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Flan [PDF / EPUB] Flan Originally published in 1992 this controversial novel tells the story of a young man named Flan who undertakes a harrowing journey through a charred and burning American landscape in search of his gir originally published in this controversial novel tells the story of a young man named Flan who undertakes a harrowing journey through a charred and burning American landscape in search of his girlfriend Holly Accompanied by his talking fish Ginger Kang Kang Flan follows destroyed railroad tracks through an ashen world gone completely mad with violence barbarism and cruelty where unimaginable suffering becomes laced with absurd comedy and impossibly hallucinogenic imagery This cinematic mixture of Hieronymous Bosch Night of the Living Dead and Dr Seuss is also a tale of naive love fading memories and the confused displacement of reality in the face of total destruction Uncompromising in its descriptions Flan is the post apocalyptic novel that invites the reader to visit the Hell on Earth that resides in the dark corners of our own dreams.

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    The book is better than the CD and the CD is wonderful Get them both This book and Flan Songs From the Novel This book was outrageously ripped off by Cormack McCarthy If you liked The Road and want to read the original read Flan

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    Imagine Candide set in an Hieronymus Bosch paintingNow imagine it dull and repetitious You get FlanFlan wakes to find his apartment and possibly the entire world on fire He barely escapes his building with his scorched toupee and Ginger Kang Kang his talking fish He is lucky to have his eyes because many of those on the street who witnessed the bomb or whatever occurred have empty bloody pus filled sockets A lot of things in Flan are bloody and or pus filledI made it about halfway through this one Flan and Ginger set out from the devastated city stumbling over endless corpses witnessing gang rapes and mercy killings learning that cannibalism has become a kind of spectator sport it's all an inventive but not very interesting endless chain of horror and black comedy The rapid rate of mutation that sets in provides some interesting creaturesTunney has also chosen a diction that slips into the cloying repetitive prose of children's books from a nearly a century ago It brings nothing to the narrative I found the book easy to put down

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    Every now and then a book comes along that makes you wonder really wonder about the state of mind of the author Is this guy okay? Seriously what the fung fung was he thinking when he unleashed this on the world? I can't imagine this helped him release any of his inner demons; 'cause if your inner demons are this much in control there may be no releasing them in a single lifetime

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    Warning this book is EXTREMELY dark I saw a couple reviews mentioned Cormac McCarthy's the road This book makes that one seems light But it takes that darkness and makes it tolerable with a heavy dose of humor This is a book about an absurdist post apocalyptic world I found the mix of darkness and absurdity to be wonderful and ingenious Others will probably find it overwhelming but I think this book deserves way attention than it has received

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    Not my thing at all Had some interesting descriptions and seemed exciting but ultimately took me and characters nowhere? Very self indulgent whilst telling me nothing of the authors opinions other than that he may not have been completely okay???

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    Having been a fan of Stephen Tunney's music for years now thanks to a good friend of mine I finally decided to check out and read his first published work Buying said book was an adventure of its own as it costs nearly up to 400 dollars on Anyway I found Tunney's writing style to be a bit to take in with the sometimes over excessive amount of swearing and descriptions of dying corpses that uickly all seem to sound the same Be prepared to see the word fuck repeated several times in a row many times throughout the novel Outside of that the characters and setting are very uniue and different A talking fish that over goes a dramatic change later a flying eyeball a dog with a human head; Flan's world has an armory of bizarre and interesting characters What I previously mentioned is only scraping the bottom of the barrel The plot is simple and to the point Flan wakes to find himself in some sort of hell he decides to leave and go to his lover Holly in hopes that her cabin is safe in the mountains Nothing too complicated to grasp but the flavorful characters use their charm to definitely add much to it The ending of the novel left me feeling a bit relieved and dissatisfied Flan finally makes it to the cabin only to find that it looks run down and lonely He sits on the porch and contemplates whether he would hate to see no one inside or to find her dead Afterwards Flan looks to the sky to see a blue figure move about the clouds Or something like that I wrote this while I was bored in study hall I can't just whip out this book in front of a bunch of people to check He then walks towards it and realizes that his imagination got the better of him Leading the reader to believe that Flan was imagining the whole thing He goes to all this trouble to get to the cabin and he doesn't even go inside It sort of came off as a tease for following Flan all the way to the end but oh well The soundtrack album Stephen Tunney composed under his moniker Dogbowl does set the mood for the story and adds some new insight on the story Which is great considering the fact that I heard the album first before reading this book Plus you now know another human being who has a clue as to what the fuck you just read too Overall Flan was a uick read and a very interesting and memorable one I doubt I'll ever forget it anytime soon The book sure as hell isn't for everyone though I'm sure that's a givenThis is probably the only serious review I'll ever write on here I doubt anyone will even read it anyway But if you did thanks

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    I've had this book on my shelf since uite some time and I finally read itThe general feeling I had after going through the first few pages was wtf am I reading like seriously this is the most bizarre and weird book and in a nightmarish way that I've ever readThe ending was what really made me smile and if you're willing to endure 400 pages of absurdity then be my guest

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    interesting books sound like low brown clouds anyone have the record to this book i lost my friend whom found it

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    never read it but it's called flan need i say

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    experimental apocalyptic surrealism a fever dream not necessarily my thing but the author is a friend of a friend i felt obliged i liked it

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