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A Winter Ballad Harper Monogram [PDF / EPUB] A Winter Ballad Harper Monogram Fans of Jo Beverley Eloisa James and Stephanie Laurens will love Barbara Samuel's passionate intelligent romance novelsA FAIR MAIDENAnya of Winterbourne had suffered nothing but humiliation at the han Fans of Jo Ballad Harper Kindle ´ Beverley Eloisa James and Stephanie Laurens will love Barbara Samuel's passionate intelligent A Winter PDF or romance novelsA FAIR MAIDENAnya of Winterbourne had suffered nothing but humiliation at the hands of men Winter Ballad Harper PDF/EPUB ¶ And yet when she found a fallen knight in a still winter forest she could not leave him to dieA NOBLE KNIGHTWeary of battle and pursued by assassins Christian de Moreerx would have liked nothing than to stay at Winterbourne and champion the elusive and beleaguered Lady Anya But his past contained a secret he had to decipher if he was to live and his presence could only bring disaster to the manorA GREAT AND DANGEROUS GAMETo thwart their separate enemies Lady Anya and her broken knight battle virulent forces and face death itself to win the love that would long be sung by troubadours as A WINTER BALLAD.

About the Author: Barbara Samuel

Barbara Samuel is Ballad Harper Kindle ´ a multiple RITA award winning author with than books to her A Winter PDF or credit in a variety of genres She has written historical and contemporary romances a number of Winter Ballad Harper PDF/EPUB ¶ fantasy novellas with the likes of Susan Wiggs Jo Beverley and Mary Jo Putney She now writes women’s fiction about families dogs and food as Barbara O’NealHer work has captured a plethora of awards including six.

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    I needed a book with a knight as a character Had this one on my kindle

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    The perfect historical romance novel I don't know if it is historically accurate and I don't give a damn The story was incredible sweet sad The characters were perfectly imperfect The sexual tension between Anya Christian wow I'm writing nice short choppy sentences because I want to get this review in before I put it off and forget to tell people how much I enjoyed this book I'll write a better review later ok it might not be better but at least I'll put thought into it

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    I love discovering new authors and this book reminded me of why I love historical romance so much Such a beautifully written story The writing reflects the time period And the author is able to evoke the time period so well This is a true historical romance The romance is at the center but there are historical details to flesh out the story I loved the hero and heroine and their interactions never rang false or wrong to me Just a lovely lovely book

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    A Winter Ballad was a surprisingly good read I had never read anything by Barbara Samuel before but I liked her style in this book I would definitely recommend it The way she wrote about the corruption in the Catholic church at that period of time was so true The church was so political and contained so much power I liked how the author demonstrated in her writing that it was not God who is corrupt but man It was scary how the word of one powerful churchman could call a person a heretic even though there was no proof the accused could be put to death Also I liked how in the story it was demonstrated how a woman could be shamed through no fault of her own as when Anya her parents brother John were attacked when she was 13 her parents were killed John was beaten nearly to death Anya beaten raped When she shows up pregnant the priest her other brother William lock her in a room until she gives birth demand that she repent her sins as you can't get pregnant unless you enjoy it Then because Anya refuses to repent for a sin she feels isn't her own they the priest William take her child away when it's born Afterwards she's considered a fallen woman I loved Anya's strength Christian was an excellent character also with his own demons Mainly his father who is a high ranking cardinal who may become Pope wants him dead has tried in the past Christian knows some of his father's secrets I loved the intrigue corruption that came out between Anya's brother William Brother Simon and Christian's father I also enjoyed how the author showed the hard work what can happen be it an illness or a bad harvest in running a castle or estate back then having a whole village depend on you The love story was great with nice steamy sex scenes The relationship between them was realistic it didn't seem overblown I could really imagine this whole story occurring back then Unlike a lot of historic romances I read the stories just seem to good to be true and the sex scenes while good not realistic I will definitely be looking for of Barbara Samuel's books hope they are just as good

