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out of his league [PDF / EPUB] out of his league Catch her if he can Dr Elizabeth LaValley's life works just fine thank you very much She's a successful anesthesiologist and she's put the chaos of her youth and family behind her When hottie pitcher Catch her if he can Dr Elizabeth LaValley's life works just fine thank you very much She's a successful anesthesiologist and she's put the chaos of her youth and family behind her When hottie pitcher Jon Farell shows up in her hospital she's the only one who doesn't fawn over him Sure she feels the heat between them but being alone is safe and predictable She didn't get where she is by taking risks Jon can't get the beautiful doctor out of his head His talents on the field have always been enough for any woman But if he's going out of MOBI :ß to win Elizabeth's heart he'll have to offer her much than a wicked curveball.

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    I don't usually read Harleuin Superromances They're too long and don't have nearly enough sex But I make exceptions for uncommon stories and I'm glad I read Out of His League The sports romance isn't uncommon of course but the prickly antisocial heroine is and I really liked this exploration of an introvert figuring out how to open herself up to another person a very public person at that I really liked how long it took for the couple to admit their attraction to each other and then how it took a few false starts to get on the same page once they did All the family stuff was extraneous for me but I get that's what SRs are about so I won't criticize the book for working within its category That being said I wish there was after the final chapter and after 300 pages I probably shouldn't So a bit less family and a bit relationship detail after the resolution and this would have been a big hit for me As it was I'd give it 3755 but I'm rounding up because I love prickly heroines and the nice guys that fall in love with them Parry got that dynamic just right A couple of things rankled me but they're nitpicky and not about the story The cover photo his hair is WRONG and this isn't the first time I've made this complaint about a Harleuin Superromance Their cover art department needs a talking to In this case the hero's hair is referenced repeatedly throughout the story it's a plot point GET IT RIGHT At one point the hero talks about playing ball across the US and in Toronto Canada Harleuin is a Canadian company Their style guide should ban such references It's a world class city Enough to reference it as Toronto Or not and just say Canada But not both It's weird

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    I think the socially awkward heroine is one we can all relate to on some level Her tendency to pull away and live inside her own head made her hard to relate to at times but made her a realistic character imo I like the emotional undercurrents of the book and applaud the author for touching on them Having said that it was hard to read at times The constant push pull from the hh was irritating and I struggled to buy into their continued attraction The first time they met it made sense after that I began to uestion it In the end I was won over An emotionally compelling read if a bit hard to get into

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    I'm the author of this book I recently reread it in preparation for its rerelease later this springIt was a pleasure to be reintroduced to these two characters Dr Elizabeth LaValley is an anesthesiologist at a large Boston hospital She's introverted and bookish by nature but a difficult childhood has also caused her to be distrustful of people She's prickly and awkward in her interactionsJon Farell is naturally outgoing and gregarious He's also in a very public profession he's a pro baseball pitcher It's the off season and he's in trouble on a couple of fronts professional and personal He meets Lizzy when she's his anesthesiologist during a surgery to remove a tumor on his non pitching handTheirs is an opposite attracts romance On the surface it shouldn't work and yet it does Despite all the difficulties they bring out the best in each other and everyone around them benefits as wellI'm drawn to heartwarming stories of healing and this is one of my favorites

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    I gave this a B at AAR and wrote I’ve reviewed two other books by Ms Parry and her books continue to interest me; this is no exception At its bare bones the story seems trite a successful woman doctor meets a star baseball player in a hospital I thought I knew where this was going she’s all brains he’s all brawn but somehow they get together I was completely wrong These are two complex characters with numerous issues and problems Their mutual attraction is only part of the storyUnlike some romance readers the most important character for me is the heroine and Dr Elizabeth LaValley is difficult to like Elizabeth’s an anesthesiologist at a major hospital She chose anesthesiology because it involves only minimal interactions with patients Elizabeth wants nothing to do with most people She’s spent her adulthood building an ordered peaceful uiet life with no room for complications and messy people

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    Elizabeth LaValley is an anesthesiologist the perfect profession for someone who doesn't like to talk to patients or get pulled into their livesJon Farrell is a pro baseball pitcher needing a tumor removed from his catching hand Fearful it is cancer like what killed his mother he begs Elizabeth to tell him the outcome of the surgery as soon as he wakens When Liz isn't available when he wakes up he goes in search and finds himself talking to her nephew who'se been palmed off on her when her sister has to enter rehab for her alcoholism Jon promises the kid an autograph and delivers it in person thereby forcing Liz to acknowledge him when what she really wants is to be left alone or so she thinksBut Jon is as attracted to her as she is to him and what follows is a story rife with heartbreak and joy as well as a conclusion that will please all who love a happily ever after ending

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    This was a slow going book I was close to dnf ing it twice but I'm glad I kept going I liked the heroine and her social awkwardness and how the hero wanted to help her coming out of her shell but I think there was too much saving on both sides going on I didn't buy into their motivation why they wanted to keep seeing each other and I'm also waving a red flag for everyone who doesn't want to read about annoying kids in romance novels Borderline annoying kid in this one                  

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    I wanted to like this because I can relate to the heroine in a lot of ways But I just really didn't get the attraction I didn't understand their connection The first half of the book they were each in their own head way too much It felt cold

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    It's been 3 or 4 months since I've managed to finish a romance novel with everything I've tried failing to grab me and winding up abandoned Not this one It's not perfect but very very good 4 12 stars

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    Parry's sweet story does a nice job of portraying both Elizabeth's and Jon's insecurities and their eventual ability to triumph over them RT Book Reviews rated 4 stars

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    DNF characters motivations weren't working for me Plus I love baseball and don't need a fresher course

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