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Four Weddings and a Fireman [PDF / EPUB] Four Weddings and a Fireman It takes a certain kind of man to stand out among the Bachelor Firemen of San GabrielFirefighter Derek Vader Brown is one of a kind—six feet of solid muscle with the heart of a born hero It's that p It takes a and a ePUB ☆ certain kind of man to stand out among the Bachelor Firemen of San GabrielFirefighter Derek Vader Brown is one of a kind—six feet of solid muscle with the heart of a born hero It's that protective streak that has him pursuing a promotion to Captain to pay for his mother's home care And it's why he intends to figure out why his sometime girlfriend Cherie Harper runs hot as hellfire one minute and pushes him away the nextCherie's got it bad Vader sweeps her Four Weddings Epub / off her feet—literally—and their chemistry is combustible There's just the little problem of a nightmare from her past she was desperate to escape And then her sister Trixie arrives causing havoc for Cherie and the male population of San Gabriel Cherie doesn't want her past to complicate Vader's life or his career But there's nothing like a firefighter to break through all your defenses one smoldering kiss at a time.

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    DNF Read 94 pages then jumped to the endCherie and Vader are madly in love He proposes twice but she refuses She won’t tell him why The reason is primarily because she promised someone something That promise did not make sense to me to justify not telling him to justify living her life without the man she loves I just can’t read an entire book whose plot is based on thatOne of the best parts of a romance novel is seeing a couple meet and watching them fall in love That is skipped here The book starts with his marriage proposal It’s not that I reuire the early relationship part for all books but skipping it did not helpDATANarrative mode 3rd person Story length 367 pages Swearing language strong including religious swear words Sexual language strong Setting current day mostly San Gabriel Calif plus Las Vegas Nevada Copyright 2014 Genre contemporary romance

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Derek Vader Brown is a uniue Bachelor of the Firemen of San Gabriel He isn't your typical fire fighter and he knows it and so does everyone who has ever met Vader Vader is spirited and wild at times but is honorable and loyal to a fault Vader is also in love with his 'sometimes' girlfriend Cherie There are times he thinks they are on the right track and then other times he wonders who Cherie really is and why she is holding back from him Cherie Harper hasn't had it easy She and her brother had to run away from home and they have started a new life for themselves But Cherie knows that no matter how much she cared for Vader she can never marry him even though there is a big part of her that wants to Cherie is truly herself when she is with Vader and it breaks her heart to hurt him When Cherie's sister Trixie comes to town things get a little crazy for Vader and Cherie and soon Cherie will have to decide who she can really trust and will Vader still love her when he knows the full truth? The Hero Derek Brown or also known as Vader is uite uniue He doesn't hide who he is and is blunt and bold and says exactly what is on his mind Vader is a character I have been so anxious to read ever since I was first introduced to this series in the first book Vader is uite a sexual being and doesn't hide that fact from ANYONE He is probably the most amusing out of all the firefighters But in this story we see a deeper side to Vader The side I have been looking for Vader is in love with a woman that has turned down marriage proposals but that doesn't keep him fully away Vader is also trying to become Captain and taking care of his mother And whewthe relationship he has with his mother is so amazing and heartwarming Vader is so much than he lets everyone think He may be rambunctious and crazy at times but he is also giving and compassionate and uite the protector He has the whole true hero ualities he has charisma and is charming And the moment you meet Vaderyou can't help but love him instantly The Heroine Cherie Harper is a heroine that is between a rock and a hard place and you see how much she is struggling with that She came from a family that lives in the country true hicks but her father is downright crazy when it comes to religion She grew up in a home with very strict rules What we see in this story of her family life is so bizarre and I can totally understand her running away Cherie and her brother made a pact of secrecy and they can't risk her father or his friend finding her or it could mean giving up the life she has found in San Gabriel Cherie is a heroine that is independent and passionate but doesn't know how to accept help when its needed She can be prideful and stubborn What I really enjoyed about her character was seeing how she develops in this story She begins to learn the meaning of trust especially in a romantic relationship Plot and Story Line Four Weddings and a Fireman was uite the story and out of all the books that I have read so far I think this one is one of my favorites I really love how uniue each book is which various circumstances Normally I am not a fan of big secrets in books but this one seemed to work for me even though I felt it dragged a bit in the end there But I really loved this book overall And oh boy the humor was just fantastic I just couldn't stop laughing in so many moments of the story Over the previous books we have seen Vader and Cherie's relationship and a bit This book starts out with them pretty serious in their commitment and the beginning or the end of their relationship Vader is mad for Cherie and wants to marry her But when you get turned down twice it tends to affect you Vader decides to focus on his studies to become Captain and helping his mother What is the turning point is Trixie's arrival and the havoc she brings And boy is she a bit wild and energetic at times and I really loved how she brings Vader and Cherie together What was most fascinating about this story was seeing mystery and a hint of danger due to Cherie's past I really couldn't get enough of seeing Vader and Cherie working through the tough issues of their relationship It felt so normal and I felt like I could relate with them so easily The chemistry between these two is uite hot and even at times when they aren't together emotionallythey sure have a connection physically No problems there I found this book to be highly entertaining and comical with a hint of seriousness to it The Cover LOVE this cover I do love those sweet romantic poses and this one is so dang good Love the male behind and that dress is so pretty Overall View Four Weddings and a Fireman is a sensational contemporary love story that brings together two people in trust love intrigue a spot of danger and some entertaining rides Amusing and romantic

