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Death Unmasked [PDF / EPUB] Death Unmasked A reincarnated evil is stalking the women of Houston With each murder the madman uotes an excerpt from the Oscar Wilde poem The Ballad of Reading Gaol Selected verses from 'The Ballad' are also interw A reincarnated evil is stalking the women of Houston With each murder the madman uotes an excerpt from the Oscar Wilde poem The Ballad of Reading Gaol Selected verses from 'The Ballad' are also interwoven throughout the story A huge smokestack belching smoke and a ragged flea market double breasted wool coat and an old antiue picture frame with the Warrior's Creed bring the distant past back to haunt Houston Homicide Detective Sean Jamison With those catalysts Jamison knows who he was in a past life Emil and that he lost the only woman he could ever love in Emil's time Searching for his reincarnated mate becomes Jamison's raison d'être as he and fellow detectives scour Houston for a brutal serial killer When Jamison finds his mate she doesn't recognize him nor can she recall a past life as his wife His efforts to reclaim her are derailed when he discovers the same fiend who took her from him in the past is stalking her again The memory of timeless love drives Jamison's dogged search for a serial killer determined to finish what he started decades earlier Each clue brings Jamison closer to unmasking his old nemesis Tenacious police work lessons learned in the past and intuition may be the only weapons he has in preventing history from repeating itself.

  • Paperback
  • 590 pages
  • Death Unmasked
  • Rick Sulik
  • English
  • 06 August 2016
  • 9780988233317

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    Note I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I left this book at page no 158 which is than 50% of the book because that was exactly where my patience gave way The story began nicely and I liked the concept and settings but the narration and editing didn't work meAt times the dialogues didn't make sense and most of the time if felt like the male lead was giving lectures instead of having conversations I really think that this book needs heavy and thorough editingI hate DNF'ing books and I always try my best to push myself and to give the book another chance again and again and with this book too I tried the same especially because the author sent me the book from the US but even after forcing myself to read further I simply couldn'tI really feel that a few revisions and strong editing can help this book reach its full potential but right now it's simply not readyYou can also read this review at The Reading Bud

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    Death Unmasked by Rick Sulik is a story about reincarnation and revenge and personally I love this combination Add some murders and a few chases and you have my attention alrightSean Jamison is a Homicide detective in Houston and is about to get retired when there is an urgent serial killing case that reuires his expertise While on the case Sean realizes that he was Emil in his previous birth and both his wife and he were killed in the most brutal way as a result of being war prisoners As he is desperate to find his beloved in this reincarnation there are women being murdered in Houston and a lock of hair seem to be missing from each of them The murderer has a final strike to make before he leaves town but will Sean and his team be able to stop him? Will Sean finally be reunited with his one true love?This book really puzzled me Why? Because I can't decide if I just like it or love it Yes there are problems with the story but then there are those aspects too that I absolutely love So I am going try my best to break it down for you to provide a better perspectiveThe book starts off really well It has a good pace and enough actionsuspense to grab the readers attention But there are instances which felt too rushed For example there is the little event where another officer too goes into a trance to 'see the murder through the killer's eyes' uite unconvincing if you ask me Also you'd think the book is finished when the story is finished but oh no There is so much attention given to what happens after which doesn't add to the story at all And again everything is rushed The writing style does get affected by the sudden pace of the story resulting in a confused readerWhat I loved about the story well crime revenge reincarnation all my favorite words There is loads of action a meticulous serial killer and the chase that leads them to him It's all exciting Apart from a few sudden incidents I actually found it to be a really absorbing storyOverall a good read if you like crimes with a twist

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    No I just want to know your feelings about death Well I'll unmask it for you I don't fear death Death is a natural occurrence We're no strangers to death Paula We lived and died before and we'll live and die again Death smiles at all of us All a person can do is smile back when death comes calling Loneliness is what I fearA novel of reincarnation and retributionEmil and Laura are fleeing for their lives Their homeland has been invaded and they are in fear for their lives Rounded up by soldiers everyone is being deported Loaded into cattle cars and traveling by train in the cold and the snow Such a sad tale Most are dying or murdered few escape Will Emil and Laura's love survive?That is the beginning set up of this story That was the past but present day is in the life of Houston Police Officer Detective Sean Jamison There is a serial killer on the loose preying on women Much in the way some soldiers preyed on the women during the holocaust Sean has a vivid memory during a sudden migraine Was he Emil in another life?I found this story fascinating The thought of reincarnation is so interesting and told in one of my favorite genre; crimeserial killerthriller Told in chapters between Sean and the killings and a woman who is drawn to some personal items as Sean is Can Sean find the killer? Can he find his Laura in this life? There is than one murderer out there and Sean has a uniue way of finding them Is it luck? Or is it something unexplained? Sean and his team of officers are on the trailThe killer uotes an Oscar Wilde poem It's how they know that a previous case and the current ones are connected Yet each man kills the thing he loves from the The Ballad of Reading Gaol I would recommend looking this up on your own and see what the story is behind the Oscar Wilde poem It is fascinating in itself and It gives you insight and understanding into this taleThe story line is rather unusual and a bit of fantasy depending on how much you believe in things like reincarnation or self hypnotic states or that the police would use these methods to track criminals Still the story is captivating and will hold you to the end I would recommend you give this book a shot it may be outside of your usual reading habits but I do think it's worth readingThank you Rick Sulik

