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Black Magic Black Magic #1 [PDF / EPUB] Black Magic Black Magic #1 When High Paladin Sorin discovers the brutally dismembered body of his cousin Alfrey a much loved priest in the royal palace he is left baffled as to who would do so terrible a thing to so good a man When High Paladin Sorin discovers the Black Magic MOBI ñ brutally dismembered body of his cousin Alfrey a much loved priest in the royal palace he is left baffled as to who would do so terrible a thing Black Magic Kindle - to so good a man But to find the answer to that uestion he must cooperate with one of the highly despised necromancers men who practice black magic sleep in graveyards and feed upon souls Magic Black Magic PDF ☆ The necromancer Koray however is far from what he expected He is beautiful stubborn and possessed of a tongue sharp enough to cut down even the High Paladin himself Koray is also possessed of a strength like nothing Sorin has ever encountered and the power of the Goddess herselfIt does not take them long to realize that solving a murder is the easiest challenge they must face and in order to save a kingdom they must first unravel centuries of lies and misunderstandings.

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    Friends I appear to be genetically unable to 'get' Megan Derr books If you are considering this book please don't be put off by my mild rating All other evidence suggests you will love itEnjoyable enough fantasy with a YA feel from the lack of depth the very simplistic plot and the very little sex Actually apart from one mildly explicit sex scene this would be a good tween book I would have adored it when I was 12 Although the characters and story are dissimilar this reminded me of The Belgariad EDIT also Silverthorn a bit which totally should have been mm btw The book is in three sections and the 'mystery' in the blurb is only in the first third If you find Scooby Doo to be a whodunit then you will find this section to be a baffling mysteryIn sections two and three other characters are introduced until there are five MCs in the gang and the book becomes of a classic fantasy lite let's all ride on horses to yonder evil castle narrativeI enjoyed all the MCs but so when they had their own stories everyone seeemed to fade a little when brought together particularly Cerant Very good slow burn fed by The Big Misunderstanding between Sorin and KorayThe structure let the book down for me The main point of the book is introduced at the beginning of part two and has no relationship to the 'mystery' in part one The final conclusion seemed pretty much unrelated to anything that had gone on beforehand and this felt like Derr was throwing away the first third of the book This was frustrating because I can see lots of places where the strands could have been brought together view spoilerAnd introducing a brand new character at 85% and making them the evil mastermind is not a sign of good plotting Nope Nuh uh EDIT This is exactly like the 'mysteries' in Dance With the Devil If you liked that book then you will probably love this one hide spoiler

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    Definitely a uniue story since it was so divided It’s almost in different sections – a romance between the two mains developing romance between others who I guess will get their own stories? the mystery the group has to solve together Throw in strange kingdom politics racism against certain breeds of magicians and groups and you get this book There’s some spark and fun and a little romance thrown in along the wayPacing was decent but the main draw was the unusual world building Historical paranormal fiction set with knights and castles and kingdoms oh my but throw in necromancers who aren’t the typical necromancers we’re familiar with a bizarre breeding of demons mad scientists screwing with nature and you get a fun mixing pot of paranormal beasties that hold the interest even when the pacing slows downHigh Paladin Sorin was a bit hard to take sometimes with his almost unwavering dedication to the cause but I didn’t want to strangle him long since he did eventually let intelligence and emotion overweigh brainwashing Geez The necromancer is filled with some angst for good reason but he’s the best character anyway I dug their budding relationship overall although it kind of got weighed down in the second half when the book started focusing on other relationships Megan Derr seems to like non traditional seuences and divisions in her books and this isn’t any different since its divided Sometimes it stays interesting and sometimes my interest waned a bit The overall arching mystery was a good one though even if the relationships were slightly lackluster in comparison

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    I discovered Megan Derr this year after a couple of friends sort of pushing her stories to me and I ended up loving her stories so much See I'm not such a fan of fantasy books Sure I enjoy watching Lords of the Ring or Merlin but don't expect me to actually read those I like urban taste to my fantasy So what Megan Derr does to me is proving some sort of simplicity so that I can still enjoy her fantasy stories It's 'grounded' for lack of the better termI don't know if this story is part of a series or that it has been published before Despite that I have no problem at all getting into the story being swept away by the tale of paladins necromancers priests alchemists and warriors as they go fighting demons and those practicing black magic The book's structure has three parts and two interludes The mystery in part 1 the one in the blurb is easy to guess and the resolution is a bit rushed Part two is sort of a foundation for the mystery which will be explored in part 3 Basically the story revolves around three couples and their lives are connected to fight evil with help of the Goddess I'm sure there are coherent reviews to explain the story ^^Reading Emma's review I can understand her frustration with the mystery Because it IS simple and the culprit is not really introduced to us before However I don't approach this as mystery though I see it as love story and adventure I love Megan Derr's grumpy characters and the way she writes practically clean sexual intimacy It's not erotic but for me that's the charm of her stories So verdict? I love it

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    This rating is for the older version

