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Purging Fires Day Soldiers #2 [PDF / EPUB] Purging Fires Day Soldiers #2 Sometimes the only way to get rid of an infestation is to light a fire A purging fire There are those who believe the rise of the vampire is nature’s own purging fire set to rid the world of the inf Sometimes the only way Day Soldiers PDF ↠ to get rid of an infestation is to light a fire A purging fire There are those who believe the rise of Purging Fires PDF/EPUB or the vampire is nature’s own purging fire set to rid the world of the infestation known as humanityThe Day Soldiers disagreeSince the Battle of New York a Fires Day Soldiers PDF/EPUB ç year ago life has not been easy for the Day Soldiers They have taken a beating The creatures of darkness have declared victory and are working to build a new world where human beings are a food source and nothing Humanity is hurt but not defeated Led by Commander Geoff Wallace the surviving soldiers have a plan in place to take the world back from the deadThe second book in the Day Soldiers Trilogy Purging Fires raises the stakes in all regards The fate of the world rests in the hands of a small team of soldiers devoted to standing against the darkness Through adversity we gain strength but there are limits We are after all only human.

About the Author: Brandon Hale

Brandon Hale grew up Day Soldiers PDF ↠ in a small Virginia town It was in that town that he met his first love Horror books and movies He wrote Purging Fires PDF/EPUB or his first full length novel when he was In the decades since he has written nonstop producing multiple novels and short stories Brandon's first published novel Fires Day Soldiers PDF/EPUB ç was The Gods and the Builders Shortly after that his second novel Day Soldiers was released Brand.

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    I was looking forward to this book and Hale didn't disappoint It is still as unpredictable as the first with an epic final battle and an added element of grey morality thrown inWe start off a year after vampires have taken control of the world The Day Soldiers are in hiding werewolves own the wilderness and humanity is being farmed for blood It's a rather bleak outlook At least on the surface What is interesting in this book is the way Hale handles the vampiric occupation It has been mentioned many times throughout the first book that vampires have been officially classified by the Day Soldiers as 'evil' Yet it seems they treat their food source rather well This causes a little friction between the 'victims' and Lily's Day Soldier 'liberators' half way through the book I'm interested to see where Hale goes with thisAs for the characters they're all just as good as last time but I have to mention two new characters The first is Carl A soldier who has the potential to be another Jar Jar Binks; just that annoying character that seems to be in places he's neither wanted nor needed But Hale handles him pretty well He ends up being a courageous fighter who only wants to fit in I'm sure many people can relateThe other character is uite possibly my favourite new addition Travis To reveal anything about him could count as a spoiler so I'm not going to even try Suffice it to say he is completely insanely nuts and often cares too much about acting out 80's vampire movies He acts for his own amusement and likes to see vampires suffer as much as humans so at the end you have no idea which side he's onOne minor thing about the novel though is the cameo of a character supposed to be Dracula He's never called by that name instead referred to as Vlad but there are enough clues as to his identity I'm always wary of anything that includes him as it smacks of unoriginality As far as I can recall only Buffy the Vampire Slayer has pulled this stunt off However it isn't dwelled on and is only a short scene allowing a little exposition It almost seems like gratuitous homage But in a good way; it didn't detract from the story and the legendary character never overshadowed the rest of the plotAgain I have to mention the average writing style but I still feel this is a good enough story to forgive itDefinitely read it if you've read the first one And if you haven't read the first book then read this

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    The vampires have taken the cities and the werewolves have taken the forests They think the war has been won They're wrong The B team is still out there doing their best to save humanity There were a few surprises in Purging Fires such as What happens to Grung What the werewolves end up doing The meeting with Vlad My favorite part was the introduction of a new character Travis A serial killer who wants to be a vampire Love this guy We were also introduced to another new character in the prologue who we don't meet again until the very end after Travis tries to or did destroy America I'm not sure how anyone survived or what shape the country is in as this is where the story endsdamn you evil cliffhanger Good thing I already have the next book As I probably mentioned in my review for Day Soldiers the story is incredible I was totally wrapped up in it from the start The characters are fantastic and the writing is amazing I'd love to continue writing about how much I'm loving this series but book three is calling