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    Reviewed for THC ReviewsAfter barely reading any medieval romances for a very long time I’ve inexplicably picked up three in the past month and a half all of which have been excellent reads The latest one was A Winter Ballad by a favorite author of mine who I also coincidentally hadn’t read in years I was reminded of all the reasons why I love Barbara Samuel’s writing She knows how to create deeply emotional love stories that are eual parts sweet and sensual In this one an emotionally wounded heroine who has long had to stand on her own rescues a physically wounded knight who’s at death’s door and nurses him back to health Throughout their time together they find themselves and attracted to one another and eventually falling in love When our heroine needs someone to champion her against her brother’s schemes and help her save the peasants under her care her newfound knight is up to the challenge I was drawn in by the emotion of the story but I was kept engaged while wondering how our intrepid heroine was ever going to win against her brother and the power of the church that long ago failed her and why the hero’s father sent assassins after him Because of that A Winter Ballad has now become yet another keeper for me from this very talented authorYears ago as a young girl Anya was raped by the same brigands who murdered her parents and left her oldest brother for dead In the aftermath she bravely walked a long distance to seek help for him and that same fortitude has kept her going through all the troubles and challenges in the ensuing years Three years after the incident John the brother who was nearly killed went to the Holy Land to fight in the Crusades while William her other brother became a monk leaving Anya to care for Winterbourne the family holding and all the people of the nearby village alone Her father always said he only had one child who truly had the heart of a knight and that was Anya That definitely shows through in her courage and strength in the face of adversity After a lean harvest she’s scrimping to make sure everyone has enough to eat throughout the winter and spring until new crops can be planted but her meager stores are running extremely low John has been gone for five years without a word leaving everyone wondering if he’s dead and William won’t release funds to help the peasants unless Anya declares John dead gives Winterbourne to the church and enters a nunnery Of course he’s only doing this to get ahead in his own career which Anya knows so she keeps fighting to stay afloat on her own Anya also harbors disdain for the church and with good reason When she became pregnant as a result of the rape the church declared her a fallen woman because in their ignorance church rules dictated that a woman couldn’t get pregnant unless pleasure was involved Then her newborn child was ripped from her arms and taken away Ever since Anya has been meeting God on her own terms while turning her back on the church as a whole so she receives no help or comfort from that uarter eitherAt this very difficult point in life she finds a gravely wounded knight in the woods Once she nurses him back to health he willingly becomes her champion helping her in any way he can and showing her what true love is I really liked Anya because she’s a very strong heroine who’s been through hell but still holds her head high She manages Winterbourne uite ably and cares deeply for all under her care never putting herself above them but instead suffering right along with them Although she fights Christian a bit when he offers her marriage it’s only because she thinks he’s doing it out of a sense of gratitude rather than genuine love or affection but at the same time she’s not too proud to accept his help when offered She also longs to know what it can truly be like between a man and a woman and she discovers that and in Christian’s armsChristian has had a rather rough life of his own He’s the only bastard son of a cardinal who had a long standing affair with Christian’s mother He left home as a youth and became a vaunted knight but is beginning to tire of the life of a warrior Now for reasons not entirely clear to him his own father is trying to kill him This is how Anya came to find him wounded in the forest near her home where assassins sent by his father had beaten him senseless and left him for dead As Christian recovers under the lady’s tender care he begins to fall in love with her and sees how difficult her life is He longs to help her and does everything he can for her while slowly building his strength again but he believes that to stay with her will only visit trouble and danger upon her until he can settle things with his father Knowing that he will have to leave at some point he tries not to touch her but her charms prove too hard to resist Christian is a very tender and passionate lover who treats Anya like a precious jewel Given his experiences with his father who is a man of God and I use that term very loosely he fully understands her feud with the church He’s also sympathetic when he learns of her past and would like to go after the bastard who hurt her if not for it having been so long ago So instead he does what he can in the present to support her and make life easier for her From an emotional standpoint and in the way that he treats Anya like an eual Christian exhibits some beta characteristics but he’s also very confident in his own skin and with his own abilities which is an alpha trait In any case he’s a wonderful champion for his lady showing her that she doesn’t have to stand alone anyFor the most part the secondary characters don’t particularly stand out aside from a few notable exceptions Anya’s brother William aka Brother Simon is a real piece of work He cares for no one but himself and his own selfish ambitions and would even stoop to do harm to others in hopes of driving Anya from the only home she’s ever known Anya’s page Geoffrey is a sweet boy with a great talent for music and a deeper tie to Anya than seen at first glance but his future is placed in jeopardy by William’s schemes Then there are the animal characters who I loved Christian’s dog Ysengrin who is loyal to a fault Anya’s cat Esmeralda who is a comfort to the recovering Christian and who is apparently a horse whisperer as well since it’s her unlikely friendship with the wild beast Remus that makes him manageable I adore well written animal characters and this trio was a delightOverall A Winter Ballad was a joy to read It’s a nice gentle love story that’s sweet and easy to read with a little adventure and suspense on the side Christian and Anya most definitely deserved their happy ending after everything they went through to get there I can’t think of anything I would have changed about it and I definitely look forward to reading of Barbara Samuel’s work Hopefully I won’t let so much time pass by between her books next time

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    I've never read anything by Barbara Samuels before and was extremely impressed by this book The tension between Christian and Anya the way they both fight against how they feel yet are inevitably drawn together might seem like a predictable book Maybe in some ways it is but don't forget that most romances are Samuels changes it from being an ordinary book only slightly yet you'd think it was a completely different romance genre I was surprised by how powerful the church was back then forcing her to repent from her sin of being raped and getting pregnant since she took no pleasure in it Definitely would recommend this book to anyone who wants a little bit of romance and action hunks and evil men maybe even a little bit of sadness I wish there were books like this

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    I liked this better than A Bed of Spices There were a few weak points but overall I enjoyed it There is a mystery involved too

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    Free on and couldn't pass it up

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    This was fun for me I don't usually read historical romance but if Barbara Samuel wrote it I'm in In Winter Ballad Anna is a smart hard working noblewoman determined to save her castle and lands from the machinations of her brother and the church But luck is against her Then she comes on an injured knight and gives him refuge while he recovers In the end the two of them wage a battle of wits against their oppressors and find love Really good

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    What was I thinking 99 I can’t get back

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