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Înflori [PDF / EPUB] Înflori Dustin gave up on being worthy of anyone's affections a long time ago drowning his problems in substance abuse and meaningless encounters He has learned it's better to avoid love altogether than risk Dustin gave up on being worthy of anyone's affections a long time ago drowning his problems in substance abuse and meaningless encounters He has learned it's better to avoid love altogether than risk the inevitable moment when it all comes crashing downNicolæ has neither eyesight nor excess but he does have a wealth of family and intuition He is nothing that Dustin would have anticipated in a potential lover but the Dustin discovers the he finds himself willing to accept the risk even if his conscience and the people in his life keep warning him away.

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    Reviewed for The Blog Of Sid LoveThere’s something magical about Înflori and his name is NicolæOut of the rain and gloom of a grey day comes a tinkling of bells followed by the bewitching presence of a blind gypsy stranger offering an unexpected act of kindness It’s just a cup of tea but it’s the man offering it and what he says that leaves an inerasable impression on DustinTry to keep in mind that the sun still shines behind the clouds” “Simple something you might say to a child that the sun still existed behind the cloud cover but the meaning kept hitting Dustin at the most random moments”Dustin is our morose narrator; he’s tired he’s damaged and just empty All of his relationships seem to start and finish in a bathroom stall no kissing and no names or perhaps he’s too far gone to recall them Yes he’s one of those but hang on because there is a good reason for it all and when Dustin decides to seek out the enigmatic gypsy his life begins to take on a new meaning He just has to believe in the possibilities and trust even though it scares him to death and it’s going to take a big hunk of something special to get there“He kept asking himself are you there sun? Behind the clouds in my eyes?”Big in stature bold in looks his unpretentious life is as simple as sand Nicolæ really couldn’t be opposite than Dustin and yet could he be Dustin’s hunk of special? Nicolæ’s presence exudes an aura of all knowing prophetic mysticism He may not have his sight but there’s no one who sees better; his spooky intuition makes him a Prince of perception and just like Dustin I was captivated by him Nicolæ is just so freaking special it’s so hard not to fall for himHow do you know I'm watching you when you can't even see me? Nicolæ stifled a smirk voice serious expression not How does the deer know when to lift her head? How does the seed know when to sprout? Or the sun to shine? Pure fucking magic? Exactly Nicolæ chuckledFor some reason Nicolæ finds Dustin captivating too I mean he can’t appreciate his good looks and won’t fall for Dustin’s well established throwaway game of seduction and yet he sees a good man within A man worth teaching and ultimately worth loving maybe“You draw me Dustin But I have yet to understand if you draw me because you are beacon or because you are flame And I have no desire in getting burned Can you control it? Nicolæ's hand felt heavy on his chest If it's already started to burn? Maybe not alone Nicolæ answeredÎnflori charmed me Nicolæ enchanted me and Dustin grew on me I need to congratulate AF Henry for delivering a uniue healing hearts redemption story which allowed me to peek into the lives of the Roma gypsy’s Their culture and superstitions have always aroused my fascination and perhaps this is what fuels my wonderment at meeting Nicolæ I could mention a few personal issues and plot weaknesses but the good outweighs the bad and I don’t want to steer you away from something special just because of some niggles I recommend that you read this it’s lovely And please let me know if Nicolæ bewitches you too

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    Don't beg me Dustin convince me The whimper of need from Dustin's throat could not be contained It rushed out against Nicolæ's palm I don't know howBetter Nicolæ smiled At least that sounded realÎnflori really was uite a enchanting story told from the perspective of Dustin a man with a habit of substance abuse sex in toilet cubicles and also a shitload of guiltNicolæ on the other hand is uarter weather forecaster a third of animal whisperer one eighth cryptic and 100% Gypsy one of the Roma people Though not officially a weather forecaster or animal whisperer though I refuse to believe otherwise he is very much the mysterious hero primed and ready to swoop in and save Dustin's sorry assThese men are very very different and their courting dance is rather uirky The way their relationship grows and builds is uite different Refreshing and uniue You don't seem much of the likes of this in MM Their romance really is a gentle slow burn A slow burn Nicolæ muttered There is so much longevity to it A star can stay lit only if it does not burn itself outNicolæ is very much one of the how do I say this charms ? of this book with his uniueness I guess as a person that I don't think many can say they've encountered before However I actually found him difficult to love Well I actually haven't managed to love him To me Nicolæ being who he is is a mentor than anything else And that in itself makes him feel much distant to me than I'd like Though I find in books that the love interest does help the hero heal in a way there is still almost always a mentor or wise random character So I found this arrangement rather strange charming and a bit daring actually Looking at the ratings and reading the reviews I think it's pretty safe to say it was very well pulled offUnfortunately Personally I wasn't really feeling Nicolæ as a main character When I actually think about it he's probably the type of character that in another book where he would be a secondary character I would totally fall head over heels and be demanding a book on him in my reviews And in Înflori he still feels a bit like a secondary character in the sense that he's so perfect and put together like you haven't really gotten to see past the facade Relationships are messy And don't be mistaken the one in Înflori was uite a mess too However it was always Dustin Nicolæ if I recall correctly literally did no wrong in this relationship I mean he did cause Dustin to have some pretty despairing thoughts but that was never because of anything so direct such as a careless word or god forbid some personal inner crisis of his ownI think my opinion of Nicolæ is personal and a pet peeve then anything else so you really shouldn't take it to heart Apart from little pet peeves the story though not exactly the edge of your seat type meshed wonderfully with the romance and helped their relationship develop further in my opinionApart from all that this was a really delightful read for me And I'm not saying this for review's sake this book uite literally filled me with delight when I read it This is a pretty busy period for me right now but I honestly stalled numerous important tasks to read this book which I am very much berating myself over urgh but I definitely have no regrets This seems to be AF Henley's first published book or so I think and I oh so hope shehe continues producing such magical books And I am so excited for honour It seems like ma thang ya know?I managed to make myself sound intelligent and contemplative for 600 words now it's time to let my inner self out omg I am ruining this review

