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Love in Provence [PDF / EPUB] Love in Provence When John Martin is forced to sell his tech company he decides to take a six month vacation to the south of France When he meets Madame Garcin her daughter Sophie and her granddaughter Isabelle his li When John Martin is forced to sell his tech company he decides to take a six month vacation to the south of France When he meets Madame Garcin her daughter Sophie and her granddaughter Isabelle his life is changed forever What began as a Love in PDF/EPUB ² long vacation becomes a journey of self discovery marked by love loss and tragedy He is molded by this family of three generations of women tempered by tragedy themselves in ways that he could never have imagined.

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    In Love In Provence author William Auch weaves a lighthearted and poignant story of one man's journey of self discovery and finding romance when he meets a family of three generations of French women while on vacation in the South of FranceWritten in the third person narrative from a male's perspective the reader follows the inspirational journey of John Martin as he embarks on a six month sojourn to the South of France John is a millionaire who has enjoyed success in the business world When he is forced to sell his tech company he decides to travel to the South of France on an extended vacation of rest and relaxation When he meets up with an extraordinary family of three generations of strong French women Madame Garcin daughter Sophie and granddaughter Isabelle their lives intertwine as they share stories of past loves loss and tragedies in their lives John's visit with this family of women will lead him to have a life transforming experience that will alter the way he views life and loveAuthor William Auch transports the reader to the richly detailed and descriptive setting of South of France where they follow John's journey of self discovery when he meets the remarkable family of French women who will change his outlook on life The reader can't help but become captivated by this passionate story refreshingly told in the male's perspective The author engages the reader with the intriguing histories of John Madame Garcin Sophie and Isabelle as they share an interwoven theme of love loss and tragedy with remarkable strength and grace that ultimately will transform John's outlook on life The story flows with intriguing and dramatic twists and turns that keeps the reader guessing what will happen next as the story unfolds I really enjoyed the mixture of life lessonsexperiences and romance between two very different cultures generations and genders that was interwoven throughout the storyLove In Provence is a lighthearted and enjoyable romantic read that will leave the reader pondering about their own outlook on life and loveDisclaimer I have received a copy of the book from the author publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Goddess Fish Promotionshttpjerseygirlbookreviewsblogspot

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    For the first half of this book I was pretty convinced that I did not like this book It does have profanity not an inordinate amount but too much for my taste and sex seems to be the in thing for our protagonist However John does begin to mature as life comes crashing down on him As love and relationships begin to matter to him than money he learns what is important in life I am so appreciative that this story is somewhat realistic All too often contemporary romances follow a traditional formula and one feels as though heshe is reading the same old love song again and again The author bravely delves into the topic of cancer In this day and age every person can probably identify with cancer Every year thousands are diagnosed with this horrible disease and not all can be saved As the story reached its climax I found myself emotionally moved and somewhat connected to John Sophie and Isabelle I still would like to know how John continued to live a life a luxury when he has no job but I am not a technological guru And I can give my friends' famous answer It's just a book I am always so pleased when I find a book that improves as I read on More than likely this will be a well loved book that is worth readI was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I was not financially compensated and all opinions are 100 percent mine

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    Once again I must say my rating is not a 3 or a 4 but a 35Love in Provence by William Auch was not what I expected It was hard at first to empathize with the main character John Martin who enjoyed his flashy females and expensive life style He had made it and liked flaunting it I persevered because previous reviews promised me John would become a much likable person He did Love in Provence turns into a classic tale of John learning what really matters in life Spoiler alert it isn’t how many Rolex watches he ownsOn the advice of his adventurous friend Mike our protagonist decides to spend six months in France He attends a French school in Aix interacts with the townspeople and takes life at a little slower pace During his sojourn he realizes he never had anything than superficial relationships which explains his sense of loneliness With the help of an elderly widow who resides in his apartment building he begins to look at his life differently Up to this time he has lived his life in fear as opposed to embracing itIn some ways this story read like a travelogue through France describing famous streets museums even the food consumed Auch attempts to give the feel of a French village Love in Provence will appeal to armchair travelers those who enjoy memoirs and general fiction similar to Rosamunde Pilcher

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