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    Where are the ten stars when you need them????There are some books you just cannot stop reading and this is one of those I was gripped by this story utterly enthralled I read and hoped that everything will turn for the better I held my breath when the MCs had to fight cheered them on when they fell in love was happy when they found allies in the most unusual places or forms I cried when one of them was so so stupid and hoped that both of those stubborn men would see reason they did thank God I loved everything the heros and enemies demons alechmists necromancers I fell a little bit in love with Koray blushes high palladins and priests I hated the king and my heart went out to Emel and Brekk and in the end I was sooo happy for them But my most favorite person was Koray he's rude prickly stubborn proud but has such a good heart and is willing to see beyond the outer apearance and look in unusual places he's great When the book ended I couldn't believe it I wanted and needed I keep my fingers crossed that there will be a seuel or two I could go on for hours how much I loved this book It's my favorite I read this year happy

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    One of Derr's stronger fantasy offerings with a solid set up and four engaging leads The plot was addictive enough that I couldn't put it down and I especially liked the shift to a different couple midway As is usual for this author there was little sex though plenty of banter and sexual tension Really my only complaint was the complete lack of female characters anywhere in the story the ruling star of five are all male and the only two women who had any role at all were evil bitches I was probably disappointed because I'd recently read Derr's The High King's Golden Tongue which did an unusually good job shaking up gender roles and expectations MM fantasy seems like it should offer fertile ground for reimagining gender roles and dynamics but unfortunately it far too often falls into the same tiresome Tolkienesue patterns as the rest of the genre Still despite that annoyance which is not by any means limited to this book this was an entertaining read and definitely recommended for MM fantasy fans

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    Feels rushed and unfinished and I don't mean the ending Rollercoaster without breaks 25 stars additional 05 stars for all the adventure and a much needed comfort read and it was

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    Review posted at The Armchair ReaderI get so excited when a novel by Megan Derr is released and even though I love when it is part of a series that I already enjoy every now and then there is one like this that is part of a new series or a standalone I love those the most because the part of Megan Derr's novels that are so exciting to me are the world building and this novel doesn't disappoint on that count I can only hope that she'll continue in this world too but then if she doesn't I know there will be other books to enjoy The key to the first part of this story is in the last paragraph in the blurb and pay attention solving a murder is the easiest challenge they face Readers who aren't as familiar with Megan Derr's work as some might not expect the format and romance in this novel and it might come as a surprise So in order that you won't be surprised and maybe turned off not only is this a novel in three parts but it is also a novel with three romances though only two of the romances are narrated the third are other characters which while important to the story are less present than the others The first third of the story is what the blurb talks about and the murder mystery So I think in this case it's pretty important that you pay attention to that line in the blurb that says they find it pretty easy to figure out the culprit because it is and that the rest of the book is what is difficult for themThat mystery is really the setup to the big story and in a way this works like a series all in one novel I liked that we were able to read it all together though and it really brings out the world to be able to see different aspects of it all at once The different parts introduce new types of magical users to us all of which bring the world to the place it should beThe basis of the story is a court of eual parts royalty warriors and priests The warriors are called paladins led by High Paladin Sorin and use a type of Goddess magic that allows them to fight demons once people who used dark magic and turned into thoughtless remorseless killers intent on draining the souls from people Then there are the priests who commune with the Goddess and use healing magic In the first part of the novel Sorin finds the brutally dismembered body of his best friend and cousin Alfrey a priest in his locked room in the royal palace The answers are few and in consultation with the high priest Sorin receives a message from the Goddess that he will need the help of another practitioner of magic something that the High Priest felt might be some kind of dark magic Sorin has to continually change his worldview when he meets Koray a necromancer because even though he knows that they're evil and one step away from becoming demons the Goddess tells him that Koray is the one he's meant to deal with Only the things that he knows about necromancers don't seem to be true Not only will they have a difficult time finding the culprit and dealing with them but they'll have an even bigger trouble convincing the rest of the people to open their minds not just about necromancers but maybe the way they've been dealing with demons as wellThis is right in line with all of the other books by Derr that I've loved so much They're such easy reads easy to get into and I always enjoy the characters Derr fans will really like this one and of course like always I always want other readers who aren't familiar with her work to read it Definitely Recommended

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    I lOVE Megan Derr period

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    Found it hard not to compare this to fond memories of the previous version The original had less plot but there was the slow comforting bond between characters that stuck with me and a feel for Ambrose and his demon Unfortunately in this new version all that has gone; Sorin and Koray hold hands once and that's the extent of the warmth between them There's an attempt at a grittier plot but for me it falls short; there's a battle 150men die then they have tea it doesn't have impactThe characters are mere puppets for the Goddess she literally speaks to them which makes me wonder why Necromancers have been so abused for centuries if she cared that much she could have just told people to stop it I never connected to any characters as they lack the depth necessary to make me care view spoiler Cerent and Neikirk have lived together about ten years and now suddenly it turns romantic without any reason given for that change Emel sleeps through Brekk’s painful transformation from demon and shows little emotion on waking hide spoiler

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