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  • Golden Boy
  • Abigail Tarttelin
  • English
  • 14 October 2016
  • 9781476705804

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    max is an intersex teenager who identifies as male when he becomes the victim of a sexual assault the conseuences are both physically and emotionally devastating and wayyy too much for a sixteen year old to deal with especially one who has until then led such a charmed life despite having to carry this secret his whole life max was remarkably well adjusted before the attack he is an accomplished athlete and student his home life is fairly stable despite two overachieving parents and what appears to be an autistic younger brother and the girls max is very pretty and teenage girls love pretty boys and max certainly takes advantage of the mutual appreciation of prettiness however because he has to keep his secret it doesn't go further than making out and some uickly curtailed groping he gets the reputation of being something of a lothario even though he remains a virgin people draw their own conclusions and he's okay with that max doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about his future or about what makes him different until he is forced to do so in the wake of his rape and then that's all he doesand it is heartbreakingthis is not a YA book but i think that strong teen readers could appreciate it there is a lot of specific medical information in it which drags the narrative a bit for a reader accustomed to the uickfire YA pacing but since there is so little that i know of in the way of intersex lit it's probably something that could stand a little exposure i personally loved all the genetic information; i hadn't really considered all the possible variations of intersexuality and i found it fascinating dana says in her review that this has been compared to Annabel and i second her in declaring that it is not a similar read at all it is also nothing like Middlesex and that is the end of the list of intersex books i have read they are all fine books dana would disagree but the intersex element is the only thing they have in commonthis one is very much a story of conseuences and the effects a rape has on a family especially in a situation like this where the complications are so much severe and dear lord the attack scene made me cringe so bad rape scenes are bad enough but considering the mechanics of this one and the anatomical difficulties horribleand it's worse because of the guilt max feels afterward like maybe he was leading the attacker on unknowingly having been treated like a boy his whole life and identifying as a boy he never had to learn the perils of teenage girl sexuality with his numerous make out partners he was never the initiator and he let things happen without having to exert any effort and the attack was similar like many victims he froze and afterwards he blamed himself and it's just freaking guttingthe story is told in a multi narrative format where voice and perspective are given to max both of his parents his brother one of his doctors and a girl who may be the best thing to ever happened to max but it's everything it's the struggles of parents between trying to protect their children but still allowing them autonomy and the many mistakes that can occur along that path it's about love and fear and self perception it's about the narrowing of options and the fear of being left behind it's about secrets being kept and the sense that everyone knows these secrets but you and it's just powerful stuff all around i definitely recommend it for anyone interested in gender and identity or just a story about an unusual situation and the way it crashes through a family and what is left at the endand because i know how goodreads works i know that two years from now someone i don't know will come on here and say you are stupid and insensitive boys get raped too and i know that but it is less common and girls learn early how to detect and deflect male interest if need be and i'm not just talking abut sexual predators but just general guarding of the castle we know our effect and we learn how to protect ourselves from unwanted attention it's not foolproof sometimes it's good to have a weapony deterrent but it's a survival skill and we has it and boys generally don't have to develop it to the same extent so max's was i leading him on?? worries are poignant for thatcome to my blog

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    This is one of my new favorite books of all time I am astounded by it and I started crying as soon as I began typing this review This topic is so important and I learned so much throughout this book and it was told in such a gripping and tragic way that I was nearly sobbing throughout the last half of this book It deals with seriously tragic and infuriating topics so trigger warning for rape this is an unforgettable read and I recommend it to anyone who breathes

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    Top fiction I had to cut down the GR description of it because it gave too much away If you think you might read this book only read really short reviews try and avoid knowing anything about it Everything you know will take away from the interest and surprise There is nothing in this review that will take away from the surprises and I hope only increase the interest in itThis would make a really fantastic film Intersex fascinates everyone and the book is extremely visual I don't want to say except that it will have you rooting for something you have never even dreamed of but could happen be happening in your neighbourhood The book is very well written the characterisation above the level you would expect in a YA book and very challenging in a very good wayOne thing I have to write is that one of the women in the book is very sexually experienced and this is presented as a Very Good Thing and not slutty at all I did enjoy reading that I don't like getting recommendations so I don't give them except in work but I would like to recommend this book to just about everyone who likes reading a good story with just a bit of romance because it is YA after all This book is up there with Beauty ueens

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    Why have I not I heard of this book before now? Why isn't the entire reading community talking about this? Abigail Tarttelin has written an amazing story of her Max who is intersex it is a topic that I have not really thought of much before now not a lot of us would have I suspect I feel like I am lost for words right now I don't want to retell the story this is one that must be read and understood by all that are lucky to come across this fabulous book Max's story comes to us from the people that are his most important His parents; his brother Daniel what a sweetheart; his General Practitioner a lady I thought was just brilliant and full of compassion; and his friend Sylvie who was uirky special and real I loved all of these perspectives the author has presented each of these real characters as someone I feel I got to know I loved every character they were developed beautifully and with care Each chapter was a voice directly channelling their uniue relationship to Max they were short which suited me very well as I kept searching for what Max was going to do next I was impatient to learn of his story and honestly had trouble putting it down I hate seeing people hurt have an instinct to comfort and the importance of those suffering hardship owning enough self worth These feelings happened as an almost physical response during my time with this book heightens my respect for this young author This wondrously talented author is so young I feel like she knows so much She must be wise beyond her years to tell a story like Golden Boy entrusting me to understand this complex topic and get know the wonderful Max I want to scream from the rooftop in support of him This story made me love Max I hope you love him too

