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Intermix Nation [PDF / EPUB] Intermix Nation Intermix to mix together blendNorth America paragon of diversity is gone From its ashes a new nation has arisen – Renatus – where the government segregates the surviving population into races forb Intermix to mix together blendNorth America paragon of diversity is gone From its ashes a new nation has arisen – Renatus – where the government segregates the surviving population into races forbidding interracial marriage mating and loveEighteen year old Nazirah Nation is a pariah an intermix born of people from different races When her parents are murdered in the name of justice Nazirah grudgingly joins the growing rebellion fighting against the despotic governmentOverwhelmed with grief consumed by guilt Nazirah craves vengeance as a substitute for absolution But on her journey to find the girl she once was Nazirah must learn the hard way that nothing no one is purely black or white Like her every human is intermix shades and hues of complex emotions And those who can take everything away are also the ones who can give everything back.

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    45 StarsThat was in a word intense I really had no expectations going into Intermix Nation It’s New Adult and Dystopian so I expected to like it but I didn’t anticipate loving it as much as I did It got off to a rocky start though It’s written in third person present tense which is always annoying to read but once I got into Nazirah’s story I didn’t even notice any There’s also huge info dumps at the beginning World building is extremely important especially in Dystopian novels but it was too much all at once The pacing was extremely slow and bogged down by information but once you get past those first few chapters Intermix Nation is amazingFirst let’s the discuss the bad stuff The info dumping is pretty heavy in the opening chapters It’s mostly a lot of names and places and I found it confusing A lot of city and territory names are used but without context I have no clue where any of these places are suppose to be The book description says North America but honestly it sounded most like Eurasia to me Intermix Nation is set several hundred years into the future so this is not the world we know at all I just would have like specific references to what these places use to be That’s the only negative thing I can think to say about this book And honestly it wasn’t a huge deal once the actual story picked upIntermix Nation follows eighteen year old Nazirah Nation born of parents of different races and thus dubbed an outcast Biracial or intermix people are not accepted in this new world and mainly live in poverty in any area that will allow them Nazirah was lucky that her parents weren’t too poor and her mother was a teacher so she grew up educated not like a lot of others Four months ago both of her parents were murdered for being rebels and now Nazirah is in training to join the upcoming war However her first mission sends her to a prison offering amnesty to the man who shot her parents — Adamek– in exchange for aid in the war Needless to say Nazirah is not happy about this It gets worse when her brother who happens to be their commander declares her official mission to be the face of the rebellion She’s to travel around with Adamek and show how she’s forgiven him and things can get better if others only join in their battle Nazirah is not a good actress so a rumor is started that they’re lovers News travels fast and people are too eager to believe gossip and take Nazirah’s silence as confirmationDon’t worry there is no insta love here Nazirah hates Adamek with every fiber of her being and he can’t really stand her “holier than thou” attitude They’re constantly at odds but Adamek is actually the only person who was able to crack Nazirah’s emotional armor She keeps everyone out so that she can’t be hurt again She also has trouble with the battle aspect of the war due to her guilt over not being there when her parents are murdered Adamek pushes all of her buttons and while she is thankful for that she still wants to see him deadat her own hand I loved seeing their relationship develop It goes from complete loathing to tolerance and then to something else entirely that winds up in a super steamy scene near the end There’s still no declarations of undying love though thank goodness It’s just two people learning how to forgive themselves allow themselves to be happy and move on with lifeWhile the plot of Intermix Nation is very war focused we actually don’t see much of the physical aspect of war We get the strategic side as Nazirah and Adamek are on the campaign That’s not to say that there is no action because there is There are plenty of attempts on Nazirah’s life from those in charge who want to keep the intermix beaten down Nazirah and Adamek also fight with each other several times The plot does drag in some places and the book felt a lot longer than it is but I was still interested the entire time I never had a clue where the story was going and I found myself super nervous close to the endIntermix Nation actually gets 45 stars from me Only losing half of a star because I had a difficult time getting into it I know self published books aren’t always looked at in the most positive light especially when it’s a debut but honestly you wouldn’t even know this was self published debut novel if you weren’t told It is simply awesome The story is interesting engaging exciting heartbreaking sexy frustrating and disturbing at times It’s almost everything I want out of a book I highly recommend Intermix Nation to everyone especially those who enjoy a good war focused Dystopian with a little bit of sexy timesRead of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads Reviews

