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Untruly Yours [PDF / EPUB] Untruly Yours To some Natasha Iyer has it all Living the life of an affluent NRI wife of a prominent Psychologist and mother to a cheeky 11 year old However behind closed doors cracks are beginning to appear in her To some Natasha Iyer has it all Living the life of an affluent NRI wife of a prominent Psychologist and mother to a cheeky year old However behind closed doors cracks are beginning to appear in her seemingly comfortable relationship with her professionally consumed husband Rakesh Although Rakesh seems content with his alpha neatness fetish melodramatic wife and bright son; Natasha yearns for romance passion and excitement Ironically the Psychologist husband fails to read between the lines and Natasha is left to her own devices to deal with her unresolved emotions An unexpected call from India takes her through a journey of self discovery with her devastatingly handsome work colleague Steve She uncovers in some aspects urban India has changed considerably but eually deep rooted social issues still prevail in the so called modern educated changing society A chance encounter with her 'blast from the past' Veer adds to the emotional rollercoaster ride Her one man woman status of many years has failed to euip her with vital tools to deal with the unanticipated surge of attention from Steve and Veer As she attempts to master the finer points of courtship flirtation and seduction; her life spirals out of control Natasha is compelled to make tough decisions about her love friendship marriage and parenthood.

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    Sometimes you have to judge a book by its cover and that is probably what I did when I decided to read Untruly Yours by Smita Shetty The cover design is refreshing and the story summary at the back is extensive rather very extensive I personally don’t like than one paragraph of the summary written at the back cover of the book To me it was something like ‘A spoiler alert’ I mean it almost revealed the whole storyShetty wrote a simple story that is spread across 146 pages; the book takes you through the Journey of a modern era women who is starving for a spark in her relationship which she fails to find in her love marriage she is been into for than a decade The story line is not new and have been a part of many fiction novels but this book has its own good things to offer which over writes that ‘old story’ tagThe language used by author is very mature and clearly depicts that it has been written by an individual having great experience of life and not just some IIT graduates The book takes you through a journey of protagonist Natasha who is trying to find a way out of her marriage to enjoy the missing romance passion and excitement In simple words on verge of infidelityIt took Natasha a journey of than ten thousands miles to find that she demands from life in terms of her yearning towards Steve; her office mate from US and Veer; her college days crush Natasha after seeing no progress in terms of her relationship with Steve straves for Veer; who eventually hurts her and forces her to make a decision that will change her life completelyThroughout the book you will find many instances where you would give a calm smile and some time a huge laugh I am personally suggesting this book to everyone Pick it up it is worth the readAlso apart from all this I have a uick uestion for Shetty How come somebody who just attempted suicide can change her whole life in that one ten minute conversation and start talking about Fashion police and all? Just asking

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    This is a story revolving around a modern day female protagonist Natasha Iyer Natasha is a Bengali girl married to a Tamilian who has now earned the status of an NRI At first glance she has it all A well to do husband a glamourous job an eleven year old son and friends and colleagues she can depend on But as one takes a closer look at her life one realizes that not everything is as it seems Her husband is completely focused on his career and a son who is almost handful She doesn’t get along well with her mother in law and has only her father in law who sympathizes with her End of the day she is lonely and yearns for romance and companionship from her spouse When a call from India takes her on a trip back home she decides to take some time in order to find herself and look for what she really wants for herselfThis is a story that essentially deals with the journey of a woman who is dealing with her mid life crisis and trying to rediscover herself We take on a rollercoaster journey as we meet Natasha Rakesh Steve Priti and Veer Intent on clearing her head about her relationship with her husband Natasha is also forced to deal with other situations back at home and nothing is as easy as it should have been My only concern in the whole story was the turnaround time in the mentality of Natasha’s friend who had tried to commit suicideThe story is told simply with a dash of humour The characters and situations may mostly present a sense of deja vu for most of the readers and it is simply because the author has managed to keep the characters and most of the situations very true to life Most of us will be able to identify with one of the characters in the book and if not then we certainly know someone who can There’s ofcourse a happy ending but the story deals with the ups and downs of life that comes before the ‘happily ever after’ and ends with a positive noteOverall it was an entertaining read that managed to keep a hold on me till the end

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    An unresponsive husband a horrid mother in law a neglected wife a flirt ex flame and an attractive colleague – Smita Shetty gets together an assortment of characters from the Indian diaspora to churn out a breezy read in her debut novel The book is easy on the head the senses and the mood It is the kind of book that you would want to pick up on a travel because it makes you smile and it makes you feel good We Indians love a ‘and they lived happily ever after’ ending and this one gives you exactly that Full Review

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    A delighttfully hilarious girly book and a real page turner to the end It's clever witty and sharp with fantastic comic timing An impressive debut chick lit novel Could have done with a few pagesbut that's only because I didn't want to finish the book Definitely would recommend to give this one a go

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    Pure escapismThis book was a recommendation from a friend For a debut novel I am impressed with the writer’s effortless style of story telling It’s an easy read with many laugh out loud moments If you want a book which you can't put downthen I strongly recommend this oneA brilliant feel good book and definitely well worth a read

