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Heretic [PDF / EPUB] Heretic Synopsis Born in poverty discrimination and fear the fires that forged Luther throughout his young life were none too kind Now a man hardened and angered by the trials he’s faced his many years serv Synopsis Born in poverty discrimination and fear the fires that forged Luther throughout his young life were none too kind Now a man hardened and angered by the trials he’s faced his many years serving active combat in the navy of his proud nation and finally the loss of a lover and comrade in arms Luther faces imprisonment and a possible death sentence for the crime of heresy The charge loving another man Now the desperation of a noble family and the grave situation of one young woman may be his salvation But to embrace it and pursue a future he has only ever dreamed of Luther must learn to become a part of their world a world of intrigue dark secrets courtesans religious zealotry and assassination Luther is a man accustomed to fighting his way through life But sometimes with love and family on the line a battle waged by the sword can have terrible repercussions And the secret which threatened to destroy Luther his entire life could land all of those he loves in shackles beside him years before the events of ‘Red Lantern’ Luther Denholme’s story begins Written and illustrated by Rukis.

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    Probably like a 45 but I didn't feel like it should be marked as low as a 4Having not read Red Lantern before this wasn't so much a preuel for me as I knew nothing about any of these characters And yet I wasn't ever truly confused about anything so it stands as a good starting point for new readers to the seriesI think at times the narrative can be a bit jumpy and the passing of time isn't always made clear hence the deduction of the half star And while it was all in 1st person there was one unusual section that was told third person only a few paragraphs long That was an unusual addition that only seemed to be there for a single piece of witty dialogue

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    Five stars plus What a fantastic bookI think this must be the best furry book that I have ever readSOME SPOILERS AheadHeretic is a fantastic gay furry swashbuckling adventure and a must for fans of the authorillustrator Rukis and for those following the graphic novel Red Lantern seriesThis book which also has illustrations is set nine years before the events in Red Lantern The Crimson DivineIn this story we meet the main character Luther on the deck of a ship as he cradles his dying lover Admiral Klaus Richter in his arms With his dying breath and surrounded by other crew members Klaus confesses his love for Luther but in doing so he condemns Luther to jail and suffering Their same sex relationship is forbidden in their country Amuresca but Klaus in the throes of death has inadvertently outed Luther in front of all the crew membersAnd so begins the story Luther is then cast into prison and tortured as a means of punishment for his homosexuality and as a way of ensuring that he keeps uiet and doesn't sully the Admiral's reputation Amuresca is a country in which class society and religion hold sway 'Polite society' and religious dogma are used to ensure the privileged classes remain privileged and that everyone knows both their place and what is accepted of them It is a society that is riven by hypocrisy gender discrimination and stilted societal s To transgress this way of being is to be branded a hereticLuther is pretty much seen as being a heretic because not only does he desire men he is also from the lowest class in society cattle dogs But Luther is courageous and able to view his place in society with a critical eye His job in the navy provides him with the freedom of the open seas and freedom from a repressive society and he revels in this and in the love of Admiral Klaus until Klaus is killed aboard their ship by raidersLuther bears the torture and pain of jail and the loss of Klaus until one day surprising reprieve comes in the form of an offer from a pedigree family If Luther marries the pregnant daughter of Admiral Lucius Denholme then not only will he gain his freedom he will also eventually inherit the Admiral's fleetThe Admiral's daughter Delilah is pregnant due to rape and she has no choice but to marry the father the nobleman who raped her or face life as an outcast from society If she marries someone else then both her and her pups are saved Luther is that someone who has nothing to lose and everything to gain by this marriage Luther agrees to this because by marrying her he saves himself and neither he nor Delilah are looking for intimacy or love and romance Having said this Luther is a radical and impetuous in the way he refuses to be cowed by society or church he believes in justice and so challenges the rapist to a duelAs time passes Luther finds another kind of love and acceptance through his arrangement with Delilah even though his relationship with his wife is platonic and non sexual Luther realises for the first time in his life that he has a family a wife a father in law and children He manages to embrace this situation even so when his father in law arranges for a male courtesan to join the household This courtesan Mikhael helps Luther cope with his desire for sexual intimacy all with the approval of Delilah and the silence of the household This is one of the hypocrisy's of Amurescan society The pedigree families can flaunt the societal norms of the day as long as it is done so in private and without the knowledge of the church And so life continues but everything is put in jeopardy when the church somehow gets wind of Luther's past Luther then finds that he must strive to protect his newly formed family from others who would threaten them and ruin the future of his adopted childrenThe story is brilliant in the way it depicts a canine society bound by norms and values similar to the Regency period Luther is a brilliant character; intelligent charismatic fearless and determined he refuses to be cowed by societal norms and lives for the sea and his family but he is uite prepared to give up everything to protect them He also recognises his own vulnerability in the attraction he has for Mikhael Luther is also impulsive and uite snarky and always has a retort when others try to suppress him He embraces the opportunity of pedigree life whilst seeing the truth in the hypocrisy of Amurescan society life All of this makes the story engaging and draws the reader into the adventureThe writing is excellent and makes the story vivid and the fact that this is anthropomorphic furry fiction adds to this Although the characters are very human the descriptions and mannerisms of the characters are clearly those of animals giving the story a kind of fantasy and historical feel Having said this I was puzzled about the horses and why they didn't speak All the other animals dogs wolves mice rats foxes badgers all spoke and behaved in human ways but not the horses who remained as animals Maybe this is because they were the mode of transport but in any case it is still an excellent portrayal of a repressive and class ridden societyI thoroughly enjoyed this story and I really liked Luther The story provides the back story to the events in the graphic novel series which can be followed on line and it was all the enriching for me because I have read those The story has a great way of providing tense moments without spilling over into angst but this doesn't reduce the complexities that Luther has to grapple withRukis the author is not only a talented artist she is also a talented writer I enjoyed the world building and the way the reader is drawn into a society which stifles its inhabitants giving privilege to the elite and powerful few Of course this is a kind of parody of some societies today where women are seen as second class citizens and gay people are criminalised I read this story with delight and relief Delight at a wonderful story full of courage and adventure relief that I have never had to live in a society riven by class or caste I also think this is a great book for people who haven't yet tried anthropomorphic fiction furry fiction The book can be ordered through Furplanet Production and the graphic novel Red Lantern can be ordered at US or read on line Red Lantern Book 1 Crimson Divine Rukis

