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Darkwalker [PDF / EPUB] Darkwalker He used to be the best detective on the job Until he became the hunted   Once a legendary police inspector Nicolas Lenoir is now a disillusioned and broken man who spends his days going through the m He used to be the best detective on the job Until he became the hunted   Once a legendary police inspector Nicolas Lenoir is now a disillusioned and broken man who spends his days going through the motions and his evenings drinking away the nightmares of his past Ten years ago Lenoir barely escaped the grasp of the Darkwalker a vengeful spirit who demands a terrible toll on those who have offended the dead But the Darkwalker does not give up on his prey so easily and Lenoir has always known his debt would come due one day   When Lenoir is assigned to a disturbing new case he treats the job with his usual apathy—until his best informant a street savvy orphan is kidnapped Desperate to find his young friend before the worst befalls him Lenoir will do anything to catch the monster responsible for the crimes even if it means walking willingly into the arms of his own doom.

About the Author: E.L. Tettensor

Native Canadian longtime New Yorker purveyor of fine mysteries Nicolas Lenoir is the first series by EL Tettensor.

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    Update An interview with the author on the blog and a giveaway of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum what a surprising and fantastic paranormal debut from EL Tettensor With its dark mystery vibes and Victorian era inspired fantasy setting this book was practically screaming my name when it was first brought to my attention and even then I ended up with much than I bargained for That's definitely one way to make me a happy readerDarkwalker is the first book of the new Nicolas Lenoir series starring the eponymous main character who was once a greatly esteemed and talented police inspector known for his tenacity and respect for justice But now Lenoir is a shadow of who he once was a jaded man who has grown dismissive of his work as well as the people around him much to the annoyance of Sergeant Kody who had thought being assigned to the legendary inspector would be the opportunity of a lifetimeNo one knows that behind that contemptuous demeanor and the apathy Nicolas Lenoir is actually hiding a secret past Something hunts him a vindictive spirit known as the Darkwalker that will not stop once he has marked someone for death Now a disturbing new case has brought the Darkwalker to Lenoir's neck of the woods and the detective has to solve the mystery before the spirit of vengeance catches up to himand time runs out for a young boy he cares forFirst looking back at the notes I took for this review I almost feel like I need to apologize to the book for brushing off its introduction as slow Granted it took me longer than I expected to read the first sixty or so pages not only because so little happens during this stage of setting up the story but also because I reacted so negatively to the main character's attitude Simply put Lenoir is a jerk The way he treated Kody and looked down his nose on the case in the opening chapter made me want to punch him in the face At this point I almost started to dread the idea of reading further But I shouldn't have doubted Now that I'm done with the book I could see that everything happened for a reason I wouldn't have enjoyed this one so much if not for all the information that was given to me in the introduction and likewise I would not have appreciated Lenoir for who he is at the end had not acted like such a curmudgeon at the beginning On that note this story definitely includes one of those mystery plots that will have the reader flipping back the pages to a previous spot in the book just to marvel at how the author had been dropping bits of clues and other details from the very start I was still genuinely shocked at how things turned out; the answer came as unexpectedly to me as it did to the inspector Darkwalker also impresses me on the fantasy side of things Lenoir works out of a city called Kennian part of the Five Villages area described as a rather backwater part of the book's world The setting reminds me of turn of the 19th century England home to a population that largely does not acknowledge the existence of the paranormal making the thing hunting Lenoir all the creepy and unsettling In addition EL Tettensor has created a group of people and culture called the Adal a society of pastoral nomads persecuted for their outsider status as well as the actions of a few bad apples The subject of Adali magic plays a big role in the case and Tettensor has also crafted a very thorough and rich history for her fictional race I am overall very pleased with the amount of world building presented in this bookEverything in the plot just came together so well Once you reach the point where the story takes off it doesn't slow down After making it through the introductory chapters I was uickly drawn in by the intrigue and mystery especially when I was treated to a brief glimpse of the brilliant and passionate detective Lenoir used to be I found I could not bear to put this book down during the final hundred pages and stayed up into the wee hours of the night just to finishOf course there is still the big uestion of Nicolas Lenoir's past which did not go fully addressed So I was so glad to see this would be a series even though this book can certainly be read as a stand alone with no cliffhangers or glaring loose ends to worry about I would love to see further exploration into his character and this world or heck even stories about Lenoir that take place in an earlier time Regardless of what comes next I'm really looking forward to book two

