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The Australians [PDF / EPUB] The Australians US General Douglas MacArthur on the Australians fighting on the Kokoda Track 1942 Operations reports show that progress on the trail is NOT repeat NOT satisfactory To which Major General AS Allen draf US General Douglas MacArthur on The Australians fighting on the Kokoda Track Operations reports show that progress on the trail is NOT repeat NOT satisfactory To which Major General AS Allen drafted this reply If you think you can do any better come up and bloody try Is there an Australian national character What are its distinguishing features Over the years how have insiders and outsiders summed up this country and its people and how have Australians responded to outside criticism In The Australians John Hirst gathers together the key assessments of the national character on topics as diverse as sport war mateship humour put downs suburbia and going native There is celebration and criticism There is humour and insight There is the difference between what Australians think of themselves and what they are really like Contributors include Winston Churchill Ned Kelly Tim Flannery Henry Lawson Peter Cosgrove Germaine Greer Charles Darwin Charles Dickens Captain James Cook David Malouf Mark Twain HG Wells Patrick White Oscar Wilde and Tim Winton This is the most democratic place I have ever been in And the I see of democracy the I dislike it DH Lawrence.

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    Well chosen engaging extracts on Australian ness spanning centuries and continents Together they have uite an impact and somewhere between them all emerges a dim outline of national character Ultimately unpersuasive as an argument for what that might be; nonetheless I found the selections thought provoking resonant and sometimes deeply affective

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    I read this to gain an insight into how Australia and the Australian identity are constructed both domestically and abroad which I guess I did But I found the book overly sentimental and totally essentialist around nationalism and indigenous relations and one that was overly male by default to boot the bush man larrikinism etc

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    For anyone studying or interested in how Australia has been defined by what people have written about it Some really interesting extracts that asks a lot of uestions about our national identity and how it has changed since colonisation Although Hirst doesn't really take a stand or show his opinions just reports on what others have said

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    The author uses old poems and stories to weave an Australian nationalist mythology It's the antithesis of what history should be

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    collection of essays an articles on the Australian character; I found some interesting others not so much

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