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Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus Volume 1 [PDF / EPUB] Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus Volume 1 Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman revamps and redefines Marvel's first family in an epic saga across time space and reality It all begins when Mr Fantastic decides to solve everything As the team cont Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman revamps and redefines Marvel's by Jonathan PDF ↠ first family in an epic saga across time Fantastic Four ePUB Ñ space and reality It all begins when Mr Fantastic decides to solve everything As the team contends Four by Jonathan Epub µ with Dark Reign an older Franklin arrives from the future with an ominous warning And as the Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus PDF or Fantastic Four fight the War of the Four Cities Mr Fantastic assembles a band of genius youngsters But when Nathaniel Richards returns Galactus rises and an all new Annihilation Wave threatens to invade from the Negative Zone tragedy suddenly strikes Grieving the survivors of the Fantastic Four dissolve the teambut from its ashes rises the Future FoundationCollecting Dark Reign Fantastic Four Fantastic Four FF materiel from Dark Reign The Cabal.

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    This is the first F4 comic I have read and I'm already becoming a Hickman fan This seals it This story was fantastic and what a physically beautiful book It looks great amongst my omnibus collection Hickman manages to juggle multiple characters gripping giant storylines and death and introduction of old and new characters He really has steered this in a fantastic directionI can't wait to read volume 2

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    I enjoyed this a lot for several reasons This is Jonathan Hickman and he is for me the best modern writer of epic super hero comics His Secret Warriors and his Avengers are great I have read very little Fantastic Four and whatever I have read is very old so there was a huge novelty effect as well as the discovery of a part of the Marvel Universe that was unknown to me This provides some interesting background on the New Avengers IlluminatisAll in all a solid 4 stars and I can't wait to read volume two

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    Loved Hickmans run on F4 after reading it many moons ago and loving it again on returning to it I love the ideas behind it and how it all comes together How there’s so much going on but at its core it’s still about family In my mind that’s what a good Fantastic Four story should be Have them exploring and doing amazing things but at the end of the day it’s about the First Family

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    Hickman blows it out of the park For my money it's uite likely the best run since Kirby's initial run ended with #102 Beg borrow or steal You must read this book

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    This was my first exposure to Marvel's first family and I couldn't be impressed Hickman introduces a lot of ideas early on and at some point you start doubting if all this will eventually have some sort of payoff Well it does Hickman throws a lot of balls in the air but manages to juggle with every one It all comes together but at that point you realize a bigger saga is just starting I can't and won't spoil much but for any fan of mind bending sci fi and creative storylines in general this is a treat to read The book starts with Reed Richards asking himself how he can solve everything how he can make up for mistakes in the past and avoid conflict in the future Like Remender's Uncanny X Force there's a central core idea that drives the entire bookThere is so much smart and creative writing going on here that I can't wait for the second omnibus to arrive That's the crazy part after all the great ideas Hickman puts out here you realize this is only the first half of his run And the second half is supposed to be even better I for one can't waitAn all round fantastic book that has at least one new idea or discovery in every issue

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    This confirms for me that I'm not really a fan of the Fantastic Four but Hickman creates such a large epic story I'm enjoying seeing it come together There is a lot background knowledge reuired than I expected most of which isn't explained in the story For example many of the members of the Future Foundation show up earlier in the story at Franklin's birthday with no reference to who they are and where they come from Similarly I don't know how Doom suffered brain damage and the dead Future Galactus is only briefly explained later in the book I'm assuming many of these events come from earlier Fantastic Four stories but I have no desire to go back and read them

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    I love the FF and I love Jonathan Hickman and this omnibus is very hard to find so when I finally found one for a decent price I was expecting to be disappointed because of the high bar Well turns out this is one of the most impressive collections of comics I have ever read in any genre I am about to start Vol 2 and already trying to decide how long to wait before reading these omnisHickman has an amazing ability to showcase the essence of these characters in new and interesting ways despite the fact that they have been around for 60 years There is even a Spider Man scene about Uncle Ben that is genuinely touching despite the excessive retreading and retelling of that moment and that alone is a Herculean featThese also happen to be a handful of my favorite artists especially Epting Dragotta and Tocchini and they all obviously know how special this run is and their layouts are fantasticOverall 1010 The pinnacle of high concept big story superhero comics that are still packed with emotional punches throughout

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    Really liked it back when I first read it when it published rrrrreally liked it once again now when I re read the whole thing Recommended for F4 fans for sureGreat artwork Solid story

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    Jonathan Hickman's run on Marvel's First Family has been highly acclaimed and for good reasons He hits the right notes and thoroughly highlights the cosmic zaniness that makes a good FF story with the support of many great artists I only dock off a point because many sections feel like they're setting up for something big and while the payoff is great the setup does take a bit of a slog to get through

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    After watching this year's terrible Fantastic Four movie reboot I had to cleanse my pallet with great Fantastic Four storiesSo I went to the last notable run on FF by Jonathan Hickman Hickman's writing style isn't for everyone His writing is very well planned and you won't get a story that ties itself in a nice clean bow after a few issues When you read a run of Jonathan Hickman's the BIG payoff won't likely come until you finish his entire run on the book There are lots of small payoffs along the way don't get me wrong but you get the WOW payoffs for sticking to the end Hickman also isn't afraid of pulling characters and threads from some of the most obscure corners of Marvel's universe So if you don't know who Impossible Man or the Inhumans aredon't feel bad Hickman writes in a way that will catch you up on what's important about these characters then builds on them in relevant and interesting ways He can take a C list character and elevate them to an A list levelwhich is refreshing to see in comicsBut here's the plot and what's so great about it This is a Fantastic Four story about family It's the theme of Hickman's entire run on Fantastic Four The basic concept of the first story arc that puts everything in motion is this You know how sometimes you can't sleep because you are thinking about a problem at work or a chore you need to do around the house? Well Reed Richards does the same thing except he can't sleep because he want's to SOLVE EVERYTHING LiterallySo he creates a bridge to a pocket in reality where he finds thousands of the other Reed Richards from other realities Turns out all these other Richards have come to this place for the same purposework together to solve everything End world hunger Check Prevent suns from burning out and killing trillions of lives Check All of the biggest problems not just in our universe but in all the universes However solving all these problems for the greater good comes with a cost Spending that time with your family And this is the crux of the problem the first arc brings up If you could do so much good for millions and millions of peoplewould it be worth the cost if it meant giving up your family?It's a tough uestion and Hickman handles it well hereThe stories all build from here You'll learn about an old Atlantis and Sue becoming their ueen An underground city where people evolve at extremely uick paces Who was Reed Richard's dad and why do we not know much about him? What if Ben could be his normal self for one day? But this isn't a one and done comic book story Think of Hickman's run on Fantastic Four as a television season with a big A plot and several smaller B C and D plots twisting in and out the entire runThe conclusion pays off wonderfully and you are rewarded plentifully for sticking through to the endIf you're looking for a comic book run that is smart clever and doesn't hold your hand like a childthis is one of the best

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