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Rookie Yearbook One [PDF / EPUB] Rookie Yearbook One The first print publication edited by Tavi Gevinson the editor in chief of Rookie the website for teenage girlsTavi Gevinson started her personal blog Style Rookie in 2008 when she was eleven years ol The first print publication edited by Tavi Gevinson the editor in chief of Rookie the website for teenage girlsTavi Gevinson started her personal blog Style Rookie in when she was eleven years old It was a place where from the confines of her bedroom in the suburbs she could write about Rookie Yearbook Kindle - personal style and chronicle the development of her own Within two years the blog was averaging fifty thousand hits per day Soon fashion designers were flying her around the world to attend and write about fashion shows and to be a guest of honor at their parties     Soon Tavi’s interests grew beyond fashion into culture and art and especially feminism In September when she was fifteen she launched Rookie a website for girls like her teenagers who are interested in fashion and beauty but also in dissecting the culture around them through a uniuely teen girl lens Rookie broke one million page views within its first six days Rookie Yearbook One collects articles interviews photo editorials and illustrations from the highly praised and hugely popular online magazine      In its first year Rookie has established a large inclusive international community of avid readers In addition to its fifty plus regular writers photographers and illustrators many of whom are teenage girls themselves Rookie’s contributors and interviewees have included prominent makers of popular culture such as Lena Dunham Miranda July Joss Whedon Jon Hamm Zooey Deschanel David Sedaris Elle Fanning Amy Poehler Paul Rudd John Waters Chloe Sevigny Liz Phair Dan Savage JD Samson Ira Glass Aubrey Plaza Daniel Clowes Carrie Brownstein Paul Feig Bethany Cosentino Kimya Dawson Fred Armisen and Winnie Holzman     As a young teenager Gevinson couldn’t find what she was looking for in a teen magazine; Rookie is the one she created herself to fill that void Her coolheaded intellect shines in Rookie arguably the most intelligent magazine ever made for a teen girl audience Gevinson writes with a humble but keen authority on such serious topics as body image self esteem and first encounters with street harassment She’s eually deft at doling out useful advice such as how to do a two minute beehive or how to deliver an effective bitchface Rookie’s passionate staffers and faithful readers have helped make Rookie the strong community that it is     To date Gevinson has written for Harper’s Bazaar Jezebel Lula and Pop and is a contributing editor for Garage magazine She has been profiled in The New York Times and The New Yorker and has been on the cover of Pop L’Officiel Zeit Magazin and Bust As a speaker she has made numerous presentations at venues such as IdeaCity TEDxTeen L Forum and the Economist World in Festival Last year Lady Gaga called her “the future of journalism”.

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    Things that Rookie did for MY LIFE Made my time at the toilet much fun Turned me into a solid feminist with solid arguments I used to be just a uiet voice for euality It sounds counterproductive as if Rookie made of me one of those ew boys suck fourth graders but what I really mean is that I now know things about women's situation that I wasn't previously aware about such as our increased vulnerability to sexual harassment the way many times people judge women violently and how to embrace self confidence not only for ourselves but for others too My Goodreads To Read list and Movies To Watch list has grown twice in size I currently do not aprecciate a sundae if in a bowl I have stopped suandering my allowance on stupid things like Seventeen and makeup to usefully spend it on very valuable art supplies and used clothes I don't have time for my homework any Sorry got important things to do Like DIYs I'm sort of kidding A lot of other very life changing things that I can't remember right nowI must add that I read this the best teenage girl oriented magazine in the world super rushed because I had to lend it to this one friend and that other friend and come to think about it wouldn't that one other friend love it? Anyways I have to start getting and people hooked on Rookie It's my way of changing the world I guessEDITED TO ADD Because Rookies are awesome and we want to share that awesomeness through our passion for books I created a Goodreads group that concentrates on reading stuff that was recommended on our favorite online magazine Check it out

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    So many feelings about this one guys I'm a 33 year old woman and I feel like the stuff I learned from this book has helped me for when I turn 34 in a few weeks That being said I wish I'd had access to this when I was 13 going on 14 back in 19934 a time period which Rookie openly fetishizes which doesn't make me feel a bit OLD at ALLand a bit flattered as well Girls these days have got it so good And so bad One half of me is super jealous for all the access to music and culture that I had to spend months digging in libraries and sending away for via the post to procure; and one half of me is so deeply grateful that I am not a teenage girl growing up in this world right now Things have always been horribly unfair for girls but the way things are now I don't envy the youngI mostly feel really awful and sorry for them at having to grow up in a world that has doubled in fuckedupedness from when I was going through it allWhile I adore Rookie and fucking fully respect Tavi Gevinson in what she is doing I can't say that certain elements do not make me feel a tad frustrated Don't get me wrong this is not at her or her franchise but at how the media constantly refers to her as THE ONE ICON OF HOPE FOR YOUNG FEMINISTS I am sure that Tavi herself would be less than ready to proclaim herself thusly just as Kathleen Hanna very vocally rejected the notion of her being THE VOICE OF RIOT GRRRL While it is wonderful to have both these fan fucking tastic women in our midst we must never forget the fact that both are lovely to look at and white They both recognize this and try as hard as possible to discourage this myopic notion of white able bodied insertprivledgehere definition Etc Etc I just want the media to get beyond Tavi and dig around for other girls from different backgrounds who are also doing fantastic things I think she'd agree with me This might not be a fitting thing to put in my feelings on this book itself but I'm speaking from a global frustration I feel when the subject of Tavi and Rookie come up That being said Rookie offers itself as a platform for young women to be heard and that above every criticism is a noble pursuit I hope that Rookie continues to strive to be an inclusive beacon in a world of exclusiveness and can serve as a gateway for other girls to get their voices heard What Rookie is doing is precious and meaningful and goddammit necessary Media just please don't use this opportunity to co opt Tavi as an icon due to her good looks and fashion sense I constantly struggle with the uestion of how she would be approached if she was say a chubby black girl from a less fortunate background I know I know it's not her fault It's the media But I can't help but voice this concern Intersectionality is a constant reality and when talking about Rookie and the Tavi franchise the critical part of my brain can't help but bring this up I hope that doesn't make me a bad person If it does oh well I still respect her enormously And this website and book is a lighthouse in what can be a really dark mean and scary world This is a testament to feminism and the sheer importance of grrrl power now note ZERO irony when I say that While we feminist men and women have our many differences the most vital thing we as humans who believe in the intrinsic principle of euality and are not afraid to call ourselves feminists is is to offer pure unadulterated support and solidarity with our younger brothers and sisters Lets lift up those on the margins and let their voices be heard This is what Rookie has done and continues to do

