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  • 424 pages
  • The Man Who Killed Kennedy
  • Roger Stone
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  • 14 March 2015
  • 9781626363137

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    Wow what a book I knew he was a nut and I knew there was than one gunman but wow I don't doubt it at all I read somewhere that Kennedy said it he gets killed Johnson did it Well this book backs that up This tell just how crazy Johnson was Scary crazyHe was a very nasty man a cruel and vile person that ordered hits on people like some of us order pizza Tried to start a war by bombing one of our own ships so he would have a reasonDoes that sound familiar? Think 911I may not agree with this author's political views supporting Trump but this was a good book

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    The Man Who Killed Kennedy The Case Against LBJ is a Skyhorse publication The author is Roger Stone with contributor Mike Colapletro The tentative release date is November 4 2013 This book is 424 pages in length You can pre order the book in the kindle storeI have followed the investigation into the Kennedy assassination for years I have read many books with many theories some of which are way out in left field and completely implausible while others no doubt very close to the truth I have watched many films and documentaries as well as re enactments of the shooting as wellFor me this book didn't really reveal that much new information There were a few things I had not heard before but for the most part most of this information is common knowledge for anyone familiar with the caseI have always believed Johnson was involved in some way or at least knew in advance that something was upThis book lays out the argument that big oil businesses and places like General Dynamics Brown and Root and others stood to gain by the war in Vietnam or helped with financial contributions as well as padding their own pocketbooks Johnson was also about to get the boot from Kennedy Of course lets not forget the CIA There is really no doubt about their involvement in my opinion Other theories about the mob and Cuba could be argued as well but none of these theories would hold up in a court of law Things are just way too murky The most troubling thing beyond the assassination was all the untimely deaths that occurred later This is far frightening than anything you could read in a Stephen King novel Those facts can not be disputed There were just so many strange things that happened in November of 1963 It would be impossible I think to ever really know what happened and who all was involved and how much they knew Still though this is an interesting read The author outlined the book well sticking to the plausible events For those unfamiliar with Johnson and his administration his behavior immediately following the assassination is appalling His insensitivity toward Jackie and Bobby Kennedy and toward a nation in shock and mourning is incredible Overall I would grade this book a C

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    So I'm typing this with one hand and making my tinfoil hat with the other because YOU GUYS This is the craziest thing I've ever read Honestly the first half is what absolutely left me with my jaw to the floor The author pretty much just made a case for what a crooked guy LBJ was how many people hated RFK and how the mob and FRANK SINATRA tied into all of this I cannot even tell you how beyond shocked I was And I just read a book about lbj that talked about how he named his penis Jumbo flashed it at the merest hint of provocation and made men in his staff measure their penises to make sure he was the biggest So my distaste for the dude was pretty high before The thing is we'll never know 100% about Kennedy's death We just won't This guy makes a strong case that LBJ was behind it and it does make senseMostly he proves that LBJ had the means and the motive but it wouldn't stand up in court I don't think But even if he didn't? In the off chance that the Warren Commission got It right? Well fine But even then the whole first half of the book is straight up documented incidents that involved LBJ and his crew killing people without batting an eye It's about mob bosses and old money and famous people and literally every president from JFK to George Bush Sr It is WILD edit Nope I forgot that Jimmy Carter was a person He wasn't included here I'm obviously a little president obsessed but even if you're not this is a great read that will absolutely knock your socks off