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    Four Weddings and a Fireman is a cute romance novel that packs a punchI love weddings I love firemen This book seemed like a natural fit when I found it at a clearance book center Unfortunately this book was not made for me It's still a very good book it's full of romance angst drama and hilarity it's just not my cup of teaCherie and Vader are a pretty uniue couple She doesn't want to commit he proposed twice yet he's totally obsessed with her Every few pages we hear how hot Vader is well his body Maybe not him and we see Cherie discuss how she doesn't want to be with him but does want to be with him It's like a game of romantic cat and mouse but it takes almost 400 pages to get somewhere with itI had not read the previous books so I didn't get to see the build up of any of the relationships That's my bad I picked up the 5th book at the store and they didn't have the previous four I think this book would have gone over a pinch better with me if I had been able to see everything that had happened previously How did these two fall in love? It seemed simply they were already 75% of the way into the relationship and I was missing a lotCherie has a tough and interesting back story that I found super hard to follow That's part of the reason why I wish I read the previous books Had this been discussed earlier? How is her life so wild? It seems like she was in a cult and her 12 siblings all have really weird names It was just so strange to learn about this like halfway through the novel I felt blind sided and super confused It did make a lot of sense on why she is the way she is but it just seemed so over the top for me personally Honestly this book felt like a giant mixed bag of drama and emotions This felt like a Hallmark movie on steroids that was born from a Soap Opera and a Hollywood Gossip Magazine I was at a point where I wanted to DNF this book because I knew I wasn't going to enjoy it that was about halfway through but I wanted to finish this book I do think it's a great dramatic read for people who wants lots and lots of drama My biggest pro of this book is the cover My goodness that's what drew me in The synopsis was great the title was cool but the cover is just absolutely stunning Overall this will be a hit for some people It's dramatic has lots of crazy insane plot lines and has a good amount of romance It's just not for meOne out of five stars

