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Was God on Vacation? Second Ed [PDF / EPUB] Was God on Vacation? Second Ed A World War II autobiography of a Dutch youth during the years 1940 1947 An extraordinary account that follows the author through the invasion of the Netherlands home life under the Nazis Buchenwald d A World War II on Vacation? Kindle Ò autobiography of a Dutch youth during the years An extraordinary account that follows the author through the invasion of the Netherlands home life under the Nazis Buchenwald death camp and escape the French Underground D Day with the American st Airborne Division the liberation of France and service in the Dutch Marines in the Asian campaign A book that would not have been written if some had not been teaching Was God Kindle - the Holocaust had not occurred.

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    I can’t uite put my finger on it but something about this autobiography bothered me I’m not even sure what it is exactly Perhaps it was just mixed up memories Perhaps the author had a hard time mixing the historical narrative with Jack’s story But it just didn’t feel right For example in Chapter 15 he talks about being part of the 101st Airborne on D Day He claims that he jumped onto a bunker on Utah beach and saw the troops landing on the beach Then he claims he took the bunker out before being wounded Only the 101st didn’t jump onto the beach They didn’t jump after light The gliders came in after dawn See what I mean? It just doesn’t add up That wasn’t the only thing Less than a month after escaping from Buchenwald he walks 260 miles n 10 12 days It’s written as a first person narrative with no indication of when they are adding info from other sources There is a bibliography in the back but there isn’t anything in the text to tell you when these sources are being uoted so that’s a bit odd I just don’t know I’ve read other incredible stories of people doing impossible things during the war I just don’t know what to make of this one It seems rather slapped together and not all that well either I can’t recommend it for that reason and the numerous instances of cursing There is a rather tepid acknowledgment of a very vague god It was certainly not a god of any power or love It was not the God of the Bible Of course that sort of God doesn’t affect his life in any way It’s rather sad There was no hope One of the sources uoted was the Hiding Place Please read that instead

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    A true story which is raw and heartbreaking but very powerful I am fortunate to have met Mr Van Der Geest My book is signed like many Enjoy your freedom I think everyone should read this book for 2 reasons 1you will surely appreciate what you have in life and 2 importantly you will never forget it forever conscious that war and fear can result in the most terrible actsThanks to Jack for sharing his story with us

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    Jack is just a little older than my Dutch grandmother Sonja She was in Holland during WWII and talks about going thru one experience Jack mentions being hungry all the time Jack worked with the resistance yet was turned into the Germans based on a false report by a spiteful neighbor Jack and his parents were both sent to concentration camps as political prisoners Jack talks about his terrifying experiences there and his plans on escaping along with further adventures helping the French underground helping escaping Air Force members back to England jumping with the 101 paratroopers on D Day moving into Holland freeing them from German occupation and then being sent back to America to train as a member of the Dutch Marines He served briefly in the Indies and then did he find any of his family alive? I'll let future readers find out Jack emigrated to America He never never never talked to people about his experiences in the concentration camp in his new life Until many years afterwords when he heard about a teacher telling their students the holocaust never happened Then he knew he needed to speak up and tell his story and join it into all the others who have told their story so we can all know the holocaust really happened Tyranny won for a while and millions suffered and died as a result It can happen again The author signed the copy I found Enjoy your freedom Jack

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    I read this book when I was in 8th grade and was fascinated with this gentlemen's experience The story is very sad but what WWII story isn't? I had the opportunity to see this man speak and loved it What a great individual and a great account of his experience

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    Unbelieveableexcept that my husband and I got to meet this man because he was a friend of Rich's parents He died recently but what an amazing life he lead details of the book come back to me at random times and stop me in my tracks

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    My absolute favorite book on the planet

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    This book is something that I feel should be read in every middle school class It shows the effects of the Holocaust from a first person view and isn't something that should be glossed over

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    A Fantastic story

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    Jack Van Der Geest writes a compelling story of loss hope and love Readers should find themselves pulled into the story of Van Der Geest's struggles to survive in horrific conditions his recovery and resistance to those who had caused such anuish My book is signed Enjoy your Freedom and thinking about what Mr Van Der Geest went through made my eyes well up with tears We should never forget and Mr Van Der Geest's book will definitely allow for generations of readers to know how important learning about your history is I must add in this review that I had the distinct pleasure of hearing Mr Van Der Geest speak He told many of thes stories in the book including how he got the Nazi boots which he places on a table for you to see He was an amazing individual to listen to and the book just further verifies the power of his will A definite must read

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    In my opinion I believe every middle school student or younger should read the book Was God On Vacation By reading this book you better understand what truly went on in the Concentration Camps during the Holocaust There's good details that make you want to keep reading However at some points you just want to put the book down because there's disturbing details that Jack had do endure and go through He had to perform many experiments on prisoners for the Nazi he even saw a hungry man eat a dead man's liver During the Holocaust Jack has no family members to be comforted by and he has nobody to help him get through the horrors of the Concentration camp Good news is Jack escapes to Freedom and he writes down his experiences during this horrible time period In conclusion this book is good nonfiction book

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