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You Must Be Sisters [PDF / EPUB] You Must Be Sisters From the bestselling author of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Claire – a model daughter an imaginative teacher as clear and legible as her handwritingLaura – a student a beauty as vital and rebell From the bestselling author of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Claire – a model daughter an imaginative teacher as clear and legible as her handwritingLaura – a student a beauty as You Must PDF/EPUB or vital and rebellious as her parents could ever have feared forAs children they had shared everything – so much so that later neither sister could uite remember to which one of them some long distant adventure had happened Far from the leafy respectability of Harrow where they grew up each is now going her distinctly separate way in this warm funny and poignant coming of age novel.

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    As this author is a firm favourite of mine recently I was delighted to come across her 1982 debut novel in a charity shop and to discover that all the signs were already there to show what a consistently good novelist she would become in fact she has got better and better with each bookI found this story at times very funny sometimes very poignantly sad but always in the author's perceptive way acutely observed She captured so evocatively the era in which it was set and yet because the coming of age and family themes she explored remain so recognisable this in no way datedthe story I loved it

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    Perfect this was exactly the book I needed after a couple of mostly frustrating and unremarkable reads I loved the sisters especially Claire who is so careful and sensible and kind I loved how much their parents clearly loved them I really enjoyed Geoff and his brand of masculinity and care I loved the story too Perhaps a tiny bit predictable at times and a bit slight in magnitude it still felt so deep Like a little slice of a friend's life It made me miss I don't even know what My sister? What it felt like being a teenager? What first steps into freedom felt like? My best friend from elementary school? A life I hadn't actually lived?Transition from POV to POV was a bit hard to follow and jarring at first but as we stayed a bit longer in each POV it was a lot easier to follow the issue disappeared after a couple of chapters

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    Two very different sisters well three but one doesn't get much of a look in take paths through the world which are not at all the ones their parents expect I couldn't really believe the relationships upon which the older two chose to embark although their reasons were sympathetically described and fairly tragically credible The novel was a little tale of a slice of growing up that bit where siblings turn into people in their own right their lives suddenly become of a mystery and their reactions can no longer be predicted So some big ideas explored but still somehow slight

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    A first novel that feels like a first novel not because it sounds desperate or forced but because of the effort that has been put into every sentence every image to get it perfect I loved the way the puddings at University 'uivered with custard' Brilliant I read it again some years after I first read it and discovered there's a decent story in there amongst it too

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    Deborah Moggach is up there with Jane Smiley and Anne Tyler in my personal pantheon of female writers This was one of her very early books maybe her debut? but it already has her trademark dry wit and ability to nail a situation in a sentence Vintage stuff

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    This was set and written in the late 1970s and was interesting to read a coming of age account that had the authenticity of the time in which it was set So many similar novels that I have read recently are written with the hindsight of the modern world

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    It's a very difficult task to put sisters' relationships into words A heart warming story fairly written painting the soulful love of siblings and how this bond deepens with growing up

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    It was OK nothing special

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