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    Heretic was a novel that grew to be so much than I could ever have expected from it It follows the story of Luther who finds himself in an arranged marriage with a woman in a much higher ranking than him Despite the way he is at the beginning of the story bitter angry hurt it was a delight to see him grow and learn to love again Luther’s relationship with Delilah was one of my favorite aspects of the story as it just became and wholesome as the book went on I really liked Luther as a character and it was interesting to get a better picture of Amurescan society in the Red Lantern universe I look forward to seeing of this character in the graphic novel Red Lantern

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    The best book I've ever read? YESSo I ordered this book during the end of February and it shipped to my house for the beginning of the March Break Needless to say I was finished it after 3 days The storyline is amazing and the character development and dialogue is some of the best I've ever readI also love how the book dives deep into our modern society about Gaysame sex relationships It really does its job in putting you in a position where you are agreeing and rooting for the main character Seriously Luther is amazing and he has such a great sense of conviction and he knows who he is The themes in the story are so well delivered that alone makes it worth reading again and again Most likely the best book I've ever experienced and I've already got my friends hooked into this wonderful community

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    This is a very powerful story uniue among anthropomorphic stories Luther is hardly a role model but he's uniuely authentic deeply passionate and capable of great self sacrifice; he has to navigate a world of affluent arrogant pure breeds as an only chance to escape the lethal persecutions of a deeply homophobic society On top of that he is to have a wife a lovely brilliant victimized woman who is as chained to a fate dictated by a hypocritical merciless society as he is Together they may be able to escape some of these unfair burdens and shed light on the injustices that pervade every level of society Scheming madness revenge justice this book is thematically very powerful

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    Interesting entertaining and relatable I picked up this story expecting only something mildly amusing and ended up devouring it on my free time The characters are fun and complicated the conseuences of their actions haunt them but that only mades them real I also loved the world the story was set in with all its complications and similarities to our world It is certainly a nice book to read that is not too heavy or that reuires a lot of background to understand

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    My first introduction to Rukis' fantastic Red Lantern world and after reading I immediately looked for Fleshed out characters with great arcs together with the eually great artwork will draw you into this story

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    Its a really AMAZING book

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    AMAZING AMAZING AMAZINGThis book deserves all the praise it has and Everything was so much fun The characters were real and the plot and story intertwined masterfully

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    Brief updated review re read August 2019 Keeping the rating at 4 stars because it's not uite 5 but re reading this novel was a delight Perhaps I was overly critical before but the character development in this book as well as its interesting world really shines through any minor gripes I may have about the writing style Rukis's Heretic is a solid full length furry novel It's hard at least for me to keep myself from comparing it to Kyell Gold's Volle series mostly because of the similar setting and main conflict that both novels share Heretic suffers in this comparison I don't think that Rukis's writing is uite up to par with Kyell's and the story just frankly did not uite grab at me the same way Kyell's writing almost always does The awkward consistent use of all caps in dialogue to signify yellingshouting in this book also breaks up the flow of reading the novel itself Another issue I had was with the disjointed skipping of particular scenes especially the explicit ones with minimal warning to the reader Oftentimes I found myself having to go back a paragraph or two in these instances to make sure I hadn't missed anything since I was confused where the scene had goneThe plot structure is also rather dark and violent overall which I was not a fan of personally In particular I was not a fan of how most of the plot lines resolved at the end of the book I am much of a happily ever after sort of person; another reason why I prefer Kyell's booksNevertheless I do think this book conveys some important messages and I always enjoyed the parts where the reader is able to see the turmoil inside Luther the protagonist's mind Although I think world building and conflict development in the book are not particularly strong Rukis does excel at character development in this book A solid if unexceptional furry novel without major faults deserves four stars in my book I will be reading of Rukis's later works Heretic was one of her earlier novels and will be looking for improvement

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