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    After watching a YouTube video I was dying to get a copy in my hands I had really high hopes after hearing great things but after finishing the book felt somewhat unsatisfied In other words my thirst for this book wasn't uite uenched I enjoyed the first part of the book where we follow Laurel' s journey warming slightly to her character The reader then goes on to Arthur's story This was when my avidity began to lessen I found Arthur to be very much a stereotypical teenage boy Although I felt that the author had conveyed his character well through her writing and his inner monologue I found the writing style at times rather exasperating The use of words such as 'probs' and 'maybes' wasto me rather irritating Further the amount of swearing in Arthur's story was in my eyes uite unnecessary However I do think that Caroline Smailes has used the structure of text to her advantage to portray characters in different lights As each character tells their story the variety of ways in which Smailes structures the text makes the read varied and interesting In conclusion I believe this to be a cleverly written book that leaves the reader baffled and perplexed I would recommend it to older teens who like dark weird and very uniue readsI plan to read this again and think that once you have been shocked and mystified by this book once before you will be able to appreciate how well written it actually is Approach with a very open mind

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    Okay so before this review gets complicated its one of those books where you love itbut it is a little bit fucked up You sort of think to yourself am I allowed to like this book because its so messed up? and my answer is yes yes you can because this truly was a spectacular readThere's been so much buzz around this novel that I gave in and downloaded it from the Kindle store mainly because I couldn't wait a few days to order the physical copy because I'm demanding and lazy oops This book carries with it a dark plot and attached with some awfully messed up characters Sadly I don't want to give too much away of this book as its too good to spoilI love the historical context to this book where its basically set in old Victoria bathhouses in the north of England and the back of the book it does tell you a great deal of the superstitions that arose during this time periodYou first meet Laurel who gets a job at The Oracle name of the bathhouse where she works alongside three water healers All three are uniue in a sense that they're messed up people with a great deal of spiritual beliefs What keeps you intrigued with this book up to the very end is what happens to Laurel you're given a taster of who she is and then you're left on a cliffhanger which isn't wrapped up until all the loose ends begin to tie together and you're enlightened The book is set out in third person with each character giving their perspectives as well as starting from the past and ending with the present you begin to wonder why each chapter tells you a name of a person and when they've gone missing the outcome may not be what you're immediately thinking to begin withYou meet Arthur who is troubled teenager bullied in school and with a dysfunctional family He finds comfort in visiting The Oracle as he finds love with the beautiful naked lass Delphina Their love story isn't for me like any other its tragic and yet so wonderful all at once Some of you who have read this book maybe thinking Has she gone mad? This book was so sad Yes it is a sad book but the sadness in a way is happy I'm not entirely sure that makes sense maybe I've gone mad from reading this book? Who knows But it works out to be a sad but happy ending to an extentAll I can say is I can't begin to express how well written this book is and Smailes to me is such a creative writer She kept me glued to this book throughout and despite the heartbreak and corruptness of her characters this book is simply beautiful

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    I`m so confused?I guess if you like one dimensional characters prose switching to script format for no apparent reason and twatting cock I sound so gay being repeated a million times you`d give it five stars?

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    There were parts of this I really liked a strong sense that the teenage participants in this ambitious modern fairy tale were convincing in thought voice and deed Some of the descriptions of love and relationships hostile platonic and were incredibly poignant too Overall though I found it all a bit too weird too much fantasy and too dark a counterbalance of deeply unhappy personal lives My disbelief wasn’t possible to suspend long enough to really enjoy this though it will stay with me some time

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    I’m between three and four stars This was one weird book But I kind of liked it Actually I’m at a total loss I’m going to have to think about it and mambo dogface for the banana patch