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    A promising debut novel I liked the cover first and then the summary intrigued meDustin meets Nicolæ and it's not love at first sight but there is definitely intrigue since the man is blind but seems to see and not less also the tea was that good I liked the beginning was instantly hooked and fell right into the story A lonely twink so it seemed at first who was wandering through his life without a goal or purpose that is Dustin and then there is the mysterious stranger who manages to leave a lasting impression It didn't hurt that I love the name NicolaeThere is a lot of good sexual tension between them and Nicolae is not like all the people Dustin knows from the club scene he has to chase someone for a change and this person is actually bringing out the best in Dustin's personality So there is the whirlwind romance where two cultures collide and not all of their family or friends are happy with the developmentsI liked that the characters had hidden depth Dustin had reasons for his behaviour his childhood wasn't an easy one because of his mother who always belittled him and even tried to kill him Dustin's mother is also the point where I think the happily ever after was a bit overdone From all that was told she abused Dustin emotionally from the start so it's strange to see her at the end happy with his life choices and even unbelievable that she got better mentally after being given a stoneNicolae is an interesting character a mysterious one stable and kind always believing in the good of all people with powers that cannot be explained I liked that he helped Dustin to heal emotionally he tempered him down and was his opposite character wise which was just what Dustin needed to grow up but sometimes Nicolae seemed a bit too perfectEditing could use some work name was changed to a Nicole and I was wondering where a girl came from and some typos My copy had some uestion marks between words but maybe it was just my book that had formatting issuesOverall the book is a refreshing oneReview originaly writen for pants off reviews

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    I hate leaving a bad review I really do But I disliked this one pretty intensely Even a basic editing pass could've fixed some of the issues—not just typos and misspellings and missing words but words which are just blatantly used incorrectly that word doesn't mean what you think it means and total disregard for very very basic rules of paragraph structure only one speaker per paragraph please and why why are so many of the paragraphs so long? Add to that two MCs with a dearth of redeeming ualities tons of blatant racism thrown in I think to make the casual racism seem not so bad and a frankly baffling climax and the whole thing was for me an utter failure TBH I'm kinda mad I spent 4 on this

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    As someone lucky enough to have read Henley's fiction before and to have seen it grow over the months and years I was eager to read the full length novel about two of my favorite Henley characters I read the book in a single sitting on a day when I very much needed some warmth in the chill of my metaphysical house and I was not disappointedThe thing about stories is that they mean something different to everyone who reads or hears them It's the brilliance and importance of stories that they reach the ears and eyes and hearts of the people who need them I needed this story It's a sweet one a simple one a love conuers kind of tale It's about tea and choices sofas and dogs dancing and family loss and grief and pain If it is the little things that make life worth living then this book is full of reminders to appreciate the little things The clasp of hands the smell of good food the tilt of a familiar smile the hope that the next great encounter the next great adventure is right around the next corner Înflori is about a blind man who sees too much and a beautiful man who sees too little in himself They meet they learn and they help each other grow Both men need the embodiment of acceptance for not just what they can do but also for who they are and who they could become that they find in their partner The characters develop in this book in marked waysAs criticism I could offer that the bad guy could have been bad and thus be realistic There are editing mistakes but those rest on the shoulders of the editor not the author The pacing and introductions of the characters major and minor and the details needed to further the plot were good particularly for a first novel I would have liked development with some of Dustin's backstory perhaps pieces of it earlier or done with emotional depth I enjoyed the way Henley built Dustin and Nicu's domains their homes their families their people They are two very different men and Henley reflects that in all the essential detailsBut to me right now after just finishing the book I feel that most of that is window dressing to the image Henley's shown me through the glass Înflori is a love story that reminded me of all the sweet and simple moments to be found when falling for someone I enjoyed my journey with Nicu and Dustin and I will enjoy the next story Henley pens and the warmth I'm sure it will createThank you Mr Henley I needed that

