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    So Michael Wright gave up his life to move to France hmm this sounds familiarOk ok so at age 50 I had a mad fit middle aged crisis maybe and bought a French farmhouse in a village of just 12 houses in the middle of nowhere in southern France I didn't have a piano like Michael but I did have or uickly acuired anyway four French farm cats to keep me company until the family arrived So I do believe I am uniuely ualified to pass judgement on Michael's novel given my history Well without giving away any of the numerous amusing anecdotes and believe me I have enough hilarious anecdotes myself to write my own book this book is well written and easy to relate to Anyone who has ever been to a French village will find this familiar funny poignant and handy should you ever have any urge to live in a foreign country and worth spending the few hours it takes to readOh and I also bought myself a sports car ha haAnd so continues my task to write a review for any book that I have read since being on GR and for which I didn't initially write a review

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    I really wanted to dislike this book it's written in the first person present tense with details of animal husbandry and home renovation aplenty yawn Now that I've finished I'd call it a darned good read perhaps just a tad longStrongest point would be his self effacing humor always at just the right level and not overworked in uantity Wright does come across as a bit of an overachiever with his piloting piano playing etc but that's just who he is I finally decided French locals are distinctive without being cartoonish though he's a bit tough on other ex pat Brits I found his forcing them to struggle with speaking French in asking for directions and such a bit meanDefinitely recommended as it's well written and funny I'm giving it somewhat lower stars than it may have deserved as I just couldn't identify with the author especially the animal husbandry episodes which dragged for me a bit at times

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    updateJust reread this lovely volume The below musings were from 2009 I loved every second of my experience with Michael Wright Such an enchanting readThis is possibly one of the loveliest travel stories I have ever read Michael's bold and exciting decision to move to rural France and the events that follow there after makes for a compelling and memorable read The turn of each page was a new kind of joyMr Wrights prose left me uite in love with the idea of country life Although one of the best things I found about this book is the fact that after turning the final page which left me with a sense of loss I haven't felt from a book in a long time I decided to look at the website only to find that Michael's journey is to be continued in a seuel due for publication next July Sincerely can't wait for Would recommend to anyone

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    Well I would say that Michael Wright is back in all his glory because for me he is But given that this is actually his first book about his life at La Folie and the first book I read was the second technically he's not backWith all of the same places and characters I grew to love in Je T'aime A La Folie check out Brizmus Blogs Books for my review it certainly felt like I was thrown back into a world that I had already grown to loveC'est La Folie is the endearing story of a man who on what seems like a whim decides to move to the middle of nowhere France He's looking for adventure and he's on a uest to become a hero even though it seems to me he's already somewhat of a hero I guess it just depends on your definition of hero If you have any interest in life in France with a little bit of humour and a lot of heart this is the perfect book for youOddly enough the bulk of this book actually seems to be about the renovations of his home and the raising of his animals which in and of itself doesn't sound all that appealing And yet he has laced each and every fabulous tale that he has to tell don't go thinking from that statement that this book reads like a book of short stories it so doesn't; it is a strong full fledged novel with just enough humour and self mockery so as to make nearly passage laugh out loud funny Or at the very least lamentably painful as the reader can so easily relate to some of his horror stories It was great for me to get to know some of the characters from the first book as Michael saw them when he originally met them And though I didn't think it possible I found myself even attached to his wonderful sheep and chickensMichael's writing is fluid endearing enjoyable and did I mention FUNNY After living in France for three years I really thought there was nothing that could make me want to move back but this wonderful travel story has me craving to live somewhere in deepest darkest France I'm now convinced that it really must have just been ParisThe only real problem that I had with this book was the somewhat vivid descriptions of animal husbandry and animal killing okay so the killing descriptions weren't really THAT vivid but they were still too vivid for me I really would have rathered NOT know that he killed chickens etc The book would have been wonderful and the perfect length if he had just left those parts outAnyhow wonderful and wonderfully endearing travel memoir and it comes heartily recommended here at Brizmus Blogs Books If you have any interest in France read this book and I promise you won't be disappointed

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    As books on France to this isn't the best in my opinion It's all too twee and predictable but I can see that it will appeal to some people To me the author came across as a bit creepy just some middle aged bloke looking for a young girl and I found it a bit blokish and distaseteful in place

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    I got so bored by this book and could not finish it

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    uite a nice little read but for me it just lacked a little drama It just didn't have me enthralled or make me want to read I did enjoy reading about the settings and the various characters including the animal personalities Bit it almost seemed too easy He didn't have to ever work in paid employment he had a cleaner I felt he used every opportunity to push his own barrow about how clever he was He was an amazing piano player he was a pilot of vintage aircraft he could speak French better than any other Brit It was just all a bit public schoolboyish for me He was very scathing of other Brits who weren't anywhere near as good as him at French probably because they hadn't had the same level of education and he painted them all as commoners The writing smacked of elitism but maybe that's just me being a commoner It did really want me to go over there and check out the area and his writing style was enjoyable

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    Wonderful Funny SadWould recommend this book I found the author gave a honest account of himself and the start of his life in France he made me laugh cry and I sometimes found myself reading with one eye closed with the other in a suint If I ever find myself following his footsteps it will be in the company of a very large cat

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    Such a delightful read it is Funny at times Takes you to a typical rural setting of France its people You'll be glued to the book of you love rural life countryside and a good deal about sheeps hens etc

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    Couldnt identify with this guy at all Worst book ive read this year Couldnt tell if i was reading a story from a 40 yr old or 80yr old Very self indulgent No stories of any real interest and seemed to use the book to show the reader what an extensive vocabulary he had Total bore fest

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C'est La Folie [PDF / EPUB] C'est La Folie One day in late summer Michael Wright gave up his comfortable South London existence and with only his long suffering cat for company set out to begin a new life His destination was 'La Folie' a dilap One day in late summer Michael Wright gave up his comfortable South London existence and with only his long suffering cat for company set out to begin a new life His destination was 'La Folie' a dilapidated th century farmhouse in need of love and renovation in the heart of rural FranceInspired by the success of his column in the Daily Telegraph about La Folie this C'est La PDF or book is his winningly honest account of his struggle to fulfil a childhood dream and become a Real Man to make the journey from social townie to rugged solitary paysan And in chronicling his enthusiastic attempts at looking after livestock and coming to terms with the concept of living Abroad Alone the author discovers what it takes to be a man at the beginning of the st century especially if one is short sighted flat footed and not very good at gamesLife affirming laugh out loud funny and boasting than its fair share of larger than life locals bilingual chickens diminutive but over sexed sheep invisible rodents manly power tools with unpronounceable names plus the occasional femmes fatale this tale of a new found life in France with a cat a piano and an aeroplane is both an elegy for a world that's fast disappearing as a hymn to the simple pleasures of being alive.