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The Shapes of Midnight [PDF / EPUB] The Shapes of Midnight Stay back The shadow places shelter secrets that are best left undisturbed Hear me Or don't For there are those obsessed with uncovering the witcheries that fester in man's foul heart There are those Stay back The shadow places shelter secrets that are best left undisturbed Hear me Or don't For there are those obsessed with uncovering the witcheries that fester in man's foul heart There are those who would invoke the awful powers that yet remain in Earth's cursed places Joseph Payne Brenna is such a one This is his book Dare you make it yours back cover copyIntroduction by Stephen KingContentsDiary of a Werewolf The Corpse of Charlie Rull Canavan’s Back Yard The Pavilion House of Memory The The Shapes MOBI :ß Willow Platform Who Was HeDisappearanceThe Horror at Chilton CastleThe Impulse to KillThe House on Hazel StreetSlime.

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • The Shapes of Midnight
  • Joseph Payne Brennan
  • English
  • 28 February 2014
  • 9780425045671

About the Author: Joseph Payne Brennan

Noel Anne Brennan who has published several fantasy novels.

10 thoughts on “The Shapes of Midnight

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    This was a short but fun anthology featuring stories of madness sorrowful memories and murderMy favorites were Diary of a Werewolf in which a recovering drug addict begins to feel a strong compulsion to run wild in the woods and Pavilion in which a murderer returns to the scene of his crime The rest were just ok reads for me though others may enjoy them than I did If you are into short horror stories give this one a readI received a complimentary copy for review

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    Stephen King introduction Stephen King recommended book Noted as important to the genre we have been discussing from Danse MacabreKing said Slime is a wonderful novella It is included in this compilation 102212 It is a darned shame that this anthology is out of print Except for one story I thought that all the stories were remarkably well written and imaginative I had to pay an arm and a leg for a used copy of this from The Stephen King introduction is a hoot especially since it was written in 1979 when King was still coming up in the world If you can get your hands on a copy of this book it is well worth the read

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    Is that a rendition of Uncle Stevie on the cover? Another Short Story collection with an introduction and praises by Stephen King I did enjoy it although I found some Horror able than others

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    This collection of short horror stories by Joseph Payne Brennan would have had a lot historical significance if it had included all of the book’s original stories Instead the publisher opted to remove two of them thereby making it an incomplete set Aside from that Brennan’s work provides an interesting time capsule of the horror writing style of the late ‘70searly ‘80s Stephen King once raved about this book which actually seems really odd now since Brennan continuously broke King’s rules for writing For instance in one sentence Brennan somehow managed to cram three adverbs passive voice and showing instead of telling These ualities combined with a bit of casual racism and the general vibe of telling scary stories around a campfire really dates the book It was an interesting read as a horror time capsule but it lacks the compelling literary nature of the genre’s classics It also falls short in the gore department meaning it doesn’t uite connect with either of the two main types of horror readers Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing a copy of this book This review contains my honest unbiased opinion

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    Diary of a Werewolf ⭐⭐⭐ 12The Corpse of Charlie Rull ⭐⭐⭐⭐The Pavillion ⭐⭐ 12House of Memory ⭐⭐The Willow Platform ⭐⭐⭐ 12Who Was He? ⭐⭐Disappearance ⭐⭐⭐The Horror at Chilton Castle ⭐⭐⭐ 12The Impulse to Kill ⭐⭐⭐The House on Hazel Street ⭐⭐⭐Decent little short horror story collection The Corpse of Charlie Rull was definitely my favorite It takes a lot to shock me and that did it Honorable mention for The Willow Platform a story about someone messing with forces beyond their control

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    Very uick read of very fun stories This author heavily influenced Stephen King's short stories

