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Blood Marriage [PDF / EPUB] Blood Marriage London 1813Elizabeth is dying of the same disease that has decimated her entire family When a late night walk with a mysterious stranger leads to marriage she suddenly finds herself in as much danger London Elizabeth is dying of the same disease that has decimated her entire family When a late night walk with a mysterious stranger leads to marriage she suddenly finds herself in as much danger of losing her heart as her life At turns fascinated and frightened by the man she has married Elizabeth suspects her husband is hiding a dark secret Still when he’s accused of a series of vampire style killings she finds it hard to believe him a murderer As the evidence mounts against him and friends and relatives die Elizabeth must decide who to believe and whether to follow her head or her heart.

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    I picked up this book while it was free and to be uite honest I would pay the 299 I started this book at 8 in the morning and I actually just finished it a few minutes ago at250 PM I could NOT put it down I had to keep going I had to find out what happened The characters are amazing It's hard to select a favorite because I truly enjoyed them all; but we'll go with a close running between Sebastian and The Duke I love vampire stories and to me this writer gave me a mix of RL Stine meets Anne Rice I was absolutely in love with this book and I look forward to reading by the author The pink roses are especially beautiful this year 3

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    I really loved this book It was a complete treat a standalone novel that delivered the dénouement promised by the delightful opening The characters were well drawn sympathetic and interesting The villains were disgusting frightening and powerful The threat was believably high making it easy to invest in the outcome The language was rich and evocative without being too high brow or pretentious And while I would gladly read another book in this world this tale was told completely in this volume which is a refreshing change these days The only thing I would have liked voyeur that I am is a firsthand account of the lovemaking session that included the third bite between our protagonists Thanks Ms Richards for such a good book It was pure pleasure to read it

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was great Loved the story loved the setting loved the execution the characters and all the details And it's a shame that this gothic page turner has such terrible cover and silly title Yes this book is about vampires No it has nothing to do with Twilight And it's not a stereotypical vampire story Regina Richards created very interesting creatures with their own rules and clans and abilities Blood Marriage was filled with a lot of suspense action humour romance the love wasn't instant and such an interesting set of characters I loved all them they were well written and just simply wonderful Elizabeth wasn't an idiotic self centered brat she was a strong smart and lovable person She was like a breath of fresh air The secondary characters were just as intriguing as the key figures and Dr Bergen uickly became a favorite of mine Oh Dr Bergen What a truly interesting character He was witty and gentle there was always a hint of mischief in his eyes He always smiled but deep down inside he was sad and broken I enjoyed every scene with him Moreover he had curly hair and I have a thing for curly hair haha It would be great to have a book or a short story with him as a main character I want to know about himAs for the writing style it was enjoyable The language was rich varied and descriptive It wasn't boring at allI wish there was a print edition I would love to place it on my bookshelf Highly recommended

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    Blood Marriage by Regina RichardsThis review may contain spoilersI downloaded this book during its free promotion on It seemed like a good murder mystery novel and I did like it It was fast paced there was always something happening but not too fast where it was all just action and no real plot There was a lot of confusion in the first half on how everyone was connected and I was just as confused as Elizabeth Though that’s how it’s supposed to be in a mystery novel where the mystery is set in the beginning of the book to be unraveled bit by bit this beginning was too confusing; so much so that it was a distraction from the overall story There was too much going on weird convos between Doc Priest and Devlin randomness with Randall and Lucy battles in the middle of the night and not enough explanations Every time some uestions are about to be answered something else came up how convenient In the second half even though Lizzie was not getting her answers enough explanations were finally given to the readers; we knew what was going on plot was still moving along and we were no longer kept in the dark It seemed like an actionmurder mysteryhorror movie I liked Elizabeth Even though she was put in the damsel in distress position multiple times she wasn’t passive waiting to be rescued; she kicked demon vampire amultiple aes to be exact However I really hated Harriet’s character She seemed like the typical stepsister to Elizabeth’s Cinderella It was too stereotyped and got to be really annoying Also I didn’t really mind Devlin I get the Vampire with a Heart thing but did he really have to be a monster less monster? He doesn’t do anything bad He’s a demon hunter who heals people in exchange for sucking their blood ie a vampire you can take home to meet your daddy

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    Blood Marriage reads like I'm watching one of those great old 1930s black and white gothichorror movies yet it also reads like a resonant regency romance novel too It's unlike anything I've read before I love itI also love that even though Elizabeth is attracted to Nicholas she also doesn't just roll over and believe everything he tells her to like a good little wife She has spirit and goes out to discover just exactly what is going on even though the truth is pretty horrificbut wow what a non stop ride

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    I was pleasantly surprised by this book This is a different take on vampires Ms Richards is a very good storyteller immersing you in the emotions that the characters are feeling Anxiety fear love irritation I felt them all All in all a very good read

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    WarningMay Contain SpoilersI downloaded this because of a free promotion and I'm glad I did It started off as a stereotypical vampire story and my first thought was oh no but it uickly picked up There were several characters in the beginning that the reader knew connected with each other but it was not entirely clear how until about 60% of the way through the book the way a mystery novel should be The reader is slowly pulled along with Elizabeth feeling all of her emotions and thoughts One tell tale sign of a well written book is that you think back to the beginning and realize how far you've come by how your emotions thoughts and actions have changed just like the characters' emotions thoughts and actions haveMy only 2 complaints were 1 the character of Leo was not fully explained Sure he's Nicholas's friend and it becomes obvious that they each know what the other is but Leo is never fully developed Does his wife ever find out what he is and how does she deal with it? I'd like to know how they knew each other and how they came to discover the other person's abilities and 2 Once the police find out that the characters they hunt aresupernatural they just go about their lives and jobs as if nothing happened I'd like to have read that they at least discuss itOverall I really enjoyed it It was not a typical vampire story thankfully it was NOTHING like Twilight but it was than entertaining It had an element of romance without being overbearing I'm so not a romance fan and exciting with a few fight scenes thrown in I highly recommend

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    I initially struggled to get into this book after the first few chapters the story gets interesting the plot and characters better developed and you finally get engrossed in the storyI did like Elizabeth's character she's strong and proud with no illusions it did take me some time to warm to Nicholas Devlin though The secondary characters in the story are very interesting and well portrayed the mysterious Dr Bergen whose story I am most curious to read and the very sweet Amanda and Mr Fosse add some very good humour to the book My four star rating is for a well written story although slow in the beginning well developed characters a good plot a good combination of action suspense humour and romance Above all a well edited book without spelling mistakes misuse of words and without typosIn the end I truly enjoyed Blood Marriage and yes I will continue to read books by Regina Richards

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    A really great first half really engaging and different I loved the paranormal historical story line Characters where interesting and varied explored the personality and traits of each one However the second half felt flat and almost boring I couldn't finish it So disappointed it had the potential to be one of my best reads of the year

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    Please ignore the dumb book cover and silly title This was a cool vampiremurder mysterygothic horrorregency romance with a fast pace engaging characters and good writing I usually avoid vampire books even though I like them but I really enjoyed this I'd be delighted to see another book about Sebastian going to Egypt finding Nicholas's sister Sebastian was a favorite character

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