan of I felt there was maybe too much from Laney's and Dane's points of view when I'd liked to have had focus on Evan perhaps even a few chapters into the head of mystery girl I realize that Laney and Dane had things going on but when their chapters broke in it was almost awkward at times since they weren't always around Evan And it also felt as if Evan's character had changed slightly Not in any crazy or huge way but there was just something I felt that had shifted He is still absolutely adorable and gorgeous though and definitely deserved the happiness he received I was happy that this book wasn't as emotional as Emerge I felt it was all around a happy book even though Evan was still miserable in the beginningI'll leave you with one of my favorite uotes which came from an unexpected sourceIt's so you never lose your way again

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