The Infertility Cure The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program

The Infertility Cure The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies [PDF / EPUB] The Infertility Cure The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies In The Infertility Cure Dr Lewis outlines her simple guidelines involving diet herbs and acupressure so that you can make use of her experience and expertise to create a nurturing welcoming environmen In The Infertility Cure The MOBI ô Cure Dr Lewis outlines her simple guidelines involving diet herbs and acupressure so that you can make use of her experience and expertise to create a nurturing welcoming environment for a healthy baby Dr The Infertility PDF \ Randine Lewis offers you a natural way to support your efforts to get pregnant The Infertility Cure addresses Advanced maternal age Recurrent miscarriage Immunological fertility problems Male factor infertility Hormonal imbalances and associated conditions Anovulation lethal phase defect Infertility Cure The ePUB ☆ amenorrhea unexplained infertility Endometriosis polycystic ovaries tubal obstruction uterine fibroids Improving the outcome of assisted reproductive techniues The Infertility Cure opens the door to new ideas about treating infertility that will dramatically increase your odds of getting pregnant Infertility Cure The Ancient Chinese Epub / the natural way.

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • The Infertility Cure The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies
  • Randine Lewis
  • English
  • 10 January 2014
  • 9780316159210

10 thoughts on “The Infertility Cure The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies

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    Looking forward to incorporating some new herbs into my diet Apparently my Yang and spleen are out of whack I needed to find a way to help regulate my hormones naturally and my Acupuncturist recommended this book

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    This is an amazing book If you've already memorized the basics of charting and cycles as given in TCOYF this is a great next step whether you think you're interested in Chinese medicine or not If nothing else there are many examples of charts and symptoms and explanations of their various associations in TCMThe author also gives tons of information that is useful to someone like me who may not have the financial resources to employ an acupuncturist There are good diagrams with acupressure points and instructions and uite thorough descriptions of many Chinese herbsI really can't recommend this highly enough to anyone who is TTC and even anyone who is just interested in another perspective on their monthly cycles

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    Good book great info I didn't think this was a particularly easy read though I had a hard time understanding when my liver or kidneys were stale and the corresponding treatment I wanted this to work but I just didn't get it

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    Excellent read for anyone I have learned so much from this book Even if you’re open to learning how to enhance your fertility without being diagnosed with an infertility disorder I’d recommend giving it a read

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    Gives hopeAnd guidance through a struggle where not much is given with western medicine I would recommend anyone struggling with infertility to read her book

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    This book was recommended to me by a friend whose friend experienced success after implementing Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM I have been interested in Eastern medicine for uite some time and I have been trying out some herbs yoga and massage practices but I haven't had much guidance This book is extremely detailed and informative It helps you better understand accupuncture but also gives you much insight as to how you can implement accupressure herbs and dietary changes into your own daily life to acheive a similar effect if accupuncture is not easily accessible to you I think this is an excellent follow up book to The Infertility Cleanse which focuses on the health benefits of yoga Paired together these two books provide a wealth of information on utilizing Eastern medicine to acheive better fertility What myself and some of my friends are experiencing is that we present with difficulties conceiving or miscarriages but Western physicians keep telling us there isn't much we can do unless we want to take hormones It's frustrating especially when you can feel that something is off in your body I love how this book let's women know that you are not crazy and there really are remedies available Like The Infertility Cleanse it does not promise success which I like The final chapter is about opening your heart to the idea that life might have something else in store for you I think every woman who struggles with fertility issues can identify in some way with this book and can walk away with a new practice that might uplift their spirit and encourage them along the way to finding their future children

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    The Infertility Cure is definitely the way to go if you are very unfamiliar with Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM like I am Dr Lewis grew up in the US and was educated the Western way Then she went to China and learned TCM there As a result her diagnoses and recommendations make much sense than Dr Wu'sI feel like I can eat a lot in my diet than I would have been able to with Dr Wu's recommendations Also the explanation of i etc was confusing to me in Dr Wu's bookI highly recommend this if you are having trouble conceiving I plan on using these diet and exercise guidelines adopting acupuncture moxibustion and massage before I try anything like IVF IUI etc It seems natural and I like the way TCM focuses on full body balance rather than trying to cure the symptomI've been on Clomid for seven months to no avail and the doctor has no clue as to why I'm not ovulating There was a patient that saw Dr Lewis who's symptoms and BBT and age basically mirrored my situation The patient had been on Clomid before but didn't respond to it After 3 6 months of changing her diet and using acupuncture she conceived naturally If I can conceive naturally I'm all for it I'm really looking forward to trying this before pumping myself full of hormones and other medications I may not need I conceived easily my first time so I feel like this might be better for me to kick my body back into balance

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    This is another book that I got for my practice It is meant to be a guide to navigating your fertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine It is a very well written book with some very unfortunate flaws The essence of the book is a brief education on TCM so that women feel comfortable using all that it has to offer in aiding their fertility However there is a lot of very confusing very detailed information on self diagnosis and treatment This book is very popular with women currently going through fertility treatments which is why I read it If all of the treatmentdiagnostic info had been kept to a minimum it would be a wonderfully empowering book Instead the average woman feels a bit dumb and worried that TCM is too complicated for them Not true Although it is true that acupuncture and herbs are generally best left up to professionals I might be biased though I really wish that Randine Lewis had written two books One for women in the process of trying to get pregnant and one for practitioners That being said it is still a good book just don't get too bogged down in the details if you aren't an acupuncturist

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    lots of info some misleading language ie title author espouses there is no such thing as infertility then titles her work under such binary language a strong reference manual for any individual or couple trying to conceive i think this book is most beneficial if one is already working with holistic heath care practitioners many chapters felt to be written to practitioners while others were directed to patients also it might be disheartening for those who have already begun the western route of ART treatments as the author does attempt to dissuade some of those approaches that being said an excellent supplemental reading that i most likely will return to over the coming months

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    This book compares the Eastern and Western views of fertility women's body systems and treatments It actually starts by saying infertility is basically a myth which when you continue to read it is uite convincing Most of the health problems in our society can be greatly improved prevented and many even cured bynutrition exercise and healthy lifestyle choices There are uestionnaires to help you identify potential problems based on your symptoms and then sections within each chapter on how to improve your condition Within the first 50 pages I actually started thinking acupuncture was a good idea A great read for any woman as I'm sure we'd all like to have energy and feel better

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