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    I didn't know what I was going to get with this book but it was certainly a pleasant surprise Great premise excellent characters and for once a dystopian standalone Expect possible spoilersIntermix Nation is set against the dystopian world of Renatus the fallen nation of North America In this world people of mixed races are second class citizens often abused and mistreated The book starts a few months after eighteen year old Nazirah Nation's parents got murdered for daring to stand up for intermix rights by Adamek Morganen brutal assassin and son of the powerful Chancellor of their country Now she is among the midst of the Rebel army fighting against the rights of the intermix led by her big brother Things take a turn for the worst when her brother made an Amnesty pact an agreement that pardons certain Renatus citizens in exchange for important information that will be beneficial to the rebellion with their parents murdererWe meet Nazirah at a low point in her life She is depressed and misunderstood seen as ungrateful by people around her because of her lack of interest to fight for the cause I can understand her struggle though her grief and guilt is causing her to punish herselfhating herself for not being there to defend her parents when they were murdered I couldn't believe that her brother can actually welcome his parents murderer in the foldI don't think I can ever do something like that no matter how beneficial it is for the rebellion Adamek was indeed chilling when Nazirah first met him I was so sure that he was going to be the main antagonist of the story I was sure that he's an evil spy sent to destroy the rebellion from insideThe relationship between Adamek and Nazirah is indeed turbulent but we soon realize that there's an underlying attraction between these two one that they violently ignore I love how subtle their romance develop because I don't think it can be done any other way Thinking of them as a couple was just so impossible at the beginningwho the hell would fall for their parents murderer?? As I read further though and got to know both characters I crossed that line of black and white and empathize with their struggles and demons The chemistry was so strong that by the time it was obvious that there's something going on between the two I was actually rooting for them to get togetherThis is than a dystopian romance though and the struggles of the intermix and their supporters is felt throughout the book In the midst of a revolution we meet different characters from the intermix and other races who both either support or want to destroy the rebel cause The book is also evenly paced in a way that important scenes are emotional and exciting My favorite character has got to me Adamek and I wish we were given the chance to get inside his head and see certain events from his eyes I love how his character evolved from someone who is chilling and sinister to the core of man seeking forgiveness for what he has done It seem impossible at first but he totally won me over when I got to know his true characterThis is a beautiful and passionate book that deals with a lot of social issues The book is character driven and they are not always likable but they are believable in their emotions The romance is definitely unusual but I found the subtlety and the slow development of the romance beautiful A great standalone A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Well I really wasn't prepared for that emotional rollercoaster As soon as I read the synopsis I knew Intermix Nation was a book I had to read As someone who is mixed heritage I know what it's like to be of two different ethnicities but feel that at times I belong to neither In Attardo's debut North America has been divided into a land known as Renatus The divides have been put in place to separate races forbidding them from mixing – but love can conuer boundaries and the children of two races are born They are known as intermix and are cast out by everyone but their own Nazirah is an intermix but not just anyone – she is the face of the rebellion a beacon of hope for the citizens of Renatus But Irri has her own past and if she’s going to win over the nation she’s going to have to face her biggest enemy yet Adamek Morgen murderer of her parentsI can't believe how well written this was especially for a debut novel I'm not suggesting that debut authors are bad but usually since it's their first book they're still trying to find their own individual style Attardo has her style set Admittedly I at first found it strange to read in the person she used but as I became engrossed in the story I grew used to it Aside from that the language the plot the build upit was the perfect concoction for a storyNazirah Nation has to be one of my favourite protagonists of all time I know I can go on a bit about how I love my brave heroines but I think she's one of the strongest I've ever come across Nazirah is put through a lot of trials yet she is as hard as nails the entire time She is a true face of a rebellion and because of that she made the diegesis the plot the idea believable Adamek Morgen is my latest addiction When we were first introduced to him I just thought he'd be the counterpart to Nazirah an enemy to reinforce the idea that she is the good guy However halfway through and I realised she created him to be so much than that Although the book centers around the issue of racism it also talks about forgiveness How can you forgive someone who has wronged you so terribly? He is a counterpart that's for sure but he's not necessarily just the enemy Although we don't find as much out about his past as I would have liked his character holds a depth so vast that you can't help but feel that he's real This may seem strange but one thing I really loved about Intermix Nation was how Attardo managed to get this entire story into just one book A lot of dystopians nowadays are split into a trilogy a lot of which tend to fall short towards the end Although I do like it when books are a series I was glad she just got to the point with the story and didn't unnecessarily drag it out making it intense dynamic and dramaticI must admit I really am impressed with Attardo Debut novels rarely come as good as this especially New Adult books This genre has me skeptical but this book just had the right amount of snarky language witty characters and smoky sex scenes to be perfect I recommend this book 100% it's one of the best indies I've read yet