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    Well I see lots of 5 star ratings here HummmI think I'm about to inflame some emotions Sorry Let me say up front that if you enjoyed the book I'm happy for you ecstatic even Enjoy I on the other handdidn'tDid you ever hear the saying that it was exciting to watch paint dry? YeahI went looking for paint to watch This claims to be urban fantasy Well look hard and you'll find the fantasy part Mostly this is a mystery set in Victorian England There is an underlying theme that crosses over toward UF but it sort hangs around behind the curtain sort of peeking through with its green eyes Our hero is sort of a clinically depressed and possibly bipolar Hercule Poirot The rest of the Metropolitan Police don't have much use for himbut he's an inspector so he ranks people especially his sergeant He generally isn't interested in doing any actual police work and what little effort he asserts is to explain why cases can't be solved and should mostly be forgotten aboutOh yessomething horrible happened 10 years ago and it's why he's such a miserable unlikable pointless jerk It is of course haunting him and he's convinced it will one day catch up with himGood wind up I trudged through half this bookdisappearances and dead bodies some bloody gory scenes a few hints as to what else is going on and a lot of yawns I kept forcing my mind back to the book making myself stick with it as obviously it was going to get better The interesting story would jump out at me at any timeIt didn't I skimmed through the rest of the bookand returned itIf it's your cup of tea fine enjoy If on the other hand you generally like the same books I do I'd recommendSave yourself Run fast run farCan't recommend this one

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    An Interesting Start with Problems 35 Stars Also Posted at The Literary Lawyerca In this interesting introduction to Inspector Nicolas Lenoir we are introduced to an urban fantasy world set in the Victorian era The book is atmospheric and the reader might expect Jack the Ripper to make an appearance This debut novel had some hits and some misses but succeeds in being positive than negative Plot summary Nicolas Lenoir is a legendary inspector of the Metropolitan Police force Unfortunately he is not feeling uite so legendary these days Bad choices and compromise have left him lazy while uestioning his future When a series of kidnappings and grave robberies bear similar signatures and point to a gypsy community Lenoir is content to ignore the situation until it hits him close to home Having a personal stake in the investigation Lenior dusts off his skills and dives into the investigation Little does he know is that he will be forced to deal with a darkness from his past and face his own mortality while fighting for another's future The Good Who Doesn't Love a Tortured Genius I found Lenoir to be an interesting character He shows flashes of genius while preferring inaction and a greased palm to hard police work We are given the impression that his reticence goes beyond simple laziness While Lenoir's past could have been better developed I found him an interesting character nonetheless The author does a passable job of presenting a troubled character whose guilt and underlying good nature manages to prevail in the midst of the darknessThe novel is well written with clean prose The story doesn't move at a uick pace as it is in part a story of the internal struggles of the inspector The supernatural is present but not pervasive There are whispers of magic and the appearance of a supernatural being The world of the mythical is clouded with disbelief and mystery Don't expect Harry Dresden or even Peter Grant I had the sense that the author wanted a Sherlockian main character who is forced to deal with mystical and unknown The Bad Did I Miss Something? While it may seem to be contradictory the novel felt like both a stand alone novel and the second book in a series In the first third of the book I consistently had the feeling I had missed some information about the characters and the world As a result it took too long to feel integrated into the story While I still enjoyed the story I can understand how some readers might abandon the story in the early going The story also lacked the sense that this was part of a series While the main character was developed his police agency friends and coworkers were simply background noise If this is to be a series that I will continue to read over the long term I want to see development outside of Lenoir Final Thoughts Overall Darkwalker is the start to a promising new series Despite some warts the story presents a main character who is beset by his own darkness Le Noir kinda obvious isn't it while possessing positive albeit restrained goodness If the author continues her solid writing and improves her world building this could be a successful and interesting series for years to come Content Advisories It is difficult to find commentary on the sexviolencelanguage content of book if you are interested I make an effort to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading Disclaimer I do not take note or count the occurrences of adult language as I read I am simply giving approximationsScale 1 Lowest 5 Highest Sex 15 There is some insinuation that a character is running a business in which some immoral activity is occurring This is not a major point in the story and there is minimal space devoted to it There is a the sense of romantic interested but nothing overtly sexual Sexual content is acceptable for all ages Language 2 Very little language stood out I do not recall any usage of the f word and some minor usage of mild obscenities I would say the language is acceptable for all ages Violence 3 The story is not especially violent There are several scene in which characters are beaten in the streets There is some fantasy violence with mild but non gory horror elements Part of the plot include young boys being kidnapped It is understood that they are being harmed and hurt Several scene include boys screaming in pain and terror but the method is not disclosed There is a gun fight and some other minor violence