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    I received an ARC of this book thanks to Net Galley and publisher Dover Publications in exchange for an honest reviewHorror anthologies can be so hit or miss for me I tend to avoid collections published by one author unless I know their work because I have specific tastes for horror and I dislike the ambiguous short stories the genre often results in I made an exception for The Shapes of Midnight and I am so glad I didThis is a VERY short collection 100 pages of horror stories which are mostly basic in concept but are executed really well The first two were my least favourite and the most straightforward of the bunch but it was all uphill from there If you could plot my ratings of these on a graph it would almost be a perfect bell curve because I felt the middle stories were definitely the strongest My Kindle ARC was sadly missing two stories Canavan’s Back Yard and Slime which might also be why it felt so short to meNo of stories 10 12 in actual collectionDiary of a Werewolf What it says on the tin This was definitely one the weaker ones It wasn't bad but it was very straightforward and there were no surprises or depth to itThe Corpse of Charlie Rull A man dies in a radioactive river and comes back to life Slightly better than the one above because I couldn't tell where it was going and it was less of a standard plot I also loved the way this opened it had a fantastic style to itThe Pavilion A very creepy story about a man who murders his friend and returns to check if the body has been dislodged by the sea This grabbed my attention and kept me excited to see what was going to happen nextHouse of Memory A different type of horror story to most and a refreshing addition to the collection A woman is forced out of her childhood home and refuses to accept it has been demolished much to the confusion of her family Another very decent and enjoyable oneThe Willow Platform A man in a small town finds an evil demon book The writing style of this was very entertaining but I wasn't a fan of the story topic itself which is probably just personal preferenceWho Was He? A man in hospital keeps getting visits from a hospital barber This was hands down my favourite of the whole bunch I read it late at night and was genuinely very scared by itDisappearance Another very strong story about a man whose brother has gone missing and the narrator suspects he killed him The 'twist' of this was very easy to guess but it was still entertaining and possibly my second favouriteThe Horror at Chilton Castle A man lives near a castle which has a secret sealed room the contents of which are only shown to the heirs of Earls This started off strong but the actual contents of the room turned it into not my type of horror story It was still one of the best and definitely had some good horror momentsThe Impulse to Kill A man who has the urge to kill devises a way to do so without being arrested for it This is a neat enough idea for a story and it was well written but it suffers from being very linear and not having a lot beyond the basic conceptThe House on Hazel Street Upon entering a house a man realises he has no memory of why he is there The occupant of the house has a specific reuest of him This story has one of the uniue concepts in the anthology and it was good but not one of my absolute favouritesI debated between 35 and 4 stars for a while but I felt 4 stars was right since I enjoyed almost every story in here and the writing style was consistently strong throughout At points Brennan has almost a Lemony Snicket esue narration style and this was very enjoyable when it cropped up This collection is very short in the form I received but that was minus two stories so I decided to not lower the rating due to that Overall this was a wonderful horror anthology and I would definitely want to read by this authorOverall Rating 45 stars

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    The Shapes of Midnight is a horror collection by Joseph Payne Brennan originally released in 1980 to be re released this year by Dover Publications The Dover version collects ten of his best tales which range from explorations of madness Diary of a Werewolf The Impulse to Kill to the shifting nature of time House of Memory The House on Hazel StreetEasily readable in a single sitting this collection is sufficiently disturbing albeit leaning a bit towards prose and structure somewhat geared to the younger horror reader The influences are right up front as well for horror fans the Lovecraftian nature of The Willow Platform and The Horror at Chilton Castle Poe style unreliable narrators in Diary of a Werewolf and The Impulse to Kill even an appearance of an Algernon Blackwood esue Wendigo Regardless this is a fun way to spend a couple of hours and get a uick fix of horror As a postscript it would appear the reprint leaves out two stories from the original collection Slime and Canavan's Back Yard which are included in Dover's reprint of Nine Horrors and a DreamI was given a copy of this book by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review My thanks to Dover Publications