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    Somewhere in Time Emil and his wife Laura live an idyllic life in the countryside But then the army attacks their peaceful home imprisons the townspeople and transports them in cattle cars Laura is raped and killed by the commanding officer while Emil dies in the furnaces swearing revenge on the cartoon like villain Fast forward to present day Houston Texas where the unmarried 57 year old Detective Sean Jamison is still looking for his one true love Sean has an epiphany and realizes his name was Emil in a previous life He suddenly gains unexpected psychic powers and uses them to apprehend baddies Then he turns his attention to a serial killer who is terrorizing the town and killing women First the good things The story is interesting maintains suspense throughout and provides a fascinating if somewhat belabored account of the minutiae of a police investigation The serial killer uotes a line from The Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde Yet each man kills the thing he loves and the murder scenes are interspersed with verses from that poem The rest of the narrative features poems by the author himself The poetry intimates that the spirits of these two lovers are searching for each other through space and time adding a layer of complexity to the story Now for the problems There are numerous editing and continuity errors Grapes don't turn into prunes they turn into raisins Mercury colored red hair what? Someone is referred to as Sal even though their name hasn't yet been mentioned The line spacing changes in Chapter Sixteen Amy becomes Mary or Laura I never uite worked that one out There are errors in the use of uotations marks in dialogue that goes over one paragraph To is used instead of too on numerous occasions Fiancée is consistently used instead of fiancé Leland becomes Lee Some poem verses are in italics while some are not There is too much similarity in character names eg Lauro and Laura as the name of than one character spoiler alert even the woman in the poem is called Laura turns out present day Laura is her reincarnation yet nobody else keeps the same name when they are reincarnatedThere are also problems with the writing What starts off as poetic prose uickly morphs into excessively florid language and descriptions with short sentences and one sentence paragraphs I know it sounds like a contradiction There is too much telling and not enough showing There is too much exposition on politics war and philosophy throughout The dialogue is unrealistic The writing is full of corny lines eg He hoped Laura waiting for him at the golden gate entrance in the afterlife to help him through the tunnel of Love and into the Light and awful clichés eg We'll work around the clock and leave no stone unturned The story is told from too many points of view including those of Emil Sean the victims Amy Mary Captain Schaeffer Bill Roman the killer and even they the whole Think Tank One minute Sean is telling the story and then all of a sudden we're inside Captain Schaeffer's head Now for problems with the plot Contains spoilers The initial scenes are reminiscent of the Nazi Germans rounding up the Jews and taking them to the death camps but this isn't mentioned specifically for what feels like no discernible reason In fact the beginning threw me off because it feels like an apocalyptic event in the future than a scene from the past The murder victims are described in painstaking detail and then killed; what's the point? After three murders in rapid succession the killer suddenly goes uiet Amy remembers Emil's name when she finds the coat but she doesn't remember her own Emil doesn't realize that Mary and Laura aren't the same person even though he is supposedly spiritually connected with Laura There are too many names and details of police officers; we don't know who or what we need to remember and it doesn't help that they are sometimes referred to by their first name and sometimes by their last name Captain Schaeffer's sudden infatuation for Sean is unbelievable The back story of Roman's wife Julie being abducted comes across as a recap from a previous book but it actually turns out to be relevant to their current case When Roman starts seeing through the killer's eyes this is too much; Sean doing so is a stretch but two people having this power is ridiculous Even though they are the main characters Sean and Laura exit the story at page 129 Sean doesn't re enter until page 201 and Laura doesn't reappear until even later Sean talks of his many previous lives yet there are only about fifteen years between when Emil died and when Sean was born We are never told how old present day Laura is but she sounds extremely young compared to Sean At 57 years of age Sean has never had sex? When he finally does the cringe worthy sex scene occurs in a public place even though Sean is a police officer and Laura has just been stalked by a serial killer Sean only realizes he was looking for Laura at the beginning of the book but he says he's been looking for her his whole life Laura says it was your old tattered coat that brought us back together but how does she know that? Watson says he didn't rape Julie because he sensed they were brother and sister in a past life but Sean says he was attracted to Captain Schaeffer even though he knew they were brother and sister in a past life and then they commit to marrying each other in a future life Sean calls Paula his sister at the beginning of the book but she gets no mention in the final reincarnation wrap up It is unnecessary to spell everything out at the end of the book; it should come out naturally in the narrative In truth if I hadn't been asked to review this book I wouldn't have finished reading it All said the book has potential but it needs a massive re writeI received this book in return for an honest reviewFull blog post