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    I received this book for a honest review and as a part of the tour Thanks Original post on should say that I was intrigued by the book from the start the cover is intrguing the title and the discription I like to read dystopies but even I like stand alones and good books And when this three are in one book I just can't resist So I had expectations not so many but they were I wanted to like the much as much as I like it at first sight and I was't dissapointed This is a book that have everything in it action a interesting world good shaped characters suspence romance no love triangle and is a stand alone For me all this atributes means a lot and they were acomplished so well that when it ended I was sad cause I wanted So you need to read it I want to hear from people about this book cause in my opinion it worth itIf you read my blog or my reviews then you know that I won't talk about what happens in the book so no spoilers You'll find out what happens if you read the book alone But you need to know that is a such a good book I read it in one day or should I say few hours I couldn't let it down until I finished it The story is so intriguing that everytime I had uestions and uestions and I wanted to know about the world and the characters and their lives and everything The world is bad but in the same time the author make such a good job describing it and individualizing each land or teritory I felt that it was like a trilogy in one book because it was so complex and it happend so many things that I even don't know which to start About the characters m is hard to pick who I liked but I think my three favorite characters are Nazirah Niko and Adamek Nazirah is like a mix because she's nice but if you upset her she punch you in the face she's uiet but she talks a lot when she's angry she's a fighter but she's vulnerable and so on I really liked her evolution through the book and how she changed and learned that things aren't just white and black but grey too About Niko I won't say too much but even he's colder with his sister he protects her and help her and he's a good leader Adamekm like Nazirah he's complicated but it intrigued me from the start and I need to say that he is a lot A lot that you'll know if you read the book and like that you'll find out that he's good or bad?So guys if you like action dystopia interesting worlds powerful characters originality stand alones then read this book From me it worths a lot and I can put it beside other books or even series from the same genre cause is amazing Read it

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    Originally posted at The Solitary BookwormNazirah Nation always knew where her place was She is born an intermix – people who are born of different races – but never did she had any ualms with her life She was happy Intermix don’t have the luxury as some have but she embraces the life she has Nazirah has a loving family and everything is perfect until the day that Adamek took it all away Nazirah is out for blood – no matter what it takesIntermix Nation is your typical story with a dystopian centered plot You have an emotionally charged situation a shattered yet strong presence from a herione and the last straw to spark the movement Nazirah finds herself in the center of it all because her brother leads the rebellion himself but Nazirah’s head is not in it She is broken beyond repair by the death of her parents and her heart is not in the cause no matter how encouraging her brother isTo be honest I wasn’t too invested and connected with Nazirah primarily because she can be a bit self centered and selfish in the first half of the book It was always about her her her and no one else – that was what ticked me off given that there was a bigger picturebattle than her pain She did changed in the other half of the book which was great but still her inconsistency and hypocrisy was boarder unbearable She is strong I give you that but she was not the heroine I had in mind for the story Adamek on the other hand was a surprise Initially I thought I would hate this guy but his sincerity and eagerness to find redemption and forgiveness was very heartbreaking Adamek is a cold blooded killer Someone who does not hesitation because he needed to and he’s very good at this missions This is a character that you would hate right? But there’s something in Adamek and his sincerity in finding forgiveness that touched my heart and believed in the goodness deep within him He’s very charming too and funny – complete opposite of Nazirah’s gloominess and snarkThe story was very clean and it was easy to follow I’m glad that the author didn’t sell the book through a romantic plot The author has amazing writing skills to be able to deliver a story and wrap everything in a single book given that this is a dystopian novel We all know how many series are out there and some failed miserably For the first time I have read a stand alone dystopian and it was pure awesomeness That alone plus the fact that I didn’t have any major issues with the book overall is a statement of how amazing both the author and her work is Highly recommended Don’t miss out on a chance to read this book – it is worth your time

