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Friends [PDF / EPUB] Friends Happy was an international hit that showed off Mies van Hout s uncanny ability to convey feelings with her vibrant illustrations.With Friends she goes one step further and shows emotional interaction Happy was an international hit that showed off Mies van Hout s uncanny ability to convey feelings with her vibrant illustrationsWith Friends she goes one step further and shows emotional interactions Just as she made the fish of Happy uniquely hers, here she uses monsters to show different situations they cuddle, laugh, play, but they also fight, tease andmaking the images recognizable for little monsters of all ages.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Friends
  • Mies van Hout
  • English
  • 23 July 2019
  • 9781935954231

About the Author: Mies van Hout

I grew up in a village in the south of Holland called Hapert My father allways told us stories When he was telling we were all sitting around him I also liked reading, but most of the time I was drawing When I was very young I knew that I wanted to become a drawer And I didn t know what to do otherwise.

10 thoughts on “Friends

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    Sometimes monsters can be scary to young children Mies van Hout shows the beauty of friendship through monsters This can show children that monsters don t have to be so scary Mies van Hout uses simple verbs with beautiful illustrations to demonstrate the action This is a wonderful book to add to any young child s library.

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    Great for illustrating and identifying emotions Fun, lively monster illustrations will appeal to the preschool and kindergarten crowd.

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    An absolutely gorgeous book filled with lush illustrations on the emotions of friendship with one word one each page Geared to preschoolers but an ageless book all the same that any art lover or child at heart will cherish.

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    With a single word on each page describing what friends do whether play, embarrass or hope , this book presents many different kinds of friends.

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    Leerzaam boekje over gevoelens met enorm leuke tekeningen

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    Cool and helpful to understand friendship, also for adults A great gift for someone with whom your relationship is complicated.

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    Simple little list of activities and emotions inspired by our friends Super cute monster scribbles too Checked out of JoCo library on my friend Maria s card Maria would rate the book a 4.8.

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    A perfect addition to friendship Storytime.

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    Summary This is a great book for visual literacy Each page only has one word, either an emotion or action, that relates to friendship The book explores feelings with vibrant colors and child like pastel drawings This is a good book for boys and girls in preschool and kindergarten as they develop their reading skills Activity As you read the book,discuss what the class sees in the picture Read the word to them and ask them what is happening in the picture How do the characters feel What are they thinking Why do they feel that way What happens next how can they make up, if they are upset or what else could they do together if they are happy Then, have the students return to their seats and use crayons and manila paper to draw a picture of an emotion or interaction that you assign to them When they are done, post it on the wall as a class display with their words written on them.APA Van Hout, Mies 2013 Friends Lemniscaat Rotterdam.

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    I didn t love this one quite as much as I did Happy I think partly I m just partial to fish than I am to monsters , but it s still a beautifully illustrated book, and such a great and simple concept for young children In this one, instead of illustrating emotions, van Hout illustrates verbs like fight and cuddle and bore The words in this book feel a little less concrete to me, or maybe the illustrations feel like they aren t quite as perfectI m not sure But even so, it s a quiet, imaginative book that I think a lot of children and adults alike will really enjoy I eagerly await whatever van Hout does next

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