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Loki [PDF / EPUB] Loki There are two sides to every story You've heard Thor's now it's time to hear Loki's Odin's least favorite son rewrites Asgardian lore from his perspective in this groundbreaking collection featuring t There are two sides to every story You've heard Thor's now it's time to hear Loki's Odin's least favorite son rewrites Asgardian lore from his perspective in this groundbreaking collection featuring the breathtaking painted artwork of Esad Ribic Wolverine In this story Loki's insatiable lust for power his conflicted sentiments toward Sif his antipathy toward Balder and his deep seated feelings of longing and resentment toward his older brother Thor and uncaring father Odin will take on new meaning And if that's not enough just stare at the lush painted art by Ribic you won't be disappointed.

  • Hardcover
  • 104 pages
  • Loki
  • Robert Rodi
  • English
  • 11 April 2014
  • 9780785116523

About the Author: Robert Rodi

Robert was born in Chicago in the conformist s grew up in the insurrectionist s came of age in the hedonist s and went to work in the elitist s This roller coaster ride has left him with a distinct aversion to isms of any kind; it also gave him an ear for hypocrisy cant and platitudes that allowed him in the s to become a much lauded social satiristAfter seven acclaime.

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    35 stars Evil Buddy read with the Shallow Comic ReadersCriteria? Anything with a VillainYeeshWell that was depressing I just finished it so give me a minute here to digest clears throatWhich makes no sense since I'm typing but just go with it ok?Alright First this ain't your Sexy Hiddleston Loki Unless you think Grandpa Laufeyson looks hawt So in this one Loki has finally beaten Thor become ruler of Asgard andYeah just kind of needs to decide what to do with the rest of his lifeAlso everyone including Hel goads him into sentencing Thor to deathHe's sort of sad and he remembers how everyone in Asgard was mean to him and the deck was stacked against him from the beginning and blah blah blahAnd then his mom show up and just embarrasses the hell out of him As we doSo After looking back on his life he realizes that view spoilerhe really does love his brother And that Thor was the only person who was ever truly kind to him So he defies Hel and goes to the prison to free ThorUnfortunately Thor had already escapedUp pops Thor with a REALLY big sword and kills LokiFin hide spoiler

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    Loki god of mischief is ever subject to fate His fate seems to live and seethe in the shadow of ThorLoki provides insight into his mind He's been mistreated and unloved by all but Thor Thor always loves Loki despite the fact Loki always betrays himLoki is a pawn of fate yet I can't feel too sorry for him Every suffers misfortune but it's the choices made in response to misfortune largely define us Loki is undoubtedly mistreated but he takes it out on his stepbrother who loves him along with those who mistreat himThis story seemed to be written to make Loki sympathetic but it instead made him seem somewhat pathetic

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    Buddy Read with the Shallow Comic Readers This week's theme Eeevillll Thor has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters because I always enjoy seeing the gods of old come to life And what is Thor without Loki? The yin to his yang the stop to his go the black to his white the Marvel to his DCumm I mean the winter to his spring? Loki is the anti Thor and this book by Rodi and Ribic does its best to make those comparisons and provide the reader with a psychological profile of LokiAlthough the casual reader only knows that somehow Loki has usurped Odin and become Lord of Asgard as Marvel sees fit not to let said casual reader know what has happened exposition folks it really doesn't hinder the tale at all This is all about the eternal brotherly dynamic between Thor and Loki and how it has driven Loki to become the trickster god he is He's hurt dejected rejected and just ugly and that alone can bring a sociopath to commit villainy I was reminded in a way of Gollum from the Lord of the Rings who tries to fight against the influence of the ring and sometimes finds a way to be kind but never is able to overcome it Even when Loki decides to do the right thing it's too late for good intentionsThe art by Esad Ribic is wonderful He doesn't prettify the Asgardians as they look like mean ol' Vikings who have been weathered and leathered by the cold Northern winds It's realistic like covers to fantasy novels One feels able to reach out and touch the sinewy muscles of Thor or the shapely hips of Sif and Hela and feel actual flesh not paper or in this case electrostatic shock on a screen Very well done jobMy only real complaint is the lettering which is runic for want of a better word and hard to read at times particularly on a screen I never know what is the reason for these word balloons in comics that are different from the standard balloons uttered by Spider Man or Superman for example Are we to adopt a certain tone of voice an other worldly accent or imagine Christian Bale as Batman I'm Batman? It seems unnecessary 4 stars out of 5 Half star docked for Marvel not giving us some back story dammit

