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The brig [PDF / EPUB] The brig Novel 66000 wordsGenres Gay Historical BDSM DramaThis classic gay BDSM novel set near the end of the Viet Nam war has been out of print for almost 20 years The Brig is a brutal dark erotic drama of a Novel wordsGenres Gay Historical BDSM DramaThis classic gay BDSM novel set near the end of the Viet Nam war has been out of print for almost years The brig is a brutal dark erotic drama of a young sailor confined to a military prison where he is tortured with pain fear sexuality and mind games to force changes in his psyche and break his spirit The sailor learns things about himself and his captors that will transform him and challenge those who hold him MM For content labels and excerpt see details on publisher's site.

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    I am so torn in saying how fabulous this story is given the events are so horrendous There is really no other way for me to describe it The writing is fantastic I was riveted from the start hanging on every detail even though many made me cringe I absolutely love when a book totally engages my mind and feelings and leaves me slightly drained at the end The Brig is definitely on that list I did not want to put this down once I started couldn't wait to get to the end but was sad it was over when I got there I wanted to see so much of the story and will definitely be taking a closer look at Mason's other work

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    45 starsThe young unnamed naval officer in ‘The Brig’ has his world turned completely upside down when his conscience gets the best of him It’s the Vietnam war era and he can no longer be part of a war he doesn’t believe in he wants nothing to do with killing Many young men found themselves in this position during a frightening time when the draft forced them into an untenable situation The officer’s asking for CO status and a discharge gets him into trouble with the higher ups and he is disciplined by being sent to ‘the brig’ Apparently the author has based part of the story on the experience of his partner Kelson so some of what we read is real some fabricated True or not this is a total mind fuckknow as you’re reading it that you’ll yearn for the best wanting something positive some sueak of hope for the young unnamed soldier; but the author has you in the palm of his hand in an ultimate manipulationThe writing is so very good lucid and plain and the main character compelling we see him go from devout and celibate seminarian to naval officer to deviant What issue I have is with the men who abuse the officer and call him ‘faggot’ They are themselves obviously not heterosexual For me the perpetrators lose much of their power because of this Some men feel it so strongly and are such cowards about facing it that they come to hate those who can face it They go around bashing ueers trying to destroy in others what they have come to loathe in themselves Itʼs the same mechanism that makes the ugly hate the beautiful the cowardly hate the brave and the evil undermine the good never realizing that the beauty the bravery and the goodness have been purchased with hard work not inherited from providenceThe story really kicks into gear about three uarters of the way in It’s not that the beginning wasn’t engrossing What started as predominantly BDSM porn shows deeper waters as the unnamed officer starts to examine the abuse his reaction to it and to his tormentors What draws me to him is how he clings to his humanity in the face of extreme physical and mental torture how he continually tries to turn the abuse into something positive little though it is to keep from cracking completely This is not done facilely it's revealed in small simple ways to show its earning He has to come out as a changed man from this ‘punishment’ but he uses the experience to reshape himself to a truthful understanding Other readers may see this in a different way that maybe this is my own need for some positivity I kept oscillating between 3 and 5 stars during my reading another example of the clever manipulationThis is not a romance it is a very tough read made by a skilled hand ‘The Brig’ has well done BDSM scenes and mind play as well as examines some real issues during the time of the civil rights movement and before ‘don’t askdon’t tell’

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    This book was harsh and yet the unnamed soldier gained a lot of insight into himself especially when he had to torture other prisoners I was 17 when Viet Nam and the draft ended but would have gotten an agricultural deferment I can't imagine how this man in the story went from seminary to the brutal hell he managed to live through Based on a true story which made it even engrossing and real the story was gut wrenching I was horrified amazed and happy as I followed the unnamed soldier through his ordeal and watched him crawl out of the rabbit hole alive Not a book for the sueamish and I recommend that the reader read the author's notes as the author was the soldier's partner

