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  • 17 January 2014
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    I'm going to resist listing all of the Egon Schiele Books I've read because really the guy died at 28 there isn't too much to report about his career All the books pretty much say the same thing However what little they have is enough to prove this guy was beyond his contemporaries Excellent draftsman superb eye for form from a new perspective at that time period his art is evocative and risué He lived 100 years ago and his art can still pass as modern as well as his hair styleno joke check him out

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    The text is turgid and I had no interest in reading it The pictures are wonderful and include many that I had never seen and which are not apparently very commonly discussed This one in particular Child with Nimbus in a Meadow of Flowers 1909 reminds me of HiroshimaKind mit Nimbus auf einer Blumenwiese 1909

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    Well I like Egon Schiele very very very much but that doesn't necessarily makes this book great I thought it was overly difficult it went all over the place at times I felt like the author got slightly sidetracked at times What I don't really understand about the Taschen books in general why put the paintings that you talk about not on the same page? And also why include paintings you don't talk about and not include those that are discussed? But Schiele's paintings are interesting a lot of the information was new to me and the layout of the book was gorgeous

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    This book inspired me to teach a class on art to elementary students The class was so controversial I was asked to never come back Mission acomplished It was the first time these kids paid any attention in an artclass Egon Schiele's art does that in all of us Bravo Egon Makes Ugly into utter beauty

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    Schiele's art had recently come to my attention through a few cosmic coincidences First I read Llosa's The Notebooks of Don Rigoberto which predominately features Schiele's life and works then I realized he was one of my sister's favorite artists and so spent time looking at a book of his drawings and finally I saw a few of his paintings in person at the Neue Gallery in NYC So finding his life and art fascinating I decided to pick up this book The book contains a number of excellent reproductions of Schiele's art spanning his lifetime and including his drawings paintings and landscapes Steiner's writing is excellent and he provides a good mix of biographical information and analysis of the artwork It is a uick read you can finish it in a few hours and then ponder the art with the new knowledge gained from the work There are other books that better exhibit Schiele's art through larger and freuent pictures but this book serves as a good introduction to his work I was looking for a book that explored his life and art had great pictures covered his entire career and was inexpensive and this book meets all of those ualificationsMy only criticism would be that sometimes Steiner discusses other authors and artists that may have influenced Schiele's work without offering any proof that they did so But to be fair he admits when there is no direct evidence of such an influence and I guess conjecture is half the fun of art historians' research so this is a minor uibble Also I don't necessarily agree with all of his interpretations of the art but his arguments are well articulated and interesting even if I do not agree A nice analysis of Schiele's life and art with a good offering of pictures

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    Taschen biography and review of Schiele's life and painting There seems to be little in the way of biography of this outstanding painter who died tragically young in the 1918 Influenza epidemic He was truly a genius and a favourite of mine

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    Great book Pulled me in

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    The author seemed to lose himself in overwordy sentences about aspects of society that barely had anything to do with Schiele in the first place Despite that it is always interesting to read someone elses thoughts about your favourite artist so it remained an overall pleasing read I didn't learn many new thing but perhaps because I have read so much about him already The book has gorgeous reproductions of course and the edition is lovely although if I were to purchase it myself I would get a harcover My copy which is from my local library so god know how old it is and how many hands it has had on it is starting to lose it's pages

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    45 ✨ Such an inspiring and uniue artist Gone too soon

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Egon Schiele[PDF / EPUB] Egon Schiele Egon Schiele 1890 1918 along with Oskar Kokoschka is the painter who had the most long lasting influence on the Vienna art scene after the great era of Klimt came to a close After a short flirtation w Egon Schiele along with Oskar Kokoschka is the painter who had the most long lasting influence on the Vienna art scene after the great era of Klimt came to a close After a short flirtation with Klimt's style Schiele soon uestioned the aesthetic orientation to the beautiful surface of the Viennese Art Nouveau with his rough and not easily accessible paintings Many contemporaries found his expressive nudes and self portraits with their strange movements and morbid colours to be ugly and even morally objectionable criticism which culminated in criminalizing the painter as obscene and resulted in in an indictment and short jail sentence However not even his harshest critics could dispute however the artist's extraordinary drawing talent.