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    In the Afterword Acknowledgments of BROKEN HEARTLAND, J M Mike Hayes notes that previous books in the Mad Dog Englishman series have so often been described as cozies Rest assured, Mike, the word cozy will never be used to describe BROKEN HEARTLAND I would expect the extreme opposite The mayhem that begins early on and continues without easing off is so intense at times that other violent novels, such as THE GODFATHER, pale in comparison.And all of this riotous confusion takes place in sleepy ole Kansas, where at least in my ten year tenure nothing much ever happens Benteen county, actually, which doesn t really exist and if it did you would be well advised to steer clear of its boundaries.What is most amazing about BROKEN HEARTLAND is the intricate interweaving of so many different characters with so many contemporary issues Mike handles them all with expertise and dexterity that other writers can only envy If you like to play SUDOKU, you ll love BROKEN HEARTLAND.

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    I still am liking Hayes books I almost quit because the beginning was just so familiar, but once it got rolling along, I was hooked It continues in Hayes style long jumps in time between each book and non stop action with the characters running all around and never quite meeting up in one spot to share their knowledge until the climax at the end I don t often get into a mystery series, but this one has been pretty darn good.

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    I listened to this from the library not knowing it was the 4th in a series In checking for others I found they only have this one Why libraries get the last in a series instead of starting at the beginning, I ll never know.It s worth searching out at least the 1st in the series I think.The reader was excellent.

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    Whew, what a mess this book was I was in the mood for a new detective series, but this author just has trouble putting a sentence together His characters are all over the place, no character development and the protagonists just fall flat I literally could not wait for this unfullfilling, predictable mess to be over with Forget this mystery.

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    Mad Dog and his half brother Sheriff English, aka Englishman, are two of Kansas s quirkiest citizens Another romp through crime, Benteen County style, with the sheriff up for re election, Mad Dog having visions, creepy villians and lots of humor A series you should read in order of publication.

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    I kept seeing this book on Kansas State Library website, and finally decided to check it out I didn t read any description, so was taken aback when I started listening while I was at work, when I heard of places I recognized I could not stop until I finished Now as I finish I am about to purchase of this series, so I can read .

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    I am hook on this series that takes place in Kansas The characters are well developed, and I always wonder how the book will end This book as well as the others are action pack, along with some humorous moments I also love Hailey, Mad Dog s wolf Great read.

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    A bit far fetched and sad, but a good read Always enjoy Mad Dog.

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    A credible mystery set in Kansas The author makes clear some of the stereotypes one hears about Kansas are true straight roads, though not many of them, and Weather with a capital W.

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    Quirky, eccentric but enjoyable series that alternates between violence and humour All that s missing in this one is the Rapture Quick read Hayes could be following Mankell with the Sheriff.

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Broken Heartland [PDF / EPUB] Broken Heartland Sleepy Benteen County, Kansas, turns frantic on election day The radical religious right is out to unseat Sheriff English, better known as Englishman Englishmans only available deputy rammed a school Sleepy Benteen County, Kansas, turns frantic on election day The radical religious right is out to unseat Sheriff English, better known as Englishman Englishmans only available deputy rammed a school bus carrying the Benteen County teen choir while chasing a vehicle involved in a mystery.