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    This is a wonderful and sweet story that will warm your heart It has some Christian values but does not preach It is so refreshing to read such a nice love story that is clean You can read this thoroughly enjoy it and then let your teenager read it without worrying

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    I really enjoyed this sweet and sassy story It was exactly what I was looking for in a listen The pace was nice and steady from the beginning and the author's ability to tap into the very emotions of each character and translate the intensity of those emotions to the reader was impressive I was able to follow the struggle Martin went through trying to do the right thing even when his emotions were screaming for him to follow after his attraction to someone other than the woman he lives withI liked the author's writing style and the firm clear message she set forth from the beginning

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    MAID FOR MARTIN is the first in Samantha Lovern's California love trilogy seriesRandi Sanders is employed by an agency that provides temporary maids to the rich and famous She is their most trusted employee because she treats the clients with respect doesn’t fawn and works hard Randi keeps the temptation to be awed at bay by avoiding films TV and the media and therefore doesn’t have a clue who most of the clients are Martin Taylor is the latest Drop dead gorgeous up and coming film star in a going nowhere relationship and a fast deteriorating situation he can’t avoid—Christmas and New Year with his and his girlfriend’s families Randi is hired for the 10 day period and spends most of those days believing Martin is the chauffeur Mike and of course falls for him big timeThe scenario is totally implausible but the author gets away with it and had my admiration for doing so It’s her deft handling that makes the story believable She keeps you hanging for pretty well the whole book and believe me I was hanging Approaching conflict begins right at the outset With every page turned I expected the denouement but I was kept waiting and waiting It certainly got me inThe story is told from third person multiple points of view It’s mostly from Randi and Martin’s perspectives but other major characters also make themselves heard The language style is a little different—I think it’s the author’s Southern roots making themselves heard—and it added to rather than detracted from the overall There’s plenty of realistic dialogue that drives the story alongAs well as paperback and ebook editions this book is also available in audiobook format I listened to the sample chapter and was impressed with the uality of narration The author obviously used a professional and it showsSamantha Lovern also writes under the name of Samantha Fury

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    “Maid for Martin” is a sweet little story that shares positive values It don’t necessarily have to be Christian values but whatever you believe to be morally right and good It’s done in a nice way and doesn’t feel preachy as some books do I read this story at a fast pace as I was anxious to know what was going to happen next Kind of like a good fairytale mixed with a bit of suspense Good family values is something that gets overlooked these days but I think it really needs to be shared oftenThis is a well written story that was engaging with a plot line that was an entertaining roller coaster ride It was easy to get absorbed into the story with all the ups and downs I was entertained all the way through and crossing my fingers for a positive “fairytale” outcome

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    I really liked the whole plot of this book But for some reason I just couldn't seem to get into it and stay for too long I finished several other books in the process of reading this book Over all it was a good book with good character development I would read from this author in the future

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    A somewhat predictable love story about a maid who has no idea she is dating the owner of the house the movie star Martin Taylor Its complicated since he also has a live in girlfriend who invited both families out for the holidays Great for a uick read especially if you are a fan of ridiculouscheesy love stories like I am

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    I had the priviledge of reading this story as it was being written by the author I enjoyed it SOOO much It has a clean sweet love story with a twist that will keep you wanting I hope she writes another one so I can see what happens next

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    EnjoyableSamantha Lovern definitely can write a thoroughly enjoyable and captivating romance The characters were realistic and the story was well written I definitely recommend this book

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    When Randi mistakes Martin for the chauffeur it is a totally believable mistake You can’t help but keep turning the pages as you wait to see how long can Martin can keep up his deception I enjoyed reading Maid for Martin and am looking forward to the next book in the series

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    A must ReadLoved this I highly recommend reading this trilogy Each book are great reads I didn’t want to stop reading until I finished it

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Maid for Martin (California Love Trilogy #1) [PDF / EPUB] Maid for Martin (California Love Trilogy #1) Martin Taylor is having issues with his live in love Celia Carson She’s not supporting his acting career and the upcoming Christmas party is stressing their relationship to a point of no return On t Martin Taylor is having issues with his live in love Celia Carson She’s not supporting his acting career and the upcoming Christmas party is stressing their relationship to a point of no return On top of Maid for PDF or everything else he’s falling for the maid Randi Sanders Martin’s timing is always off he never thinks things through and to make matters worse Randi has no idea he’s really Martin Taylor She thinks he’s the limo driver He hates to come forward with the truth because Randi’s making him feel like he hasn’t felt in years Randi Sanders has landed a position that will make missing the Christmas Holiday with her family worth it’s weight in gold It’s a dream job working as a live in maid for the wealthy Hollywood star Marin Taylor She’s been warned that the lady of the house is jealous and to stay away from Mr Taylor but no one said anything about the handsome limo driver When Martin and Celia’s family starts arriving Martin struggles to keep Randi from learning the truth He may hide things for a while but soon someone will see through his antics and he’ll be forced to face the truth he’s been denying Is Randi the real thing or just an illusion of what he hopes to have someday Is she a woman who wants Martin Taylor for the things his acting career can provide or is she a woman that will want him for the man he has become.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 306 pages
  • Maid for Martin (California Love Trilogy #1)
  • Samantha Lovern
  • English
  • 08 September 2014