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    Pretty good conclusion The issue with Lukas is finally resolved Gavin and Derrick explore of their BDSM kinks view spoilerI liked the dirty talking and the mild humiliation but the face slapping and breath play was a little much for me hide spoiler

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    Complete review on my blog Bea's Hive Full Disclosure The novel Velocity by Amelia C Gormley was supplied for review by the author Also note that this was an advanced copy so the final version might differ While it should be obvious to say this is an honest review and I was not influenced by any action of the authorThe series is Impulse by Amelia C Gormley and Velocity is the third and final? installment This review will cover the entire series but focuses on points and uotes from the last book Basic Plot Derrick and Gavin are still waiting for Gavin’s HIV results Derrick continues to deal with his harasser As their relationship solidifies these outside factors threaten the security of their relationship Can their relationship stand through this storm? Strong Points One thing that I loved about the book was the humor such as when Derrick and Gavin picked out their christmas tree “Nope” Derrick circled a perfectly conical tree inspecting the spacing of the boughs with a critical eye looking for bare patches ”Doesn’t mean the cider and fire’ll go to waste though”“I like the way you think That one’s good Let’s commit our ritual act of arborcide and get someplace warm” Another thing that I loved was the BDSM but this like is a double edge sword the same aspects of the book that I liked are those things that I had issues I really enjoyed the BDSM play all of the humiliation and breath play Note that these type of play falls under the edge play meaning that this is a greater amount of risk either psychological or physical I enjoyed the subtle way the author showed their evolving relationship What could be better? This story came out in three book installments I think I would prefer to have one book and read it at one time Because the story leaves off at the last book I had to play mental catch up 6 months later when the next book comes out I think that this issue will not be a problem in the future as brew readers can just move to the next book immediatelyFirst I am not an expert in the BDSM lifestyle This is only my opinion and I fully admit that I could be over thinking this concern because I am by nature a cautious person While I liked the play and how subtle it was I am a little concerned about how people who are not familiar with the play and lifestyle might take it For example if the reader has no experience in the lifestyle or reading about it I would be nervous about the lack of emphasis on safety and that these two type of play humiliation and breath are not considered “entry level” Because the play was so subtly built into the relationship I fear that the danger aspect might be insidious Of course it could be that most readers would discount the sex scenes as “kinky” and move on; I just tend to look at the detail Take this scene for exampleview spoiler “I’ve got you” Gavin said tenderly ”Ride it Let it happen Just keep your hand on my shoulder That’s your only job I control the rest Even the air you breathe is mine”Gavin’s hand sealed over his nose and mouth gain and he resumed his firm strokes up and down Derrick’s cock His palm curled around the head at the end of each caress twisting and circling He clamped his hand firmly on Derrick’s mouth as the instinctive tension took over again He held Derrick down held him captive to those glorious merciless strokesAfter the second breath Gavin allowed him the uivering need to thrash and resist abated Even as his chest heaved a beautiful detached peace descended Divorced from the useless struggle of his body’s own drive for survival Derrick floated on it surrendering to the pleasure that came in increasingly powerful waves with each pass of Gavin’s hand up and down his dick hide spoiler

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    If I could have chosen someone to put that much faith in it would have been Derrick The first time I trusted someone so completely that I let myself go skin to skin it should have been him If this test comes back positive I'll never have that with him And even if he says he doesn't mind I do I want that with him I'm so glad I discovered and read the well named Impulse trilogy Inertia Acceleration and Velocity All three books are beautifully written with strong characterisations great sex interesting issues and just a feeling of being let into the lives of two men that I genuinely felt attached to It is sad to say goodbye to the characters but I couldn't have asked for a book and all issues to have been wrapped up better Full review at

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    Great conclusion to a wonderful trilogy I really loved how we finally get Gavin’s POV and I feel that all his angst was very believable Plus it gets KINKIERLoved the endingbeautiful perfectionI did get a bit exhausted with the Lukas drama but did enjoy the twist with him that I never expected in the beginning of the series

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    Finally I finally read it and I loved it We've been waiting for those stinking test results forever Of course we got some excellent smexing and I feel like these are gonna make it So damned cuteand hot

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    The overall arc of this trilogy is very satisfying with my favorite of the three books being Velocity The doubts that plagued Derrick about his ability to handle Gavin’s HIV status once the testing is complete are all but gone surpassed by Derrick’s uiet determination to be there for Gavin no matter what And when Derrick decides something it just is But we have witness to Gavin’s increasing uncertainty and the stunning revelation that Lukas Gavin’s controlling and manipulative and believe me those descriptions are tame ex had been a rent boy during his college days upping the chances that Gavin’s HIV test will come back positive Which spurs Gavin into contacting Lukas for information Big mistake Gormley portrays conflict extremely well The smaller conflict is the homophobic bullying Derrick has with someone one his hockey team sending him threatening text messages and while it was less of a situation in the third book than it was in book two it’s still a problem I liked the way Gormley resolved it; it had me fistpumping the air and laughing out loud The bigger of the conflicts Lukas and his horrific scheming ways had me gnashing my teeth I was furious on Gavin’s behalf and every scene where Lukas acts contrite and in need of help to rectify the error of his ways I knew he was just trying a different tactic to reel Gavin back in to control him So when Gavin begins to suspect just how deep Lukas’s betrayal goes I had much satisfaction watching Gavin take his time build his facts and handle the situation No spoilers here You can tell with this book that the relationship between Derrick and Gavin has found its groove It’s not the high octane lust of the first book or the uicksand of the second book and it’s a very satisfying end to a trilogy that is well worth reading in its entirety In fact I believe now that I’ve read all three the things I thought of as drawbacks about the first and second books are no longer an issue for me They make sense in the whole scheme of things and this is one of the most well written well characterized series I’ve read in uite some time I enjoyed it immensely and will probably re read it at some point for nostalgia’s sake Thanks Ms Gormley for your effort with such an entertaining readReviewed by Anita