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    I read this as a birthday gift for the smart and beautiful Vane who is celebrating her birthday on September 19 Happy birthday hun3 Don't forget to greet her^^Originally she unreasonably asked me to read books two to four of the Monstrumologist series before her birthday Girl is dreaming Lol Instead I read this standalone which she recommended perhaps a little halfheartedly Lol This is a story about a uniue 15 year old named Max a perfect golden boy who everyone adores but who has been keeping a secret He is intersex He has both male and female parts but he has never allowed his condition to affect him until one ill fated night when a terrible horrible thing happened to him He was raped I read from Vane’s review that this is a heavy painful read and now I can prove for myself that she is absolutely right Not far from the first pages of the book is the most awful graphic description of how Max was raped Personally I didn’t think all those hideous details were necessary Like in my review on the book None of the Above by IW Gregorio I mentioned how I appreciate books that tackle relevant social issues like this I said it then and I’ll say it again authors should write stories like this and readers should read books like this I just wish this particular story weren’t very heavy plot wise I felt like the author wanted to tackle so many serious social issues and at some point it all felt too much to take It made the messages all the difficult to grasp because of the multiple POVs that made me feel detached from the characters Emotionally I couldn’t closely connect with them except with the main character himself Perhaps if it was told through his POV throughout I would have better appreciated the story I also felt like the novel was a lengthy read which I attribute to several dialogues and POVs which I didn’t think were important to the story Several lines were mentioned repetitively and some parts were a little unrealistic It bothered me that Max and his parents seem to know very little about his condition when they all knew this when he was born he had specialists which was opposite of that of Kristin of None of the Above’s condition because she learned that she was intersex only when she was already 18 years old She researched online and joined group discussions about intersex to understand herself better Max could have done that But overall it is still a very worthwhile informative read Max is such a strong willed character Read the book if only to meet him One strong point for this story is how it emphasizes that people’s gender does not define them Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE Vane More books to come Want the same birthday gift my friends? Please comment by mentioning your birth date and the book you recommend This is going to be so much fun

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    This book broke meI think it might be the best thing I've read in the last couple years and I'm not good at choosing favourites Still a book that makes me sob my heart out silently in the middle of the night is not something I encounter everyday An emotional impact this powerful is something to commend and it's not the only exceptional thing about this novelI tricked myself a little bit when I started this book Both covers are colourful and simply nice looking so even though I knew what the book was about I let myself think I was in for a pleasant ride through teenage problems ville with a sprinkle of gender identity issues I was not prepared for what I was about to read but I was too curious to resistBoy was I wrongThis novel is full of pain It starts out with a rape not a spoiler and then in between moments of apparent tranuility the blows just keep coming and the pressure builds up until you find yourself trying to choke back sobs at 1 AM reading on your phone so as not to wake up people I don't think that's just meThe characters are unbelievably real starting with MaxHe really is a perfect golden boy but that's not because he's athletic and attractive and smart; it's because he has a big heart a sweet disposition and an ability to live with what people would see as an issue as if it were nothing He's remarkably well adjusted and kind and it's no surprise everyone loves him He could never be the character who's too perfect to love because you can see inside his mind and get to know him and you find youself loving him just like that naturally It's refreshing and heartwarming like nothing I've read beforeThat's not to say he doesn't have flaws but they all have reasons to exist that weirdly don't feel like excusesAs for the secondary characters they're almost as much protagonists as Max Daniel the little brother I'd love to have though I'd probably throttle him twice a day if I actually did have him as a brother; Sylvie the kooky sexy wonder of a girl who's not weird enough to be annoying like many YA characters are these days but enough to be pleasantly eccentric and open minded; Steve who discovers family again; and Karen Karen the mother of this little lopsided family a woman I understood sympatised with blamed hated and not uite forgaveThere's probably a specific reason I could relate to Max and his family so much I know what it's like to be poked and prodded by doctors and have to make decisions The problems I have or have had are nothing like Max's they're of a whole different nature and will be much less impactful on my future hopefully but I know what it's like to feel alienated and like you have no one to talk to and I know how this impacts family relationshipsWhat I did realise last night is that hell there's nothing to angst about It sounds simplistic and like a bit of a weird conclusion to come to after reading such a book but that's what this novel gave me there's nothing to worry about Life is a horrid bitch and it's going to try to beat you down and make things as difficult as possible but you can get past and over it There's always something on the other side of the hillIt's a novel with a big heart that taught me a few interesting facts about intersex people in England on top of telling an amazing story in the best possible way; it's a series of snapshots of relationships falling apart and being knitted back together from several diametrally different points of view; it's a love story or several love storiesI have a hardcore book hangover and am running on five hours of sleep and a cup of coffee This review might not be the best I've written but it's all raw emotion So whether we know each other or we're complete strangers trust me on this one and give this book a shot