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    When was the last time you wished you became efficient lovable uick witted and a TRUE master of your household? For me this happens EVERYDAY A demanding husband who thinks running a household is child's play a child whose favorite toy and plaything is mommy a demanding career where Boss believes workday spans 25 hours a day these are just a few things that aggravates the feelings And the days when my in laws are in town the feeling intensifies ten foldsPossibly the only respite I receive in the ever demanding life is when I pick up a book that brings on some smiles to my face and breaks the monotony that threatens migraine on most days An ardent fan of chic lit due to their uick and easy nature and guaranteed happy endings authors like Marian Keyes Rachel Gibson Sophie Kinsella are the life lines for me Recently a new name has added itself in the listthat of Smita ShettyUntruly Yours delivers what you expect from a chic litright from its appearance to the plot and the ever present happy ? ending The story that Smita presents us is that of an NRI who is not only a mother but also a wife of a busy mind doctor ;D but that's not all she also works with local radio plans son's birthdays and hosts amazing house parties She aint really happy being a Jack of all and like the rest of us female populace wishes a little help and attention from her better half Add a ever critical mother in law to the euation and you can sympathies with her hasty trip back home to India to attend to an ailing friend The allure of a potential extra marital fling and reunion with an old flameadds the much needed boost to the whole plot and delivers what turns out to be the most hilarious tale of mystery romance and the inevitable city that never sleeps MumbaiSo those out there who wish to find a few smiles and a couple of giggles do give Untruly Yours a chance and I'm pretty sure you will not put it down without finishing it in a sitting

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    Untruly Yours is the debut novel of the author Smita Shetty In the 150 pages of this fast paced chic lit novel the author tells the story of Natasha who seems to feel that the spark in her relationship with her husband has vanished She is restless and yearns for some excitement in her life If you look a delve a little deeply into the character of Natasha you will discover that there is a bit of Natasha in most women Sometimes the zeal of life is lost in the daily mundane chores one feels people takes you for granted and it brings a feeling of love less ness and loneliness Many a times it is far from the truth and it is just a passing phase The author has told the story of a woman passing through this phase of life and how she copes with itThe strength of the novel are it's character entirely believable and relatable In particular the author's description of Natasha' s MIL as Godzilla of Godzilla as hilarious The story is packed with a lot of drama and has a lot of laugh out loud moments I thoroughly enjoyed turning pages after pages only that there weren't too many of them I think the author could have done with another 50 pages towards the end I felt the ending was uickly wrapped up A special mention for the cover of the book I loved it It is chic and stylish and catches your attention At least it was so in my caseIf you are looking for a uick light read go for this book for sure I am sure most of my female friends will be able to relate to at least something in the novelI received a free copy of the book from the author in exchange of an unbiased review

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    Right from the beginning the book was easy to read and made for some simple light reading The story has real life characters with whom one can identify and even feel for them The intro of the mother in law as 'Godzilla of Godzillas' was interestingly funny and the intro of the 2 interesting colleagues at work was believable while the kid and the hubby description would have probably made many a women readers say 'Gosh that's my hubby and kid' The story is about the female protagonist discovering hidden feelings latent desires and fighting internal devil angel battles between desires and moral standings One strange thing is that just when things began to get interesting in the story the novel was wound up The author could have written a lot of interesting incidents as well as brought out 'her inner turmoil' I wish Smita had decided to write a little It would have been a fun to read as was it fun to read the 150 odd pages The book does not bore you at any point in the story The author is able to hold up your interest levels using the story the line up of events by her narrations and sheer writing style

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    Untruly Yours is all about the female protagonist of the book Natasha Iyer A microbiology post graduate who met her husband Rakesh in the college Natasha comes from a hip Bengali family and Rakesh comes from a conservative Tamil Bhraman family The sparks between Natasha and her mother in law in the story leaves you in splits The phrase “Godzilla Of Godzilla” that she uses for her mother in law is simply hilarious Natasha has a 11 year old cheeky son named Rishabh and he ensures that she keeps running all the time Natasha is not happy with the way her married life is going on and wants her husband Rakesh to bring is passion and excitement into their relationship but when they doesn’t happen Natasha breaks all the shackles and handle things in her own way She goes to India and meets Steve and Veer Both of them have an important role to play in the plot Towards the end Natasha has to take strong decisions about her love friendship marriage and parenthood and she does take them

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    My review at my blog books can be judged by their cover This book by Smita Shetty is such a book The beautiful cover translates into the story which is simple and well narrated mixed with the lightness of humor and the heaviness of emotions Perhaps meant to convey a deeper meaning that intent doesn't detract the story which is crisp and enjoyable to read The characters are likeable and interesting If I felt something was cliched it was the career driven husband which seems to be part of a lot of similar stories There was a botanical issue that caught my attention professionally but there aren't a lot of them that caught my attention A book that is worth the money and is re readable though not immediately after you've done with it for the first time

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