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    I was in kindergarten when Kennedy was shot To say that the Kennedys were popular was an understatement The two most popular Halloween costumes at the class party that year less than a month before JFK was shot had been John and Bobby plastic masks My first inkling that something big had happened was when I got in the car and the mom who was driving carpool that day said nothing but only sobbed the drive homeI heard Roger Stone do a radio interview on his book and realized I had read little to nothing on the assassination of John F Kennedy I didn't go see the Oliver Stone film I found it strange that I've read books on the Viet Nam War and Watergate the other two defining political events in my growing up years but I had never taken the time to accept or reject the Warren Commission It's interesting that in the back of my mind I've sort of known there are two self contradictory popular beliefs that guide popular perception on the Kennedy assassination1 the Warren Report is seriously flawed2 anyone that presents an alternative view of the Warren Report is a kookSo who does Roger Stone longtime political strategist for Richard Nixon Ronald Reagan George H Bush and George W Bush say killed JFK? Since he has a picture of President Lyndon Baines Johnson on the cover and subtitles the book The Case Against LBJ I'm not giving a spoiler to tell you where this book is going Note Stone is eually hard on Republicans as Democrats; he is an eual opportunity sledgehammerHis attack on the Warren Report from his rejection of the magic bullet the conclusion that the same bullet went completely through Kennedy's body and then hit Texas Governor John Connelly breaking his leg to the 50 witnesses present that said there was gunfire from the grassy knoll and whose testimony was deemed unreliable was all fascinatingBut what makes the book sizzle is his depiction of Johnson as a psychopath who had at least eight men murdered to protect and promote his political career The Box 13 incident that got him elected to the Senate in 1946 is just as surreal as the alleged murders in his wake Stone sets out to show how the parties that would most benefit from Kennedy's death worked together including the Mob J Edgar Hoover a few renegades in the CIA tied to the Bay of Pigs and several failed assassination attempts on Fidel Castro certain Texas oilmen and first and foremost the man who stood the most to gain and who could organize the plot and then perform the most important function to hold it all together controlling the evidence namely Lyndon Baines JohnsonHow was the book? If you can get past the typos of a self published bestselling outlier Stone's writing was fine and propelled you through the pages It was as or titillating than many a political suspense thrillerDid Stone make the case against LBJ? Like any argument based on an historical event; you have to present and hope the readers listeners believe a boatload of circumstantial evidence assembled cogently and wrapped up neatly with a bow on top Did I believe him? I think I can confidently say this Even if all Stone's assumptions and dot connecting aren't correct he made an overwhelming case that the Warren Commission and its report was a sham that was designed to protect powerful participants in a plot that could not be subsumed within a lone gunman theoryIs this the best book to read if you haven't read anything else about the Kennedy Assassination? Go back to the two popular beliefs the Warren Report was flawed and conspiracy theorists are kooks An author like Bill O'Reilly tries to make the case that both of those beliefs are still absolutely true and that he has written a groundbreaking book And after reading Stone I'm finding Killing Kennedy decidedly unsatisfactory So why not Stone? You'll learn about the political winds of the day the dominant views and an alternative view that was there from the moment JFK was shot If it doesn't go down right there are a myriad of traditional primers

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    This cut and paste piece would better be called the Man who assassinated LBJ's character it follows the familiar format of the tabloids cascading unsupported innuendo and rumor onto falsehood and possibility leaving you with a vague feeling of distaste and suspicion while it is possible that there was a conspiracy it is not explained here indeed it is not a clear what kind of conspiracy we are talking about the killing of a president or the promotion of a senator's rise to power Those who have walked the hall of power will not be surprised that others in the hall did not get there by accident and left bodies along the way sometimes figuratively sometimes literally but specific allegations reuire some degree of reliable proof and hearsay statements do not pass the test So you come away with a deepened distaste for the leaders of the past half century and their hangers on but not much else Spend your money elsewhere

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    My mom said that LBJ had Kennedy killed Oliver Stone first suggested the CIA to me I have always thought that Jack Ruby's mob style hit suggested mafia culprits What Roger Stones does is weave all of these suspects and the FBI into a large overall conspiracy with LBJ as the puppet master My first thought was blarney but I had stumbled upon the page and was surprised to see it registered 45 stars out of 5 with than 350 reviews I figured something with that much support must be worth a look although I had no intention of finishing it I'm here to tell you that it's hard not to finish whether or not you believe the premise Stone shares so many compelling tales that suggest LBJ was an absolute scoundrel with no redeeming ualities that you can't wait to see what the bum does next Kennedy and Nixon may have had their faults but they were or less decent guys as politicians go but LBJ is taking a napalm bath in hell I can't imagine how Doris Kearns Goodwin had enough anecdotes to spin Uncle Cornpone into a hero of the 1960s but I am drawn to read her take out of curiosity nowIt’s also entertaining when Roger Stone takes down LBJ biographer Robert Caro for ignoring shady people in LBJ's life He even relates a story where he once uestioned Caro after a talk and how Caro was startled by the uestion He also knocks Bill O'Reilly for describing what a lout LBJ was without ever putting the pieces together to suggest he had the biggest motive of all But I am getting ahead of myself The story is told mostly in chronological fashion with the author laying out all the shenanigans LBJ engaged in to reach the Vice Presidency well documented by others how he hated the job once he had it understood by all and how Bobby Kennedy was using his position as Attorney General to bring charges against LBJ acolytes and eventually the big man himself Not sure I have means to hunt down the source material covered in the footnotes for this one Along the way Stone teaches us the workings of the CIA FBI and the MAFIA and how they all had incentives to do away with Kennedy This is where I have my doubts Could that many organizations really coordinate this kind of killing and cover their tracks? Enter the Warren Commission full of the kind of people who understand not to ask tough uestions or go down roads that contradict the lone assassin theory Are they covering up because they want to uell any fears Americans have in general or are they covering for one of their own? I am impressed with Stone's case and I would give him credit if the conspiracy stopped there but conspiracy theories have inertia once they start rolling He links this plot to the killing of Bobby Kennedy in 1968 because he hinted on the campaign trail that he would open the JFK investigation if elected and the Martin Luther King assassination by extension of his Kennedy connections He then calls Watergate a setup by the same people to get rid of Nixon because he had been reuesting FBI files on the JFK case and posed similar danger I’m not saying it’s not possible but it’s an awful lot to digest if you are skeptical of wide conspiracies as the explanation of traumatic events I wish Stone would have put forward the possibilities without the insistence of their veracity For me to fully commit to this theory I need to see the proof that RFK was hunting LBJ at the Justice Department Is that among all the sealed papers we’re not allowed to see 50 years later? The cold war is over That those records are still hidden suggests there is to the story than Ear Warren told us This book strengthened my belief that it was a mob hit as retribution for Joe Kennedy’s broken promises I’m not sold on the CIA or the Johnson involvement yet but there is documented truth here not fully considered elsewhere circumstantial evidence and interesting speculation In short there is plenty of meat to make a meal

