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Just One Night Harleuin Superromance #760 [PDF / EPUB] Just One Night Harleuin Superromance #760 Zachery Sloan was no ordinary architect His innovative designs had earned him the reputation of rebel The media always had a field day wondering whether Sloan's projects pushed the boundaries too far Zachery Sloan was no Night Harleuin MOBI ò ordinary architect His innovative designs had earned him the reputation of rebel The media always had a field day wondering whether Sloan's projects pushed the boundaries too far Annie Montgomery had married Zach straight out of college At first his drive to succeed had thrilled her But although he'd been an exciting and passionate lover he'd been a less than perfect husband and he'd wanted no part of fatherhood Then six years after the divorce came a disaster that threatened to destroy Zach's world Suddenly only Annie could Just One Kindle - help him through the night Now Zach wants Annie backfor a very compelling reason She's going to have his baby.

  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Just One Night Harleuin Superromance #760
  • Kathryn Shay
  • English
  • 21 December 2015
  • 9780373707607

About the Author: Kathryn Shay

Kathryn Shay is a Night Harleuin MOBI ò lifelong writer At fifteen she penned her first 'romance' a short story about a female newspaper reporter in New York City and her fight to make a name for herself in a world of male journalists and with one hardheaded editor in particular Looking back Kathryn says she should have known then that writing was in her future But as so often happens fate sent her detouring d.

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    I just skimmed it again and I hated that they never talked about why and what happened with the Gina slut ho coworker It had an HEA but I don't know They were apart 6 years and they both had other sex partners She was almost engaged to another man and had been with him for two years He had been celibate for six months he said before he slept with her I can't believe she forgave him without really talking about why he did it I do think he loved her in his fashion I just wouldn't want that kind of love I know I am a narrow minded person but I just can't believe she caught him in the act Just gross And they were married He was a player though before she married him so

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    25 stars This one had a number of elements for angst However in the first few chapters much was resolved and the author resorted to a mystery regarding a building collapse to maintain tension While the couple didn't remarry immediately they eventually do when they have their child as a result of a surprise pregnancy when they meet up a few years after their divorce

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    3 ⭐⭐⭐ OK decent readsUPDATE Reread November 2019 Added 2 starsOur heroes have issues He had a complicated childhood because he was in charge of taking care of his younger siblings and practically forgotten by his parents She never met her own father and her mother raised our heroine on her ownThe cheating with Gina homewrecking whorebag is not well explained only that they were coworkers and after a fight where our heroine suspects she is pregnant and our hero refuses to have children she catches them having sex in his office I suspect the two already had some involvement as they worked togetherShe immediately kicks him to the curb and divorcesEach time they have a fight our hero feels rejected and reacts in some wayOur heroine is always criticizing him and he resents itAfter divorce they are 5 years without seeing each otherHe appears in social columns with several other women over the years and she is dating a colleagueBut after the accident in which a building he designed collapses they are reunited and have sex She gets pregnant and the drama beginsInsecurity doubts old grudges all come upI confess that I enjoyed this second reading better and didn't remember the heroine being so annoying and our hero so domineeringIt was a good read

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    Just Finished this must say the story is about how Zach n Annie learn from their past mistakes n how they give their love a second chance liked the story but nothing was explained about Zach's cheating on Annie with Gina when they were married n never did Zach apologise for it though he regrets it like anythingZackcheating and not explaining why he does'nt wants to be a father and not sharing his past n Annieconstant Criticism for Zack both take the responsibilty for their share of faults in breaking their marriage as i said earlier there was no explaination for what Zack did or why Zack did itthey never discussed it and whether it was one time thing for there was an affair that was also not clear only Annie called the OW Zack's girlfriend and he did'nt denied itwhen Zack n Annie decided to start afresh i think all the demons should have been faced and laid down including the cheating parti was unsatisfied a little cause of it Good readI recommend it

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    I skimmed this the last two thirds of the way through so I'm not a good source for a recommendation However a lot of other reviewers say that the issues of why the H cheated in this story were never addressed My two cents based on what I read is that he cheated because he felt that his wife criticized him and made him feel like a bad person because he was focused on his career and financial success and wasn't an altruistic save the world person like her Whereas the OW was always bragging on him fluffing his ego and making him feel important and not lacking It's lame but that's what I picked up as the reason I think this is actually a pretty good cheater story Just got impatient and jumped ahead

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    Cheater romance Not my cup of tea