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    Second book in a series and I really liked the first book Finished the first book and immediately purchased the secondThis book ended in a classic cliff hanger which is something I dislike enough that it is an absolute 'end of series' for me If the cliff hanger isn't a problem for you and you want to buy both books and complete the series it may work just fine for othersSomething done in this manner first book free nicely wrapped up storyline second and third books not free and the second book an absolute cliffhanger seemed even annoying than usualUnfortunate because except for that I'd have continued with the series

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    This whole series have horrible coversUgh the second book is sooo good There is so much loss again You really feel for these guys AND I LOVE FEELERS I forgot about some parts so there was a lot of OMG moments and I even teared up a few times Well this book picks up 6 months later from the ending of the first book Lily is still badassshe is kicking ass and taking names The beginning is kind of slow but it really starts to pick up at the middle and that is when shit gets real I love the story and the humor in this book It has the perfect amount of plot twists I do think this was better than the first So flippin good I'm going to start book 3 right meow

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    Brandon Hale does not cease to amaze me with his books Purging Fire is a great seuel to Day Soldiers The book is just so full of action; it also addresses some political and social problems in an unexpected way My only complain that I wish there were a little romance but again I am a girl I cannot wait for the next one There is absolutely no way the next book could let me down judging by the way this one finished

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    A superb continuation of the story I'm very glad it's not simply a repeat of the first book with different bad guys This book introduces variety making it another awesome read Can't wait to start the next one in the series

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    Purging Fires Day Soldiers #2By Brandon HaleReviewed by Melanie Copeland In the second book of this series the battle for New York is now over A small faction of humans is left to fight both the vampires and the werewolves for their right to exist and be treated like something other than cattle The few humans that are left are now living in vampire compounds and being used basically as blood donors So what is a girl to do? Well rescue the world of courseVampires have now taken over the cities and werewolves have taken over the forests there is little left for humans to do now that the world is divided and run by others But a select group of Day Soldiers called “Team B” have no intentions of just laying down for these other two species that now exist on the planet They are out in action lying low attempting to free humans from the vampire’s clutches But as they soon come to discover the vampires are actually treating the humans well so well in fact that most humans don’t want to fight back any They have begun to accept that this is the new world that they live in and believe that there is no way to fight off these two groups anyThe werewolves are not out of the picture here uite yet They are waiting for both man and vampire to essentially die off so that they can have full control of the earth But they are not sure that this is really going to ever happen So now the book almost becomes a tale of who will survive the longest to gain the planetThere are some very strong ideals that this book pushes on good vs evil for one We would all expect for humans to be good and vampireswerewolves to be evil But Hale has other ideas about this Portraying humans as the ones who have destroyed the Earth and vampires as the ones that have suffered under the darkness as well as werewolves who now really have nowhere to live the ideas become garbled as the reader attempts to understand just who the good or bad character here is What essentially makes a race good or bad and what can be done to change it? It is a very interesting concept as most vampire books rarely cross this lineAction is definitely not left out in this second edition as with the first the characters twists and turns will keep you coming back for By the end you will be on edge waiting to find out just what is going to happen and who the victor will be But don’t worry I won’t ruin that for you The main characters in this book all of the “B Team” and especially Lily herself will keep you reading well past daylight in search of answers to the uestions that have been presented There are gruesome fights chemical weapons magicaldivine interventions and total blood baths that you will encounter throughout the book leaving you wondering just who will win Every time it seems that one faction has merged with another a twist takes place and your whole view of the book shiftsFor a set that is based around the supernatural I love that this book can not only include different viewpoints of humanity good vs evil and life after extinction Hale is able to close in on ideas that make this book almost a paranormal political thriller as well as a fight for survival and that is pushing a whole new boundary of the vampire genre This is an excellent must read novel which will leave you hanging at the end so be sure to buy the next one because you are not going to want to put this down

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    With the follow up to the phenomenal Day Soldiers Brandon Hale has once again written an amazing piece He manages to build his world in greater colors than he did in the first book no small task given the wonderful job previously done As with any great book our characters have grown and are continuing to do so A new threat looms and the B Team find the stakes even higher than before but this book was one that I could not put down it was fantastic from start to finish

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    I really enjoyed this book There's excitement suspense The pace is excellent No unnecessary words or descriptions; no time wasted It's a bit unbelievable at times even for a supernatural story when the main characters keep getting out of impossible situations or coming back to life I'm willing to overlook that though and I'm excited to read the next book

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    Fantastic second book to this exhilarating series I have book three downloading now

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