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    In 1963 I was a young wife with two preschool children The JFK assassination was an indelible shock to me I've read a great many books both on the conspiracy side and the lone assassin side Posner Bugliosi O'Reilly This one answered virtually all my uestions and filled in all the details I was already of the strong opinion that LBJ was behind the JFK assassination; this book added so much evidence that it removed all doubt from my mind Stone is a political insider who knew Nixon and Reagan well as well as a number of other highly placed government figures He took the advice he was given to wait 50 years to publish what he knew and of course the intervening years provided a lot of confessions deathbed or otherwise and other new evidence Because this is such an important book it's a shame that it's so poorly writtenedited with freuent missing or misused words phrases and punctuation I hope it will be reworked in later editions

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    The author discusses LBJ's role in the Kennedy assassination including his associates who were involved and his influence with the Dallas police mob figures and CIA Very well written and detailed Many things I had not known I came away from this read believing totally that LBJ was behind the killing This is the best book yet on the assassination

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    Mr Roger Stone writes a compelling case for LBJ being the mastermind behind the JFK murder His neighbor J Edgar Hoover covered up the crime The CIA Mafia orchestrated the crime with a little help from accomplice Secret Service agents assigned to protect JFK LBJs personal assassin Malcolm Wallace was on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository building How do we know this? Wallace's fingerprint was the only one found in the sniper's lair Obviously there was than one shooter Roger Stones work should be reuired reading for all Americans

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    12417 199 for Kindle

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The Man Who Killed Kennedy[PDF / EPUB] The Man Who Killed Kennedy Lyndon Baines Johnson was a man of great ambition and enormous greed both of which in 1963 would threaten to destroy him In the end President Johnson would use power from his personal connections in T Lyndon Baines Johnson Who Killed ePUB ↠ was a man of great ambition and enormous greed both of which in would threaten to destroy him In the end President Johnson would use power from his personal connections in Texas and from the underworld and from the government to escape an untimely end in politics and to seize even greater power President Johnson the thirty sixth president of the United States was the driving force behind a conspiracy to murder President John F Kennedy on November In The Man Who Killed Kennedy you will find out how and why he The Man MOBI :ß did itPolitical consultant strategist and Libertarian Roger Stone has gathered documents and used his firsthand knowledge to construct the ultimate tome to prove that LBJ was not only involved in JFK’s assassination but was in fact the mastermindWith being the fiftieth anniversary of JFK’s assassination this is the perfect time for The Man Who Killed Kennedy to be available to readers The research and information in this book is unprecedented and as Roger Stone lived through it he’s the perfect person to bring it to everyone’s attention.

About the Author: Roger Stone

Roger Stone is Who Killed ePUB ↠ the author of the New York Times bestseller The Man Who Killed Kennedy The Case Against LBJ He is a legendary political operative who served as a senior campaign aide to Richard Nixon Ronald Reagan and Senator Bob Dole Stone would parlay being the youngest staff member of the Committee to Re Elect the President in into being a conduit of secret memos from Ex President Nixo.