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    Review by BethThis is a novel which will take your breath away and stay with you for a very long time I finished it last week and I still keep bringing sections of it back and thinking about what could have beenDespite the title the novel is than just Arthur’s story – it’s put together in layers and flips forwards and backwards in time giving the reader glimpses of the whole picture which is finally drawn both beautifully and tragically together at the endAll is not what it seems as the urban grittiness of reality meshes with the spiritual world of the water healers and the mysterious Delphina who completely takes over Arthur’s world His mind moves from his terrible school his broken father and his absent mother to his impulsive need to spend as much time as is physically possible in the abandoned near derelict bathhouse to be near DelphinaThis novel works because it’s a mash up of possibly the most urban modern landscape you could imagine in Manchester with the ethereal and mythical ualities brought out by the bathhouse the history of the water healers and their tales A further layer comes in the retelling of several classical Greek myths – Castor and Pollux Medea and Jason and Apollo and Daphne All tales were beautiful but I think the retelling of Medea and Jason through Maddie is the most hard hitting and took my breath awaySmailes writes in a way which just connects with me her style just fits with the way my brain works and it’s something which means I believe in the characters deeply and have an emotional involvement which is very rare for me This novel will make you cry take your breath away and I encourage everybody to at least give it a go

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    I was really looking forward to reading this and the story sounded interesting But after reading this I wouldn't recommend this You would think that I might connect even a little bit to the main character and not think everything he says is offensive stupid and obviously written by a writer who thinks teenagers are stereotypes I didn't like the writing You do not use that's when I three times in one paragraph or two times in one sentance and this happened throughout the whole book The plot and setting were maybe a little bit interesting but this is definitely not a book for me

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    This could have been such an eerie climatic modern fairy tale about love and abuse It could have been uoted as genius among those extraordinary that change the archetypes of literature When I close my eyes I see the water oracle hear the trills of magic Maddies voice the splash of Delphina's performing her beautiful pirouettes But sadly such a wasted potentialLet me use the fully allowed language of the author Its utter fucked up twatting bollocks Shocking dark hopeless nerve wracking Wow The drowning of AB gave me some language lesson being a non English reader Was it all neccessary? I guess to a certain extent Is it our future of literature trend to shock leave you angry and disgusted? Or is it a trick to sell better stay in your head for longer? I guess it does those three well enough So kudos to that and also for being well written thought through to keep you turning the pages to discover how ends this absolute fuckupdness Is the whole society these days shifting towards collective guilt to find solace in imaginary suffering or what? My biggest concern is that according to the story the likes of Arthur Laura Maddie have no place in a real world They do not fit so end confined to imagined reality living happily ever after in the other world? Is this what they deserve? So basically if I am being bullied sexually abused depressed or for some other reason do not fit in my only way out is to find myself the other world? And maybe take a rope cut my veins jump off the cliff? Is that what's suggested here? Clearly it isor thats at least what I felt after reading last sentence The in some way happy ending refers too much to something imagined and unreal Arthur's father in the end experienced shaggy happiness so could his son But maybes its the level of happy for an outcast Arthur That is kind of sadI certainly do not suggest happy ending here as this would obviously sound like a farse Perhaps realistic finish of this whole bitterness would at least give a glimse of hope Unless what constitutes happiness is subjective meaning to everyone I am aware this is not a reading for everyone The title itself gives enough clues to stay clear for some But still what BA actually want to say? Portray abuse mental issues guilty getting away with their crimes? All those characters imposing evil except for Tommy Clarke and his merry bunch are actually adults The three water healers to me represent passiveness to something that could have been prevented To me the kind serial killer Silver is the worse out of them allHis explanatations and sorry for being gutless buffling words Run for your life simply do not reveal enough for those poor souls to change the course of their sad fate Yes I know he says whats written within our future cannot pass us by? Does it really? Or is it simply a way to show the crime of responsible adults and those who turn blind eye to the wrongdoings of others I guees and hope thats the intention of the author Are Laura and Arthur really a landmark of todays teenagers? Many would disagree with the author's vision But perhaps it is indeed an averaged picture of a young adult these days obsessed with facebook and almost nothing else All Arthur is thinking about when looking at beautiful lass Delphina is his boner touching her tits etc Well I get it thats his hormones playing like a harp on his manhood Is that all there is in him? Kinda disappointing The seriousness of some characters' stories is a bit flat to me The author allows enough pages for Delphina or even uite shallow Arthur to dwell on certain things but leaves a couple of paragraphs to describe the crimes and whys of others All these abuse stories sound a bit like taken from a tatty magazine cleverly smuggled within the mistery and poetry of the book In my opinion the overall message of the drowning of BA is not clear enough especially for a young adult It left me absolutely heartbroken There is plenty of distressing stories in literature regarded as good They eually shockingly describe evil of human being eg A thousand of splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini that leaves a spark of hope at the end of portrayed fuckupdness Or if not hopeful at least genius of literature Lord of the Flies by William Golding an absolute must to read for everyonePS I have a little suggestion here If the focus of the book was just ONE of those employed disturbing stories if it was skilfully and subtly entwined within the beauty of such an original setting the Drowning of Arhtur Braxton could have been much better