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    Actual rating 35 starsI didn’t connect with this character as much as I did the characters in the author’s other series The Bloodbound Erin Lindsey but I still enjoyed the reading experience I’m not gonna lie I found many of the plot points to be a bit predictable but the writing was good enough that I was willing to forgive that I do like a paranormal detective story even if Nicolas Lenoir is a moody often drunken jerk There’s a bit too much lingering without details on the big bad awful thing that happened in his past that left him in this detached state He may initially remind the reader of Sherlock Holmes but there are significant differences His alcohol dependence resembles Holmes’ drug habit but the reasons behind them are different Holmes indulges occasionally when he’s bored Lenoir drinks every night to forget the dark event in his past Holmes for all his disdain for regular people is pretty honest upright Lenoir is open to bribery and willing to slack on investigations that he doesn’t consider particularly important With his snarly detached demeanour Lenoir is certainly lacking a sidekick like Watson although he has Sergeant Kody waiting in the wings to fill the position In this volume Lenoir has Zach a wily orphan boy who stands in for all the Baker Street Irregulars to help him with his inuiriesThe setting is Victorian without being set in London This world is obviously not ours and we learn the differences as the story progresses Magic is very much a thing in this reality and has to be taken into account The Adali people are very Romany like and provide an exotic source of tensionThis author will be at the August conference that I’ll be attending I think I’ll have read all of her books by then She has attended before and I enjoyed her perspectives on fiction and writing so I’m looking forward to of the same

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    25To be honest my feelings and opinion on this book are all over the place It starts decent enough The first scene in the book is a man digging up a grave of a nine year old You are thrown into what seems to be an ordinary grave robbing case The two called to investigate are the protagonist Nicolas Lenoir and his Sergeant Kody Their relationship is strained Kody is sick of Lenoir's inaction and outright dismissal of anything that might move the case forward He would have to work you see Lenoir isn't very likeable but a comment here and there shows a keen and able mind I can accept a protagonist who is reluctant to do stuff it's been done well before and it can work I am also patient enough to get to the point where he 'wakes up' However the moment he allows a barman to beat up a starving young man for a month of free food then you know he is going to need to do a lot to make up for itThe grave digging case soon becomes something way sinister Dark magic is involved tooThe reason Lenoir is like that is because of the corruption Poor thing He did something bad in the past and drew the attention of a vengeful spirit who hunts people who offended the dead Lenoir ran to another country far far away from his city and spent the last ten years having nightmares and looking over his shoulder He is full of self loathing It is well deservedNothing seems to move the good inspector to do his job until his young friend a nine year old street urchin goes missing Now that seems to light a fire under Lenoir and a good thing too I would have hated him with passion if he had been indifferent You can't but love the boy Besides the adorable street urchin the story gets a point for not trying to make the majority of people there bad The book was a bit preachy at times when it comes to the nomadic Adali The not all repetitions got a bit annoying Especially when the Adali themselves aren't doing much to improve their image As for the genres Darkwalker is not urban fantasy It takes place in an imaginary world similar to Victorian one Overall the story is a combination of good and bad That Darkwalker is a good idea I hope this wasn't the last time we see him Yes I'm going to read the second book too because Lenoir does 'wake up' and redeems himself

