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Under Pressure [PDF / EPUB] Under Pressure Jason MacBain is the perfect agent Tall dark and deadly he is a man who lives by simple rules kill the bad guys and protect the world Closed off from his emotions Jason has never believed in love and Jason MacBain is the perfect agent Tall dark and deadly he is a man who lives by simple rules kill the bad guys and protect the world Closed off from his emotions Jason has never believed in love and doesn't need anyone But all that changes the night he meets Bella Moretti Isabella Moretti is a famous chef struggling to reclaim her life after she survives a vicious attack Moving back to Chicago to recover and be closer to her family Bella meets Jason and is frightened by the passion he stirs inside her But now that Jason has found Bella he is determined to claim her as his And when her stalker reappears Jason is Under Pressure to gain her trust find a way to keep her safe and do whatever it takes to end the threat to her for good Bella is forced to trust Jason with her safety but does she dare trust him with her heart A Siren Erotic Romance.

  • Paperback
  • 218 pages
  • Under Pressure
  • Laurie Roma
  • English
  • 04 January 2015
  • 9781622421008

About the Author: Laurie Roma

Laurie Roma mainly writes contemporary romantic suspense and sci fi romance She can usually be found tapping away on her keyboard creating worlds for her characters while she listens to music Of course her playlist depends on her moodbut then again so does her writing She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at laurieromabooksgmailcom.

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    This review was originally posted on Books of My HeartReview copy was received from Publisher This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review25 starsUnder Pressure is romance than anything else but it suffered from a case of insta love with a little alpha male overload  Don’t get me wrong I really like alpha males most of the time However the constant reiteration that Isabella was Jason’s and him getting jealous over EVERY man in her life was a bit OTT for meThere are some decent things going on in this story  I liked Isabella for the most part She has been through a traumatic experience and is trying to take her life back  When she meets Jason he is an absolutely beautiful specimen of a man but then he talks and is a complete jerkface Still after a single exchange he likes the stunning woman before him and talks her into going home with him for a night of passion  He just didn’t expect Isabella to run out right after the first round of what was going to be many in Jason’s mindIsabella is hiding from a stalker one that almost killed her the last time she saw him  I really wish there was a little play on this part of the story The stalker seems really smart and so intense in his feeling for the object of his affection  For most of the story the stalker is kinda an afterthought I thought there could have been a little page time for this part of the story Jason’s agency seemed really cool too but it was off to the side and we really didn’t see the men doing much action well except guarding Isabella  I did enjoy the cooking stuff in the book those were some of my favorite momentsI didn’t really like the way Jason and Isabella were all of a sudden together and committed to each other like they’d been together for months or years after barely meeting  He calls her love all the time and she spends a ton of time sitting in his lap It was just not my kind of love story I like alpha males a lot most of the time but something about Jason just rubbed me wrong and I never connected with him  I thought some of the other potential couples sounded interesting  Laurie Roma introduced about four potential new couples for spin off books  I’m just not sure I like her writing style I think it will be hit or miss for most  No offense to her since I love Kristen Ashley and she is hit or miss for everyone too     Narration Jillian Macie is a new to me narrator  Overall I think her performance was about average  She did well with the material given to her I never got lost in the story but I think that was due to content She made all the characters sound uniue  I listened to this audiobook at my normal 15x speedListen to a clip  HERE

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    The most highlight of this book were the brothers of the heroine Literally there was so much testosterone in the air you had to cut it with a knife When the heroine their sister was threatened they switch to a very alpha protective mood and it was so entertaining watching them going at each other when her life was in danger or at the Hero not to mess with herotherwise there would be a hefty price to pay MY GOD give me some of these brothers in real life all that love for her and protectiveness I was mesmerised The Hero could be called the samevery OTTA ALPHA POSSESSIVE JEALOUS AND PROTECTIVEso imagine all of them going at each other? Absolute craziness But I loved every minute of it Another thing I like was the fact the Hero was not a big manwhoreyes he enjoyed women from time to time but I had not detected him being a manwhorethere were no excess and no mentioning of his sexual experiences thus there was one moment that took 1 star from me He was thinking about his experience with women whilst being in the shower with the heroine that he has never really done that with anyone apart from the heroineyes he had sex in the shower but with the heroine it was completely different and he showed her so much care and affection that he did not with OW's I still don't appreciate him thinking about his past Not cool Moving on I was a bit disappointed with the heroineshe was really lovely and likeable up to the point when she met other agents that also worked for the Hero She was blatantly checking them out in front of the Hero and when shortly after her male friend appeared he kissed her full on the lip and that really upset the hero I mean he was her friend but she allowed him to kiss her on the lip? Isn't this a bit too much? I just did not liked that sort of thing but eually the hero was 100% devoted to the heroine from the moment he set his eyes on her He was very loving and affectionate and possessive so for that and the brothers it will be 3 starsit could have been if not for the minor thing that would probably not bother others but they bothered me enough to drop a star

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    Such a great readUnder Pressure is the story of Jason and BellaMeeting on a chance encounter Bella a chef who's just escaped from a tragedy which changed her life meets the head of the IAD Security Agency Jason and its insta spark Even though there's initial misunderstanding they give into their passions and after just a minor glitch fall head over heels for one anotherIf you like mild angst an OTT crazy protective alpha hero and heroines with a tragic past this story is for youThe secondary characters are all intriguing and make you look forward to rest of the seriesIt was really enjoyable hot and the serial stalker was creepy enough for you to root for his death And there's batterReally enjoyed this oneSafe4255