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    Death Unmasked by Rick Sulik Review Reincarnation death lost loves where does it end?A reincarnated evil is stalking the women of Houston With each murder the madman uotes an excerpt from the Oscar Wilde poem “The Ballad of Reading Gaol” A huge smokestack belching smoke a ragged flea market double breasted wool coat and an old antiue picture frame bring the distant past back to haunt Houston Homicide Detective Sean Jamison With those catalysts Jamison knows who he was in a past life and that he lost the only woman he could ever love Searching for his reincarnated mate becomes Jamison’s raison d’être as he and fellow detectives scour Houston for a brutal serial killer The memory of timeless love drives Jamison’s dogged search for a serial killer determined to finish what he started decades earlierEach clue brings Jamison closer to unmasking his old nemesis Tenacious police work lessons learned in the past and intuition may be the only weapons he has in preventing history from repeating itselfWhat did I like? I do believe in reincarnation and this story was one persons views on how it all worked and what would possibly happen I liked the way that the author brought the whole thing to light and of course how it played out I intrigue of the possible death during the current life just made that much excitingWhat will you like? Action love exciting intrigue and possibilities are just a few of the action fast parts of this read I know that I was all in from page one till the last one The possibilities are the most fascinating parts of it but what if it does work that way wouldn't it be awesome Well I guess that we will never know for sure I received this from the author for an honest review with not other compensation

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    This book has great potential butthere are problems that really jarI got a free copy from Netgalley as the premise of the story intrigued meIt is a police novel and has the gritty authenticity of a writer who really has troddenthe mean streets knows what evil lies in the hearts of a troubled soul a serial killer in this case who has a thing for womenThis dovetails with the need of the hero to Find Himself in fact an old raincoat proves to be the trigger that reminds himof a previous life in which he and his wife were deported and then exterminated This plot dovetails with the need to find the serial killerThe poetry is fine and lends greater soulful essential to the tale However the conversation between characters is all too often stilted and too often used as a mouthpiece for the author's mystical preoccupations He does not allow his charactersfor example to muddle their way to the truth for themselves The premise of karmic reworking it's way through new situations is a good one but at present this is all handled way too clumsily A massive re editing job is in order

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    Reincarnation and revenge from beyond the graveHad I not been asked to review this book I would not have read past the first chapter When a book is badly written it is almost impossible for me to become engaged in the plot I’m amazed that the writer’s editor did not steer the writing in the right direction but rather allowed the awful writing to spoil the book completely Unfortunately the plot is also not to my taste at allThe storyline follows the lives of a group of people that have lived many lives and each time they are reincarnated they cross paths It is a classic good versus evil plot but the writing does not engage the reader and the characters are badly developed The writing overshadowed the storyline completely and I cringed at some of the trite writingI really struggled to finish the book and I kept hoping there would be a glimmer good writing but to no avail GillianBreakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review

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    “He’s a drifter a loner a liar and a charlatan who enjoys treading on the dark side His heart is filled with anger and hatred He sits at the scorching gates of Hell and laughs as he and others like him carry out their twisted deeds on innocent people disrupting their and their loved ones’ lives He’s hollow and rejoices in killing He thrives on violence and carries a deadly grudge against society No holds barred He continuously strikes back at the world with a vengeance because that’s all he’s accustomed to doing and has learned to do”Reincarnation New life Second chances What does that mean to you as the reader? This book does challenge some beliefs; therefore open minded readers are recommended for this book Also Sulik experiments with war brutality which means that this book is not for the feint hearted The first four chapters within this novel will challenge the reader emotionally but it does play a major key factor within the setting of the rest of the book This author creates an interesting version of modern day reincarnation and the ultimate desire of leaving no unfinished business behind Sean Jamison a homicide detective of the Houston Police Department feels like he is missing something in his life He keeps looking for that one person who can complete him—he knows that she is out therejust waiting for him to find her After glimpsing an old tattered coat at a flea market Sean starts receiving imagesimages that feel like déjà vu from a past life? In a past life he was named Emil and was put to death along with his wife by an evil militant manfrom what seems like a Nazi era As Sean’s images become stronger and stronger he has to figure out a way to reach out and hold onto that past life because there is a reason that he is having them plague his mind With a brutal serial killer on the loose Sean knows that somehow—everything is related but he just can’t get all of the pieces to fall in the right place What will be the outcome of this life? Will he succeed in finding his one true love again? Sulik has an interesting story line with uirky characters but the development is lacking a bit due to the pace of the novel Some characters are fantastic—yet some other characters are totally devoid of personality for the reader’s engagement Most of the story does have a steady pace and the originality creativity and descriptiveness is spectacular It is also well written with little or no errors There are some points that are uestionable and may not appear to be credible but it is also clear that Sulik has immense knowledge of the criminal justice system as it relates to the everyday in and out of a police unit If you are a reader of mystery and suspense you may find this book to your likingA free copy was exchanged for an honest review of this fictional piece

