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Sparkle [PDF / EPUB] Sparkle As women we have become professional self critics We've become so convinced by society that we need to attain a level of perfection that just isn't real Whether it's trying to get skinnier look younge As women we have become professional self critics We've become so convinced by society that we need to attain a level of perfection that just isn't real Whether it's trying to get skinnier look younger get that promotion please our parents get fuller lips or rid ourselves of cellulite we're on a never ending mission to change and it always winds up making us feel like crap Instead why not focus on all the fabulous ualities we already possess There is so much to celebrate when we look at all our accomplishments In this straight up girlfriend's guide lifestylist and wellness coach Cara Alwill Leyba encourages women to discover what makes them Sparkle so that they can design the lives they desire and deserve So raise your glass and toast yourself You're about to start shimmering shining and dazzling every day Because isn't everything better when it Sparkles.

  • Paperback
  • 136 pages
  • Sparkle
  • Cara Alwill Leyba
  • English
  • 14 January 2014
  • 9780615675800

10 thoughts on “Sparkle

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    Real men read pink books There's so much in here that's so basically human Strip away the pink and the sparkles and get to the essence of what it's all about and any man can get the message here too Stop making excuses and start believing in yourself because the only way to make things happen is to make things happen

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    This was a great book for me to read when I did I am starting 2013 with a new year new me attitude and Cara really helped lay out the steps to get me there The book was cute funny and inspiring I definitely recommend to any woman looking to make a change in her life

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    Cute fun read I follow champagnediet on twitter and have enjoyed watching Cara's success with this book

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    Loved how motivating and how honest she was about self care and taking the time you need to get yourself together

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    This was an okay self help book for me It was very short and I read it in one sitting This wasn't the best self help book I've read but it's not the worst either It was fun to read and was really cute I really enjoy self help books for some reason I don't feel that I need to fix myself but it's nice to have some good advice in the back of your head for a rainy day Obviously there isn't any brand new advice in this book It's mostly common sense and has been written before I'm glad I read it and I like that it is short for people who may need the help but don't have the time to dedicate 300 pages of their time

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    This book written in a straightforward style like hearing your girlfriend talk reminds women how to enjoy life and appreciate yourself just as you are It's an easy light hearted read that has a refreshing and optimistic point of view on how to live your best life today

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    Generic 'get your shit together' advice but wrapped into a fun bow Did really like the chapter on the superwoman syndrome and how perfect is not a reality Fun to read on the treadmill but nothing you probably haven't read before if you've read a lot of these life coaching books

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    I know this may not count as a read because I listened to it on Audible but I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a little weightless motivation or really looking to take control of your day to day activities Cara always has a way of making things seem so common sense Like duh why wouldn't I want to only eat foods that nourish my body and help me feel my best? While also letting you know it's ok for eating something you enjoy every now and then you're not a bad person

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    It was ok I like her approach to telling and her very succinct style nothing earth shattering new that other self help books don't give you but it was cool It felt very real and practical and not just pie in the sky storiesI also listened to it instead of reading it Her voice was actually super pleasant

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    SparklyThis was a good read full of fun bubbly advice from life coach Cara Alwill LeybaMuch of the advice was common sense but with her glamorous worldview and champagne lifestyle ethos I did gain some valuable knowledge in this little gem

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