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    uick reviewCover Nice Rating NC 17Steaminess Smoking Hot Thumbs Up 5Overall God I’m going to miss these twoCharacters FabulousPlot Dealing with the possibility that your partner might be positive HIVPage Turner Absolutely Series Cont? Series Ender Recommend YESBook Boyfriend DerrickSUMMARY 50 words or lessThis author has a beautiful way of storytelling that’s engaging and heart tugging I feel for these characters An emotional response in a book is a strong indicator of a great one I want to hug hold and be there for them It’s going to be hard to say goodbyeFor a full review and yummy pic see my blog post at

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    Each book has been better than the last and this one was justwow I have loved getting to read about Derrick and Gavin I love how the concern over Gavin's possible HIV affects them both and how they worked through it I really really loved this trilogy and hate to see it come to an end Highly recommended for sure this series is a must read

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    Review Pants Off Reviews

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    Velocity' book three of the Impulse Series by Amelia Gormley picks up where the second book ended Gavin is still worried about the outcome of his final HIV test and Derrick still telling him that they will find a way regardless of the results What they don't need is interference; but it comes from all directions particularly from homophobic teammates who Derrick thought were his friends for years; and from Lukas who comes back into the picture putting doubts and fears in Gavin's mind More than ever they need to work together or lose their chance at real loveDerrick sweet and calm as ever really comes into his own providing Gavin with a touchstone guiding advising but not issuing ultimatums as they learn to maneuver through the pitfalls and pleasures of a new relationship As their sexual play becomes intense their level of trust grows exponentially When Gavin needs help physically and emotionally Derrick is there to take over allowing Gavin to be able to feel like he didn't always need to be in charge This nurturing is exactly what Gavin needs; Derrick's ability to carry the load for a while gives Gavin even insight into Derrick's character and how much Derrick had to endure by himselfDerrick is determined to show Gavin that he loves him and is serious about staying with him regardless of the test results so he starts thinking about what he can do to show him how loyal he is Thinking that his family home carries too many sad memories he offers to sell it and move to a house that they own together When he tells his best friend about this decision he reminds Derrick that his thinking isn't sound because the memories will follow him wherever he goes Derrick knows he's right and begins to think of other ways to show Gavin how he feelsGavin is having trouble telling Derrick he loves him His troubled past with his ex Lukas has him disillusioned and mistrustful Part of him still wants to understand how he usually confident and sophisticated ever got himself into an abusive relationship and it's causing him a great deal of distress and it doesn't help when Lukas comes to him acting penitent But Gavin isn't the man he was before and soon begins to uestion whether Lukas is being truthful or not but not without damage Lukas is so slippery that he has Gavin feeling guilty and doubting himself wondering if he does indeed owe Lukas something Worse yet Lukas plays on his emotions further by insinuating that Gavin isn't being fair to Derrick saddling him with an HIV positive man who at any time could infect him Still he's not entirely sure; that keeps part of him feeling sorry for him Even though everyone around Gavin tries to tell him that it's just a ploy that Lukas is playing on his sympathies in order to keep his hooks in him but it's up to Gavin to decide for himself All the while Derrick and his friends stand impatiently but silently by his side supporting him through the ordealDerrick and Gavin both have tons of baggage which left them emotionally scarred but during this series have learned to put those aside and allow themselves to be healed by each other's love trust and loyalty to each other Their accomplishment is monumental and I have to admit that they are uite memorable characters which will be in my heart for a long time Not only does Amelia present a love story superbly told but she also ventures into the difficult subjects of homophobia and abuse and does so with sensitivity and realism I recommend this series to everyone who would appreciate a storyline full of angst hot BDSM sex done with respect and trust and a happy ending Thanks Amelia for helping me through Derrick and Gavin's eyes see life differentlyNOTE This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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Velocity Impulse #3 [PDF / EPUB] Velocity Impulse #3 REACHING OPTIMUM SPEEDFor Detroit handyman Derrick Chance and his lover Gavin Hayes the holiday season is filled with the promise of new beginnings Gavin’s officially moving in and after the New Yea REACHING OPTIMUM SPEEDFor Detroit handyman Derrick Chance and his lover Gavin Hayes the holiday season is filled with the promise of new beginnings Gavin’s officially moving in and after the New Year they’ll begin house hunting But they both know all the talk of gift exchange whose holiday ornaments go where and what repairs and remodels will be Velocity Impulse Epub / needed to put Derrick’s house on the market is only a smoke screenBefore the month is over Gavin will have the final verdict on whether or not his dangerously delusional ex Lukas infected him with HIV No matter how good Gavin’s chances appear with the three month hurdle already passed neither he nor Derrick knows what the future holds for themThe holidays have always been a time of loss and mourning for Derrick but now he has to stay strong as Gavin’s own fears and doubts assail him relentlessly And when Lukas returns unexpectedly penitent amid troubling revelations Gavin has to ask himself whether he can offer Derrick the future he deserves or whether these first few months of happiness are the best they will ever get.