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    I've been waiting to read Vader's story and it was definitely worth the wait In previous books Vader has been the fun loving one a bit of a clown and freuently up to mischief In this book we discover that there is to Vader than meets the eyeVader and his girlfriend Cherie have an on again off again relationship Vader is in love with her and wants her to marry him Bu every time things start to get serious between them Cherie pulls back She tells him she cares but she doesn't want marriage He's really tempted to just end the relationship entirely out of frustration but he can't picture his life without Cherie in it Cherie is just as much in love with Vader but she's got trouble in her past that she doesn't want to inflict on him When her sister Trixie unexpectedly arrives in San Gabriel that trouble isn't far behindI loved Vader He's always been a fun character and getting to know him better just made me love him Though he's always been the fun guy to his fellow firemen he has another life that none of them know about He has been responsible for his handicapped mother since he was fourteen and his father walked out on them He hasn't told his friends about her because he doesn't want anyone looking at him with pity but it also means that he has no backup when he needs help I loved his relationship with his mom It was loving but also real as he had to deal with her opinion of his girlfriend her desire to see him married and the complications of taking care of her Add in his crazy relationship with Cherie and the last thing he needs is to do Then someone suggests that he try out for a promotion to Captain and he seriously considers it It's going to take some serious study time plus a revamping of his reputation but it can be done I liked Cherie too She's strong and independent and has made something of herself She grew up in rural Arkansas in a family of thirteen kids with a seriously whacko father She and her older brother made their escape leaving trouble behind them but always afraid that it would catch up with them She hasn't told anyone about her past even Vader She shares her house with two friends of her brother's musicians who feel that it is their job to protect Cherie from guys like Vader Cherie has a tendency to mother them but she also doesn't let them really interfere in her life When her sister arrives Cherie's life becomes even chaotic as she tries to keep Trixie out of trouble tooThe relationship between Vader and Cherie is complicated mostly because of their unwillingness to share their secrets Vader is so afraid of being pitied that he shuts out the very people who care the most for him Likewise if she would just share her past with Vader she would discover that it isn't as dire as she believes When a fire at his house brings his worlds crashing together Vader discovers that far from being pitied he is admired for his dedication I loved seeing how it is Cherie that steps in to help Vader and his mother and how helping them ends up helping her It was sweet to see Vader's mom helping Cherie deal with her sister When the truth about Cherie's past finally comes out Vader is unhappy about not being told before but his protectiveness and love for Cherie really come to the forefront Once all the secrets are out Vader and Cherie can finally look at that future they want togetherAs always with the Firemen books there are places that are laugh out loud funny and others that are truly heartwarming I loved seeing Cherie teach Vader the tango and the resulting steam Some of the antics that Vader and his fellow firefighters get up to are hysterical such as the episode with the firepole at the bar Vader and Cherie try to deal with Trixie and the trouble she gets into with mixed results There were times when I wondered if she was really that naive or if she was playing them for her own reasons The ending was really good with an interesting twist involving their brother I loved how Vader came through for everyone when trouble showed up showing that he's much capable than even he believed

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    Kitty‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSJennifer Bernard is one hell of a writer whose Bachelor Firemen series is off the charts sexy funny and full of hot firemen waiting to break the curseVader and Cherie’s story is no differentVader the strong handsome firefighter has a soft sentimental side – especially at weddings He’s in love with Cherie and can’t imagine why she keeps turning down his proposals Can it be because he pops the uestion whenever he attends a wedding when he’s feeling sentimental when he’s a little tipsy? Or is there another reason why Cherie keeps putting him off and hurting him? But in the same vein he’s keeping a secret from Cherie so how could he expect her to give herself completely to him without knowing the truthCherie has her own secrets A past that she has to keep hidden or face the wrath of her family Everything implodes as her sister Trixie comes to town and all hell breaks lose The past is finally catching up with her and she has to keep everything away from Vader There is no way that she’ll endanger the love of her life the one man that she would spend forever withAs everything comes crashing down around Cherie and Trixie they realize that Vader and the members of the San Gabriel Fire Department are not only hero’s at the time of a fire but when hearts are on the line True love wins in the end and Vader finally has the answer that he’s wanted for a long timeI so love the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel Each story told brings a different tale about a man or woman that we thought we knew then Ms Bernard lets lose with another side of that person giving us a different perspective of who the true man or woman is beneath all the brawn and bravado

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    Holy WOW I adore this series and I've been not so patiently waiting for Vaders book and Jennifer Bernard went above and beyond First I have to say that Jennifer didn't shy away from subjects that some may not normally want to write about but she did so in such a respectful way that it wove itself so well into the story Vader has been head over heels in love with Cherie since almost the moment they met He also has uite a few secrets One that he may play hard and act like a party guy but he's a soft romantic at heart Cherie is also hiding some big secrets as well and she's holding back from Vader At times I wanted to smack both of them but as the story unfolded you begin to realize that things are not always roses and sunshine I can't wait to see what the Bachelor Fireman of San Gabriel get into next

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    I have been waiting rather impatiently for Vader's story I'm ecstatic to say he was worth the wait I love the bigness of his character and Ms Bernard gave him a story to match Nothing else would have fit his extreme muscular hunkiness I love Cheri and all her uirks And the addition of Cheri's sister was just a hoot