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    This was a strangely captivating and slightly depressing story While Nicolæ is blind Dustin actually seems like the one with a disability Emotionally damaged from his past he doesn't allow anyone close or form any type of relationship Until Nicolæ says a few choice words and Dustin can't get him out of his head does Dustin realize what he's been missing and try and keep a hold of what he finally hasAt times I really wanted to smack Dustin He was an interesting but also frustrating character He over thought things and kept uestioning his worthiness of having Nicolæ At the same time I really wanted to hug him because he was just so messed up in the head Some of his actions were just cruel but by the end of the story I really liked him He's depressing but he grows within the story and that's part of why I really enjoyed the bookNicolæ even though he's blind never once gave the impression he had no sight In fact he saw things than Dustin did which I found amazing and very fascinating Being a gypsy he had a gift that allowed him to see things others couldn't It was really amazing and I liked seeing him all philosophical and cryptic because it confused Dustin but also made Dustin rethink his lifeThe story is essentially of Dustin changing While there is some conflict near the end related to Nicolæ's family the story is pretty much of getting Dustin's issues sorted out There was one part I didn't like regarding a lack of loyalty but thankfully it didn't go far enough for me to really dislike Dustin He came to his senses uickly and I'm extremely thankful for thatOverall it was a very good story Rather depressing at times but also intriguing if you don't mind angst and cryptic gypsies There were moments that were sweet fun and hot that made the story even better Definitely recommended for those who don't mind a slightly dark read

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    Dustin and Nicolæ two men can hardly be different If “Înflori” wouldn’t be such a perfect title for this wonderful novel it could also be named “When Worlds Collide” Here is Dustin blessed with good looks and money but his young life shadowed by tragedy The resulting feeling of guilt leaves him incapable of forming true relationships with others So he lives a shallow cynical life in which drugs and alcohol are his only friendsOn the other side is Nicolæ Poor in possessions but rich in friends and family born blind but gifted with a sight that by far exceeds what others are capable of seeing Especially when it comes to understanding people and the workings of natureRich and strong characters and a story that instantly sucks you in make “Înflori” a must read AF Henley created protagonists that are convincing because he got their character traits down to the detail It is beautiful to read how a simple nice gesture can turn one man’s life into an emotional rollercoaster The novel draws its strength from the different worlds and cultures Dustin and Nicolæ come from and the learning curve for Dustin It is exciting to read how Nicolæ’s attitude continues to confuse Dustin who slowly learns the meaning of true love what really is important in life and that it doesn’t matter where you come from Only who you are His new found experience helps him to make the right decision in the stories thrilling climax But the story goes deeper It makes you consider your own view on life and the people around you AF Henley’s strength lies in creating believable characters It is easy to like them and find something in each of them to identify with which also goes for the set of very good secondary characters and that is what makes the story so terrific to read

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    I would say I could not put this book down but given that I read it on the computer I must edit that to say I could not stop reading from the screen until I was finished Înflori is a gripping compelling novel that tells the love story of the damaged Dustin and the enigmatic Nicolæ The men live in separate worlds and want and expect different things out of a relationship and that is precisely what makes the book so interesting There is just the right amount of conflict romance and sensuality to make this a wonderful novelHenley's writing is a delight to read partly due to his talent with weaving words and a tight well developed plot Where his skills really shine the most in Înflori is in the development of fascinating believable characters in both the main and supporting cast Speech mannerisms gestures everything helps contribute to making these characters realI highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys excellent writing great characterization a love story or all of the above

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    The story opens with a very mundane tone and setting and then when Nicolae is introduced it becomes poetic and fantastical which is frankly gorgeous I love how even the phrasing and the way he writes serves as a reflection of the characters and who they are The ending was a little anti climatic but in some ways that seems to bring a bit realism into the resolution and I loved the final chapter to no end It was extremely sweet I loved the meaning to Dustin's name and how well it fits him and I have a fondness for nicknames so that aspect of Nicolae's name was endearing I like the side characters and the relationships between them and the main characters I also love that it's a healthy relationship there are far too few of theseIt was definitely an enjoyable read and something I will read again I would also highly recommend it to friends who enjoy malexmale romance and I will definitely be reading books by this author

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    I loved this story The writing was interesting and worked really well with the theme of the story My one and only complaint would be that I wish this was longer I wanted non sexual interaction between Dustin and Nico Nico was just so amazing I wanted to see on how they worked together

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