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A Voice for the Dead [PDF / EPUB] A Voice for the Dead In the midst of his distinguished law school career James Starrs made an extraordinary leap into the politically fraught physically arduous business of actually exhuming bodies to solve cold cases tha In the midst for the eBook ↠ of his distinguished law school career James Starrs made an extraordinary leap into the politically fraught physically arduous business of actually exhuming bodies to solve cold cases that have defied answers for years Helped by cutting edge technology as well as the forensic science he had been teaching for A Voice eBook ô decades he has made important discoveries These fascinating revelations are dramatically chronicled in A Voice for the Dead Starrs's passionate intention is to set the record straight to right the wrongs done by tall tales and cover ups by even the most cherished historical legends Among the high profile cases he writes about Voice for the eBook ¸ are Jesse James are the remains buried in his purported grave really Jesse's Mary Sullivan was she as supposed a victim of Albert DeSalvo who confessed perhaps falsely to being the Boston Strangler And the Cold War government scientist who fell to his death from a high floor of a New York hotel did he jump or was he pushed.

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    “A forensic investigator’s pursuit of the truth in the grave” concerns digging up famous corpses to investigate how they really died Since I was a child I’ve been graveyard obsessed but not in a Jeffrey Dahmer way I swear so this kind of book is like catnip It is however the worst written book in the world Just awful Starrs is by turns preening obnoxious and vain His prose displays an almost unbelievable capacity for cliché When not indulging in cliché he shares pointless side stories about such things as how smart his grandson is Starrs is a lawyer Why is it lawyers have become the worst writers in the world when they used to be among the best Wallace Stevens comes to mind? What is dismaying to find out is that Starrs doesn’t do anything with the investigations beyond the legal wrangling to open up the crypts The scientists doing the actual “investigating” and the work they do are mentioned in a few sketchy paragraphs Then it’s back to Starr’s contemptuous cliché ruddled accounts of encounters with uncooperative cemetery operators and skeptical family members and crappy politicians and how smart his grandson is Despite all of this there were moments of interesting to me information about how the Donner Party Jesse James etc died But what an unpleasant slog it takes to get there It’s like sitting on a stool next to the most boring guy in the most boring bar in the world The cheesy jocularity the shameless boasting the predictable hackneyed string of words

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    I can honestly say this was a horrible book It felt like a CSI kids book that tries to impress you by using big words with little relevant content I hate to say this but I felt bored with it The author held grudges against people who disagreed with him and seems to have felt that this book would be a great forum to express his opinion that only his view can be correct If you are interested in forensic science the work by Bill Bass Jon Jefferson Book entitled Death's Acre Inside the Legendary Body Farm is of much higher uality I wouldn't waste my time reading this book Anything you could find on the shelf would be a better read

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    This book is like 2 12 stars for me I liked the stories inspite of the author I really enjoy true crime and the stories in this book are fascinating I found the author a bit wordy and he came off to me a bit smitten with himself

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    Interesting how much can be learned from the bones of the dead

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    Wasn't crazy about it in the very beginning but came around learned uite a bit

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    I am uite sure that should I ever have the chance to hear the author speak that one of the following would occur;1 He would be as long winded as his writing style or2 He might prove to be interesting that he comes across in his writingsThe stories were fascinating but a bit long winded in parts often clothed in what I perceived to be some sort of self aggrandizement I kept being reminded of the Hemingway followers who go to the running of the bulls grow a beard and end up trying to look like Ol' Papa H himselfI think the best thing I can say is that I did not hate the book for a topic I find fascinating I only liked it enough

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    I really enjoyed Dr Starr's book and the cases he presents especially the Boston Strangler case However the main thing that I did not like about the book is that he would use these large words that I didn't know what they meant and I read a lot Granted I could have looked them up but I feel that this not only wastes my energies and takes away from the flow of the book if I have to stop and look up a word He also uses Latin words that he doesn't define expecting the readers to know what they mean and I would take a hazard to guess that most wouldn't

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    While the topic is fascinating Starrs doesn't really write for the lay reader He sprinkles terms into his writing without explaining them possibly assuming anyone reading his book will already be familiar with themI've given up on this book 50 pages in The fascinating parts are buried under the academic prose and the attempt at humor Verdict perfect if you are a die hard fan of the topic but not for your average Joe

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    ContentsIntroduction Desiderata for an Exhumation1 Alfred G Packer The Colorado Cannibal with aConscience2 Carl Austin Weiss MD He Died in Marble Halls3 Frank Olson The Man Who Fell Thirteen Stories4 Jesse James The Houdini of Western Outlaws5 Mary A Sullivan She Was Just Nineteen6 The Unheard of Voices of the DeadSelected Bibliography by ChapterIndex

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    Very interesting to learn about the history of persons exhumed why they were exhumed and the results of exhumation It was difficult to get through the last chapter The author just rambled on a bit too much

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