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    Somewhere between 2 and 25 as in it was okay not bad but I also did not like itI took a variety of things away from this mainly that it bored me to distraction that it dripped with hidden misogyny that some people have a grave problem with bodily wastes and that I could finally pinpoint why I dislike Leather to uite a degree It also was way too dressed up with religion for my taste and maybe also too US centric for meBut let us start at the beginning Of course this is no book about BDSM for which you'd need SSCRACK present Instead it's abuse assault and rape start to finish Just to clarify that I am absolutely not okay with the attempt of selling what happens as being anything else but rape and assault Now I do like reading such content if presented in an either interesting or in a titillating manner or even bringing both of that together Unfortunately already the interesting is a full failure here Apart from the first few chapters there is endless repetition of bodily wastes being ingested of whippings ejaculations and a long long very long series of improbable or impossible acts involving balls and penes For me it got very old already around the 30% mark Having studied uite extensively a variety of brainwashing techniues gay conversion therapy aversion trainingtherapy operant conditioning and for instance also prison and male rape and real torture I have trouble believing in what is described taking place as is described The inner monologue was uite simply too pat too easy too willing As if sexual orientation can be trained And as such this was very distasteful to readMen who've been raped for years in prison and treated as wives by their rapists get out of prison and are as heterosexual as before Victims of severe sexual torture can develop a number of problems illnesses and idiosyncrasies but they don't change sexual orientations Gay conversion therapy is known to fail This book was written before the fact that you get born with your sexual orientation was well known But even knowing this doesn't make it any less offensive on that count Spreading such a message and seen with today's knowledge this book is in my opinion deeply homophobicI'd have possibly forgiven these issues The Brig is 30 years old after all if at least I'd have found it erotic I didn't There were one or two twinges but on the whole I was neither turned on by that most times very simple child like inner monologue of the soldier which to me kept insisting he can't be adult nor enamoured with all that religious stuff and pseudo philosophic musing Urine shit sweat and ejaculate and playing with them like a toddler doesn’t turn me on That is no taboo for me so I do not even get a frisson of the forbidden And in the amount described here it’s simply—veryveryboring The magically ever growing penis sizes whole uarts of semen shot up like cannonballs into poor sodding rectums and those guys aren’t even described as having milk can sized balls beatings without the least bit of finesse all that male posing it all got old very fast and none of it was even slightly erotic The subject of all that attention may tell me a hundred times how aroused he is by all that if he can’t bring it over to me in a manner so I get aroused I’m not I guess you have to have those taboos to be titillatedTwo things left me with a distinctly bad taste in my mouth One was the hidden yet constant misogyny which culminated in the scene with the soldier wearing a dress Yuck The other was my dislike for the glorification of the military and the leather scene building on it The attempts at subversion were too feeble and half hearted for my tasteIt was adeuately written the prose nothing I noticed any which way meaning it wasn’t bad it wasn’t good either The story arc itself was held and worked with but try as I might I cannot see the main character evolving or changing He was as placid and simple at the end as at the startWould I rec this? Maybe as a curiosity of bygone time to some Others who get off on body wastes might get out of it

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    I really shouldn't have like this book but I hang my head and say I absolutely loved itIt was uite a hard read to think that this actually happened even if not all than someSome of the things our poor MC had done to him was absolutely disgusting and degradingTurning him from human to dogwhy would anyone want to do something like that to a fellow forces guyHe was ripped apart but the author also gave him a reprieveThe endoh did he get his own back on his sergeant view spoiler oh yesfucking him senselessmaking him say SirYes Sir hide spoiler

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    Gripping Powerful Unforgettable Loved it

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    I haven't decided if this one is three stars or four stars Maybe 3 and a half? I enjoyed the first 23 or so than the last 13 umm when it was just the 3 sergeant and two corporals in charge of this one prisoner making his life hell I thought the story flowed and I dreaded each new day along with the narratorThere were certain things promised to the prisonernarrator that didn't come to pass and I found myself strangely disappointed in my depraved kind of wayBut once things turned sort of fantastical ie every officer involved with The Brig was on board with the torturing of prisoners in bizarre ways my ability to buy into the story was damaged It became a credibility issue I could believe the system might turn a blind eye to what was happening in the first 23 of the book but to believe the WHOLE SYSTEM itself was this corrupt through and through yeah I had trouble with thatIs the story depraved? Hell yeah Did I chew it up and spit it out within 24 hours? YeppersDid I love the narrator and want him to survive this? Yes againSo okay I'll go with 4 stars

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    This is certainly not good but it's weirdly intriguing It's filled with severely outdated conceptions of how attraction sexual orientation and the human everything actually work but if it were 40 years ago and I didn't know that I might think This is pretty percipientIt's not percipient But it would have seemed so at the timeIt's gross too Don't read it if you don't like imagining people floating in pee

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    This isn't working for me It's PWP no real story or character development so I'm not caring about any of it DNF 27%And waaaay too many exclamation points

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    This books is a supposedly true story of rape and abuse in an effort by the US Gov to turn someone gay as a form of dehumanization If you are looking for a book that is a noncon sexual romp then check this outYou cannot separate this book and the ideas of sexuality from the fact that it was written 30 years ago There is a present lack of understanding about sexuality and identity but clearly it was not written down in an effort to deconstruct that development of identityI am fascinated with ueer books that were written many years ago and I think it is interesting to look at the messages of sexuality I don't know uite what this message is supposed to be but in the end I gave up trying to find oneThough it purports to be a true chronicle of events the voice is so removed and complacent in its descriptions it neither titillated nor horrified me It reminded me of A Child Called It in the sense that it became not much than a list of horrible things that can be done to one person by others albeit in a sexual way This is put out by a publishing house of fiction and I am sure that the intro is as much of the fiction as is the rest This narrative was shocking to many in the 70's I am sure but in this age we know and understand much and I couldn't shut off the part of my brain about that glaring issueIf you want an interesting book that still has some conflicting issues with ueerness but has a plot and characters that intrigue check out some of Gordon Merrick's work

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