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    Fantasy Review BarnA jaded police investigator in a Victorian setting His star struck young partner disillusioned at finding his hero a shell of the stories told about him Petty crimes proving to be forbearers of something sinister A plucky child in danger proving to be the linchpin needed to solve the mystery Darkwalker is the type of cozy mystery I most enjoy; uick pacing a tight plot and just enough supernatural to keep everything off balanceNicolas Lenoir is the aforementioned grizzled investigator Prepare to dislike him from the start He seems uninterested in cases uick to snipe at his partner and all too ready to get back to town hang out in a cozy social club That he is a man of legend among his own force suggests there is a backstory we are not seeing which of course comes out in due time though when it hits it proves to be one of the few confusing aspects of an otherwise solid story Along with his partner Kody he is looking into a grave robbery in an outlying village Kody is his opposite in every way Young athletic and a dead shot with a crossbow He is also thankfully uite intelligent despite a bit of youthful brashness It is good to see partners on a bit eual footing than the norm Though Lenoir is obviously the alpha and Kody despises the man he has become Kody is still allowed to proceed right past Lenoir’s occasional objectionsA nice genre mix up is involved in Darkwalker There is a mystery that stands as the core of the book Typical piece the clues together and hope we are not too late stuff but well written It comes complete with a bit of ‘a friend is in deep trouble’ which conveniently kicks Lenoir out of his lethargy But this is also very much an urban fantasy; the faux Victorian setting here proving that steampunk is not the only one who can own the conventions of the time The fantasy aspects from the titular Darkwalker an original creation that deserves his own page in the great big book of awesome supernatural creatures The Darkwalker is a legend from an outcast group called the Adali who obviously proves to have a root in fact His tie to Lenoir is a bit hazy but takes some incredible turns that caught this jaded reader by surpriseI really enjoyed the setting of this tale; the creation of the Five Villages and their budding legal system especially Already despite phenomenal success in some cases a jaded feeling is showing As would be expected in a land with a noble class the law is there for certain people and not others Certain people are untouchable at this point but that is something that Lenoir seems unwilling to allow to continue Like a serious version of Pratchett’s city guards Darkwalker runs a sub current beneath all the other things it is working on of course of a police forces still trying to find itself; its limits and its potentialI also was a bit fan of the Adali culture; a nomadic herding culture dealing with persecution with the five cities I especially was a fan of the uniue economy they used and the social implications of it But if I worry about anything it comes from two years of conversing about speculative fiction with others; I know there are some uestions to be asked with the only magic comes from a shamanistic dark skin ‘other’ people I just hope the people of the Five Villages eventually show that they too have magical affinities at some point I also had a few minor points that stayed confused in my eyes dealing with Lenoir’s earlier association with the Darkwalker but they were nothing the broke the flow of the taleSomething cozy but a bit different Urban fantasy in a secondary world What is not to like right?4 Stars

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    I waffled between a 2 12 it's okay and a 3 liked it with reservations with this one but ended up settling on 2 12 after much thought and some rereading The beginning was tedious but later parts of the book were better and even fun though I was never excited about reading it There's potential but I thought the execution could have been much betterFull Review