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    The Oracle is an old bathhouse in a northern seaside town believed by the locals to have magical properties Three 'water healers' work there and the book opens with the narrative of a teenage girl named Laurel who has been employed there as an assistant cum receptionist Some years later a boy called Arthur Braxton breaks into the building now dilapidated while attempting to escape from a group of classmates who are bullying him and meets a beautiful girl who is swimming in one of the pools Arthur is the butt of his so called friends' jokes has no money and struggles to look after his mentally ill father but when he meets Delphina his life is transformed despite the odd circumstances of her life and her strange group of friends The Oracle is in danger of demolition and Arthur finally finds himself with a purpose to save the building and make Delphina happy However mystical forces surround the place and while they may protect Arthur from those who seek to harm him they will also make his mission difficultFrom my holiday notebook Odd story but creative storytelling Billed as an 'urban fairytale' which is accurate but was perhaps a little too 'urban' for me Told mainly in dialect which I don't mind but it seemed a bit inconsistent at times and the constant swearing and Arthur going on about his bloody hard on all the time got on my nerves Also the narrative voices weren't different enough from each other although I did like the different narrative techniues the author used The main problem was that I couldn't believe whatsoever that Arthur's feelings for Delphina could ever have been love They were both so young and his dominant feeling towards her was obviously lust based almost wholly on her looks I did wonder if this was what you were meant to think but coupled with the complete failure of literally every other relationship in the book it's giving a very bleak message if so Overall I enjoyed this but was expecting a lot as I've seen uite a few five star reviews Additional notes I can't say I disliked this story but I had uite a few reservations about it I was particularly troubled by the depiction of sex sexuality and relationships I felt like there were uite a few disturbing situations Martin's abuse of Laurel the fact that Arthur's motives towards Delphina were so blatantly sexual the odd and sudden thing with Arthur's dad and 'Stella' yet these weren't really resolved as part of the story's conclusion so I had no idea what if any message the book was trying to convey I also couldn't remember how it ended without going back and checking which might be because I've read so much within the past week but also seems a decent indication that I didn't enjoy it all that much Crucially I didn't like Arthur and I felt sure Delphina deserved better so I wasn't exactly invested in their relationship I did like the surreal details of the plot the Oracle itself and the characters who lived there especially Kester and Pollock but I'm afraid I have to disagree with what seems to be popular opinion for me this was no than average

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    In the introduction written by a youtuber I do not watch he says that Your life's about to be changed forever READ THIS BOOK Naturally I had high hopes for this book and was ready to be proper blown awayThat didn't happen This story was not at all what I expected which is not inherently bad but overall this book just proper disappointed me I did like the first chapter of the story which focused on Laurel view spoileralthough that did change uite uickly when Martin kept harassing her hide spoiler

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The Drowning of Arthur Braxton [PDF / EPUB] The Drowning of Arthur Braxton An urban fairy tale from the acclaimed author of 99 Reasons WhyArthur Braxton runs away from schoolHe hides out in an abandoned building an old Edwardian bathhouseHe discovers a naked woman swimming i An urban fairy of Arthur Epub Ú tale from the acclaimed author of Reasons WhyArthur Braxton runs away from schoolHe hides out in an abandoned building an old Edwardian bathhouseHe discovers a naked woman swimming in the poolFrom this point on nothing will ever be the same The Drowning of Arthur Braxton is an unflinching account of the pain and trauma of adolescence and of how first love can transform The Drowning PDF \ the most unhappy of lives into something miraculous It is a dark and brooding modern fairy tale from one of our most gifted writers.

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