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    Oh my almost as soon as I opened this up and started reading I got shivery goosebumps This is exactly what I always wanted to read as a teenager

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    In the end though what kept me reading what I kept not being able to get over was this uncompromising very specific expectation of and demand for consideration and respect Tavi and her ladies understand what it is to be female in this culture they embrace the girliness to varying degrees and they articulate very clearly how girls can enjoy their femininity while maintaining a firm grasp on the nature of true beauty While they acknowledge that watching fashion can be a really fun hobby oh it is I have bought and kept every September issue of Vogue since 1978 they remind girls that each model has spent three hours in a makeup chair and been Photoshopped all the way to Jesus and backFull review on Pink Me

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    Literally the best thing ever You should all read it and then buy copies for everybody you know and everybody you've ever met ever Just saying

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    Rookie Yearbook One features highlights from Rookie's first school year of existence September 2011 to May 2012 Though I am definitely older than the intended audience it's for teenagers; I'm 32 it was still a satisfying read It's a mixture of advice pieces personal essays and other stuff from a mixture of teen and adult writers on subjects including how to deal with a bad day how to talk to your crush racism female masturbation the male gaze and street harassment There are interviews with Joss Whedon Daniel Clowes David Sedaris and other famous people; there's also a piece of interviews with groups of ordinary people in their late teensearly twenties in Manhattan diners late at night It's smart and well written and often funny and the advice pieces don't ever assume heterosexuality; it's upbeat without being saccharine; it's awesomely feminist there's one great part where a reader of the website asks why being skinny is so fetishized by the mainstream media and the answer is basically because certain peoplelarge corporations make a lot of money by making girlswomen devote their resources mental and otherwise to the idea that they should try to attain this particular ideal of feminine beauty Yup that The book also features art in the form of collage y page backgrounds and dividing pages which I liked lots and photography which is mostly in the style of artsy fashion photography like a teenage W magazine which I was less interested in My favorite pieces were probably all personal essays like this one by Kevin Townley about being thirteen and discovering Rocky Horror Picture Show or this one by Jenny Zhang about moving from a diverse neighborhood in ueens to a very white Long Island town in 7th grade or these first time having sex stories by Lena Dunham Liz Phair and others I also really really love the People Reviews 1 2 at the end of the book they're funnygreat vignettes of daily life with the people at their center being rated 0 5 stars Like 1 star for a judgmental dentist 5 stars for a girl who buys the last glazed donut at a local coffee place and then when it falls on the floor asks the staff if the floor is clean then says don't judge me and proceeds to eat it Or 5 stars for a barefoot guy in orange shorts skateboarding down Liverpool Street in the winter in London giving high fives to guys in suits I would happily read a whole book of People Reviews—it's like the Metropolitan Diary section of the New York Times except funnier and less cutesy

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    This book is HUUUUGE but real talk I'll probably read it in three daysOk I finished it Like I said this book is huge and if you're a regular reader of Rookie you'll notice that much of the content comes directly from the site in kind of a best of of the first year of the website's existence This is a good thing as some features were especially nice to revisit interviews with Daniel Clowes and John Waters and much of the art and layout has been reimagined in order to be appropriate for a printed book A yearbook for a website is kind of a cool idea creating something tangible and permanent out of something that exists as pixels on a screen Knowing the extent of the comments section on the site I imagine that for readers this IS essentially their yearbook for their online community which is really nice to think about Teenagers feeling like weirdos making friends with other kids through the magic of the internet It's kind of like Ask by The Smiths right?If I were a teenager this is the sort of thing I'd beg for on a trip to Borders and then come home and read it over over be inspired bookmark important pages read parts aloud to my friends over the phone Reading it as an adult I'm excited for the teens involved and I wish there were things like this when I was young If you are an adult should you bother? I don't know if you are an interested person you like to know what other people think about things you know? Although several of the articles may not be exactly topical to my life there is a lot of fun to be had here and the idea of reading a teenage driven bookwebsite is very cool to me

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    I would give my left boob to have had ROOKIE around when I was a teenager I'm in my early 20s but Rookie is still a fantastic guide to navigating your developing years as a girl Inside this massive fun beautiful tome How to make a paper crown How to throw a punch Why Joni Mitchell is Literally the Best Thing Ever A playlist for falling in love A playlist for getting over a crush First encounters with street harassment How to bargain at a thrift store SO MUCH MOREIf you know a teenaged girl regardless of whether she listens to Beiber or the Misfits get her this book

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    I cannot wait until we order this for our library's teen room Here are some of my thoughts on this book though my only complaint is the lack of plus sized models in the yearbook What's the deal with that?

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    This book is so greatttttt I wish I could give it to my own teen self but I am so happy I can give it to other teen girls and show them that it is okay to love things and okay to be and like yourself and that there will be times you don't but it's okay you'll get through it

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