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Ghost Towns of Route 66 [PDF / EPUB] Ghost Towns of Route 66 The uintessential boom and bust highway of the American West Route 66 once hosted a thriving array of boomtowns built around oil mines railroad stops cattle ranches resorts stagecoach stops and gold m The uintessential boom and bust highway of Route PDF Æ of the American West Route once Ghost Towns PDF \ hosted a thriving array of boomtowns built around oil mines railroad stops cattle ranches Towns of Route PDF ☆ resorts stagecoach stops and gold mines Illustrated with gorgeous sepia tone and color photography this book tours dozens of ghost towns rich in stories and history Explore the beauty and nostalgia of these abandoned communities along America’s favorite highway.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 160 pages
  • Ghost Towns of Route 66
  • Jim Hinckley
  • English
  • 24 April 2016

About the Author: Jim Hinckley

My first impression of the deserts of Route PDF Æ of Arizona was that I had arrived Ghost Towns PDF \ at the place warned about in Sunday school Well that was than forty years Towns of Route PDF ☆ ago and I now find it impossible to imagine living anywhere that isn't found within the borders of Arizona or New MexicoI was eighteen when the mystiue the legend and the wild lands of the desert southwest grabbed me by the heart I now jokingly.

10 thoughts on “Ghost Towns of Route 66

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    I really loved this book Granted it's a coffee table book but it's full of awesome photographs and cool facts about Route 66 The ghost towns they refer to are abandoned towns not paranormal ghost ones I have never driven Route 66 I would love to one day but Route 66 stuff always reminds me of my family road trips to South Dakota and the towns we would pass on the way Route 66 is no where near South Dakota but the road also reminds me of the ghost towns in South Dakota that were once thriving but are now shadows of their former selves Overall this is a really neat book and I recommend it to the traveling types

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    Great coffee table book that takes the reader on a journey of Route 66 from it's start in Illinois through its terminus in California while showcasing ghost towns along the way There is awesome photography of towns whose heyday has passed as well as descriptions of the history of these towns which often predated the historic highway's construction The book invokes a sense of nostalgia for a time gone by but also a desire to revisit some of these locations which are slowly fading into the deserts and rolling hills of the US There are also occasional tips on driving to reach some of the communities and locations which are found just off the main road inspiring readers to take their own trips down the asphalt A great book to read all the way through but eually wonderful to leisurely thumb through admiring the snapshots of a slice of Americana

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    Beautiful photography by Kerrick James but I’m afraid the information just read like a text book at school

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    If this book is designed to entice the reader to want to visit route 66 then the writer has failed Nothing endearing about this book at all If I could have given it 0 stars I would have

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    A wonderful history of Route 66 with lots of old photos and tips when passing through these old towns

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    A uick read interspersed with many lovely pictures Ghost Towns of Route 66 takes you along the American highway of the same name looking at the towns that sprung up along the highway mostly during the early 1900's through the post world war II era The pictures are great visual reminders of a bygone age and I found them to be the strong point of the book not to say I didn't like the writing but I wish it delved a little deeper into the stories and histories of the communities rather than just a brief outline of each The book reads like a travel guide than a historical account

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    Top book Route 66 across America is the one reason I would go to the USA The stories I've heard the vision on the TV and on movies the use in the Pixar CARS movies There is a mystiue a drawing to this what's left of it line of tar across a nation that somehow just draws me I may never actually get thereThis book part history part tour guide was a great read A little dry but with tips and mudmaps to show the way to places the regular tourist traps don't take you Mix this with the photographers from Lost America and its just magicMakes me want to be there all the

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    As an aficionado of the Mother Road I was glad to have a chance to read this book and find some locations to explore on Route 66 Great descriptions of the remnants of these towns with many excellent photosMany ghost towns are mentioned but I realized I had not really checked out some of the ones on the pre 1937 alignment of Route 66 that went through Santa Fe Dilia Romeroville Tecolote and San Jose are now on my New Mexico hit list

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    This book focuses on ghost towns along Route 66 some of which are true ghost towns others 'ghosts of what they once were' I read about 12 of the book but enjoyed every single photo until the end The writing had tidbits of fascinating information but was steeped pretty heavily in Rt 66 nostalgia The photos though? An incredibly stunning blend of color sepia and BW

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this brief literary trip with great Kerrick James photographs east to west on America's Mother Road The colorful history of these mostly abandoned towns is fascinating Too young to call it Memory Lane I did ride its two lane blacktop on a bus in Kingman AZ bound for the Grand Canyon during a 2004 vacation in Las Vegas Highly recommended

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