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    Dover has reprinted 1980's The Shapes of Midnight minus two stories1 Diary of a Werewolf A recovering New York heroin addict moves to Juniper Hill on the advice of his doctor for a little rest and relaxtion After moving into Hemlock House he begins to keep a diary of his experiences in town He feels a strong disdain for the locals but feels strangely drawn to the old woods near his new dwelling and begins to feel the compulsion to run around on all fours and to kill Soon he becomes convinced he is a werewolf and begins to prey on the inhabitants of Juniper Hill all while trying to learn about his condition real or imagined and stay one step ahead of county lawman Sheriff Macelin and his men2 The Corpse of Charlie Rull Homeless man Charlie Rull suffers a fatal heart attack and falls into a swampy pond Ordinarily that would've been the end of his story But fate in the form of an accident at a nearby laboratory had other ideas Drop by drop radioactive liuids from the lab seep into the groundwater and contaminate the pond where Charlie's dead body floats The radioactive chemicals infuse every cell in his body and bring him back to life In unimaginable pain from the energy surging through him and filled with a burning hatred for all life the newly misanthropic zombie proceeds to go on a killing spree through the nearby town of Newbridge3 The Pavilion Niles Glendon has a problem It isn't that he murdered his best friend Kurt Resinger over a matter of a loan refused and buried the corpse under the pavilion down by the beach It's the fact recent storms have been disturbing the beach and may uncover Kurt's corpse Time to move it Unfortunately when Niles gets to where he could've sworn he'd buried Kurt the body isn't there Is it too late? Has Kurt been found? Perhaps Kurt wasn't as dead as Niles thought he was Or perhaps something even sinister is afoot Either way Niles is about to get a lot than he bargained for when he obsessively goes digging around under the pavilion in a desperate attempt to locate the body if he can4 House of Memory Tara Sutter has been perpetually ill ever since her family moved out of her childhood home and the new owners of the property tore the house down a fact Tara refuses to accept When family friends come over for an overnight get together Tara mysterious vanishes from the party and her family and friends fear she may have wandered off to go visit the old house where nothing but an empty cellar hole remains Desperate to prevent her from falling in they rush out to retrieve her but none of them are prepared for what they'll witness when they eventually catch up to Tara at the old Sutter property5 The Willow Platform While exploring the ruins of the old Trobish house Juniper Hill resident Henry Crotell found an old and a ring with a flat black stone hidden in an old lockbox The untitled book is written entirely in Latin prompting Henry to start trying to learn the dead language Postmaster Dave Baines from The Mail for Juniper Hill and his writer friend become concerned about Henry's obsession with the ancient book when schoolteacher Ms Winnis who got a look at its contents reports that it was written by someone pretending to be a sorcerer And when the book directs Henry to begin building a platform out of willow saplings for an unknown purpose Baines and the rest of the town begin worrying that perhaps the author wasn't pretending and that Henry might be getting in way over his head6 Who Was He? A man recovering from heart surgery refuses a haircut from the hospital barber Not long after another patient at the hospital dies of fright The next day the same barber returns and the protagonist again turns down his offer of a haircut after which the barber departs and a second patient dies under mysterious circumstances The protagonist begins to suspect that the barber is a serial killer but the facts are even stranger than that once he gets the whole story from the hospital security guard7 Disappearance Dan Mellmer disappeared years ago survived by his identical twin brother Russell Sheriff Kellington and his deputy always suspected foul play as there'd always been an element of bad blood between the Mellmer twins But it's only after Russell Mellmer dies that the police learn the awful truth8 The Horror at Chilton Castle A scientist visiting Chilton Castle in Ireland is invited to witness the secret Rite of Passage which Frederick Chilton Payne must undergo following the death of his father Robert the Thirteenth Earl of Chilton9 The Impulse to Kill A man starts getting urges to commit murder and begins deliberately luring criminals to his house in order to kill them justifying it to the authorities as self defense But can he keep it up?10 The House on Hazel Street A man starts becoming weirdly obsessed with the Old Dark House he passes by every day One day the front door opens and the owner an elderly man named Jonathan Sellerby invites him inThere were originally twelve stories in this collection back when it was first published in 1980 Canavan's Back Yard and Slime the third and twelfth stories respectively have been omitted for reasons unknown Nearest I can figure is Dover considered them redundant since they're also in Nine Horrors and a Dream another Joseph Payne Brennan short story collection which they reprinted last month but I would've preferred that The Shapes of Midnight be republished as is Without Canavan's Back Yard and Slime especially the latter the collection ends on a whimper with the underwhelming The House on Hazel Street which has always been my least favorite of the stories between the two collectionsAlso absent is the original 80s introduction from Stephen King I guess Dover couldn't or wouldn't get permission from King or whoever to republish that My hope with this edition of The Shapes of Midnight was that it'd replace the 80s version of the book which commands high prices and including Canavan's Back Yard and Slime a much better assortment of stories vs the earlier Nine Horrors and a Dream By omitting these two stories Dover's edition of The Shapes of Midnight is not a replacement at all but effectively a forced companion piece to their reprint of Nine Horrors and a Dream as opposed to both books being able to stand on their own Before it felt like you could get either or Now it feels like you have to get both and redundant or not The Shapes of Midnight feels incomplete without Canavan's Back Yard and Slime

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    ✭✭✭“Diary of a Werewolf” 1960 ✭✭✭½ “The Corpse of Charlie Rull” 1959 ✭✭✭½ “The Pavillion” 1959 ✭✭✭ “House of Memory” 1967 ✭✭½ “The Willow Platform” 1973 ✭✭✭½“Who Was He?” 1969 ✭✭✭✭ “Disappearance” 1959 ✭✭½ “The Horror at Chilton Castle” 1963 ✭✭✭✭“The Impulse to Kill” 1959 ✭½“The House on Hazel Street” 1961 ✭✭✭This 2019 Dover edition contains 10 of the stories included in the original 1980 Berkley Books edition

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