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    This was a good book It is a blend of mystery love and the supernatural The idea of reincarnation works really well in this book and it's a concept that I have not run across too much while reading especially not in the mysterythriller genre It starts off in the past and then suddenly we are in modern times but as it goes on the link is apparent and I was hooked The characters are fully developed and written well the plot is paced well and it all works for a good read I really enjoyed the authors writing style and the fast paced nature of the book really held my interest I can recommend this for anybody who loves a good thrillermysteryI was given a free copy of this book by the author

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    I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review Firstly let me state that Death Unmasked has a thrilling premise What if we really could continue on in another life meeting and interacting with the same people but in different forms and circumstances? Fun idea the premise of which alone could make for an exhilarating read I didn’t mind the idea and playing out of reincarnation here at all as others may have But it didn’t necessarily deliver on the promise thrill that it offered on the back cover so to speak This novel jumped into the story right out of the gate; no piddling around here By the end of page two or three the action had begun This novel is broken into three sections the first of which depicts the Holocaustal genocide where Laura and Emil perish This section in itself would have been a wonderful novella if it had been filled out Honestly it could have stood alone as a brilliant work in itself had it had the fleshing out that it deserved The second section follows these characters reincarnated Emil being a police detective and it all culminates in section three where the star crossed lovers are reunited However I wasn’t sure of what exactly I was reading at the start; the setting wasn’t set properly at all Why were they running? Who were they running from? Even what year is it and where is this set? The term “ethnic cleansing” was used to explain why the village people had been rounded up but never elaborated on Was this fantasy—an imaginative ethnic cleansing in a faraway world—or an apocalyptic event? I had no idea because the feeling of setting and locale was not properly built out unfortunately There was the violence of rape beatings and genocide to start this one off which didn’t bother me at all I felt that that aspect of the novel actually made it real 3 D and that 3 dimensionalizing made the read far realHowever the dialogue did Death Unmasked no favors at all For me it definitely felt stilted unnatural and forced It didn’t flow well at all from the very beginning And the littering of italicized thoughts didn’t help either because the thoughts weren’t realistic particularly not under the circumstances that the characters were in One wouldn’t—I don’t believe—rail on and on about the hate in the soldiers’ hearts and the injustices around them in short prophesizing and intellectualizing while there is literally mass murder the shooting of babies and raping of innocent women going on before one’s very eyes No you’d be looking for an exit ready to fight terrified shocked I found myself literally pulling back from the pages and thinking “Who talks like that?”Do keep in mind that this one presented poetry and did so in a lovely way The incorporation of poetry throughout—and the theme of dark poetry itself—gave Sulik’s work another layer for the reader to appreciate and tie the story together The poems were dark and faintly macabre in a way that offered just enough theatrics and made the novel a stronger read But the author’s hand definitely showed throughout this one The oft italicized philosophical rants definitely should’ve been either cut down or better incorporated And while the middle section was jam packed with good information and thorough details that only an experienced cop—an author who was obviously of that world before becoming an author—would be able to accurately offer there was little finesse to it and it came out like info vomit that pulled me as a reader away from the story line at hand to wade through piles of information that were often stoically presented The ending wasn’t my cup of tea but I could see where he was going with it The idea of star crossed lovers is one that’s been done to death so I wasn’t particularly impressed with the way that this one ended me hating bow ties and all and I wished that it had been done in a new way Though I will admit the novel itself did attempt a new mold with a fresh and exciting premiseReincarnation big city detective work crimes of past and present and karma all played a role in this one and believe me the idea of all of that could make for uite the thrilling read But it needed a steady and experienced hand to flesh it all out—this one could have easily stood up to another 200 pages and been fine if done well making it of an “epic” sort of read—and a different editor one who knew how to better play the game of Red Light Green Light Stop the prophesizing word vomit here; go with setting there ect So while the idea and the plot line were wonderfully realized that can never carry a read all the way on its own In this novel inexperience peeped around the edges at times and was glaringly obvious and annoying at others If this wasn’t inexperience at play but the author’s true writing style on display it needed to be evident; it needed the deliberateness of a sure hand backed by a read that was complete enter setting better characterization ect I give this one three stars See The Navi Review at wwwthenavireviewcom and follow the blog on Twitter thenavireview

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