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  • Endless Joke
  • David Antrobus
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  • 23 September 2015

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    There’s a cliché people use in describing Allison Krauss Becky Schlegel I know you’ve never heard of her – she sounds a lot like Allison Krauss or other singers with great voices They say they’d “love listening to her even if she was singing from the phone book” I feel the same way about reading David Antrobus’ writing I’d love to read anything he writes because of his facility with language Well almost anything Maybe not the phone book Some describe his style as literary I’ve called it that before and we see some of that here but he also a talent for finding the humor in subjects you wouldn’t think of as funny Although Endless Joke is on the surface aimed at target readers who sees themselves as writers authors or at least wannabes I could see much of this book being of interest and entertaining to those who are interested in the life of a writer even if they don’t want to be one in the world of publishing and how it is changing and just generally in language and literatureThe book’s description is true but if you’re like me you’ll read it and still wonder “If I buy this book what will I get?” It’s a series of standalone essays some originally written for Indies Unlimited a multinational multiauthor blog some for Antrobus’ personal blog The Migrant Type and others specifically for this volume As a group I’d describe them as “Dispatches from the Frontlines of Indie Publishing” but that’s not as clever a title as Endless Joke which is a reference that will be explained in the introduction They covered a wide range of subjects yet seemed to make a coherent whole One example Punk Fire or Indie Schmindie discusses the similarities between the Punk Rock movement of the 70s and Indie publishing today and points out why the similarities aren’t all a harbinger of good things to come Another Well Defined? Nevermind lists thirteen words from a list of fifty compiled by The New York Times that were most likely to stump their readers With each he gives the real meaning as well as his own made up definition This mixing of education with entertainment in many of the essays kept even the driest subjects like definitions of twenty dollar words interestingWhether an indie author current or future or a reader Endless Joke will entertain educate and provoke thought I promise it’s much better than the phone bookOriginally written for Books and Pals book blog May have received a free review copy

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    What can I say about this Great advice hilarious and a great read This should be on the top of your to read list if you haven't checked it out already Very useful for independent writers If you are one of them don't let this book go unread

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    Way Better than “Infinite Jest David Foster Wallace was probably the smartest man who ever lived but I couldn’t get past the first 57 ½ pages of his massive comic depressing post realist novel type thing whereas “Endless Joke” went down in a single gulp interrupted by bouts of shrill hyena like laughter mine which should have led to choking but didn’t due to an agile artificially emu entrail enhanced epiglottis and this sentence is kinda like “Endless Joke” with its mixed metaphors and run on sentences only “Endless Joke” is funnier Much EJ is hilarious If you’re an Indie writer or supporter you’ll love it and even if you hate the whole Indie book movement you should still read this book because it’ll give you plenty of ammunition though not the throwing kind unless your reading device is a MaxiPad which can really hurt if hurled hard

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    I found this book very entertaining Mr Antrobus you made my day As one of those undies doggie paddling desperately to shore I enjoyed your many fine nuggets of wisdom parody and advice I recommend this book to all indie writers and to anyone who enjoys imaginative prose insightful metaphor a masterful command of the English language and a lot of laughs

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    This is a well put together collection of articles on writing written for Indies Unlimited certainly one of the most useful indie writing sites on the internet They have been edited and organized into a very worthwhile reference format which I think both the aspiring writer and experienced author can appreciate Many hints clues and leads to further investigations of literature both classic and modern are embedded within its modest length One of many things which makes this book valuable to a broader audience By broader I mean anyone who likes to read and is hoping to increase their enjoyment understanding and variety of this pleasurable activityAlong with many solid constructive tips on navigating the world of creative writing from the standpoint of both a consumer and a participant each chapter offers a lot of entertainment in addition to such bonuses as vocabulary building should the reader care to take advantage of a dictionary whilst reading which I'd highly recommend Having said that I certainly don't want to leave the impression that I found the book excessively verbose uite the opposite It is clear the author values both economy and accuracy of styleVery enjoyable thoughtful and entertaining as well as a great value in terms of insights and tips I will without a doubt read the book again if for no other reason than to revisit some of the great laughs provided just one time For all the helpful technical points raised and discussed in this short work it would be impossible to overstate its humour It is knee slapping funny at least from a word geeks perspective Everyone knows that word geeks tell the best jokes and if you didn't know that you definitely need to read this bookI've followed as closely as possible the stream of consciousness articles as Mr Antrobus ponders the trends and meanings or lack of them of the current self publishing and indie publishing scene for perhaps over a year I can never get enough I usually read for the humour which is abundant pithy and enlightening; but I come back for the uiet little insightful subtext he so skillfully leaves filling the blankness between lines

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Endless Joke[PDF / EPUB] Endless Joke There are writing manuals and there are writing manuals Endless Joke casts a somewhat ironic and satirical eye over the current state of publishing very much from one independent writer's perspective There are writing manuals and there are writing manuals Endless Joke casts a somewhat ironic and satirical eye over the current state of publishing very much from one independent writer's perspective but certainly far from a partisan one It pokes affectionate fun while genuinely wrestling with some of the complications produced in the wake of traditional publishing's seismic changes But don't be fooled it somehow manages to be both punk rock irreverent and devout as a choirboy—while often funny and at other times filled with the kind of awe that a lifelong love of writing will generate you will learn much from this book About lists About movies About how to begin a story and how to end one And ultimately about how to stay in love with writing amid the flood of new authors marketing their books upon the new battlegrounds created by the e publishing revolution You will laugh Maybe even cry And you will enjoy every moment Except for maybe a couple low points about halfway through.

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