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    Ah yes the age old rivalry pitting brother against brother it'll never get oldIn this story we get to see Loki's point of view for a change After all would a villain portray himself as such? Wouldn't the villain feel justified in his actions?This is a story of Gods you see and mere mortals as ourselves cannot begin tho fathom the minds of such beings ; Overall it's a pretty good story with a beginning a middle and an end unlike most comic book stories which are mostly soap operas ad infinitumBut what is really striking about this book is the art indeed I doubt very much that the story would have been as apealing without such a beautiful artistic rendering

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    I really enjoyed this book Esad Ribic's art was perfect i really really loved the detailed realistic art of his The Story was about the endless conflict between Thor and Lokibrothers arch enemies The Book started with Loki demending everyone at Asgard to kneel before him that he won and Thor was locked awayAs the story went on Loki saw the conflict between him and Thor in endless paralel earths this is when i first witness that Marvel has multiversty like DC i wonder which one stole it from the other why do they have to be the same all the time ?Loki realised that they will end up fighting the last battle and he will lose it's always this way again and again and again so Loki tried to tell this to angry vengeful Thor who just broke out of his prison so they could put a stop this vicious circle but Thor was too angry so he didn't listen and Loki just ended up beaten by Thor again there is no other way no end It will always be this way

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    This series is my very favorite take on Loki ever I think anyone will understand and enjoy Loki much after reading Robert Rodi's take on him Not exactly sympathetic but you do get see his true motivations a lot than is typical And the art by Esad Ribic is amazing Great effort by these two fine creators

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    well that’s just fucking depressing

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    I'm new to comics and graphic novels so bear with me but these were my thoughtsOn Robert Rodi and Esad RibicEh Not really a fan I thought the language felt forced and stilted I had a hard time with how the Norse gods were portrayed and I know that's partially because of how I play with myths but I just wasn't a fan And I felt like Ribic was overly pretty and I didn't like his palette choice Obviously other people do so this is just me not really caring Also and this is a common problem I'm sure there's this pose Hel is in and I tried replicating it It's impossible and uncomfortable I think artists need to try actually holding themselves in a position before drawing it And also could some of the women other than the old mothers wear clothing? Please? But that's the problem of going to a feminist school I guessOn Stan Lee and Jack KirbyI usually don't like overly used exclamation points but Stan Lee rocks them and makes them work Definitely want to read of Stan Lee Can't believe I missed out on him all this time I liked the bright colors and the random additions of purples and greens to off set the very blue red yellow color schemeOn J Michael Straczynski and Olivier CoipelI think this was my favorite I connected with the writing style and art style the best Hel felt like Erishkigal but from something I stumbled upon on the internet I think she's supposed to be a mixture of multiple hell goddesses don't uote me on that so I suppose it works I'm new to comics and graphic novels and I'm really enjoying this genre of art I'm excited to read particularly of the Marvel comics world

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    Robert Rodi is famous at least to me for writing entertaining ueer novels such as Drag ueen and Fag Hag So here he is disguised as Rob Rodi writing a Mighty Thor comic and yeah it's pretty funny stuff This series focuses on Thor's evil stepbrother Loki melding his Marvel supervillain nature to the Norse trickster godgoddess on which he's based So what you end up with is a clueless trickster god bedecked with a cuckold horn helmet who has the Mighty Thor captured and chained up in the basement The bulk of the comic features arrogant Loki lurching this way and that into staged encounters with parents and oracles All the while he's trying to figuring out how to maintain his rule behead Thor and avoid his endlessly repeating failures I get the impression that Rodi phoned in the ending to this weird arc and well let's just say that a trickster god who is a blinkered Snively Whiplash idiot doesn't make any mythic sense Nor is it even a fun paradox Still with Rodi typing out those affected pseudo Norse cadences and musclebound gods chained up in the dungeon fun stuff

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    What if Loki got what he desired rule over Asgard and his adoptive family in chains? So begins a character study of a god pushed into self pity and malice from a lifetime of abuse yet who also fears he is merely playing out the part of the villain fate has handed him When you're dealing with high myth are the gods ever able to change their roles?Robert Rodi nails the mythic tone of the story without merely resorting to an abundance of Yes and thous It is a conversation piece largely between a man and himself Most importantly despite his self absorbed petulance you actually want him to win over the nauseating array of chiselled jawbones and flowing locks of his adoptive family I'd reread this again in a heartbeat the debates roiling in Loki's mind are superbly painted by Esad Ribic who lends a European earthiness to a style largely owned by Alex Ross Superb stuff

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