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    Jason MacBain is used to being known as cold and unfeeling his life dictated it as a former MI5 agent and now leader of IAD in Chicago When Isabella Moretti bumps into him she apologizes but Jason's blank face and stiff exterior has her fiery temper coming out One cataclysmic meeting leads to Jason wanting from Isabella but first he has to find her Uncovering her traumatic past has Jason doing everything in his power to protect her but her stalker seems intent on finding her again despite all the extra protection Gripping story Jason is pure alpha male Lots of characters that could lead to future books for sure Isabella is delightful she is temperamental but also you have a soft side that Jason is determined to protect Excellent start to a new series

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    350 40 RATING For readers like me that love a damsel in distress and a capable sexy hero that falls hardUnder Pressure is an enjoyable read The hero's actually going on my best boyfriend list Once he meets the heroine he never looks back The writing was good and it was definitely steamy The only drawback was a bit of cheesiness and predictability coupled with some over the top suspense all which caused some eye rolling Just minor things to be fair Overall I'm glad I read this book plan to read the other books in the series I didn't mind paying the 470 price but wish the title could be loaned

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    ♫ I just found another amazing author to read ♫

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    Bella broke my heart with what she had to go through and I admit to not seeing her revelation coming It was dark and twisted but she was strong enough to survive it and still move on She also has a great support system that is made up by her big loving family with three insanely protective big brothers and a close knit group of friends When she meets Mac Bella can’t deny the instant attraction she feels for the big guy After the last year she never thought she’d feel this way again so she throws caution to the wind and spends a crazy hot night with him Only things really did come to a head too uickly for her peace of mind and Bella ends up running away before she can really explore the wild connect she had with Mac But this is a romance so of course the two leading MCs find each other again and that’s where the story really takes off I loved that Mac was such a softie for Bella He was a total badass with everyone else but when it came to Bella he dropped his guard bared his heart and staked his claim right from the start It’s hard to fall for a guy that is so ready to devote himself to the woman he’s given his heart too Mac is one of the sweetest most kick ass alpha book boyfriend’s in romancelandia Just saying The crazy psychotic stalker from Bella’s past does turn up to try and ruin her again but this time around Bella is prepared and with some many friends and family at her back the outcome is pretty obvious for this guy I really did enjoy reading this one There were parts in the story that felt repetitive and too wordy but it didn’t detract from the story and there are so many potential couples for future books that I’m definitely looking forward to reading by this author Memorable Moments Their meet cute was of a meet instantly combust moment Their sizzling chemistry was definitely on point for these two And then there’s the epic epilogue It was sweet steamy and left me with a goofy happy smile on my face Would I recommend? It was a really good read and has tons of potential MCs for future books SAFETY INFO view spoilerAges Isabella aka Bella is 29 and Jason aka Mac is 37Cheating None OMOW drama Not the jealousy type of OM drama Bella has a stalker who is obsessed with her This brings out all those yummy alpha protector instincts in our HeroSeparation After their spontaneous one night stand Bella does panic a bit and runs out They are apart for a few days maybe a week before they see each other again they become inseparablePushPull None Main Pursuer of relationship Mac is definitely the main pursuer He stakes his claim really early on wink winkPossible Triggers rape heroine off page a year ago abduction on page heroine age difference – Hero is 8 years older than the heroine There is also a stalker insta love dirty talk and sex without birth control surprise babyHEAHFN Ends on a HEA and a very cute epilogue hide spoiler

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    This was alittle hard for me to rate i was going back and forth between a 3 star and a 35 star lol Mentioning this above their is a chapter of the assault Isabella went through It doesn't show the rape but it shows leading up to it brother mentioned she was raped by the stalker i liked this book but there was something bugging me i believe it was the sorta 3rd pov? That's what annoyed me lol another thing the kiss on the lips by the guy best friend idc if your french jason should have punched him Isabella girl is slowly rebuilding her life since a assult happened to her a year ago and with a support group like her family and friends she's slowly getting her life back One night she runs into Jason who is sorta stiff and sorta coldish But they have a spark and well they go home together after that dirty kinda one night made Jason want to find bella and he does little does he know he's sorta friends with her three over protective brothers there is looottt of male testosterone i swear lol there was alottt of charas introduce in this book i did lose count how many guys i think i loved jason then Bella idk why it just felt love for Jason Maybe it was the fact also bella kept the view spoilerbaby a secert for days hide spoiler

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    25 starsI read Hammer's Fall by this author and really liked it so I searched up some of her other books This book was uick sweet read Nothing ground breaking just a comfort read Pros I liked the author's writing style The H was a possessive alpha who's tough and mean until he meets the h and then he's as sweet as can be I always find that I like that formula in my romance books It was a simple predictable read I don't have to worry about asshole H's or cheating plot devices I like reading a romance and knowing where the couple stand I hate fearing that someone will cheat Literally every male in the book is a big bad alpha and the H stood his own Cons Too many characters In the beginning it was okay with her two brothers and bestfriend but the IAD members came and it was too much for me I felt like some scenes were unnecessaryOverall this book was an enjoyable read that had a comforting pattern The romance was sweet the testosterone a plenty and the sexy times hawt

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    I don't like reading about rapeIt would have been nice if the rape was mentioned in at least one review or something but obviously it wasn'tI'm pissedI knew she went through a tragedy but it wasn't clear until the 25%Day ruined and author to avoid from now on

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