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    U P D A T E U P D A T E U P D A T E 2014 01 05My full review is now available Therefore I moved my first impression to the end of this box The following text has been posted on my blog Edi's Book Lighthouse and in modified version over at A where I post reviews under the nickname brienneselwyn Full Review My ExpectationsWhat shall I expect as a most entertaining book with a Victorian setting and an antihero after reading following statement E L Tettensor likes her stories the way she likes her chocolate dark exotic and with a hint of bitterness SourceThe DeliveryThe 360 pages are divided into 26 consecutively numbered chapters and an epilogue Narration is in the third person via several different point of views whereupon the most parts are told from Nicolas Lenoir's point of viewI As I mentioned above I saw the cover read the blurb and ordered a copy immediately The paperback arrived a few days later and I had a closer lookNicolas Lenoir that sounds French in my ears The clothing of the man on the cover is in Victorian style I know this because I sewed something similar last year But neither the cover nor the blurb offer any information where and when the story takes place It is charming to see how I have been convinced that Darkwalker takes place in Victorian era This raised my curiosity to a new levelI belong to the kind of readers who can't resist to get information about towns rivers countries dishes drinks and used in a book English is not my first language which is the reason why I need a dictionary from time to timeThat said I sunk into the first chaptersNicolas Lenoir is the broken man as described in the blurb He works in Kennion Together with Brackensvale with around 200 inhabitants a real backwater hamlet Denouth North Haven and Berryvine they are known as the five villages To my surprise none of these villages exist in England So my assumption to get a story set in England has been wrong Several years ago Nicolas Lenoir has been a legendary police inspector in Serles A town in France? No The only Serles I found is an Austrian mountain Nicolas Lenoir likes to eat steak serlois Does that ring a bell? It sounds really similar to serloin steak He has a marked preference for absinthe Bingo Absinthe has been a famous drink in the 19th century The people use horses and carriages for transport They know flintlock and crossbows horsesConclusion E L Tettensor created her very own and uniue world She did it in a way that the reader feels familiar and smoothly peregrine at the same time This is excellent because it intensifies the mesmerising effect of Darkwalker Such a basement which is sophisticated and down to earth at the same time is the nearly consummate stage for an intensive dark and emotional story and striking charactersDarkwalker is not a one man show Based on all information delivered by the cover and the story Nicolas Lenoir and a lot of other people are similar to us In other words they are human beings But there is also another ancient race named Adali If would play in our world it would be gypsy to act as Adali They are a poor race as they are constantly faced with the prejudice to be vagabonds and thieves Little is known about their culture and as we all know missing knowledge lead to distrust and hate And when adjectives like magical and supernatural comes into play it heatens animosity It is a culture clash The Adali are he exotic touch in Darkwalker beside Darkwalker Darkwalker? Yes there is It is up to you to discover Darkwalker in DarkwalkerBefore I add a few words to Nicolas Lenoir it is worth to talk about two three other characters The young boy Zach reminded me of the Artful Dodger a character from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens Mark my words I said reminded and not copy It is a talent to create a uniue character in such a way that you as a reader get the impression that you know something about this character Zach is a trigger for some events and has his own storyI talked about the Adali On of them is Lady Zera She tries to establish a position in human society She is intelligent elouent and witty But she is also afraid that any Adali rumor will have a negative impact on her way into societyNicolas Lenoiris a police inspector He works together with Sergeant Bran Kody The young man is in many ways like an image of the young Nicolas Lenoir when yonder entered the police You may imagine what it means to work together with a broken man whom you constantly remind of the pastNicolas Lenoir who is heavily laden with events of his past which he tries to drown with a lot of green fairy which is another expression for absinthe He does not treat Sergeant Bran Kody well To be honest this is an understatement Nicolas Lenoir is no friend of the police routines he has to follow and he makes no secret of it I know another brilliant detective who used drugs and doubted police methods No I will not name the detective I have in mind If you can't guess then follow THIS LINK I admit that I did not like the inspector in the beginning I even thought I would not like him until the end of the story But that changed Again as she exercised her world building E L Tettensor did a great job with her characters They are sophisticated and down to earth at the same time I have been impressed by the character development especially of Nicolas LenoirNow it is time to speak about the plot At first sight there is a whodunit crime novel blended with dark magic But there is so much There are people who either try to find their place in society or to find their place at the job or to find a home Further there is Nicolas Lenoir with the burden of his past the current events and an unknown future And there is the DarkwalkerIt is a real joy to read how E L Tettensor cope with the cornucopia of themes topics and emotions Believe it or not all the stuff mentioned is interwoven and delivered with a Victorian and slightly gothic touch Not one thing works without another Dialogue inner dialogue action descriptions are wonderfully composed and delivered in a prose which fits perfectlyI do not beat about the bush E L Tettensor pulls no punches The story itself is a dark one People are hurt physically and mentally Nevertheless the use of violence is not exaggeratedFinally you should know that Darkwalker has a real end which let you leave the story satisfied BUT with the urgent need to read about the past and future of Nicolas Lenoir and Darkwalker and the history of the world E L Tettensor has created andThe InevitableI did not like the story I LOVED ITE L Tettensor delivered a strong debut with Darkwalker Plot characters and world are sophisticated and down to earth at the same timeYou want to read a dark crime mystery with Victorian flair an intriguing main character thoroughly world building and an satisfying end which leaves you with the urge for THENDarkwalker is your book of choiceThese are my totally subjective closing wordsI can't wait to read the seuel Do I have to bother the author in order to get a date for the next book? NOE L Tettensor has been so kind to deliver this information in her GOODREADS profile The seuel to Darkwalker is due December 2014 Source E L Tettensor delivered information about the seuel in an interview over at My Bookish Ways The seuel to DARKWALKER tentatively titled MASTER OF PLAGUES comes out in December 2014 I’m really excited about that because it’s a very different kind of mystery than its predecessor Hopefully Lenoir will be making an annual appearance after that First Impression What a debut novel What an excellent start of a seriesA new world with Victorian traces A dark mystery with detective novel elements and paranormal bits A main character who will not be loved by every reader I must admit that after 50 pages I thought I will not like him but there is so much character developmentAs one can read on the author's site she likes her stories the way she likes her chocolate dark exotic and with a hint of bitternessTo be honest that is exactly what you getLooking forward to read books starring Nicolas Lenoir

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    In all honesty what I loved the most about Darkwalker is that this book fell into almost none of the pitfalls that so many books fall into Tettensor has her own uniue vision and she carries it out almost flawlessly She could have done so much that I’m sick of sorry She could have made a uippy protagonist who is jaded by life and waiting in a dusty office somewhere for his next job which will doubtlessly pit him against the empirekingdomwhatever She could have done that so easily but she didn’t She never let Darkwalker turn into the stereotypical She kept it clear from all of that and really let her imagination fly free I can usually smell debut novels a mile away but I honestly didn’t know that it was a debut until I sat down to write this review That’s saying something uite impressive right there If this is any sign I think Tettensor has great things in storeRead my full review here

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