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    With a globe and the book 1001 Pictures from Around the World Tad and Aunt Hattie can play the Travel Game So while the rest of the family goes back to work after lunch Tad and Hattie go upstairs Tad is determined however not to fall asleep at this end of this round of the Travel Game A celebration of family ties and imagination A very cozy feel good story

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    The Travel Game is a story about Tad who play the travel game with his Aunt Hattie where they spend their time imagining what it would be like to travel the world This fiction book would be great for introducing a social studies unit where we learn about different countries in grades K 3 I would use it in a reading classroom to teach comprehension as well as new vocabulary

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    I did an after school club the month of May with traveling being the THEME We discussed travel games we can play while in the car or airplane This book is a story of a little boy playing a Travel Game his grandmother taught him The use a globe and they spin it and point at the new location they are going to visit They learn about this location and make up stories about the location

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    A very good example of active storytelling Children learn from example and this book directly contributed to improving my preschoolers ability to collaborate on storytelling After reading this 51020 times it clicked for her and now we are creatingtellingweaving bedtime stories together

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    Tad's family owns a tailor shop in Brooklyn And the whole family is involved aunts uncles grandparents etc Tad has jobs too some he likes and some he doesn't They live above the shop and everyday his grandma makes them lunch After that his favorite aunt takes him to his room where they play his favorite game The Travel Game involving a globe and a picture book featuring 1001 places in the world After they determine where they will go they lok at the pictures and adventure uickly follows but usually ends somehow with Tad taking a napLovely story of a Polish American family Great geography and imagination theme throughout Pretty wordy though so not ideal for a story time but great for one on one reading time or solo reading for a 1st grader who knows what they are doing already

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    This is a wonderful tale that describes a very close Polish family with Aunts Uncles and Grandparents living together with the young boy's family; they work together eat together an help one another His aunt helps him settle down for an afternoon nap by playing the travel game where they go anywhere in the world using their imagination and a book with pictures from all over This time they go to Hong Kong and describe the things they do and see there some of them obviously untrue and just made up by his aunt It's a fun book to read aloud and the illustrations are great too

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    Cute story about a boy Tad who plays the Travel Game with his aunt They spin the globe point to a spot look it up in a book to see some photos and then make up a great adventuretraveling to that destination in their imagination What a fun way to teach geography and an appreciation for the worlds' cultures

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    So it's cute I like the idea that it is a game he plays with his aunt And it sounds like a fun game spin the globe and stick your finger down and then imagine visitingCould be a nice intro to a map unit

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    A nice local connection You can use many teachable moments when reading this book to children For example my son and I spun the globe and visited several countries We then researched the countries online

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    travel nap time tailor shop American immigrant family

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The Travel Game [PDF / EPUB] The Travel Game Tad and his aunt Hattie take an imaginary trip to Hong KongArmed with a globe an illustrated almanac and their imaginations Tad and Aunt Hattie play the travel game They ride elephants in India escape Tad and his aunt Hattie take an imaginary trip to Hong KongArmed with a globe an illustrated almanac and their imaginations Tad The Travel Kindle - and Aunt Hattie play The Travel Game They ride elephants in India escape deadly piranhas in the River and hail a water taxi to visit the beautiful boat city of Hong Kong—all without leaving the apartment above the family tailor shop in Buffalo New York This funny affectionate story is based on author John Grandits’s own childhood experiences The charming and highly detailed illustrations will keep children entranced through multiple readings and encourage them to play their own version of The Travel Game.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Travel Game
  • John Grandits
  • English
  • 02 July 2016
  • 9780618564200