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    AaaauuughhhhhhhDon't you dareDon't you dare leave me here Ty Marton Come back and finish this story immediately Brain cells reuired zero Hot yummy BDSM fun to be had lots and lotsbut wait also Actual character depth OMG ikr?Hey those five stars that's not five stars that mean the book is a work of literary genius it means I fucking loved the May to December slightly rough hot sexual training with a little sprinkling of humiliation and human emotion and angst and hope and sadness AUGH MORE

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    It was long time since I read a story in one shot I did not want to stop reading it until the very last line and even when I got there I wanted It is true that this story has only 80 pages but I took several days to read short stories this long and even shorter ones so the spark was not there This is not the case this timeColby has the feeling that something is missing in his life So he left his college to go hitchhiking across the country hoping to find something that will give his life a meaning“Colby was simply searching for meaning and couldn’t see how he’d ever find it through meaningless sex”After traveling several states John gives him a lift When he asks Colby where he goes the hitchhiker replies Towards the east So they drive some time together not speaking much until John arrives at the crossroads leading to his house He offers a hot meal to Colby before he resumes his wanderings Colby agrees especially since he finds John mysterious and seductiveAfter dinner John shows Colby his carpenter's workshop Colby is fascinated by John’s talent Then John asks him for help to move in his basement a sculpture allegedly of Apollo This is where Colby discovers the secret that John had spoken to him in veiled terms his dungeon Colby had told John that he would like to learn woodworking and since John teaches it he could learn from him John asks him what he has to offer in return It is at this moment that the two men get on the terms of their agreement John offers basic idea of woodworking to Colby if he agrees to do whatever John reuires him without uestion for 24 hours Colby agrees This is where begins his crash course on Ds and BDSMAt the beginning of the story we don’t know much about the background of the two men But we later discover that John has already had a sub and he lost him in circumstances in which the author keeps the mystery As for Colby we learn in a single line that Ds and BDSM piue his curiosity without knowing whyColby wants to fulfill his part of the agreement He does everything it takes to please John who demands to be called Master But at the end of 24 hours even if there is communion between the two men John drives Colby to the nearest city telling him that he must continue his journey Colby begs John not to reject him but John says This is not about what you want or what I want I can’t No doubt the memory of his previous sub left painful wounds in John’s heartThe author has a real talent to install a story sufficiently dotted with mystery to make us want to read further to find out In doing so he reveals and of his characters’ feelings and emotion and we end up loving themThe author offered us an open ended story suggesting that all is not really over between John and Colby And knowing the author as I got to know him through his other writings the next book may be packed with action and emotion I hope he will not make us wait too long before he offers us the book 2 of this seriesThe writing is good Our interest is constant There is just enough hot sex for my taste I got my BDSM dose finally Thank you very much Mr Marton I give you 5 hearts for this interesting story

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    Best 80 pages for Nook 3 ever bought me I usually shy away from anything with less than 200 pages and I am so glad there was no page count with the blurb because I would have totally missed outAfter 3 years in college Colby felt that something was missing from his life He decided to embark on a hitch hiking trip of self discovery hoping to find some purposeEnter John John offers Colby a ride a hot meal and the opportunity of a 24 hour crash course in the BDSM lifestyle The story is not concluded at the end of the 24 hours though so we have to wait for book 2 Uuuuugh I want it noooowInitially I thought this was going to be a few pages full of sex scenes where the only thing we'd know about the MCs would be their names and basic demographic info Even though we don't get the full background story or anything it's only 80pg after all we get a pretty good look into the characters' emotions Boy was I in for a surprise there In the course of the story I felt fear sadness anger and of course hawt hawt hawtness I am so totally buying the second book Warning There is a pretty strong humiliation scene here Even though I REALLY don't like when that happens it didn't make me want to give the story fewer stars Enjoy

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    An excellent story that plumbs the depths of human need and raw emotion Colby has been searching for something all his life and finds it in a masterslave relationship with John John tries his damndest to keep Colby but he has too many demons of his own to slay Some great BDSM and humiliation scenes that are very well written I thought both the characters of Colby and John were well drawn out and I could feel the pain the two men felt This is far from just porn there is a real story here The wide open ending just leaves me wanting

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    This has no seuel on the horizon and lots of reviews have it as a cliffhanger of sorts Unfortunately going in my nope shelf