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    Galley received for review in blog tourLoved it I want Is this the first in a series?Full reviewNazirah Nation is a seventeen year old girl living in Renatus a new nation born from the ashes of North America The authoritarian government forbids interracial marriages considering racial mixes the cause of the epidemics spreading in the continet Nazirah is a pariah as her parents were from two different races yet they got married anyway They also were rebels and were killed by a government agent Now Nazirah lives in the rebels headuarters with her best friend Cato; her elder brother Nicholas is a general and in charge of the rebel unitNazirah doesn't want to be in the compund and misses her parents terribly She doesn't get along with her brother very much One day he asks her to go on a mission for him; she is to go and find a criminal and grant him amnesty so that he can join the rebels and fight with them The criminal is Adamek Morgen the killer who murdered Nazirah's parents She's determined to get revengeI loved this dystopian novel It was a rollercoaster of feelings with action romance and a lot of sexual tension in it Yes the tension between Nazirah and Adamek was killing me I would like this to be a series I' love to read about Nazirah Adamek and Renatus but it is apparently a stand alone Which shows you that you can write a good story in a self contained novel if you want; even a story of uprising and rebellion to an unjust governmentAdamek is a fascinating character He has killed a huge number of people following his father's orders He's damaged When they first meet he warns Nazirah to remember that he's a murderer and always will be Yet he sounds strangely good to me even at the beginning when he was sypposedly evil The attraction and tension between him and Nazirah rollef off in waves I was dying for them to act on it When it finally happened I was cheeringThe dystopian world depicted in Intermiz Nation is strangely absurd it sounds completely useless to try and segregate races considering that no race can be considered pure and that the concept of race has no scientific value anyway Moreover it's even crazier to be thinking that keeping races divided could be a way to ensure health and prevent illness The rebel uprising against a government that discriminates intermixes and treats them like dirt is fair and justI'd totally recommend this book just not to younger teens I'd consider this in the new adult range for mentions of sex and violence

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    Intermix Nation is a uniue book with a really interesting take on race relations and society I love dystopia reads and this is an exceptional book with a remarkable take on futuristic society Interracial mixing is banned in Renatus and those like Nazirah Nation who are intermix must fight to survive in a system of segregation and domination This book resonates a powerful message one that stays with you long after you close the book From the opening chapter I loved everything about it and I could not put this book down The story has a lot of twists and unexpected turns I love the authors writing style the storyline the loss the overall message This book is phenomenalNazirah Nation has suffered a terrible loss As a result she joins her brother and the rebellion party The memories of her loss eat away at her she wants revenge but she is terribly unhappy standing with the rebellion and terribly lonely She longs for the days of simplicity Instead she’s filled with grief and guilt day in and day out Nazirah's struggle to find a balance and adjust to this new life cause her to become detached from everyone and everything Just as she’s beginning to come to terms with her reality her world is completely altered by the one person she never imagined she’d come face to face with As she struggles with her anger and fears she soon realizes that everything is not always black and white and while some things can't be undone there are things that define a person than one actionI don’t want to give too much but I will say this is one of the best dystopia books I’ve read since The Hunger Games I love everything about it The story captivates you and you become engrossed with the characters the storyline You'll be on the edge of your seat guessing what will happen next I really hope the author decides to write I'd love of this story especially with what happens in the final chaptersI highly recommend this book to everyone but especially to dystopia and new adult fans Happy Reading This book was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and comments are my own

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    This book was brilliant It was well written and also had well rounded characters The main protagonist Nazirah was also perfect for her role in here She was strong and I admired her throughout the book Especially at the end when she was ready to give up her life for the sake of her people And Adamek urghhh It was blatantly obvious that they were going to end together despite their nemesis state at the beginning and the fact that he killed Nazirah's parents But I loved him really But I felt sorry for Cato too This book reminded me of a lot of books such as The Hunger Games and Legend so the fact that I can compare it to two of my well loved series means that I thought that Intermix Nation is an imposing book It may have a few flaws here and there but the rest of the story made up for it I literally finished it in just one sitting I couldn't find it in me to keep away It's a shame that it isn't well known yet and that it has no paperback version because I would've bought it in a heartbeat And I'm also impressed by the fact that this is the author's debut novel and that it's self published Keep it up

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    Great book and an interesting read Kept me wanting to know what was coming For the young and old at heart this is a look into a future world where love hate hopeloyality compassion and acceptance are tested and re tested Nazirah our heroine is a product of old and new world values presented in a young idealistic and strong woman A book that anyone can relate to in todays crazy mixed up world Read this an enjoy the ride

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