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    Really Zach and Annie were completely opposite in things I suppose they needed to learn to compromise in order to succeed though Zach claims that she denigrates him about things – but I truly felt like he did that all on his own Of course she would like him to think other things are valuable and she may even tell him but he is the one that took it as a shot at him I found that Annie rallied around supporting Zach an awful lot and felt really bad about his turmoil and pain when they broke up and of course how it was her fault that the building collapsed as well Now they have a one nighter and Annie kicks him to the curb – poor Zach didn’t like that Wonder how Gina felt about being used by him? Oh wait we know NOTHING about Gina For all we know Zach had been carrying on w her for a long time and he just now got caught and divorce city for him and AnnieSo Zach didn’t want kids EVER But in order to get Annie he tells her that he just wants to WAIT to have children See a problem here? I do Pretty sure some marriages have broken up over things like that Have to know why Mr Zach didn’t take the wick to get snipped if he was so adamant The guy seemed to have money How did he pay for MIT? Also seems like Zach wanted to leave the whole protection thing up to the female which makes me think he went uncoated w Ms Gina as well as any OW he was w over the years Who just randomly gets tests done for that unless they think they have been exposed to something? Zach even managed to blame Annie for getting caught up in her work and not remembering protection – doesn’t Zach hold any responsibility? Annie claims she can’t get past Gina but for some reason that whole elephant is completely ignored and never resolved and it drives me BATTY I think Zach truly just wants Annie and he wants to be the center of her world nothing to distract her attention from him He had always wanted his pa’s attention and it seemed w pa’s plate overfull he wasn’t going to get it Enter Annie – no children because they would distract from him getting it all In order to get Annie he has to be gung ho about child Okay maybe he does want the baby but seemed like he felt it had to be a package deal and he pushed for that throughout the story Zach wants to remarry right away and feels that Annie’s reluctance is BS and she should just get over it as it was him that was really hurt by her defection and now he is still feeling ramifications of her divorcing him w the building collapse – it’s her fault don’t you know I didn’t see Annie explaining to Zach what all he went through because of his wandering wick nor her remembering any of the emotional turmoil that brought about Not once does she say what was wrong w me what about all those years of marriage and he just trashes them w his act of childishness to pleasure himself it was as though the cheating was a non issue when it really should have been dealt w Considering that Zach lied to get Annie to marry him the first time kids later what’s to say he wasn’t continuing and affair w Gina whom Annie labeled as his girlfriend? Really she doesn’t even WONDER what happened to Gina?Annie claimed that Zach was sensitive towards others but I didn’t see it He didn’t seem to care too much about Les and what he was going through Was about Zach wanting to save himself – which seems to be his mantra so he really hasn’t changed Everything was about Zach Annie is just something that orbits around him One would think Zach doesn’t want children because he doesn’t want the responsibility but I think his biggest thing was feeling unimportant to his father as though he didn’t matter You know there seriously comes a time when you have to let go of childhood things and own up to your portion in things So Annie was w another guy two years after their separation and Zach claims that Annie only does the smex thing as a way to solidify a commitment w man So what happened there? Then she has another guy that she has been w for two years – where’s the commitment there? She manages to toss him aside like yesterday’s leftovers pretty easilyThe only plausible explanation for Gina was that she was really part of the same issue – kids and Annie wanting while Zach didn’t – never mind he LIED about wanting them just later So her disapproval of him and his anger w her pregnancy scares had him going to Gina Gina flattered him and boosted his ego when Annie caused his self esteem to plummet page 49 Seems that Annie will do that again and again because it is some fallacy in Zach and he will of course seek Gina out wherever she is Zach even likes to have make up smex after arguing w Annie so was Gina a filler because Annie doesn’t like make up smex after being yelled at accused of trying to get pregnant on purpose as well as other things – did he really remove his wedding ring that morning as implied near end of story Zach claimed he changed but he freaking takes over hides things from Annie for her own good and wants EVERYTHING right now w no work then he also lets her take on blame for building collapse The whole father thing seemed to relate back to an incident when he was five years old and how he felt he wasn’t important enough to remember Problem being that Zach put other things ahead of Annie during their marriage as well as the story Perhaps she didn’t feel important then either but that doesn’t matter Zach gets to hold on to that for YEARS Grow up Count Chocula He could never see his actions as basically repeating what his father did from his perspective It’s never just one mistake w Zach Seems like it’s and they just add up Annie excuses a lot of his actions but the cheating thing was the last straw and there truly was no resolution w that Zach still wants to build – who cares what Annie wants – and surely she wouldn’t want him to give up his life’s work Guilt trip Didn’t he act like he didn’t want her spending so much time doing her thing? Zach wants her to remarry him gets angry when she refuses and it’s all about HIM again Never does he consider his breaking of trust w her He says rejection upsets him but for some reason he can’t see his turning to Gina was a rejection of Annie Zach says after kindergarten incident stops seeking father’s attention and rarely let anyone know his needs – yeah right He went on about other things pa missed and he let friend hold him up when Annie left his superior can do no wrong behind Yet when he can reciprocate w Les he walks and gets angry that Annie encourages him to help out buddy Zach says they should accept their differences not try to change them and yet he wants Annie to change too Why? He also believes pressuring Les isn’t a good idea however it great to pressure you ex to get what you want Finally Annie says that she trusts Zach to do the right thing and not mad that he kept things from her but wouldn’t it have been better if she was forewarned in case villain came after her? Then apparently Zach was pushing Annie to have another child in epilogue and she has a PhD really when was she going to school? Did I miss that 0 then he pressures her into hiring a partner – oh I know perhaps she will have a fight w Zach because of his pressure to have another child and slip another sausage in

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    one of the most issue of annie n zach being divorced werent not completely discussed in this book Hello to Gina? how long was zach n gina having an affair in zach office? since gina was just slightly introduced as one of his collegue and heck to the NO i would accepted an ex husband that easily and that lovingly as annie did was annie crazy ? she walk to his office caught him when he just done his sexual activity wgina saw her own husband's shirt messy and missmatched button tense situation his table slightly shoved a couple of inch forward files were fall on the floor what else did he did wgina if not one heck of an intense sex??? and im disgust at how the story was all about this sweet loving zach to annie and vice versa at this point anyone can throw ten Gina at zach and annie can caught him having sex wthose ten gina and annie will still accept him like nothing else in the world what the F ?

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    I'm practically finished with this book and I'm upset that the author is letting the heroine get away with putting her head in the sand I'm sorry if they are truly going to reconcile then she needs to find out WHY he cheated in the first place The reader knows but what good is that to the heroine and their new baby girl?I'll keep reading and see what else develops I guess they know what went wrong and have moved onI do understand the heroine NOT wanting to talk about it to hear the other woman's name Who wouldn't?A good read Emotional Two college kids fell in love and the guy blew it because of some leftover childhood hang ups idiot

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    Though they struggle with marriage issues they’re marriage completely falls apart after she catches him cheating How can you have a reconciliationsecond chance romance without addressing this problem? It’s acknowledged but not dealt with

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