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Footsteps in the Sea [PDF / EPUB] Footsteps in the Sea Book Description Publication Date October , Footsteps in the Sea is the story of Helen, an apparently innocent child, whose obsession with her dead father and devotion to her mother lead to murderWhe Book Description Publication Date October ,Footsteps in the Sea is the story of Helen, an apparently innocent child, whose obsession with her dead father and devotion to her mother lead to murderWhen she moves to Switzerland as a teenager to live with a doting uncle, it seems she has at last found a safe refuge where the past can be forgottenHer happiness is complete when she marries a wealthy Greek, who adores her, but soon the old Footsteps in PDF \ ghosts return to haunt herCryptic anonymous letters start to arrive for her from someone whose veiled threats appear to jeopardise everything Helen holds dearShow More Show Less.

About the Author: Su Adams

I started writing four years ago and three of my books Footsteps in the Sea Nobody s Killer and The Dragon in Paradise are onThey are murder mysteries always with a twist in the tail I was a headteacher in England before emigrating to Australia in where I was a English language lecturer at Edith Cowan University I ve also lived in Jamaica and travelled round the world several timesI now live in Harrogate with my Footsteps in PDF \ husband I have three children, four grandchildren and five great grandchildren I love writing, it s my favourite hobby I enjoy reading and doing crosswords.

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    This book has a very international feel to it set in three countries Greece, Switzerland and England The story moves effortlessly between the present and the past without leaving the reader lost The characters are multi faceted and the story is cleverly interwoven with mystery, passion and suspense Both draw the reader into a world of deep emotion and undying love with an unexpected twist at the ending Once I picked this book up, I couldn t put it down

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    I was drawn into this book with it s choreographed dance of surprise and suspense The story is full of throttle and gave a good insight into retrograde amnesia Once I started I could not stop A great debut novel with tight prose, complex emotions and plenty of suspense to keep you guessing.

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    fantastic read amazing characters and all those twists and turns in the story awesome definitely a can t put you down story

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    A good read The mother daughter enmeshment kept my interest The ending surprised me This book makes you take a look at parent child relationships.

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