To Love the Beast - Diana and Vincents Story PDF/EPUB

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  • To Love the Beast - Diana and Vincents Story
  • Jewel Adams
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  • 04 August 2014

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    Beauty and the Beast tv series gets a true endingHaving been a huge fan of the original tv series Beauty and the Beast I was intrigued to read this short novella based on Vincent and Diana Since Katherine was murdered Diana would have been the next Beauty had the show continued and I was sad at the time not to be able to see how their relationship would have played out Granted Diana would have had a difficult time with loyal fans of the show who were and still are devoted to Katherine but I always felt that Vincent deserved his second chance at love and that Katherine would never have denied him that The reality was that Katherine was gone so the only way for Vincent to find his happy ending was to find him a new Beauty and Diana was an excellent choice I did feel that this story could have been even better had it been longer and would have gotten into about Vincent's feelings of betrayal to Katherine for coming to love Diana but despite that it fit in with the tv series uite well It was a happily ever after for Vincent that was denied him with Katherine and one I have always desired for him Unlike some fans I truly liked Diana and thought she was a wonderful replacement for Katherine and one that I just knew Katherine would definitely have approved of for Vincent It was fun finally having a true happily ever after for my favorite Beast

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    This is the way the series should have endedI loved the series when it was on tv When catherine died I wondered how was the series going to continue Then they brought in Diana Then the series ended with some unanswered uestions This story would have wrapped up the whole series nicely

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To Love the Beast - Diana and Vincents Story[PDF / EPUB] To Love the Beast – Diana and Vincents Story Based on the 1987 television series Beauty and the BeastHalf man half beast Vincent is the recipient of unconditional love in his underground home–a Utopian society of outcasts living in a network o Based on the television the Beast PDF Ë series Beauty and the BeastHalf man half beast Vincent is the recipient of unconditional love in his underground home–a Utopian society of outcasts living in a network of tunnels that were once part of an old subway system–yet he had never truly known the love To Love PDF/EPUB or of a woman Walking through Central Park one night he stumbled across a woman who had been brutally attacked and left for deadBreaking an underground rule and risking the exposure of the home of those who depended on him most Vincent carried the woman there and with the help of Father–the Love the Beast MOBI ñ leader of the society below–nursed her back to health He learned her name was Catherine With her face being covered in bandages because of being slashed she couldn't see the face of her caretaker After the initial shock of Vincent's appearance the two formed a bond stronger than love and Vincent Love the Beast - Diana eBook É became not only her protector but the love of her lifeThen three years later Catherine was kidnapped and killed after giving birth to Vincent's child a beautiful and perfect son Vincent was crushed by her loss and vowed to find her killerDiana Bennett a detective for the police department took the Love the Beast - Diana eBook É case and together they found the killer and Vincent was reunited with his infant son A friendship formed between Vincent and Diana and the people below welcomed her entrusting her with the knowledge of their secret world knowing she would never expose themNever allowing herself to be emotionally involved in a case Diana's head told her what she felt for Vincent was nothing than compassion for his lossBut her heart felt something entirely differentCatherine's death brought to Vincent a pain so great he vowed to treasure his love for her forever never allowing another inBut that was before DianaThis is their story.

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I am a mother of the Beast PDF Ë eight and grandmother a published author and motivational speakerATTENTION Some of the titles showing up in my list of published books are not mine but are written by another author by the same name I write clean romance and many of her titles are erotica To Love PDF/EPUB or This is NOT cool and I have no idea why this keeps happening If you are unsure about which titles are mine please visit.