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  • Paperback
  • 250 pages
  • Charisma
  • Barbara Hall
  • English
  • 02 April 2014
  • 9781624670923

About the Author: Barbara Hall

To TV audiences she may be better known as a four time Emmy nominated writer and producer Joan of Arcadia Judging Amy and the co Executive Producer of Homeland but to avid readers she’s a novelist with published works whose imagination has been honored by numerous institutions including the American Library Association in both their Best Books and Notable Books categories.

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    I loved the TV series Joan of Arcadia so when I read that this novel by the Emmy nominated writer and producer was on sale for 199 I decided to take a chance Was I ever glad A most excellen writer and storyteller Ms Hall gives us the tale of Sarah Lange a young women suffering from PTSD who has voluntarily signed herself into a psychiatric facility She hears 'guides' voices which tell to kill herself and come 'home' We learn her story through her interactions with her psychiatrist and also his own story is gradually revealedAltogether a most satisfying book

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    Sarah Lange is self committed in a institution trying to recover from the aftershocks of a near death experience from a post traumatic attack becomes the patient of Dr David Sutton the psychiatrist helping Sarah The two main protagonists contradict and confirm each other in convoluted ways surprising them both Charisma provides cerebral vexing dialog while exploring the meaning of life PTSD spirituality spirit guides and charisms art The will to live love and devotion also approached Sarah and David see the world very differently They share different beliefs while both on a uest one known one unknown as a result the exchanges that ensue give the reader so much to consider and mull over Charisma is a page turner on matters of introspection theology and existential exploits I thought for sure Charisma would be a let down I glanced the summary and figured ugh let me see what THIS is all about BUT don't expect much I am happy to say I was wrong pleasantly pleased with this book I am woman enough to admit this was uite the brain teaser love it when a book forces one to uestion and ask poignant uestions My brain was stimulated not only by the content but the writing was very well done straightforward Everything with Charisma worked once I started I couldn't stop The premise in which Hall introduces the somewhat scholarly topics is shrewd The topics could have been weighted down and difficult to discuss bordering on boring but Hall's characters and storyline streamlined subjects and ease for dialog managed expertly Fabulous way to depart from the everyday hum drum of ordinary life Highly recommend Charisma it's good for your brain Very inspiring story from the very talented Barbara Hall A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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    Crazy people have color and imagination and the thing is some of us aren't crazy we're just rightSarah Lange is in a Rehabilitation center sizing up her psychiatrist who she knows better than he knows himself All her life Sarah has had 'Guides' that tell her things Ever since a terrible 'accident' she has had trouble turning off her guides and they are making her feel homesick homesick for Heaven that is An original tale of self discovery for patient and psychiatrist that leads down an unsuspected path This book was very refreshing I and enjoyed that it was heavy on dialogue both inner and outer; this made for well rounded and relatable characters I thought this novel was going to wrap up a little too neat and tidy for me at the end but there was a little twist that kept me smiling I would enjoy knowing what happened to the secondary characters of Kit and Willie but overall Charisma was a fast paced enjoyable readThis book was provided for free from the publisher in return for an honest review See the blog tour for this book on December 9 13 at stephaniesbookreviewsweeblycom

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    I picked up this novel because I knew of the author Barbara Hall a four time Emmy nominated writer and producer of Joan of Arcadia and Judging Amy and co executive producer of Homeland After Sarah survives a near death experience she hears heavenly voices and becomes obsessed by death and the unknowable Checking herself into a trauma center in Malibu she begins therapy sessions with a psychiatrist Dr David Sutton What ensues are discussions of the real world vs the possible one on the other side As the therapist begins to lose faith in his profession and his personal life Sarah takes an action she thinks will fix her but it endangers her once againThere is some interesting discussion between therapist and patient and their relationship impacts both of them It makes you wonder about the line between sick and normal

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    It was really great until it wasn’tI felt like on too many pages there was this contradiction it was really great until it wasn’t “Of course I already knew that but I didn’t” She did that so many times that it wasn’t just confusing it was frustrating I didn’t like or care about the characters especially when they did and then they didn’t I finished it but ho humI didn’t really careor maybe I did

