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Mending the Doctors Heart [PDF / EPUB] Mending the Doctors Heart Rivals of the HeartA new job in Paradise Colorado seems like the perfect fresh start for Dr Ben Rogers Only problem is Dr Sara Elliott has been counting on getting the same job Once they negotiate a s Rivals of the HeartA new job in Paradise Colorado seems like the perfect fresh start for Dr Ben Rogers Only problem is Dr Mending the Epub / Sara Elliott has been counting on getting the same job Once they negotiate a shared trial run Ben expects working with Sara to be less than pleasant Instead he finds himself drawn to her She's dedicated and compassionate exactly the type of woman he used to want—when family was an option Yet Ben is surprised to learn that Sara's life is just as emotionally complicated as his own And if there isn't room for both of them at work how can they make room for each other in their hearts.

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Mending the Doctors Heart
  • Tina Radcliffe
  • English
  • 09 July 2014
  • 9780373878086

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    This is the perfect inspirational romance Mending the Doctor's Heart is centered on two doctors who are in opposition professionally but drawn together personally I loved learning about Ben and Sara as they overcome past hurt and insecurities and the medical aspect was well done and added to the story Even the secondary characters were a blast to get to knowA heart warming and well written charmer Mending the Doctor's Heart is a must read for fans of inspirational romance

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    Inspirational romance needs medical love stories Growing up in a family with medical professionals serving as a chaplain and having family members deal with their own health dramas made me long for a contemporary romance that was than a medical procedural including faith in the euation A book where doctors are heroic but don't think of themselves as gods Lives are saved but souls are also healed I longed to read a love story about the way life events create healers especially wounded healers But I also wanted to read a medical story that made me happy and did not pull me through a wringer A tall order for sure but Mending the Doctor's Heart fulfills all the above reuirements Tina Radcliffe has written a gem of a story about a wonderfully likable couple Doctors Sara Elliott and Ben Rogers both wounded healers both with hearts filled with compassion The story moves briskly and is realistic The author does a stellar job of painting the challenges of rural medicine and creating a small town full of marvelous secondary characters set in a land full of beauty Here is hoping this is only the first of medical romances set in Paradise Colorado

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    I have been a fan of TINA RADCLIFFE’S writing for some time Her book THE RANCHER’S REUNION being my favorite The characters first encounter is one of the most memorable character moments for me Dr Ben Rogers seeks a new job in a new town in hopes of a new life Everything seems to be in place That is until he meets the beautiful Sara Elliott Dr Sara Elliott that is A woman in line for the same position Ben moved to Paradise Colorado for Ben has a heart that needs mending and though Sara has some things to sort out in her own life she may be just the person to do it Once again TINA RADCLIFFE has written a story with uniue and witty lines The detail to the medial aspect draws you in with a few twist and surprises along the way

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    Loved reading about Ben and Sara next?

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    Paradise Colorado is a small town of approximately eighteen hundred people all of whom know each other and can identify strangers on sight They’re all honest hardworking salt of the earth people that anyone would be glad to call friends It’s here that Drs Ben Rogers and Sara Elliott fall in loveThe city is opening a much needed rural clinic for the populace and it’s funded by Hollis Elliott The Cattle King and Dr Sara Elliott his daughter is assumed to be the front runner for the position of director The clinic is currently being run by her uncle Dr Henry Rhoades However unbeknownst to Sara Dr Rhoades has invited Dr Ben Rogers to interview for the position of director and asks that Sara and Ben share the job duties for eight weeks after which he will make a decision as to which doctor will stay in ParadiseSara and Ben make a great couple; they’re intelligent witty and humble Sara fears that her father is trying to run her life and Hollis is written this way he believes that money can buy anything including people and their loyalty Ben is trying to forgive himself for his sister’s death and is somewhat estranged from his physician parents who are also missionaries The author is a former RN so there is a lot of medical information sprinkled throughout the story It’s actually pretty neat to see the difference between practicing medicine in a city and in the rural Colorado mountains which present their own set of challenges There’s a good scene where Ben and Sara help a motorcyclist who’s had an accident by splinting his broken leg with sticks

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    Meeting the town of Paradise was nothing short of sweet Immediately the author caught my attention as Dr Ben Rogers and Dr Sara Elliot were thrown into saving a man who was choking while at the town restaurant And immediately you are engaged with this couple as they work together to see in the end who gets to be director of the new centerSara had a tragic past and it was sad to read about and imagine the events that took place years before this story I loved loved loved her uncle such a strong character and a man who was able to help Ben through his own personal tragedy The author's new series holds a lot of promise So far there are three books in this series and I've just started the second book I noticed that there is a fourth one coming out in January and I cannot wait to read it

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    Very nice story of Sara and Ben two doctors competing for the same position in the town of Paradise Colorado Ben arrives in Paradise just in time to perform the Heimlich maneuver and save a man's life When he arrives at the clinic for his interview he discovers his competitor is Sara whose father donated a large sum of money to the clinic and whose uncle is doing the hiring Still in mourning after the death of his sister Ben stays in town hoping against hope that he will receive adeuate consideration for the job as Sara finds herself and attracted to a man she hopes won't cave into her father like her last fiance did when promised a share of her father's ranch if he married herI liked the medical details and I liked the friendliness of the town Who wouldn't want a cinnamon roll at Patti Jo's if this weren't a fictional town? Highly recommended

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    This is a wonderful romantic read Definitely a 4 star and pushing for a five I love the characters Especially worthy of mention is the church's women's auxiliary group Oh and the stray dog named Mutt Some exciting conflict but love triumphs Old hurts are healed and tragedy issues are dealt with on the way to a sweet romance

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    This is the first book that I have read from Tina Radcliffe and I will be reading of her books This is a love story between Sara and Ben They have alot of things in their past that they need to deal with before their relationship can move forwardI received this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Loved this sweet romance between two conflicted doctors The Colorado setting came to life and I enjoyed the choices Ben and Sara had to make A very satisfying love story I'll be reading by this talented author

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