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فردوسِ بریں [PDF / EPUB] فردوسِ بریں The book was first published in 1899 The story of Husain and Zammarrud fallen in the grip of the Assassins take us back to the last days of Hasan Bin Sabah's merciless followers at the end of which th The book was first published in The story of Husain and Zammarrud fallen in the grip of the Assassins take us back to the last days of Hasan Bin Sabah's merciless followers at the end of which the sect's stronghold the famous fort of Alamoot was destroyed by the even merciless Mongol hordes Sharar writes famously in the style of a Walter Scott novel the novel itself being a new literary form in his day But there are shades of an earlier indigenous genre the Dastaan in his work Yet although he tells a gripping tale part Scott and part Dastaan he is not unaware of character Husain may be credulous and smitten silly by his love for Zammarrud but he can still ask Shaikh Vujoodi intelligent uestions which the Shaikh can only parry by the display of great wrath and superhuman knowledge Husain's credulity in accepting his answers immediately has a lot to do with his fear that he would not be allowed to visit his beloved in 'Paradise' There is a definite modern streak in Sharar's work His treatment of Zamarrud is different from the usual portrayal of female characters in his day Zamarrud has a mind of her own She is observant and intelligent and capable of rebuffing her lover when he sounds credulous and foolish No old fashioned perceptions of female 'duty' or the superior status of men holds her back from realizing that she is clear headed than Husain She is over not mild of manner or adulatory of her man as the prototypes of female perfection tend to be in Urdu literature of the day Yet non of this detracts from her femininity as she runs around 'like a delicate fleet footed doe' but fully determined to have her way Much has been written about the Assassins in English and other languages Sharar's novel has its own charm and given a chance it should become a very popular book Translated into Tajik Sharar's works have uite a lot of readers in Tajikistan where they are also the subject of a PhD dissertation by Vladimir Lanikin.

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    A beautiful translation of Firdaus e Bareen one of the very first Urdu novels I remember having thoroughly enjoyed the exotic story of Zammurd in search of love The novel's title is an allusion to the medieval legend of the Ismailis when they were said to have a secretive paradise which was promised to the votaries of the sect who were willing to eliminate their enemies and sacrifice their lives in the process the euivalent of medieval suicide bombers But this is just a background The protagonist of this novel enters a beautiful place which she is fooled to believe is paradise And then begins a journey of adventure suspense and yes romance

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    As with any translation I wish I were able to read the original in Urdu but this version was well translated and well explained with a thorough introduction and necessary and helpful end notes Prescient and challenging to certain sociopoliticalreligious structures that stood in the 1200s 1800s 1900s and now

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    I am not a great admirer of alternate history; I think it just confuses me However alternate histories like Firdaus e Bareen do another thing they generate a longing in me for knowing for knowing the other side of the story and ultimately the truth I would love to see an action adventure movie on this novel

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    One of my favorites A good piece of writing to dedicate your reading hours to Do read it and trust me your time wont go wasted ull love this bookdeserves a 55

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    what the hell is this i try a lot but cant fined the book for reading its too complected for fined and read book so plz think about it admin

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    It's the first novel based on the Hasan bin Sabah episode The novel is a mixture of fact and fantasy fantasy though The narrative is focused around a couple that gets involved unwillingly in the on going campaign of Hasn bin Sabah who exhibits the power to grant heaven to those who obey him Separated from his love the male protagonist of the story follows a long struggle to be united with his love amidst the confusion about existence life death and salvation One distinguished feature of the novel as compared to Inyat ullah's 'Firdous e Iblees' is that it ignores unnecessary religious rhetoric and moves the story forward swiftly

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    Plot and character development are weak The only good thing is the flamboyant narration which is the distinctive characteristics of classic Urdu novels Vladimir Bartol's Alamut is way better a read

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    Amazing book i love this

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    that was a amizing

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