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    I was intrigued because I really really liked the Joan of Arcadia series which she wrote And I did enjoy this a lot Actually wanted it to go longer But the conclusion was as it should be so there we are Read it and you will see It is a uick read

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    I loved this bookThe conversation is witty but honest as is the unfolding of Barbara Hall's characters in 'Charisma' I loved it read it all in one night

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    Great read

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    CharismaByBarbara HallBarbara Hall’s novel “Charisma” is aptly titled The heroine is named Sarah Lange and she’s a charismatic new patient at a mental institution Unlike most of her fellow guests she’s there by choice She’s come to Oceanside because the “guides”—advising voices she alone hears—have been talking to her a lot recently and she’s getting homesickHer psychiatrist is Dr David Dutton a rather staid uninteresting curmudgeon who has very little patience for spirit guides inner child issues or other such nonsense To him the brain is an organ that gets sick and it’s his duty to diagnose and cure itSomething about Sarah baffles Dr Dutton though She’s a little too calm too flip not nearly intimidated enough Odder still she seems to know things about him—private things—without him having told her These guides they’re impossible of courseright?Dr Dutton goes so far as to consult Sarah’s former counselor—one of the New Age types he loathes—and his spiritual advisor an old college friend who’s now a Jesuit priest While Dr Dutton tries to get a handle on the preposterous “guides” Sarah waltzes through Oceanside She does crafts when it’s crafts time meets her psychiatrist when it’s appointment time makes a couple friends—just being a compliant patient One friend she makes is a huge man named Willie They bond over cigarettes and art class Willie is an extraordinary artist showing a great eye for beauty and surprising sensitivity for someone so big and clumsy Willie suffers from Bipolar II and is at Oceanside for a course of Lithium and Electroconvulsive Therapy the latter of which leaves his memory with giant holes Sarah has a good feeling about Willie She senses the artist trapped inside him and she’s convinced that if she could just get him away from all the meds and shock therapy and doctors that he’d be all right againWhen Sarah stops hearing her “guides” that’s when trouble starts Sarah starts down a dangerous path that could see her injured or even killed until help arrives in the damnedest form possible“Charisma” is a good book It’s a fast read and I was uickly drawn into the story I liked the way Ms Hall set up the narrative during Sarah’s chapters we were inside her head When we followed Dr Dutton we were distant a bit colder Also I loved the interplay between the free spirited Sarah and her staid psychiatrist They say opposites attract but these two were a bit too opposite to end up together It was fun watching Sarah punch his buttons while the hapless Doctor tried to maintain his professional composure The third act is where I thought “Charisma” ran out of steam The action was fine as long as everyone was at Oceanside When the story moved beyond its borders the writing began to feel forced The climax was a little well anticlimactic but I liked the denouement where everyone ended up I thought that was especially nice “Charisma” has its flaws but for the vast majority of the time its characters—real andsupernatural? Imaginary?—hold our interest without lapsing into cliché It’s a good book for a road trip say up the California coast to Big Sur Read “Charisma” and that will make sense nb I received an advance review copy from the publisher via Edelweiss

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    Charisma is a novel about a girl named Sarah who can hear the voices of heaven She has suffered a violent attack in her apartment and been left for dead strangled She is dead for 45 minutes when paramedics revive her This begins her experience where she can hear voices which come from heaven And she has been given a near death experience that makes her want to reconnect with the place she now feels is her home She fears that she will hurt herself and she checks into a mental hospitalThere she meets Dr Sutton who doesn't believe in heaven or anything he can't uantify This begins a conversation which carries most of the book The book has extended dialogue between Sarah and Dr Sutton which while a little claustrophobic tells Sarah's story as well as displays the workings of her experience with the heavenly voicesThe novel is a humorous and enlightening read on the deepest issues of existence and as Barbara Hall has dealt with the issues in her previous novels and the TV show Joan of Arcadia she is masterfully adept here a building characters and realities that make the reader uestion his own character and reality

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