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Optimize Life for Your Aging Parents and You [PDF / EPUB] Optimize Life for Your Aging Parents and You You can handle those large projects at work with no sweat Dealing with aging parents can be totally different when you factor in the emotional roller coaster their resistance to change and an unknown You can handle those for Your ePUB ☆ large projects at work with no sweat Dealing with aging parents can be totally different when you Optimize Life PDF/EPUB ² factor in the emotional roller coaster their resistance to change and an unknown end date You won't see the curve balls coming Life for Your PDF Ë at you until it's too late This book helps you think about what is the right answer for your parents and you Life for Your Aging Parents PDF \ now What is the next step Many of the options can be expensive I share my experiences and others' choices along with the emotional financial legal and medical aspects of aging The reality is your parents will die This might not be an easy path as they decline You will deal with doctors funerals death and grief It is critical you create a life line and support team to help you through the difficult times before their death and after As you become the aging parents implement my suggestions and make life easier for your children and you This book will guide Life for Your Aging Parents PDF \ you through the challenges of managing care for your aging parents.

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    This book will definitely get you thinking in the right direction to caring for your aging parents I chose to be pro active and start reading on this life's issue knowing it is coming sooner than later as we all in our child like beliefs believe our parents will live forever The unfortunate truth is they will not We have to be ready to step up to care for them appropriately I figured if I did some research now and took care of some of the simpler smaller suggestions in the book it will be easier as best as easy will afford in this case to deal with and go through when the actual time comes There were suggestions in this book that I can honestly say might not have occurred to me if I was stressed due to a uickly needed move to say assisted living or a nursing home Great book to use to get you started and you can adapt from there dependent on your situation Very grateful to have had this opportunity to read and gain this knowledge before it's needed

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    I am in a position where I am taking care of an elderly parent by myself I have siblings that are in other states but they have nothing to do with anything That is the way they want it and the way I have grown to want it To say that it is hard to take care of an elderly parent with heart issues kidney issues diabetes macular degeneration and dementia is a huge understatement I have felt entirely alone in this process and have felt these diseases are not only taking my mother but are taking me down with her This book written by Paula Berryann is absolutely wonderful The very first page on the Introduction of this book she states Do not let your parents ruin your health your marriage or your life You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others I have heard this many times from my husband and yet for some reason it seems to resonate clearly and loudly when you hear itread it from someone else that has gone through it I am very thankful for this book and it has opened my eyes to many things that I need to take care of before my mother is gone and also afterwards These are things I must deal with no matter what First and foremost I must take care of myself to take care of my mom A huge thank you to Paula Berryann for writing this book to help others going through this process or even thinking about taking on the responsibility of an aging parent This book was won through Goodreads First reads

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    Good informational book for anyone with aging parents This book gives you things to watch out for and things to think about

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    i first would like to take this opportunity to thank goodreads first reads and the author for giving me this chance to read Optimize life for your aging parent and you I found this book to be so informative that i will be re reading this as time goes byPaula edwards Berryann gives the readers insight to how she handled her aging mother and familyshe explains in great detail on what you should do and not do to encourage your aging parents or loved ones the chance to be still a part of the choice makingShe shows how to deal with different issues of what may become frustrating to the aging individual and also how to communicate with your own child as wellagain thank you for writting this bookits helping me to understand how difficult it is to age gracefullyI would recommend this book to everyone who takes care of their parets and to those whom are dealing with the aging process themselvesIt just might help to communicate your wishes

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