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    If you love someone you love them It doesn't matter where they came from or if they're a boy or a girl or if you fight or if they're weird or if they find it difficult to communicate with you; you just fucking love themMax is an intersex child previously called hermaphrodite His story is not an easy read It begins in a rather shocking manner and continues in a sometimes disturbing and often unsettling directionWhen I first started reading GOLDEN BOY I wasn't uite sure where the author would take us with such a challenging and unusual subject matter but as I read along I soon found myself engrossed with the characters and could not stop reading until I knew about Max his rare condition of intersex and how his story would endJoin Max's tumultuous world where he battles inner demons and makes tough choices for a very special emotionally taxing and thought provoking journey Whew What a learning experience view spoileram thankful Max lived on Hunter was charged and for the beautiful satisfying ending hide spoiler

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    Phenomenal I highly recommend this go to the TOP of people's want to read list Here's one small uote Then I won't say anything other than this is an engaging page turning unforgettable important book If we don't listen to him if we take away his right to his own choices his own body then he ceases to be an autonomous being and becomes a thing

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    15 thirty nine children playing violins very loudly for the very first time stars 1 Suzanne so sorry that this book did not work for me the way it did for you2 Two thumbs up for the education provided around intersexuality I hope with time that this group will be represented in all areas of life with dignity and respect3 However I hated this as a novel The book was like a three ring circus Histrionic overly affective and completely unbelievable The voices of the characters were not at all authentic to me and all seemed to be simply variations of Karen's voice rather than individual voices The exception was Archie's voice that could have easily been lifted up off of wikipediaI started by feeling mixed about this book but by the end I was skimming as I found it unbearable I just wanted it to be overHowever out of those 39 young violinists one is bound to be at least pretty good So perhaps this will be the case in Ms Tarttelin's future novels I however will not be there to find out

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    Cross posted at Outlaw Reviews and at Shelf InflictedI feel like a big old meany for not liking this book as much as my friends didIt is wordy and repetitive the multiple viewpoints drove me nuts and the characters lacked substance and authenticity Though I really admire Max’s parents’ decision not to make their child undergo surgery to correct his intersex condition I could strangle them for being so secretive about it and allowing Max to grow up and navigate the difficult world of adolescence without any discussion or guidance about sex relationships pregnancy or gender identity The thing is when parents don’t talk about this stuff with their kids they will learn from their friends or the media and likely pick up all kinds of incorrect information What I didn’t understand about Max particularly in this age of information was why he showed very little curiosity didn’t access the internet or read books And how does he manage to be the perfect son the perfect brother the perfect student and the perfect boyfriend without any “issues”? Yet he is not Very early on a childhood friend sexually assaults 16 year old Max It is the conseuences of that disturbing incident and the fact that his father is running for political office and doesn’t need any negative publicity that make things very complicated for Max “I am a normal guy I am a normal guy who would never have a problem like this Like what? Like nothing It doesn’t exist I am a normal sixteen year old I listen to music I wear my iPod I laugh with my friends I dream about kissing Sylvie Clark I kiss Sylvie Clark I am a brother I am not a sister I am not an everything I am not a nothing I have no big choices to make I am a teenager and my biggest job is to be normal I can’t look at myself in the mirror any or at any reflection of mine in glass And I don’t know why” What I did like about this book in comparison to Annabel is that it tackles the issues of gender identity with sensitivity and compassion I just wish that the author’s research about intersexuality was presented throughout the novel organically and not solely through the voice of Max’s doctor which made it feel like forced teaching moments As I mentioned earlier there were problems with characterization The story was narrated by Max as well as his parents his younger brother Daniel his girlfriend Sylvie and his doctor Max’s parents were caricatures rather than real people His brother was way too clever for his 10 years and had sophisticated vocabulary than anyone else And Sylvie who was uite an interesting character and very supportive of Max didn’t get nearly enough page time This book made me think and made me feel but the prose lacked the grace and elegance of Annabel I’m still waiting for the perfect book about intersexuality

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Golden Boy[PDF / EPUB] Golden Boy The Walker family is good at keeping secrets from the world They are even better at keeping them from each other Max Walker is a golden boy with a secret that the world may not be ready for This novel The Walker family is good at keeping secrets from the world They are even better at keeping them from each other Max Walker is a Golden Boy with a secret that the world may not be ready for This novel is a riveting tale of a family in crisis a fascinating exploration of identity and a coming of age story like no other.

About the Author: Abigail Tarttelin

Abigail Tarttelin is an award winning author screenwriter actress and musician As a writer she is best known for Golden Boy “a grippingly innovative” coming of age novel with a “radical non binary pro intersex message” Autostraddle Golden Boy is the winner of an Alex Award from the American Library Association a LAMBDA Literary Award Finalist for Best LGBT Debut a Booklist Top Ten Firs.