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    ORIGINAL POST WEDDINGS AND A FIREMAN Secrets Kept Love Lost?DISCLOSURE E Galley provided by publisher via Edelweiss No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as notedIt’s funny I was introduced to Jennifer Bernard’s Bachelor Firemen series about this time last year when Readaholics Anonymous and I did a Valentine’s Day Blog site One of our guests was Jennifer and though I hadn’t read her yet it brought her work to my attention on one of the reader services I useThe Bachelor Firemen series is sweet and sexy funny and sometimes a little sad not ten boxes of tissue sad but certainly a couple double ply sheets More often it’s funny an romanticThe Bachelor Firemen series is sweet and sexy funny and sometimes a little sad not ten boxes of tissue sad but certainly a couple double ply sheets This particular story brings us Vader story with his on again off again true love Cherie I’ve always seen Vader as a not terribly bright body builder And Cherie was a bit of a dimbo But I think I was wrong They are sweet and down to earth characters than unintelligent I can’t say they are simple because they have incredibly complex secrets they are keeping form all of their friendsThe story is charming sweet and a farcical tale of secret identities and living situations I think it is meant as such like a farcical stage play Lend Me A Tenor and Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors come to mind But we also get some drama and danger The secrets are strangely kept ones like Derek not telling anyone he is the primary caregiver for his mother I would that Vader could keep that secret among his fellow firefighters hard to believe And Cherie’s is really hard to believe But farce reuires that the errors are just a little too ridiculous and it makes for madcap antics and if true love can find its way through it then Vader and Cherie will have weathered enough trauma to be sure they are meant for each otherThe sex is romantic than graphic and it doesn’t overwhelm the storyI keep wondering who’s next in the station to get a book as the fire station is losing its bachelors and their curse as they each find love and the curse is debunkedI enjoyed this one while at the same time I thought it got a little silly But the characters are young and while they are leading these lives complicated by their secrets their motivations and desires are really simple and heartfelt Silly is kind of necessary in our lives and Jennifer makes it work because it suits the characters and the stories Love the series and this book If you love lighthearted sexy reads this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED It could stand alone but works even better as a part of the series

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    24 Just couldn't get into this one I got so tired of hearing about Vadars muscles or how big he is on every page Once I noticed it it drove me nuts Cherie and her crazy back historysister and secretiveness didn't make it any better It was worth finishing though since I have really liked the other books in the series and plan to continue This one just wasn't for me

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    I've always been a big fan of Vader throughout this series He always brought that humorous note to the books and made it extra enjoyable I was very happy he finally got his own novel We saw some of him and Cherie in the previous books but to me it seemed always a bit casual so it did take me a bit by surprise just how serious Vader's feelings toward her wereThe attraction between them was never the problem the fact that they kept secrets from each other was All Vader wants is a serious committed relationship even marriage with Cherie He's deeply madly in love with her and he knows that if she would just open up a bit they could make it work and be happyExcept things aren't that easy for Cherie She too wishes things could be different between them but there is a reason she keeps certain things a secret Some things do not just involve her but others as well so she is afraid that revealing those secrets will hurt those people and she does not want to bother Vader with her problems and etc To say things are complicated is putting it mildlyBesides it seems Cherie isn't the only one who has been keeping secrets There is definitely than meets the eye when it comes to Vader but honestly I did not expect this I can not reveal his secret because I don't want to spoil anything It seems they both will need to learn to open up and share the burdenFour Weddings and a Fireman was such a delightful story It had all the right elements; romance humour mystery drama and lots of sexy scenes Though Vader's secret was surprising it was actually nothing when it came to Cherie's secrets At first it seems like nothing but slowly you realize things are way serious and even dangerousVader was once again amazing he's definitely one of my favourite characters throughout the series That man really has it all He's funny smart loyal sensitive protective In the beginning I did have trouble connecting with Cherrie because I just couldn't understand why she wasn't forthcoming with her past Later in the story though everything makes sense and you realize why she did those things All in all she is a good woman and I can respect her choicesThe first impression you get of Vader might not be the most serious one but throughout the story you get to see this deeper side of him which I really liked and added that extra dimension That extra depth kept it from being a too fluffy read Overall this has all the elements a contemporary romance need; humor a strong hero and heroine interesting plot some drama and plenty of sexy scenes I can not wait to read the next book in the series

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