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    Colby shivered suddenly There was no turning back he realized Not until twenty four hours had passed If Colby were to say no if he were to beg and plead with him to stop to slow down to show mercy would it have made a difference? A large part of him was afraid of finding outMeta consent I would have preferred John to give Colby a safeword Why? Because it would have kept me firmly in the story I look for realistic stories realistic to me stories where the MCs don't do things I myself would never do like giving meta consent in BDSM Things like that yank me out of the storyAlso the pace of the events in the story was a problem for me The things Colby did with a total stranger in 24 hoursnot realistic in my view Or very stupid risky behaviour indeed See I cannot understand fantasies LOL I tend to take things seriouslyBut the last 20% were interesting emotional reading that made me want to read the next book This book was okay and could have been much better with length slower pace and a safeword and maybe some discussion about limits and so on I would have preferred John to be intelligent instead of this caveman he was

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    I would have given this short story a higher rating were it not for the very off putting and entirely superfluous pissing scene Can I just say yuck I am by no means a prude but that just ruined an otherwise fine little bdsm tale I'm not sure I will continue with the series for fear of other extreme turn off scenes

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    It was actually better than I thought I disagree with some of the reviews that it was like AMAZING bc it just wasn't Its also frustrating that it's called book 1 but I can't find any other books in this seriesAnd I will NEVER look at cheerios the same way again

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    Picked this up on a whim wasn't disappointed There's a lot unspoken here which is probably what I like best about this short story

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    25 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewshttpmmgoodbookreviewswordpresscomThis is a nicely written book with an intense erotic plot that has two unlikely characters thrown together in an interesting almost relationshipColby is a young man who has been trying to find his place Nothing makes sense to him any so he decided to simply move He’s been walking hitch hiking and generally moving forward for almost a month but still that sense of nothingness hasn’t left him Until a mysterious man stops and gives him a rideWhat was meant to be a ride for some miles turns into a strange agreement John offers Colby food a place to stay and training in what he does for 24hrs In return Colby will give John his absolute obedienceAnd this is the start of a weird Masterslave relationship if you can call it that that results in some kinky scenes and strong fetishes Mainly fisting rimming and a display of watersport fetish that uite literally catches you off guard even if you’ve been warnedIn general I found the writing fascinating and the scenes erotic enough to enjoy them except for the pissing scene that I simply could not get into and had me reeling a bit However my main issue was with the time period We have here two characters that do not know each other and immediately they get into a most intense scene The fact that Colby agreed to be treated uite literally like a dog by a complete stranger weirded me out and was off putting The fact that it took only 24 hrs for them to get into an intense bond was also disconcerting even if the outcome was uite credibleThe most convincing part of the read for me was the epilogue though as it hooked me on what is to come and made me want to wait around for the other book and grab it ImpressiveSo in the end I strongly suggest you read the author’s note found on the blurb and if you find that interesting then by all means this is a very well written erotica that I don’t hesitate to recommendThommie

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Crossroads Master Apprentice #1 [PDF / EPUB] Crossroads Master Apprentice #1 After weeks spent hitch hiking across lonely back highways in search of himself twenty one year old drifter Colby Booker is starting to worry that he’s getting nowhere fastAnd then he hitches a ride After weeks spent hitch hiking across lonely back highways in search of himself twenty one year old drifter Colby Booker is starting to worry that he’s getting nowhere fastAnd then he hitches a ride from John Larkin an enigmatic loner living in the Nebraska countryside Fascinated with this handsome mysterious man Colby accepts the offer of Crossroads Master PDF/EPUB or a hot meal at John's secluded cottage completely unaware that he's about to discover firsthand the man’s darkest most intense secrets As a twisted kinky connection between the two strangers begins to blossom Colby dares to hope that he might have finally found what he’s been looking for his place But nothing will prepare the budding young slave for what comes nextAUTHOR’S NOTE This is an adult story focused on themes of bondage discipline and sadomasochism between adult men over the age of eighteen Subject matter includes explicit sexual activity and scenes of intense BDSM play paddling fisting watersports CBT etc It is a work of fiction and intended purely as fantasy for mature readers If such material offends you or if reading or owning such material is prohibited in the area where you live then you should find another title.

  • ebook
  • 80 pages
  • Crossroads Master Apprentice #1
  • Ty Marton
  • 02 May 2015

About the Author: Ty Marton

When he isn't scribbling out dark fantasies and explorations of non traditional sexuality Ty Marton works as a consultant in Los Angeles though he's spent his rare pockets of free time plotting out stories of all kinds for years now An avid and active member of the California fetish community Ty is a strong believer in Crossroads Master PDF/EPUB or safe sane consensual and shameless explorations of socio sexual individu.